T-BERD 6000 - Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

T-BERD 6000 - Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
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T-BERD 6000
Compact Optical Test Platform
Key Features
• Compact, lightweight, and highly integrated
• Over 40 application modules already supported
• Choose from IL/ORL, OTDR, PMD, CD, or WDM plug-in
• Compatible with plug-in modules from the MTS-51001 and
T-BERD 8000
• Comprehensive connection checker functionality with
built-in VFL, power meter, LTS, and video inspection scope
• Built-in optical talkset option for communicating along the fiber
• Data mode on the talkset allows for the configuration,
testing, and results collecting of two remote units
• Exceeds Telcordia specifications for ruggedness, drop
testing, and extended battery life
– Superior value for the money
– Higher return on investment
– More flexibility for future
testing needs
– Unprecedented speed and power
– Greater productivity
JDSU’s T-BERD 6000 is a compact and lightweight test platform designed for the
installation and maintenance of fiber networks. It provides field service
technicians with the highest levels of performance and upgradeability on the
market today.
Modular in design, the T-BERD 6000 offers an extensive portfolio of test
functionality with over forty different fiber modules supporting a wide range of
applications. The versatility of the T-BERD 6000 allows technicians to standardize
using one type of test equipment and then introduce new testing capabilities in
the field without incurring additional costs.
Since the T-BERD 6000 is compatible with our existing fiber module product line,
technicians can exchange plug-in modules between the T-BERD 8000 Multiple
Network Test Platform and the T-BERD 6000, in the field and without the need
for additional tools. To ensure the highest level of return on your test equipment
capital investment, existing OTDR modules from the MTS-5100 can be
transformed (with an extension) for use with the T-BERD 6000.
1 Compatible with the MTS-5100 line of MM, SR, DR, HD, and VHD OTDR modules
WEBSITE : www.jdsu.com/test
The T-BERD 6000 is a highly integrated platform that features a single module
slot, a large high-visibility color screen (with an optional touchscreen display), a
high-capacity Lithium ion battery, an optional video inspection scope (via a USB
port), and optional built-in optical test functions, such as a visual fault locator
(VFL), power meter, and loss test set (LTS).
(4) Molded Bumpers
(7) Soft Keys
(Context Sensitive)
8.4" Indoor/Outdoor TFT Color
Display, Touchscreen Configurable
(5) Direct Access Keys
and Start/Stop
Navigation Key Pad
T-BERD 6000 Front Panel
Removable High-Capacity
Li Ion Battery (8 hours battery life)
Power Meter
Bui r Mete t,
Pow Test S t
Los Talks
Visual Fault Locator
AC Input
T-BERD 6000 Top Side
Optical Talkset/
Light Source
Ethernet Port
(2) USB Ports
(Video Inspection Scope Option)
Compact and Highly Integrated
The versatility of the T-BERD 6000 allows it to address either FTTx/access/metro
networks or long-haul/agile networks with speeds of 10 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s.
– Built-in VFL, power meter, LTS, talkset/data, and video inspection scope options
– Insertion loss (IL) and optical return loss (ORL) capabilities combined in one
module (bi-directional)
– Optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) and chromatic dispersion (CD)
capabilities combined in one module
Modular design
– Polarization mode dispersion (PMD), wave division multiplexing (WDM), and
spectral attenuation (SA) capabilities combined in one module
Wide Range of Test Applications
– End-to-end connectivity on point-to-point networks, including sectionalized
testing on a PON (without a splitter)
Solution: T-BERD 6000 with the MM, SRe, DR, or HD OTDR module at 1310/1550 nm
– End-to-end connectivity on PONs, including splitter qualification
LAN/FTTx/Access Networks
Solution: T-BERD 6000 with the VLR OTDR module at 1310/1490/1550 nm
Add optional VFL, power meter, and video inspection scope
– In-service maintenance and troubleshooting without service disruption
Solution: T-BERD 6000 with the OTDR module at 1625 nm
– End-to-end connectivity and fiber splice qualification
Metro/Core Networks
Solution: T-BERD 6000 with the HD or VLR OTDR module at 1310/1550/1625 nm
Add optional VFL, power meter, and video inspection scope
– End-to-end connectivity and fiber splice qualification
Ultra Long-Haul Networks
Solution: T-BERD 6000 with the UHD OTDR module at 1310/1550/1625 nm
Dynamic range of 50 dB available at 1550 nm
10G/40G: Fiber Characterization
– Characterize fiber in high-speed transmission systems for loss/dispersion
Solution: T-BERD 6000 with the PMD, CD/ODTR, or OFI module
– Characterize fiber and prove suitability to carry multiple channels (water peak)
System Upgrade for CWDM/DWDM
Solution: T-BERD 6000 with the VLR OTDR module at 1383 nm
Use the combined PMD/WDM/SA module
– New technologies developed in the future
Future-Proof Modular Platform
Solution: T-BERD 6000 with JDSU’s new application module
The T-BERD 6000 Covers All OTDR Applications
A Wide Range of OTDR Modules
Industry leader for dynamic
range with 50 dB
JDSU has developed a wide range of field-interchangeable OTDR modules that
are suitable for any application on any type of network. JDSU offers over thirty
OTDR modules for testing and troubleshooting any multimode or singlemode
network. The T-BERD 6000 features JDSU’s industry-leading 50 dB UHD OTDR
High Performance
Revolutionary 80 cm dead zone
The JDSU OTDR module product line is the industry’s reference for
performance. The T-BERD 6000 features both the new VLR and UHD OTDR
modules and offers:
– Best-in-industry optical specifications
– Highest dynamic range (50 dB at 1550 nm)
– Shortest event dead zones (80 cm for the VLR module)
– Best-in-industry data acquisition speeds
Fast and Precise Troubleshooting
– Fast detection
– Precise fault location
– One button automation
– No specific settings required
– Distance, loss, and ORL measurements
Ideal for End-to-End Commissioning
Unique to the market:
Automatic bi-directional
acquisition and analysis
OTDR bi-directional testing is required in order to obtain true and accurate splice
loss readings. JDSU has developed an innovative automatic bi-directional analysis
function that is integrated directly into the T-BERD 6000 platform, saving at least
50% of the time required for traditional bi-directional analysis.
– True splice loss measurement
– Reveals events that are hidden by dead zones in one direction
– Eliminates operator error by using the same setup
– Automatic fiber continuity check
– Immediate trace alignment with the correct parameters
Tested Fiber
T-BERD 6000
T-BERD 6000
The Right Tool for Any Optical Test
Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) Testing
– Fast and accurate measuring of PMD delay, PMD coefficient, and second
order values
– An approved and standardized method
– The most compact PMD test solution
– Shock-proof and vibration-proof design (with no moving parts)
– Allows for measurement through multiple amplifiers
– Provides statistics and long-term monitoring
DWDM Maintenance Testing
– Measures channel level, power, and wavelength in the S, C, and L bands
– The most compact DWDM test solution
– 1485 nm to 1640 nm wavelength testing
– High wavelength accuracy
– Shock-proof and vibration-proof design (with no moving parts)
– Provides statistics and long-term monitoring
Combined PMD, WDM, and Spectral Attenuation (SA) Testing
– Supports the qualification of CWDM and DWDM systems, including fiber
attenuation across the full bandwidth spectrum
– The most compact PMD/WDM/SA test solution
– 1260 nm to 1640 nm WDM testing over the full bandwidth spectrum
– A high-performance PMD module
– Obtains 1260 nm to 1640 nm total loss and dB/km values with SA testing
– Shock-proof and vibration-proof design (with no moving parts)
Insertion Loss (IL) and Optical Return Loss (ORL) Testing
– Measures bi-directional insertion loss, optical return loss, and fiber length
– One button automated testing
– Choose three wavelengths from 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, and 1625 nm
– Bi-directional testing capability
– Compatible with the OFI-2000 Multifunction Loss Test Set
Chromatic Dispersion (CD) Testing
– Includes acquisition points around 1310 nm, 1480 nm, 1550 nm, and 1625 nm
for accurate chromatic dispersion from 1260 nm to 1650 nm
– The most compact CD test solution
– Shock-proof and vibration-proof (with no moving parts)
– Access to only one end of the fiber is required
– Sectional analysis capability for troubleshooting
– Integrates a four-wavelength OTDR and a light source
Greater Productivity with Communications
With limited telephone line and cell phone coverage during fiber testing, the
T-BERD 6000 offers a built-in optical talkset option for permanent communication
between test technicians. Near end and far end technicians can communicate with
each other, avoiding many of the testing mistakes that can prove costly if another truck
roll is required to fix a problem.
For bi-directional testing that requires both the near end and far end units to acquire
data, the Data mode on the optional talkset enables both units to synchronize data
acquisition during OTDR testing and to retrieve test results for pass/fail analysis.
– 45 dB optical talkset
– File transfer capability through the fiber
– Remote control of the far end unit
– Talkset is compatible with the OFI-2000 and with the OTS-55 Optical Talkset
standalone unit
Effective Test Report Generation
Transfer data and generate comprehensive reports using JDSU’s FiberTrace and
FiberCable analysis software.
– Generate proof-of-performance reports with a high degree of customization
– Dedicated tables are created for each test result (OTDR, CD, PMD, ORL, etc.)
– Pass/fail indicators for quick analysis of problem areas
– Macro bend identification and fault report summary capabilities
Comprehensive Line of Accessories
A wide range of accessories are available that will provide technicians with
everything they need to take advantage of the T-BERD 6000’s complete testing
The T-BERD 6000 with the optional mouse, keyboard, battery, headset, AC/DC adapter charger, and video
inspection scope
Join the T-BERD Family of Optical Test Solutions
Based on the same graphical user interface and file formats, the T-BERD 6000 and
the T-BERD 8000 form a family of solutions for high-performance field testing.
In addition, the fiber application plug-in modules are field interchangeable
between the T-BERD 6000 and the T-BERD 8000, ensuring maximum flexibility.
The T-BERD 6000 can house one fiber application plug-in module. The T-BERD
8000 can house multiple modules simultaneously, enabling the performance of
almost any combination of network test functions in a single unit. In addition, the
T-BERD 8000 also offers:
– DWDM turn-up testing
– Dual-port optical spectrum analysis
– DWDM channel isolation for BERT analysis
– E1/T1 to 10G BERT analysis
– 10/100/1000/1G/10G Ethernet testing
T-BERD 8000T field-scalable optical test platform
T-BERD 6000 Technical Specifications
(Typical 25°C)
General specifications
TFT color, 8.4”, LCD 800 x 600, high visibility (standard)
Touchscreen,TFT color, 8.4”, LCD 800 x 600, high visibility
Storage and I/O Interfaces
Internal memory
1000 test results
Extended memory (optional)
Minimum 1 GB (optional)
2x USB V1.1, 1x RJ-45 Ethernet
Power Supply
Battery type
Standard removable Li ion batteries
AC/DC adapter
Input 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, Output 19V DC/ 3.1 A
Operation time Up to 11 OTDR hours with standard display,
Telcordia GR-196-CORE
Size and Weight
Mainframe with one plug-in module
and battery (l x h x w)
285 mm x 195 mm x 93 mm
(11.2 x 7.7 x 3.7 in)
Mainframe only (without battery and module) 2.4 kg (5.3 lb)
Mainframe with one plug-in module and battery3.4 kg (7.5 lb)
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature range (no options)
-20°C to +50°C
(-4°F to 122°F)
Operating temperature range (all options)
0°C to +40°C
(32°F to 104°F)
Storage temperature range -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Humidity, non-condensing
Base Unit Optical Interfaces (optional)
Power Meter
Power level
+10 to -55 dBm
Calibrated wavelengths
850, 1310, and 1550 nm
Connector type
Universal push/pull (UPP)
1550 nm ±20 nm
Dynamic range
>45 dB range
With data/file transfer
Laser safety
Class 1M laser
Connector type
Field interchangeable
Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
635 nm ±15 nm
Output power level
<1 mW
Laser safety
Class 2 laser
Connector type
Universal push/pull (UPP)
Continuous Wave (CW) Light Source
Wavelengths (selection)
1310, 1550, and 1625 nm
Output power level
-3.5 dBm
Stability in 15 min
± 0.02 dB
Stability in 8 hrs
± 0.2 dB
Laser safety
Class 1M laser
Connector type
Field interchangeable
Video Inspection Scope (via USB)
250X or 400X, through the USB port
Ordering information
Base Instrument
T-BERD 6000 platform with high visibility color display and
battery pack
T-BERD 6000 platform with high visibility touchscreen color
display and battery pack
Extended memory
VFL with UPP connector
Optical talkset
Optical power meter with UPP connector
(2.5 mm provided as standard)
Optical loss test set with talkset
(1310/1550/1625 nm)
Main Modules (single slot plug-in modules)
OTDR module
E81xxSR, E81xxDR, E81xxHD,
E81xxVLR, E81xxUHD, E8123MM
PMD module
WDM module
CD module
OFI module
(Please refer to the separate module datasheets for detailed
Application Software
Optical FiberTrace software (for post-analysis)
Optical FiberCable software
(for acceptance report generation)
Optical connectors for the loss test set and
talkset options (connector must be of the
same type)
Field replaceable connectors: EUNIPCFC, EUNIPCSC, EUNIPCST,
All statements, technical information and recommendations related to the products herein are based upon information believed to be
reliable or accurate. However, the accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed, and no responsibility is assumed for any
inaccuracies. The user assumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connection with the use of a product or its application. JDSU reserves
the right to change at any time without notice the design, specifications, function, fit or form of its products described herein, including withdrawal at any time of a product offered for sale herein. JDSU makes no representations that the products
herein are free from any intellectual property claims of others. Please contact JDSU for more information. JDSU and the JDSU logo are
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Corporation. All rights reserved. 30137548 003 0707 TB6000.DS.FOP.TM.AE
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