Trimble Access

Trimble Access
Trimble Access
Communication setup for an internal modem on a TSC3 /
Ranger3 for Can-Net 3.0
Turn on the data
collector and click on
Start, then Settings
Click on Connections. | 1-888-222-6735
Click Connections
Click Manage existing
connections. | 1-888-222-6735
Enter a name of your
choice for the
connection, for
example, cannet.
Select Cellular Line
(GPRS) from the
modem drop down list.
Click Next.
Enter the Access point
name for the
appropriate internet
service provider.
Cansel Connect:
Fido: | 1-888-222-6735
Leave the fields blank
and click Finish.
With your newly
created connection
selected, click OK. | 1-888-222-6735
Visit to
find out if you are
working within the
boundary of one of our
VRS networks, or near
one of our single CanNet base stations.
Open Trimble Access
and click on Settings. | 1-888-222-6735
Click on Connect.
Select GNSS contacts. | 1-888-222-6735
Select New and give it
a name.
Contact type should be
Internet rover.
Network connection
should be the one
recently created.
The Modem PIN
remains blank.
Go to page 2.
Enter your Can-Net
username, password,
and appropriate IP
Cansel Connect:
Telus, Bell, Rogers,
Enter the appropriate
2301 = British
2302 = Alberta
2303 = Saskatchewan
2304 = Manitoba
2305 = Ontario
2306 = Quebec
2307 = Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island | 1-888-222-6735
On page 3, ensure
Connection type is
Mobile internet and
click Store.
Escape and go into
Survey Styles. Select
New to create a new
Survey Style and name
it. Click Accept. | 1-888-222-6735
Next, configure the
Can-Net survey style
for either VRS or
Single Station mount
Click Rover options.
Select the appropriate
Broadcast format for
the type of mount point
you will connect to.
Single Station: CMRx
Click Accept. | 1-888-222-6735
Now configure the
Rover radio to use an
internet connection.
Click on Rover radio.
Set the Type to Internet
connection and select
the GNSS contact you
previously created.
Click Accept, then
Store and Esc to exit
Survey Styles | 1-888-222-6735
In General Survey,
click on Measure.
Select the Can-Net
Survey Style. | 1-888-222-6735
Choose to Measure
points, codes, topo or
perform a Site
The internal SIM card
will automatically be
enabled. | 1-888-222-6735
The modem will
establish an internet
The modem will
connect to the
Can-Net Server. | 1-888-222-6735
Select the Mount Point
with the desired
correction format for
the VRS network:
If the configuration was
for a single station, the
mount point options
would be similar.
The nearest base
station will
automatically be
selected. | 1-888-222-6735
Wait while a
connection is made to
the mount point.
Once a connection is
made, the survey will
start and corrections
will be received as
indicated by the green
checkmark. | 1-888-222-6735
Wait for a fixed
Perform a site
calibration or begin
data collection.
**Note: Can-Net uses
federally accredited
coordinates in NAD83
CSRS epoch 1997. A
site calibration may
be necessary in order
to work in your
project’s coordinate
system. | 1-888-222-6735
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