NCR 7875 Compact Bi-Optic AR Scanner

NCR 7875 Compact Bi-Optic AR Scanner
NCR 7875 Compact Bi-Optic AR Scanner
A Perfect Fit
The NCR 7875 Compact is designed for use in check lane environments
with limited space and by cashiers who are seated. It combines all the
advancements and functionality of the NCR 7875 Bi-Optic Aggressive
Read (AR) Scanner, with a shorter horizontal platform.
The NCR 7875 and NCR 7875 Compact were developed in response to
retailers’ needs to contain costs and improve productivity in the face of
high employee turnover. Our goal was to make the NCR 7875 the
simplest, easiest scanner for cashiers to learn and use.
A Faster Scan
The NCR 7875 is the most aggressive reading scanner NCR has ever
offered. This aggressive read results in a higher first-pass read rate,
resulting in a faster checkout for your customers. This helps cashiers scan
with ease and focus their efforts and energy on providing superior
customer service.
The NCR 7875 features the latest scanning innovations, including:
NCR’s most aggressive-reading scanner is now available
in a compact design. The
NCR 7875 Compact features:
n Two video channels enable
the 7875 to process more scan
lines per second than any other
scanner on the market.
n Large windows for a larger
scanning field helps cashiers
get a more accurate read the
first time they scan each item.
n Top-down scanning capability, an exclusive NCR feature,
prevents unnecessary product
n Top-down read from the six-inch high vertical window so that minimal orientation
of products is needed. This makes scanning more comfortable for cashiers and
makes the scanning process more efficient - resulting in faster checkout for your
n Large seven-inch bottom window gives the NCR 7875 Compact an increased
scanning zone for reading bar codes on the first pass. This also accommodates the
varying scanning techniques of cashiers.
n A second video channel enables the 7875 to process 10,667 scan lines per second,
increases the depth of the field and enables the scanner to better read bar codes on
the first pass. As a result, cashiers are more productive and your customers move
through checkout lines faster.
n NCR’s PACESETTER 3 software allows the NCR 7875 to make decisions about
poor quality labels. In milliseconds, it can decode misprinted, wrinkled or damaged instore labels commonly found in the meat and deli departments. Called Adaptive Label
Reconstruction, this feature recognizes and reconstructs the damaged label and provides the terminal with accurate bar code information so that the checkout process is
not delayed.
n NCR’s PACESETTER Plus software, a standard feature of the NCR 7875
Compact, automatically reports label misprints and label printer failures.
n NCR’s patented PACESETTER 3 software ensures even
damaged and poorly printed
labels can be scanned.
n The Scan Doctor, a self-diagnostics system developed by NCR, performs a
wellness check every time the scanner goes through a power cycle. If a failure has
occurred, the Scan Doctor alerts the cashier through speech synthesis, announcing
the failure and likely solutions, which allows service personnel to arrive prepared. It
can even send a diagnosis to the point-of-sale terminal to be communicated to the
host system.
As a result, the NCR 7875
n A clean glass indicator informs the cashier when the scanner window has become
too dirty to perform optimally.
Compact helps you increase
checkout throughput and
improve cashier efficiency.
n Dual RS-232 ports permit the addition of a hand-held scanner or other peripherals
to the check stand configuration. This frees valuable ports on the point-of-sale terminal.
n Cashier-side volume control enables cashiers to adjust the “good read” tone to
accommodate varying in-store noise levels.
NCR 7875 Compact Bi-Optic AR Scanner
Your cashiers will rarely have to manipulate products when scanning with the
NCR 7875 Compact. Corner bar codes may be read without special
orientation, coupons are scanned quickly when presented, top-coded products,
such as packaged meat, are read without tipping, and dirty, poorly printed and
damaged bar codes are corrected automatically, with 100% accuracy. All of
these special features are designed to make your cashiers more productive,
resulting in increased productivity for your store and faster checkout and better
service for your customers.
Ever since NCR introduced the first retail scanner in 1974, NCR has led the
way in scanner advancements. Notably, NCR was the first to combine scanner
and scale, the first to read and report bad bar codes with PACESETTER Plus
software, and the first to address ergonomics and revolutionize first-read
performance with bi-optic scanners. In fact, supermarket studies conducted by
NCR’s Human Factors engineers found significant improvements in items
scanned per minute by bi-optic scanners, such as the NCR 7875, over singlewindow scanners.
All NCR scanners are
designed rugged for retail
environments and the
7875 can double as a
convenient surface for
check writing. The NCR
7875 does not require
check stand ventilation
and all service and
calibration can be
accomplished without
removing the scanner
from the check stand.
A soft power down and
Automatic Power-Up
capability extend the life
of the scanner without
impacting operations.
Laser Technology
Laser Diode - 675 nm
90-260 VAC/50-60 Hz
24 Watts while scanning
11 Watts while in stand-by
Environmental Specs
Working Temperature:
10 °C to 40 °C
50 °F to 104 °F
Storage Temperature:
-15 °C to 50 °C
5 °F to 120 °F
Relative Humidity:
5% to 95% Non-condensing
Transit Temperature:
-40 °C to 60 °C
-40 °F to 140 °F
Physical Characteristics
Width: 115 in. 29.9 cm
Length: 16 in. 40.6 cm
Depth: 5.0 in. 12.7 cm
Weight: 22.2 lb. 10.1 kg
<55 dba
The NCR 7875’s compact size affords an opportunity
for sit-down scanning.
The NCR 7875 Compact is available with Diamond-Coated Glass or Sapphire
Crystal surface, supplying a cost performance mix for all needs.
NCR continually improves products as new technology and components become available.
NCR, therefore, reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.
All features, functions and operations described herein may not be marketed by NCR in all
parts of the world. Consult your NCR representative or NCR office for the latest information.
NCR OCIA Single Cable
NCR OCIA Dual Cable
IBM 468X/469X
ICL 2001/2200
ICL 9518/9520/9530
SNI Beetle
Code 3 of 9 (39)
Code 128
IL 2 of 5
Periodical Add-On Codes
Multiple Label Read Mode
Extended Coupon Code
NCR, PACESETTER 3 and PACESETTER Plus are registered trademarks of NCR
All brand and product names appearing in this brochure are trademarks, registered trademarks
or service marks of their respective holders.
Class IIa Laser Product - avoid long-term viewing of direct laser light.
© 1998 NCR Corporation
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NCR 7875 Compact and
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