650ARM270 Series Swing Gate Openers Maximum Gate Leaf

650ARM270 Series Swing Gate Openers Maximum Gate Leaf
650ARM270 Series
Swing Gate Openers
Maximum Gate Leaf Length
5 Metres
The “650ARM270” series of motors consists of a complete range of products for automating
‘open style’ swing gates for residential and light industrial use for up to 5 metres in length and 260 kgs.
Performance requirements for your gates.
The Encoder Technology
included in the
12V dc guarantees
constant and reliable
obstacle control
Gatepost Mounting Bracket
Gatepost Mounting:
A new adjustable gatepost mounting bracket
allows for easy mounting on most gateposts
Manual Release
Manual Release:
In the event of a mains
power failure, there is a
quick and easy system for
manual override release.
This is where the expectations for performance are
matched against the capabilities of the TAU 650ARM270
Series Swing Gate Openers.
There are two types available:
650ARM270 230 Volts ac version for normal residential
and light industrial use.
650ARM270BENC 12 Volts dc version for more
intensive residential and light industrial use. In the event
of a power failure, it is able to be powered by a 12V dc
Rechargeable Back-up Battery, which enables the gates
to continue working for up to 10 operations before mains
power is required to be reinstated.
Gate Length
Up to 5 metres per leaf
open style gate design
Gate Opening
Time (approx.)
21 sec/90°
13 sec/90°
Usage per hour
Up to 8 times
Up to 30 times
System Power
Mains Power
Mains Power and
Battery Back-up
Weight of Gate
Up to 260kgs per leaf @ 5 Metres
Gate Leaf
The maximum distance from the rear of the
gatepost to the gate hinge centre point can be
no greater than 250mm for a 900 opening angle
Operational options for your automation
Radio Remote Control
How you want to operate your automated gate/s is an
important decision in choosing which Accessories will
allow you to use your gate automation system to your
specific requirements.
Key components of control for effective operation
2 Button Remote
Keypad Entry
 Remote Control
Each TAU 650ARM270 Series Automatic Gate Opening
System has the option of using a TAU 2 or 4 Button
Radio Remote which can be programmed into the
750D750M controller’s inbuilt or 750D747M
controller’s optional plug-in 2 channel Radio Receiver.
The second channel of the 2 channel Radio Receiver
could be used to operate garden/security lights or to
keep the gates open for extended periods.
 Keypad Entry
For those who require visitor entry, a weather durable
PRESCO VR Series Keypad is available and can be
positioned at a suitable height at the entrance way.
The KC-2 Keypad Controller offers up to 125 individual
user codes.
 Safety Photocells
It is recommended that each TAU 650ARM270 Series
Automatic Gate Opening System is installed with a set
of safety Photocells across the gateway that will
recognise an obstacle is in pathway of the gate, and
will prevent the gate/s from closing until the obstacle
is removed.
4 Button Remote
Safety Photocells
Range 20 metres
Adjustable up to 1800
Control Devices
Plug-in Radio Receiver
 Safety Features
The TAU 750D750M Controller used with the
TAU 650ARM250 230V ac Motor has an electrical
anti-crush safety clutch.
The TAU 750D747M Controller used with the TAU
650ARM250BENC 12V dc Motor has an electronically
controlled, anti-crush safety clutch.
 Automatic Realignment
The TAU 750D750M and TAU 750D747M Series
Controllers include an Automatic Realignment feature,
that ensures the first operation (Radio Remote or other
opening/closing signal device) upon the power being
restored, will realign the gates to the last state before
the power was disconnected.
 Minimal Noise Production
The TAU 650ARM270BENC 12V dc Motor is fitted with
an Encoder — a special detection system which moves
the gate rapidly, then slows it down towards the end of
its travel, in order to prevent noisy impacts and rebounds. (This feature is used with the TAU 750D747M
Controller only)
1 & 2 Channel
Universal Radio Receiver
Single & Multi channel options to interface
to existing Garage Door Openers etc.
Control Boards
12V dc
230V ac
Imported and marketed in New Zealand by GATE DRIVE SOLUTIONS LTD 2/69 Roseberry Ave, Birkenhead, Auckland, 0626
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