MA-708 Portable Wireless PA System
Premium Portable Audio System for Medium Events
ACT-32H 5 ACT-32HR ACT-32T
The Future Benchmark
MIPRO, the worldwide leader in portable wireless public address technology,
introduces the new MA-708. The MA-708 is compact, lightweight, powerful
and can he used almost anywhere. MIPRO MA-708 is the benchmark by which
all other portables will be measured.
Key Features
m Extremely rugged design delivering a 190-watt clear and powerful
sound for crowds up to 1,000
= Class-D amplifier drives 1" titanium compression driver and 8" woofer
m Up to 4 optional plug & play diversity receiver modules and CD / USB
player with remote control
m Industry's easiest and fastest channel set-up using MIPRO AutoScan
and ACT sync technology
m Built-in Bluetooth music player for wireless audio streaming
m Industry's only MTM-92 wireless interlinking transmitter option to
interlink multiple MIPRO MA-708 portables wirelessly to extend
transmission range and expand coverage
m Master Volume Control can be manually controlled or wireless via
an innovative, industry's only ACT-32HR Handheld Transmitter
Microphone instead of a separate control
m Retractable handle and sturdy wheels for easy transport
m Active limiter — keeps sounds clean when driven hard
® À voice priority feature that mutes the music when mic is used
= Built-in storage compartments for 2 wireless handhelds or
body transmitters
= Line-input for external ¡Pod / MP3 / CD player, output for
external recordings
mA smart 4-segment battery meter for accurate battery
reading and charging status
= Operates up to 8 hours on a single charge, or plug it
in for continuous use
m Suitable for tripod, floor or desk mount
= Weights only 16 kg / 35 Ibs — loaded
Ideal applications include
m Schools, church services and weddings
m Corporate presentations, seminars and meetings
= Sporting events, press conferences, auctions
m Shopping centre presentations and promotions
m Aerobics / Fitness, social clubs, hotels, rallies
m Military, law enforcement, fire / rescue events
Model shown with accessories
AF "eg | >
MRM-70B | Sk
| ! К.
AC 100-2400
€ em
DE 24-37V
Molded Fixed Handle
Retractable Carry Handle
Transmitters Storage
Optional MRM-72B receivers or
MTM-92 transmitter
Optional CD/USB Player &
SD Recorder
Optional 1 or 2 MRM-70B receivers
Battery Charge Indicators
@ Bluetooth Music Player
6.3 mm (1/4 ") Mic-In
Echo Control on wireless mics
Extension Speaker Socket
Tone Control
Balanced XLR Mic-In
Microphone Volume Control
Voice Priority Switch
Line-In RCA Jack
Line-Out RCA Jack
Line-In VolumeControl
Master Volume & Indicators
AC Power Socket
DC Power Socket
Built-in Rechargeable Batteries
Sturdy Wheels
Stand Adapter
Optional Accessories & Replacement Parts
UHF 16-Channel Diversity Receiver Modules
Single MRM-70B
CD/USB Player Module
CDM-2 (plays only) DPM-3 (plays and records)
UHF 16-Channel Wireless Interlinking Transmitter
Interlinks multiple MIPRO MA-708 portables wirelessly to expand coverage and extend range
Applications URM7OR a Eu VRM-70B
MTM-92 \\ \
MTM-92 } A
100 meter
100 meter
100 meter
MB-70 Rechargeable Battery (12V / 4.5AH) (2 MB-70 required)
MB-80 12.8V rechargeable LFP battery case
SC-75 Storage Cover with side pouch
MA-708EXP Passive MA-708 extension speaker
MA-708 Specifications:
Power Output 190W(Max)
T.H.D. <1%
Frequency Response 50Hz-18kHz
CD / USB Player Module
1" Compression Driver, 8" woofer
CDM-2 or DPM-3
Audio Inputs
Audio Outputs
Balanced, Unbalanced MIC & LINE-in RCA Jack
Unbalanced Line RCA jack
Master Volume Control
Manually or Wirelessly via ACT-32HR
Receiver Modules
Installation Speaker stand, flat surface or retractable handle & wheels
Power Supply AC: Built-in 100~240V AC switching power supply
DC & Battery: 24~32 DC, 12V/4.5AH rechargeable gel cell battery
(MB-70x2) or optional MB-80x2
Charge Time Up to 8 hours (automatic charging management)
Standby Time Up to 7 hours
MRM-70B or MRM-72B (optional)
Wireless Microphones
Wired Microphone
ACT-32H / 32HR / 32HC Handheld; ACT-32T / 32TC Bodypack (optional)
MM-107 Wired Dynamic Microphone (optional)
Dimensions (mm / in.)
Weight (kg / Ibs.)
336 / 13.2(W) x 545 / 21.5(H) x 325 / 12.8(D)
16.3 / 36 (loaded) |
Complies with worldwide telecommunication and safety regulations
( N
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Do not reproduce or redistribute without consent. MA 016/09
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