V5 Embossers - Index Braille

V5 Embossers - Index Braille
Index V5 Embossers
Finally mobile printing
Literacy is one of the most important things for
successful development. This applies to individuals
and societies, for the sighted and the blind. I am sad
to say that today a majority of the world's blind people
are illiterate. This impairs their opportunities in life.
For me it is obvious that the blind should have the
same opportunities as the sighted.
Index Braille aims to simplify braille printing so that
printed braille documents are available for the blind,
whenever and wherever they need them. I believe that
this will lead to a higher literacy rate among the blind
and a higher number of successful blind persons.
I am proudly introducing the FanFold-D V5, a
major milestone to modernize the traditional braille
production market. Its excellent performance, attractive
features, easy maintenance, and competitive price make
it the standard of high-speed tractor-fed embosser for
many years to come. With the new FanFold-D V5,
BrailleBox V5, Everest-D V5 and Basic-D V5 Index
Braille printer portfolio is complete, supporting all
market needs.
Including a powerful Linux computer 'inside' the
Index V5 printers opens a window of opportunities,
• Index-direct-Braille (idB). You can convert Word/
PDF documents directly into literary (Grade 1) or
contracted braille (Grade 2). It is not required to
purchase a separate braille editor.
• A web-app is implemented 'inside' the printer. It
supports printing from mobile devices and will
also soon be able to preview and edit braille file,
view embosser status, embosser setting and enable
remote support.
• The Acapela synthetic speech guides users in
many languages.
• Print via Wi-Fi, wired network or a USB cord.
• Print directly from a USB flash drive, guided by
synthetic speech feedback.
• A smart user interface with adaptive speech
feedback in twenty languages, enabling users to be
less dependable on user manuals.
The braille embosser market is small. Every year a
few thousand units are produced, slightly more than
the annual production of the luxury sports car brand
Lamborghini. Playing in a small market we have a lot
to win by collaboration.
Since 2015, Index has collaborated with other
companies as the Original Equipment Manufacturer
(OEM) of braille printers using Index technology
Our journey continues, aiming towards our goal
"Braille printing made easy". You are welcome to join.
Mr. Björn Löfstedt
Owner and CEO of Index Braille
High speed tractor-fed braille printer
FanFold-D V5 is the new high-speed production Braille embosser based on
the well proven BrailleBox V5 technology platform. It combines an excellent
dot quality, high speed, low maintenance cost, and competitive price.
The principle construction of FanFold-D is simple. It uses the embossing and
electronic modules of BrailleBox, the feeding mechanism of Basic-D, and
the noise reduction technology of Index Acoustic Hoods. The combination of
these simple principles leads to an excellent result, the best traditional braille
printer ever produced.
The FanFold-D is delivered on a pallet, ready to be used directly.
• 1000 pages/hour
• Low noise level
• Remote support via Internet
• High resolution tactile graphics
• Easy on-site maintenance
• Smart user interface
Reliable classic for fan-fold paper
Basic-D V5 is a portable and powerful braille embosser for continuous
fanfold paper. Its extraordinary performance and very competitive price
make it the most sold braille embosser in the world.
The tractor-fed design provides smooth paper handling and around-theclock braille printing.
The compact design of Basic-D fits any desktop. It is perfect for braille
printing in any forms, right at your fingertips.
• 310 pages/hour
• Compact size and light weight
• User defined paper size
• Print from portable devices
• Tractor fed, the most reliable paper
feeding method
Flexibility on cut-sheet paper
Everest-D V5 Everest-D V5 suites a wide range of users, from personal use
to heavy braille production. For decades Everest-D has been the most sold
single sheet-feed braille embosser on the market.
With the flexibility of the adjustable sheet-feeder and user defined paper,
Everest-D can emboss almost any type of braille on paper, business cards,
labels, or thin plastic. Its unique sheet-feeder provides stability on cut-sheet
paper. Explore the opportunities of one of the most popular embossers.
• 400 pages/hour
• High resolution tactile graphics
• Automatic booklet printing
• User defined paper size
• Print from portable devices
Acoustic Hoods
For Everest-D and Basic-D V4/V5
The Everest Hood V4/V5 supports paper sizes up to
A3 or 11X17 inch paper, reduces the noise level to
58 dB(A) and holds a full sheet-feeder of about 50
sheets of paper.
• Excellent noise reduction
• Ventilation using the
embosser fan
• Muffler for ventilation
• Muffler for cable holes
• Delivered ready to use
The Basic Hood V4/V5 is equipped with a papercutting mechanism, reduces the noise level to 63
dB(A) and holds up to 100 sheets of paper.
High speed on cut-sheet paper
• 900 pages/hour
• Optimized for booklet format
• Motorized braille tray
• High resolution tactile graphics
• Print from portable devices
BrailleBox V5 is a high-speed braille embosser for cut-sheet paper. It is optimized for producing braille
books in booklet format on A3 or 11x17 inch paper. In addition to the general technical development since
BrailleBox V4 was first introduced in 2011, the V5 model has even better durability. Since 2012, BrailleBox
has been the most sold production braille printer on the market.
BrailleBox has been awarded with five internationally known design awards. Its excellent design makes it
user friendly in every detail. The successful BrailleBox design with open glass areas, dark and light colours
and marked active surfaces is now implemented on all Index embossers.
Web interface
A web app is available when the embosser is connected to your network.
• Open the app by typing the embosser IP address on the browser.
• Support any device connected to your network: mobile phone, iPad, laptop, and
• Support all major browsers, for example Chrome and Firefox.
• Print braille document from .doc .docx .txt and pdf.
• Monitor the embosser status remotely.
Wireless connection
• Follows standard communication protocol.
• Dual band Wi-Fi support.
• Bluetooth hardware port.
USB memory support
Insert a USB flash drive in the USB host port on the V5 printer.
• Print documents directly into braille.
• Upgrade embosser firmware.
• Back up and restore personalized layouts.
• Synthetic speech feedback as a guide for users.
Smart user interface
• Text and braille labelled control panel.
• Similar menu structure as most smart devices.
• Multilingual synthetic speech feedback.
• Interactive user interface.
The Index Team
Front row: Jan, Bertie, Henrik, Pierre, Björn,
Niels, Elina
Back row: Natalia, Nils, Ewa, Ingela, Simon,
Hans, Peter, Mikael
Missing: Natasha
Index Braille AB 2017-01-12 English Edition. Art.no: 2674
Index-direct-Braille (idB)
• Process the text-to-braille translation, format braille page layout, and add page
numbering automatically.
• The braille translation may be in literary (Grade 1) or contracted braille (Grade 2).
• Support more than 140 languages.
• IdB is free of charge. No registration and license are required.
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