How I made my jtag cable for my Pansat 2700 – n2 clone: The

How I made my jtag cable for my Pansat 2700 – n2 clone: The
How I made my jtag cable for my Pansat 2700 – n2 clone:
The supplies needed:
1. Ribbon cable 20 pin preferred (I could not find one so I used a
standard 40 pin ide computer cable) cut to 8 inches long
2. 5 - ¼ watt 100 ohm resistors; color coded
3. A 25 pin male DB parallel port connector
4. Small Heat shrink tubes
5. 1 piece small wire 1 ½ inches long (insulated)
6. 1 piece small wire 1 inched long (insulation stripped)
7. Safety pin
8. Solder
9. Soldering iron
10. Multi-meter
11. Razor knife
The Steps:
1. On the DB-25 connector solder the short bare wire across pins 1825 (look closely the pins are numbered)(cut off any excess) also
solder the short wire with insulation to any one of the pins 18-25
this will be used later for a “ground”
2. Next solder the resistors to pins 2,3,4,5 & 13 of the DB-25 connector
3. Open your pansat receiver and locate the jtag pins
4. Locate pin #1, it should be marked (pin 1 & 2 were clearly marked
on my circuit board)
5. Place ribbon connector on pins (if using a 40 pin take care to
properly align the connector using only 1 half (20 pins))
6. Mark the cable for reference to pin 1
7. **** ALL PINS IN “Pin 1” row are odd 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17 & 19***
8. ****ALL PINS IN “Pin 2” row are even 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 & 20 –
All these pins are “ground”
9. Note which row on the ide ribbon cable are odd & even
10. Remove ribbon cable from receiver
11. Using your reference mark locate pin 9 on the female ide ribbon
cable connector (remember the odd row 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19)
12. Insert the safety pin into pin 9 hole; Now using your multi-meter
check for “continuity” between the safety pin and the cut end of the
cable to locate the correct wire (it will be close to being straight
down from safety pin)
13. After locating the correct wire carefully separate it from the rest
(using the razor knife) and peel it back enough to slip on a piece of
heat shrink and still be able to solder your connection
14. Solder the wire to the resistor on Pin 2 of the DB-25 Parallel port
connector; slide heatshrink forward and carefully heat with BBQ
lighter until it shrinks around the wire a resistor connections
15. Repeat the steps for the rest of the wires using the following chart:
DB25 male connector - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pansat JTAG plug
2 ----------------> 100 ohm resistor ---------------> JTAG Pin 9
3 ----------------> 100 ohm resistor ---------------> JTAG Pin 11
4 ----------------> 100 ohm resistor ---------------> JTAG Pin 13
5 ----------------> 100 ohm resistor ---------------> JTAG Pin 19
13---------------> 100 ohm resistor ---------------> JTAG Pin 15
18~25---------------------------------------------------> Pansat GND
Note : That wire we soldered on for “ground” back in step 1 can be
soldered to any of the even pins on the ide ribbon cable 2,4,6 etc.
16. Now if you choose you can carefully cut off any used wires & black
tape things up neat; also you may wish to wrap some tape over the
unused pins on the ribbon cable (less room for error when
17.And that’s it your done!!!
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