InvertaSpot GT -

InvertaSpot GT -
W+S Inovation 2011
InvertaSpot GT®
New from Wieländer+Schill ! Fully automatic. New Press and Go technology
An automatic, process controlled spot welder with inverter technology.
Very easy to handle and safe to use whilst always giving reliable welding results.
Just Press and Go!
Art No 471005
• The InvertaSpot GT automatically recognizes
and measures the configuration and thickness
of the panels
• Clamping force, amps and welding time are
automatically calculated
• The parameters are set and there is
no need for manual adjustments
Original - Working Instructions
Short Information
V3 - 3000
Service-Hotline (+49) 07720 / 83 17 0
Stand 05-2011
Before using this machine please read the safety regulations of the
Original - Working Instruction Part 1 and the startup information of the
Original - Working Instruction Part 2!
The Original - Working Instructions you will find on the attached CDRom.
Resistance spot welder InvertaSpot GT
Details of the machine
Main items of the machine: control unit + twin sided welding gun type CS + balancer
Opening of the electrode arms, slide black lever
Secure and lock the electrode arms
For perfect welding results clean the electrode
caps regularly. If case caps are over-used and
out of original shape please replace the electrode
InvertaSpot GT with C-gun balancer assembled
Wieländer + Schill
Technical data
Welding power
Setting range:
0 – 13 kA
Welding current:
DC current
Max. welding power:
13 kA
Continuous duty 100% ED duty ratio
2,8 kA
Open circuit voltage VOC:
12 V DC
Main parts of the spot welder: power and control unit, twin-sided gun type CS and spring balancer.
Technical data
Mains supply:
Europe: 3 x 400 V 50/60 Hz
USA: 3 x 208 V 50/60 Hz
Max. power with 5 % duty ratio:
156 kVA
Continuous power ratio (100% ED)
35 kVA (Europe)
45 kVA (USA)
Fuse (slow blow):
32 A (Europe)
63 A (USA)
Power cable (copper):
5 metre long 5 x 6 mm² (Europe)
197 incl. long 4 x 10 mm² (USA)
System of protection:
IP 21
Temperature class:
Air pressure
6 to 8 bar /90-120 psi
Length welding cable
Tap water with antifreeze
(do not use distilled water)
Tank volume
80 l
Flow rate
5 l/min -
Dimension (height x broad x width)
810 x 560 x 750 mm
Approx. 32 x 22 x 30 inch.
Weight without refrigerant
119 kg
Noise emission
≤ 70 dB (A)
Wieländer + Schill
- 22.45 gal.
1,3 gal/min
- 262 lbs.
Important notice before using the InvertaSpot GT in
Before starting to use the InvertaSpot GT in
-Mode please note:
For quality control we recommend that you first make sample welds of the material which is
going to be spot welded and then check the nugget size by opening the welded sample.
Note: This resistance spot welder should only be used by professional and
experienced staff.
Calibration: Working in automatic mode, re-calibration of the welder has to be
carried out after each re-start, after each change of the caps, after each change
of the electrode arms. Please read also chapter Fehler! Verweisquelle konnte
nicht gefunden werden.
Only perfectly dressed and clean surfaces of the electrode caps guarantee perfect welding results.
If spot welding in Automatic Mode is not recommended or allowed, then please use the
machine in manual mode – read configuration in chapter Fehler! Verweisquelle konnte nicht
gefunden werden.
Wieländer + Schill
The program structure of the InvertaSpot GT
Parameters can be selected
manually by turning the knob.
Air pressure and current are
automatically controlled at all
times during the whole
welding process.
The GT automatically
checks and measures
the total metal thickness.
Gun Pressure + Amps +
Time are controlled and
regulated continuously.
Calibration of the
welder: It is important to
do this when starting to
use the welder,
changing of the
electrode caps or
changing the arms
Weld parameters
according to total metal
thickness, irrespective
of metal quality or
To set the O – point:
Press button no 1
Weld copper to copper.
Electrode caps must
always be clean.
Measure of total metal
Set parameter
via the black
knob. Air
pressure sets
Each weld will be
measured and each one
will receive its optimized
weld parameters
Expert-mode: The user
chooses all parameters
himself. Air and current control
operates at all times.
Memorising of the parameters
is available.
Press No 5 so all the
following welds will be
spot welded using the
same parameters
Wieländer + Schill
Electrode arms for CS gun in use with Automatic-Mode
Survey: Use of electrode arms in relation to weld parameters and/or programs, together with the total
material thickness. Most of the arms can be used together with the Automatic Mode. .
Please note: Based on physical terms, all electrode arms have their individual charge and force limit
see red in above diagram. In case you are forced to use the electrodes over their limit please select
parameters individually. Make sure you have test welds with appropriate quality control.
The maker reserves the right to alter or to extend the selection of the electrode arms.
The maker reserves the right to alter or to extend welding programs and parameters.
All welding electrodes can also be used in manual mode. Please always respect the physical limits of
each electrode arm.
Wieländer + Schill
Spotwelding in Manual Mode 1
When you select the Manual Mode you’ll find the following details on the front display
Status info
Weld parameters
Info for welding job
Welds counter
Gun force info
set and actual
Function key buttons
Page no
Weld program number
Wieländer + Schill
Wieländer + Schill
Wieländer + Schill
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