Rosen Z10 – Auto Trim Design

Rosen Z10 – Auto Trim Design
Rosen Z10 – Auto Trim Design
10.2” Overhead All-In-One DVD/CD/MP3 System
Standard System Features
• 10.2” wide-screen LCD display AND side-load DVD/CD/MP3 player
• (25) 16-bit, all-age friendly video games built into the overhead pod
• ALL-Channel wireless FM transmitter to connect to the vehicles audio system
• Overhead pod mounted system controls and AUX mini-jack w/ RCA adaptor cable
• Dual Hi-intensity dome lights with 3-way switch (ON-AUTO-OFF)
• You can add 1 additional slave screen & source unit
• Available in Neutral/Tan or Warm Gray to compliment all vehicle headlines
• Other system features include:
– Detailed Owners Manual
– User Quick Reference Card – provides simple step-by-step instructions
• Matching New Car Warranty
– Matching new vehicle OEM Bumper-Bumper warranty when purchased from a new car
dealership (Excludes longer drivetrain or extended warranties)
– No warranty registration required
Prices from $1595
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