Philips SDC5100/27, SDC5100/10, SDC5100 User manual

Philips SDC5100/27, SDC5100/10, SDC5100 User manual
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notebook CushionSpeaker
User manual
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Cushion Speaker
NOTE: 1. Before you install the cushion speaker, ensure that a working
USB controller is listed in Windows Device Manager on your computer.
2. Ensure that the cushion speaker is installed properly before using.
3. Plug the cushion speaker into a USB port on your computer or a selfpowered (with DC supply) USB hub. 4. Never unplug the USB plug while
the cushion speaker is playing sound.
System Requirements:
Windows ® 98SE, Windows ® ME,
Windows ® 2000, Windows ® XP,
or Windows ® Vista™
Certified USB controller
Mac OS9/OS® X, or later
Built-in USB connection
1 Pull out the retractable USB cable (Fig. 1) and insert the USB
connector into your notebook computer (Fig. 2).
2 Switch on the sound and audio function and adjust the volume by
using the computer application or multimedia player software (Fig. 3).
3 After use, exit the multimedia player software.
4 Pull out the USB cable to the end and release it.
»» The USB cable retracts into the cushion speaker (Fig. 4).
If the cushion speaker cannot be detected by your notebook
computer, perform the following steps:
1. Click Control Panel.
2. Double click the Sounds and
Audio Devices icon.
3. In Sounds and Audio Devices
Properties, select the Audio tab.
4. U nder Sound playback, select
USB Sound Device.
On Mac
1. Click System Preferences.
2. Click the Sound icon.
3. O pen Output and select
USB Sound Device.
4. P
lay music by multimedia
FCC - Notice of compliance
FCC - Remarques sur la conformité
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