Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue
Product Catalogue
Life is worth enjoying
Simple and effective solutions for the
blind and visually impaired
about Optelec
The Company
Corporate Philosophy
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Electronic Video Magnifiers
new model
ClearView C7
ClearView C Speech10
ClearView C Flex11
Traveller HD13
Compact 4 HD16
Compact 5 HD16
Compact 7 HD17
Compact Touch HD17
Compact + HD18
Compact mini18
ClearNote HD
Text-to-Speech Products
ClearReader + 23
ClearReader + Basic25
ClearReader + Advanced 25
Braille Devices
ALVA BC64028
ALVA BC68028
ALVA 640 Comfort28
ALVA USB 640 Comfort29
EasyLink 12 Touch
Special Monitors
Optical Magnifiers
PowerMag + 21
The Company
Since 1975, Optelec has been developing simple and effective solutions for the
visually impaired for personal, work and educational use. It all started when Mr.
F.J. Tieman developed the first video magnifier for a customer who could no longer
see and read with glasses. Over the years, Optelec opened offices throughout
the world and developed many new product lines. Optelec’s current portfolio
includes a variety of easy-to-use desktop, portable and laptop video magnifiers,
text-to-speech devices and braille products. With these products, users can
improve their quality of life and regain their independence and mobility.
Corporate Philosophy
“ Improving the quality
of life for the
visually impaired, reaching out
with simple and effective solutions.”
Electronic video magnifiers help users to read
letters, sort out mails, manage financial transactions,
prepare meals, perform hobbies and more;
the possibilities are endless. Desktop video
magnifiers can be used at home and work, while
portable video magnifiers can be used on the go.
Optelec’s mission is simple: “Improving the quality of life of visually impaired
and dyslexic people – reaching out with simple and effective solutions.” Our
aim is to help anyone with a visual impairment, whether it is blindness, any
degree of vision impairment or dyslexia, with simple to use and intuitive
products. These products are designed to help you lead an independent and
full life: to allow you to stay in touch with those around you, to enable you to
continue school or work and to help you with your hobbies.
For people who find reading tiring, there are solutions
that read text aloud. The Optelec text-to-speech
devices scan and read any printed document using
a naturally sounding voice. Many reading voices and
languages are available, allowing users to select
their preferred settings.
When medical treatments are fully exhausted, there are still many assistive
products available that can help. These are the products that Optelec offers with the hope of making a difference and improving the life of someone with a
visual impairment. Because at Optelec we truly believe that
There are several braille devices that can be easily
connected to any PC, tablet or phone. This gives the
user the possibility to be independent and flexible
in the home and work environment. Portable braille
products can be connected to a smart phone and
can be used anywhere, anytime.
“life is worth enjoying!”
Optelec Worldwide
Italy: Cluster Voice Systems S.r.l.
The Netherlands: Optelec International
Japan: Times Corporation
Latvia: SIA “Exceed”
Malaysia: Rus Medic Sdn Bhd
Belgium: Optelec NV
Malta: Integrated Marketed Services Ltd.
Canada: Optelec Canada
Norway: BoJo AS
Germany: Optelec GmbH
Poland: Altix Spolka z.o.o.
The Netherlands: Optelec Nederland B.V.
Portugal: Electrosertec Lda
United Kingdom: Optelec UK
Romania: Altix Vision SRL
United States: Optelec US
Russian Federation: Istok Audio Trading, Ltd.
Saudi Arabia: Bassam Tech
Dealer network
Slovakia: Tyflocomp
Australia & New Zealand: Quantum Reading
Slovenia: OFTALMA d.o.o.
Learning Vision
South Africa: Sensory Solutions
Austria: TSB Transdanubia
South Korea: Hendi International Inc.
Bulgaria: OptiGroup Ltd.
Spain: Rehasoft
China: Beijing MediWorks R.G. Tech Co., Ltd.
Spain: Eneso
Colombia: Lugen Optics S.A.S.
Sweden: Polar Print
Croatia: Multi Media Matic
Switzerland: Accesstech AG
Cyprus: M.T. Ray Optics Ltd.
Taiwan: International United (NY) Co., Ltd.
Czech Republic: Spektra VDN
Thailand: DK Healthcare Co.,Ltd
Denmark: Itech ApS
Thailand: Interfocus Thailand Co., Ltd.
Estonia: MTÜ Jumalalaegas
Turkey: Beyid Ltd.
Finland: Näköpiste Polar Print Oy
United Arab Emirates: Nattiq Technologies
France: CECIAA
Greece: Enlogic
Hong Kong: HKSB
Barendrecht (NL)
Iceland: Oreind s.f.
India: Barrierbreak Technologies
Pvt Ltd
Iran: Behnovin Co., Ltd.
Vista, CA (USA)
Israel: Chai Cohen, Computer &
Information Systems
Optelec affiliates
Taipei (Taiwan)
Electronic Video
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Comfortable reading
starts with the C
The ClearView C will increase your
reading comfort and also match the
interior of your home. It looks stylish
so you can even place it in your living
ClearView C
The new Optelec ClearView C is a unique video magnifier
that is designed to improve your reading experience.
The modern design provides you with more working
space and helps you to read your favourite newspaper,
enjoy craftwork or write a cheque without being
restricted in movement.
When we started to develop a
new video magnifier, we wanted to
eliminate all of the difficulties users
experienced. After extensive research
involving our clients, we came up with
a completely new design.
Key benefits:
Unique and modern design that fits your interior
C-shaped arm giving you more freedom of movement
More working space to read larger documents more easily
Control Pad to switch between basic and advanced controls
Bright widescreens in two different sizes: 21.5” and 24”
Space saving Compact or wide Comfort set-up
Stand out from the crowd
and choose for comfort and design!
Choose your ideal ClearView C
Back to basics
Only use basic functions and menu
options with the ClearView C One.
ClearView C One
ClearView C Speech A A
Is reading too tiresome for you?
The Optelec ClearView C Speech can instantly convert
any printed text into speech. This makes it possible to
have access to information in a way that is most
comfortable and easy for you. Especially long texts are
now easy to read.
See every detail
The ClearView C Speech
displays full pages and
the document layout.
You can select the text
of your interest by simply
pointing at a word or
paragraph. This ensures
that you navigate quickly
within a document.
The High Definition camera provides
low magnification from 1.3X and ultra
sharp images.
ClearView C HD
Work with your PC
video magnifier and computer on one
ClearView C TwinView
Read newspapers
All ClearView C models are available in
the Comfort setup that provides more
space to read large documents.
Key benefits:
Point & Read functionality: intuitive touch interface
Overview: full A4 page viewing
Assistive reading with automatic text zone recognition
Fast text recognition (OCR)
72 reading voices in 38 languages
Automatic language detection (up to 5 languages)
Saving and opening documents on a SD card or USB stick
ClearView C Comfort
Flawless integration
starts with the Flex
Because of the flexible arm, you can
easily put the ClearView C Flex in the
position you prefer. Pull it towards
you when you need magnification,
or position the monitor further away
when you don’t need it.
The ClearView C Flex looks like any
other monitor. It perfectly blends
with your work environment. Your
coworkers won’t even notice you are
working with a video magnifier.
ClearView C Flex
The Optelec ClearView C Flex is a unique video magnifier
that perfectly fits your workplace.
This unique product helps you to keep your desk free
and still enjoy the support of a video magnifier. The
ClearView C Flex enables you to read documents,
perform hobbies or work with your computer.
Enjoy more freedom of movement
with this space saving solution!
Key benefits:
• A desktop video magnifier that saves space on your desk
• Enjoy more freedom of movement with the flexible arm that
can be moved in any position
• More working space to read larger documents more easily
• Customize your unit to suit your needs:
• Control Pad to switch between basic and advanced controls
• Full HD with 24” monitor or HD with 21.5” monitor
• Special TwinView monitor available for computer users
• Speech module available with touchscreen offering intuitive
Point & Read speech output
• High Definition camera for superior image
• Optional reading table to support your reading
Slide & Read
Improve your reading fluency with
the Traveller HD. Its unique Slide &
Read mechanism provides you with
a more natural reading experience,
especially for those people that find
it difficult to keep their hand steady.
Slide the screen across a line of text
and view the content on-screen. It
has never been easier to follow the
line or sentence. Sliding back and
forth enables you to recognize the
shapes of individual words.
Superior image quality
In high definition, enjoy stepless
and variable zoom, with adjustable
magnification starting at 2.4 times,
the Traveller HD allows you to see
smaller details of photos and text
on the high brightness 13.3-inch
Traveller HD
With the Traveller HD, you can read anywhere: at
a table, on the couch, in a lounge chair and even
in bed! It is small and portable, so you can easily
take it with you to use it at home, in the office, at
school, on holiday, or any other place.
Wherever you are, at home, in the office, at school or on
holiday, the Traveller HD is your ideal light weight reading
You can see a more complete line of
text because of the large screen, so
you can read even more fluently.
Key benefits:
• Read anywhere: at a table, couch or in bed
• Easy to take with you and store away
• Slide & Read
• Natural reading experience
• Easy to follow lines of text
• More words onscreen for easier word recognition
• Continuous zoom: 2.4 - 30X
• 13.3” widescreen
• High Definition camera for superior image
• Rechargeable battery
Compact 4 HD
Two magnifiers in one single design
Use in combination with the detachable stand, and the Compact 4 HD is easy
to grip, sliding effortlessly over letters, books, magazines and photographs.
When out and about, take it off the detachable stand and carry it in your
pocket or handbag. The Compact 4 HD becomes a handheld, lightweight
and slim-line magnifier to use on the go.
Key benefits:
Compact HD
Are you looking for a stylish, high definition magnifier in
a convenient size, without compromising on comfort and
The Optelec Compact HD video magnifiers are designed
for easy use. These unique magnifiers offer sharp High
Definition images in a portable design.
• Screen: 4.3”
• Magnification: 1.7X - 12X
• Angled screen position
for comfortable reading
• Innovative LED lighting for
a sharp on-screen image
Compact 5 HD
Overview in a compact design
The Compact 5 HD can be used in two different positions. Open the Compact
5 HD for a perfect reading angle and smooth movement over newspapers
and magazines. Close the Compact 5 HD for use on-the-go, spot reading and
distance viewing (up to 4 feet).
Key benefits:
• Screen: 5”
• Magnification: 1.5X - 18X
• Can be used in two
ergonomic reading positions
• Designed to move smoothly
over reading materials
Compact 7 HD
The Compact 7 HD integrates the largest screen available
in the Optelec Compact product family; still it is small
enough to be easily carried from one location to another.
Would you like a portable magnifier to read in an intuitive
manner as with a traditional handheld magnifier? Are you
searching for a stylish device with a convenient handgrip?
Unlike desktop magnifiers, the Compact 7 HD allows you to comfortably read
letters and books on your couch or in your favourite chair.
Take the Compact + HD with you and use it wherever you want to
transform blurry text into sharp magnified text.
Key benefits:
Key benefits:
• Screen: 7”
• Magnification: 2X - 24X
• Angled screen position
for comfortable reading
• Designed to move smoothly
over reading materials
• Screen: 4.3”
• Magnification: 3X - 12X
• Ergonomic foldable handle
for easy viewing
• Takes and stores images
• Contemporary design
Compact Touch HD
Do you always forget what button does what? Are you
looking for a portable and easy to use magnifier without
buttons in a modern design?
The Compact Touch HD is Optelec’ s first portable product that can
be used with just a touch of the screen. With its 5-inch screen, the
Compact Touch HD is small enough to take with you and large enough
to offer a comfortable reading experience.
Compact+ HD
Compact mini
Would you like a quality magnifier that fits in your
pocket? Are you searching for a simple and lightweight
product to read everywhere?
The Compact mini weighs only 134 grams, making it the
lightest magnifier in the Compact range. You can easily take it with
you and use it while you are on the go.
Key benefits:
Key benefits:
• Screen: 3.5”
• Three magnification levels:
5X, 8X and 11X
• Integrated reading stand
• Ideal for on the go
Intuitive 5” touch screen
Magnification: 2X - 20X
Foldable handle
Enclosed magnetic sheet
for steady reading
• Connection to TV
ClearNote HD
Use an external camera with your laptop
Switch images with a split screen monitor
Flexible extension of your laptop
The ClearNote provides you with
magnified, high contrast live images
of documents, whiteboards or other
relevant information around you. To
save information for future reference,
the ClearNote captures an unlimited
number of screenshots to store on
your computer.
Wide viewing angle
The TwinView 24-inch screen
is a wide viewing angle monitor
specially developed and optimized for
people requiring magnification and
high contrast. The TwinView delivers
distortion-free, ultra sharp images,
even when viewed from an angle.
Built-in intelligence
With the ClearNote HD you can quickly
change your focus from a document
to a whiteboard. Previously selected
settings of different camera positions
are automatically recalled, making
reading quicker and easier.
More overview, less toggling
Discover the power of split screen
functionality by combining the images
of both your video magnifier and
your computer on a single monitor.
Adjust the position of the split images
by operating the high contrast
Key benefits:
Key benefits:
• 24” High Definition TFT widescreen
• Connectivity with two devices simultaneously
• Image-switch: toggle between the images of both
connected devices and view full-screen
• True split screen: display both images simultaneously using
either horizontal or vertical split-screen, no adjustments of
the PC magnification software required
Continuous magnification: 1.5X - 43X on a 15” screen
High definition auto-focus camera
Can be connected to any PC or laptop with USB 3 support
Two camera lenses for desktop and distance viewing
Flexible camera head (tilt-and-swivel)
Handheld remote control with easy-to-operate buttons
Touch screen support
Optical Magnifiers
Do you have trouble reading? Are
you looking for something that can
help you to read comfortably again?
Optelec offers a wide range of
optical magnifiers that allows you to
read texts more easily. Whether you
want to read at home, at the office or
on the go, we have a solution for you.
Handheld magnifiers
Handheld magnifiers are ideal to
use at home. There are many types
of handheld magnifiers: classic
reading magnifiers, ergonomically
designed magnifiers, and illuminated
magnifiers with LED light that make
reading easier.
• Magnification: 2.5X and up
on a table, smaller stand magnifiers
are placed directly on the document
you want to read.
• Magnification: 3.5X and up
Dome and bar magnifiers
Dome and bar magnifiers are light
weight, handheld products that are
ideal for simple reading tasks. Dome
magnifiers are uniquely shaped in a
semi-circle that provide distortion-free
pre-focused magnifying power. Bar
magnifiers can be used to read a line
of printed text or handwriting more
• Magnification dome: 1.8X and up
• Magnification bar: 2X and up
Stand magnifiers
Stand magnifiers are useful if you
want to read longer pieces of text or if
you find it difficult to hold a magnifier.
Larger stand magnifiers are placed
Key benefits:
• Multiple types available
• Integrated LED lighting for
optimal reading experience
• Small and lightweight
• Portable
Audio Text Readers
Reading by listening
Intuitive operation
The ClearReader+ is designed for
ease of use. Its buttons are easy
to operate and have distinctive
shapes. This helps you to control the
integrated state-of-the-art technology
without any effort.
Quick voice selection
The ClearReader+ offers a broad
variety of high quality male and
female reading voices in 31 different
languages. Select your preferred
languages and voices and switch
them instantly while reading.
Portable solution
Benefit from the portable design and
use the ClearReader+ anywhere in
your home. Move the unit around
easily by using the convenient
foldable carrying handle.
Would you like your daily newspaper or favourite magazine
to be read aloud to you ? Are you searching for a portable
and stylish device that scans and reads any documents
just at the press of a button?
Rediscover the joy of reading anytime and anywhere.
Within a few seconds, the ClearReader + scans any
magazine article and reads them to you in naturally sounding voices.
Saving and retrieving documents
With the ClearReader+ you have the
option to save your mail or articles
for later reference. You can archive
single and multiple page documents
and access them when needed.
Key benefits:
Fast text recognition (OCR)
31 supported languages
59 high quality, easy-to-change reading voices
Foldable carrying handle
Volume and speed control
Built-in stereo speakers
Saving and opening documents
Choose your favourite
ClearReader+ Basic
Rediscover the joy of reading
anytime and anywhere. Within a few
seconds, you can listen to any printed
ClearReader+ Basic with just one
The ClearReader+ Basic is AC
powered and does not contain an
integrated battery.
ClearReader+ Advanced
Connect to a screen and select the text
of your interest by simply navigating
with the easily recognizable buttons.
The ClearReader+ Advanced automatically identifies paragraphs and
columns to help you navigate faster.
Archive single and multiple page
documents and access them when
needed with the special large font
The ClearReader+ Advanced offers a
remote control and integrated battery.
Key benefits:
Key benefits:
• 31 supported languages
• 59 natural voices
• Ideal to use at one fixed
• AC powered
• 31 supported languages
• 59 natural voices
• Adjustable document
views (overview, formatted
line view, formatted column
view, full page overview)
• Handheld remote control
• Integrated battery
Braille displays
The Optelec Braille Family
ALVA BC 640:
Powerful, wireless braille in
a small design for PC, phone
or tablet.
• 40 braille cells for reading
• 9 key Smartpad navigation
• Integrated Bluetooth
ALVA BC 680:
Braille displays
Are you a braille reader? Would you like a device that
converts information from your computer screen into a
seamless line of braille characters?
Optelec offers a whole family of braille displays, each
allowing you to read the information that is on your
computer screen in braille.
For professional use and
real multitasking. Connect
two PC’s at the same time.
• 80 braille cells for reading
• 18 key Smartpad navigation
• Integrated Bluetooth
• USB keyboard connection
ALVA 640 Comfort:
Affordable and complete,
read and write Braille with
PC, phone or tablet.
• 40 braille cells for reading
• Braille keyboard for typing
• Internal notepad of 1000
The Optelec Braille Family
Small and affordable braille
solution for PC.
• 40 braille cells for reading
• Lightweight
• USB connection
EasyLink 12 Touch:
The solution for on the go,
designed for touch screen
phones and tablets.
• 12 braille cells for reading
• Braille keyboard for typing
• Joystick Smartpad navigation
• Internal notepad for 50
Find us online
Would you like to know more about us or our products? Find us online and stay
up-to-date anytime, anywhere!
On our website,
there is more to explore than just our
products. You will find a wealth of
information about eye conditions and
associated organizations, a list of
our distributors and recommended
products for eye conditions and
symptoms. Via the contact forms you
can easily contact us with any of your
Watch our videos
Are you looking for demonstration
videos or do you need more
information about our products?
channel,, you
will find videos of introductions and
demonstrations of our products in
several languages.
Connect with us on social media
Optelec is active on social media
in several countries. Keep yourself
informed about events, actions, news,
testimonials, interesting facts and
behind the scenes moments through
Twitter and Facebook. We’ll see you
Optelec Nederland B.V. • Breslau 4 • 2993 LT Barendrecht
The Netherlands • Phone: +31 886-783 444
Fax: +31 886-783 400 • Email:
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