Florence Gould Hall

Florence Gould Hall
Florence Gould Hall
55 E 59th Street, New York, NY 10022 (btwn Park and Madison)
Technical Specifications – Exhibit A
These specifications, seating charts, stage drawings, and photographs are on our website:
Seating Capacity
Total Seating:
Seating with Stage Extension:
Seat Kills: Row AA & Row BB and
Row CC 101-104 & 118-121
Seat Kills Total: 37
Seating with Sound Board In House:
Seat Kills: Row P 109-112 and
Row R 109-113
Seat Kills Total: 9
Seating with Stage Extension &
Sound Board In House:
Seat Kills Total: 46
Seating with Orchestra Pit:
Creates an Orchestra playing area
32’ wide x 8’ Deep
Seat Kills Total: 50
ADA Seating:
Row O – 109-11 (3 Seats are needed for a
wheelchair and companion seat.
Row O – 101-103 & 117-119 (Row O = 7 Total.)
Camera Location Kills:
Best FOH Long Shot is: Row R 109-110.
Best Close Center Shot is: Row A 108-109
for Camera, & Row B 110 for Operator.
Right & Left Camera Locations – CC 101-102
& CC 120-121 Seats can be pulled – Operator
stands in the aisle.
Address and Load-In:
Delmonico Plaza Lobby - 55 East 59th Street - b/w Park and Madison Avenue
Freight Elevator Size: Entrance: 3’ W – Interior: 7’ L x 4’.5” W x 8’ H (12’ H Drop Ceiling)
Weekday freight elevator load-in hours:
Before 8 am / 9:30 – 11:30 am / 2:30pm – 4:30pm / After 6 pm
FGH Stage Lift: 9’ L x 5’ W x 7’ H
Florence Gould Hall
55 E 59th Street, New York, NY 10022 (btwn Park and Madison)
Stage Dimensions
Florence Gould Hall has a proscenium stage, with primary entrances and accessibility to the Green Room
and Dressing rooms from Stage Left.
There is no fly loft, and a few hanging points, but no grid and no house curtain.
6’0” Stage Extension is available upon request.
Playing Area:
With Stage Extension:
30’0” W (9.2 m) x 21’0” D (6.4 m)
30’0” W (9.2 m) x 27’0” D (8.2 m)
Proscenium opening: 35’0” (10.7 m) x Deck to hard valance: 15’11” (4.75 m)
Stage Area:
SL Wall to SR Wall
Stage edge to Back wall
Stage edge to Black velours
Deck to Lx pipe-trim
Stage Right wings are shallow at 4’6”
With the US Black traveler in place, a 3’ crossover is available.
Stage Floor:
The stage is black painted red oak sprung flooring.
Soft Goods:
Black Velour Travelers, pair of 20’w by 19’6”h (Permanent US house hang)
(1) 36'0” x 18'9”—(11m x 5.7m) white cyc
(2) 17’ h x 7’0” Legs
Black Rosco Dance Flooring
Overstage wooden orchestra clouds, black Duvetyne on one side
Recessed down light fixtures for worklight
Trim height: 15’9” (4.8m)
Seating is handicapped accessible via passenger elevator and/or escalator.
Side aisles to seats. All seats raked except three rows in “orchestra pit.”
Projection booth to the DS edge:
75’0” (22.9 m)
Projection booth to the US Screen:
95’0” (29.0 m)
Ancillary Power:
Camlocks Tie-In: 300 amps 3 Phase power, 100 amps per leg.
42’ 4”
(12.9 m)
(7.4 m)
(6.6 m)
(5.3 m)
Florence Gould Hall
55 E 59th Street, New York, NY 10022 (btwn Park and Madison)
The Florence Gould Hall has a House Rep plot that can function easily for theater, dance and symposia.
The rep plot (pdf) is available at http://www.fiaf.org/rental/florence-gould-hall.shtml
Instrument inventory, Vectorworks, and Lightwright files available upon request.
Expression 3
Cyc Lighting:
(4) Altman Spectra CYC 200 LED fixtures
2.4K Stage Pin Dimmers
Camlocks Tie-In: 300 amps 3 Phase power, 100 amps per leg.
Booth System:
Soundcraft GB8 – 24
2 Clair Brothers R4 Concert Speakers (Tri-amped Passive)
1 Clair Brothers Center Cluster (Optional)
XTA Stereo graphic 1/3 octave graphic EQ (Mains)
1 Ashley MQX 2310 Stereo Graphic EQ (Center Cluster)
XTA 2 in/6 out digital processor
2 Ashley XR1001 crossover
Yamaha H550 Booth monitors
Chevin 1500 wpc stereo amplifier (L/R)
Chevin 600 wpc amplifier (L/R)
Crown XTi 1002 2-channel Amplifier (cluster)
Signal Processing:
4 dbx 266XS Stereo Compressors
2 Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic
1 Yamaha SPX 990 effects processor (FOH rack)
1 M-2000 Reverb effects processor (FOH rack)
Playback / Record:
1 Denon DNF450R SD/SDHC Recorder
1 Gemini CDX 2250 Dual CD deck
Monitor mixing:
Soundcraft SM12 40 input 12 mix console
4 Clair Brothers Wedge A 2 way monitor (Active)
2 Ashley GQX-3102 Stereo EQ's
1 Lexicon Alex Stereo Effects Processor
8 Shure SM57
8 Shure SM58
2 Shure Beta 58A
1 Shure SM48
3 Beyerdynamic SHM20
4 Sennheiser MKH40 P48
2 Crown PZM-30D
1 Crown PZM-6R
1 ElectroVoice RE-20
Florence Gould Hall
55 E 59th Street, New York, NY 10022 (btwn Park and Madison)
Sound Continued:
Wireless FGH :
3 Sennheiser EM3032-U Receivers
6 Sennheiser SK3063-U Transmitters w/ clip-on Lavaliers
2 Sennheiser SKM3072-U Handhelds
Wireless Mobile rack: 4 Sennheiser EW100 Receivers
4 Sennheiser SK100 Transmitters w/ clip-on Lavaliers
4 Sennheiser E815 Wireless Handhelds
Direct Boxes:
2 Countryman Type 85
2 Whirlwind IMP-2
2 Radial Pro 48 Active
4 Interspace Industries PC DI
Mic Stands:
8 Tripod Booms
2 Mini Tripod Booms
8 Round Base Straight/Boom
3 Table Stands
8 Extra Booms
7 Extra Round Bases
Musical Equip:
Steinway Upright Piano
Piano Steinway D 9’ Grand Piano
15 Music Stands, 15 music stand lights.
Over-stage ceiling panels may be raised, lowered, tilted to direct sound.
Panels flip to black duvetyne for lighting borders.
Hard legs may be used to surround stage as acoustic shell panels.
Also flip to black duvetyne to be used as wing legs.
Florence Gould Hall
55 E 59th Street, New York, NY 10022 (btwn Park and Madison)
Down Stage: Roll down projection screen with manual masking
Luxus Model C Electriscreen, Model C307CGHLSBCd-36-36-21.25
16’ x 20'—(4.9 x 6.1m) 25’6” diag. (Approx. 75' from booth to screen).
Matte White Perforated Screen, optimized at 1.33 : 1 Ratio
(Masking available for all standard aspect ratios)
Up Stage: Projection screen with manual masking
12’ x 18'—(3.7 x 5.5m) 21’6”diag. (Approx. 100' from booth to screen).
Matte White Perforated Screen
Moves on traveler track, stores off Stage Left
Film Projection:
(2) Simplex 1014 35mm film projectors
Xenon bulbs / digital reader sound heads
Xetron/Norelco 16mm Projector, Xenon bulbs.
Digital Projection:
Digital Cinema Projector: NC2000C – DLP Cinema Projector
with Dolby Server
XPAND Cinema: 3D Glasses – 300 Pairs
10 JBL 8340 Cinema Surround Speakers – 5.1 and 7.1 Capable
1 JBL 4642A Dual 18” Subwoofer
Christie DWU775-E – DLP-HD Projector
1-chip DLP
WUXGA (1900 x 1200) - 16:10 Ratio
7,200 Center Lumens
Christie DWU670-E – DLP-HD Projector
1-chip DLP
WUXGA (1920 x 1200) - 16:10 Ratio
6,500 Lumens
Projector in the Lobby Stairwell:
In the stairwell outside the Gould Hall is a projector that can be utilized for marketing or promotional
images and sound. It is visible as you descend the stairs to the theatre doors.
NEC NP4100 Projector
6000 Lumens / XGA Resolution 1024 x 768
Projected image size is approx. 6’ high by 8’ wide
Default aspect ratio is 4:3.
Florence Gould Hall
55 E 59th Street, New York, NY 10022 (btwn Park and Madison)
Projection Continued....
Barco DCS-100 Scan Converter / Digital Switcher.
Toshiba Blue Ray DVD player (PAL compatable)
OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray Disc Player
Panasonic DVD player
Audio Visual:
I-Cue remote slide changer.
42” Confidence monitor
WI-FI / Internet
Ethernet Lines in Projector Booth and Stage area.
Internet Bandwidth: Up To 80Mbps/80Mbps Dedicated
Live Streaming:
Upon request or special arrangement.
Lucite Podium:
1 Lucite-Chrome Presentation Podiums
Dimensions: 17” W (area between chrome sides) x 44” H
Dimensions: 24” W (entire width) x 44” H
Note: Posters maybe affixed to the podium.
Top Surface Area: 31 ½” w x 21” d x ¾”
Clearcom Intercom system
5 headsets w/ belt packs, 2 speaker stations, 4 remote boxes
(All Dressing Rooms and Green Room have wall-mounted speakers)
Green Room:
The Green room can accommodate approx. 15 people and has a sofa, chairs,
small refrigerator and a full wall mirror. Clearcom wall speaker is located in the
Dressing Rooms:
Room A: capacity 1
Room B: capacity 5
Room C: capacity 4
All rooms with toilet, sinks, and shower, and Clearcom wall speaker.
Tables & Chairs:
361 fixed upholstered theatre seats
15 black cloth armless orchestra chairs
15 Black Music Stands
Assorted 6' tables, small black side tables
Florence Gould Hall
55 E 59th Street, New York, NY 10022 (btwn Park and Madison)
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