1. For the LG HS200 projector and a 1.5 gain screen, the maximum

1. For the LG HS200 projector and a 1.5 gain screen, the maximum
1. For the LG HS200 projector and a 1.5 gain screen, the maximum recommended throw distance is 6ft1 in
a “low ambient light” condition. At a 16:9 aspect ratio, then, the screen size is 27in x 49in.
2. The HS200 has a rated brightness of 200 ANSI lumens.
3. The LG HX300G is expected to have a brightness of 300 ANSI lumens; to achieve an equivalent
brightness (in foot-lamberts) the screen size must be no larger than...
27in ×49in=1323in =9.1875ft
Area of HS200 screen
200 ANSI lumens
=21.769 foot −lamberts
9.1875ft 2
“Subjective brightness” of image2 which must
be preserved across projectors
300 ANSI lumens
=13.781ft 2
21.769 foot −lamberts
Maximum image size from HX300G based on
comparable brightness
Equations to reverse-engineer screen size
h×w=13.781ft =1984.464in
1. Conversion from ft2 to in2
w 16
w h
h 9
16 9
2. Aspect ratio is preserved
h× w=h×16 =1984.464in 2
3. The maximum recommended image height
and width based on comparable brightness
4. Plugging these values back into the calculator gives a throw distance of 7ft 3in. The extra 100lumens
allows for additional 15 inches throw & 4½-square foot larger image.
5. Using a screen with gain 1.3 reduces the HX300G screen size to about 31in x 55in at about 6ft 9in: 4in
closer and with a loss of 8in2, all other things being equal.
6. To within a few hundredths of an inch - with a constant gain - the formula to convert screen sizes
between the LG HS200 and LG HX300G is below. These dimensions may then be fed into the online
calculator to determine a new throw distance.
h HX300G ≈0.98155× w HS200 hHS200 ≈1.30873hHS200 
w HX300G ≈1.77778 hHX300G 
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