If you have a cable plugged into the 1/8” stereo plug, the

If you have a cable plugged into the 1/8” stereo plug, the
Auxiliary Input
If you have a cable plugged into the 1/8” stereo plug, the USB player will stop
playing songs from the USB storage device and switch to the audio input on the
stereo plug. To resume playing the USB player unplug the 1/8” stereo plug from
the USB adapter.
To CD Changer
Port on Radio
To Optional 10 CD
USB Interface
Custom Autosound
Radio models USA-5, USA-6,
USA-66 and Secretaudio
SD Card Reader
SD card not included
1/8” Stereo
Aux Input
Custom Autosound Mfg., Inc.
1030 W. Williamson Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92833
(714) 773-1423 (800) 888-8637
Direct connection (dock connector) with CD-quality sound
Power on automatic play function
Allows use of the radio CD controls to change songs/playlist
1/8” stereo jack for other auxiliary input
This adapter will give you the best possible sound from your USB while playing
through your car stereo. Simply plug the CAM-USBFLASH into the CD
changer port of your Custom Autosound USA-5, USA-6, USA-66 or Secretaudio and plug in your USB memory drive (thumb drive, flash drives, jump drives,
USB keys, etc.) Song selection is made with the CD control buttons on your
Custom Autosound radio and includes playlist selection and random song selection. The CAM-USBFLASH can be used with or without the Custom Autosound 10 CD changer. If your flash drive is not connected the
CAM-USBFLASH can still be used to input audio from an external device
(satellite radio, portable CD, etc.) via the 1/8” stereo plug.
Turn your radio off before making these connections.
Plug the CAM-USBFLASH into the 8 PIN DIN plug on the back of your radio.
Insert your flash memory into the USB port on the interface.
Turn on your radio and press the CD button (Function button on USA-66).
Do not unplug your flash memory while the light on adapter is on. To remove memory
switch radio to AM/FM tuner and wait 5 seconds. Unpluging memory while it is still
active could cause file damage.
Switching between 10 disc changer and USB player
USA-5, USA-6 radios - If CD changer is playing after pressing the CD button press
CD button 3 times this will switch to the USB. Pressing CD button 3 times again will
switch back to the CD changer
Secretaudio radio - If CD changer is playing after pressing the CD button press
Band Then CD again to play the USB player. Repeat this sequence to go back to CD
USA-66 Mustang radio - If CD changer is playing after pressing the Function button
press the Function button 4 times rapidly to switch to the USB player. Repeat this sequence again to go back to CD changer.
The USB player will begin to play songs from the designated folders on the drive. If
the USB memory device is not attached or if the proper folder structure (detailed
below) is not present, the display may flash “NO DISC” or display track 88 disc 6 and
song time may continue to display.
Setting up your USB drive:
Songs must be placed in designated folders on the flash drive.
The folders must be named
CD01,CD02....up to CD10. The
CAM-USBFLASH will recognize up to 99 songs in each
8 PIN DIN Connector on back of Radio
Route the dock connector to a suitable place in your vehicle. (Glove Box, Console etc.)
Plug in your memory.
Included with your USB player is an SD card reader SD card not included. You will need to
buy an SD card for this reader or use any USB flash drive.
When the flash drive is plugged
into the CAM-USBFLASH each
of these folders is recognized as
a “disc” - meaning it starts in the CD01 folder, and if you press disc up or disc down it
will change to the other folders. You may change tracks by using the seek up/down
tuning control on your radio or Track Up Track Down on your USA-66 Mustang radio.
USA-5, USA-6 Display - Secretaudio does not show time
The random button can be used to play songs from a folder in a random
order. If you are in random mode and would like to switch to another random
song use the up/down tuning knob or Track up Down on the radio.
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