HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP

HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP
HP PageWide Pro 577dw
Blue Angel User Information RAL-UZ 171
Nur für Deutschland – only for Germany – uniquement pour l’Allemagne – solo per la Germania
The HP inkjet printing device HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP is
awarded with the environmental label Blue Angel (RAL-UZ
171, edition July 2012) for meeting altogether more than 100
strict certification criteria. In the following, essential
environmental information on the device is summarised.
Comprehensive information on the Blue Angel product
requirements and detailed product specifications are available
at www.blauer-engel.de.
Printing paper
This device is suitable for using recycled paper in accordance with EN 12281.
Double sided printing/copying
The device is equipped with an automatic duplexer for double-sided printing/copying.
Print/copy speed
70 pages per minute using HP “GO” mode.
50 pages per minute using normal mode (delivery setting).
Guarantee of repairs
Spare parts for the repair of this device model are still available at least five years after end of
Information on maintenance of equipment
Cleaning, maintenance and disposal should only be performed by experts in accordance with the
instructions in the product documentation.
Return of equipment
HP offers customers in Germany the opportunity to return used equipment. Information on the
return of equipment is available at your local HP sales or customer-service centre or at
Return of consumables
In Germany and many other countries, HP ink cartridges for this device as well as the ink
collection unit can be returned to HP as part of the return and recycling programme. The
packaging of each new HP ink cartridge contains information on how to participate in this
programme. Or visit our website: www.hp.com/recycle.
4 May 2016 / V11
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Air emissions
With original HP inks, the device passes the air emission test for monochrome and colour
printing to RAL-UZ 171. Since plastics of new electrical devices generally release small amounts
of volatile substances into the room air, we recommend providing sufficient air exchange in
rooms where new devices are set up.
Noise emissions
Declared sound power level for copying (LWAd)
In standard (usually preset) monochrome copy mode:
In standard (usually preset) colour copy mode:
6.70 Bels and 67.0 dB
6.70 Bels and 67.0 dB
Office equipment with a declared sound power level LWAd > 63.0 dB is not suitable for use in
rooms predominantly used for intellectual activities. Because of their high sound emission they
should be set up in separate rooms.
Energy information on HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP
The consumption of electric power depends on its properties and on the way it is used. HP
PageWide Pro 577dw MFP is designed and pre-set in a way to allow you to reduce electricity costs.
Directly after the last print or copy job, HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP switches over to an electric
power saving mode. If the device switches over to electric power saving modes, you can save
electricity and operating costs. If the device is to print or copy again, there can be a short delay –
this is called return time. However, the device meets the strict Blue Angel requirements for a
return time (http://www.blauer-engel.de).
Power Consumption (watts)
You can save electricity
costs by shortening the
device’s activation times
as it will switch over to an
electric power saving
mode more quickly. If
you extend the activation
time or deactivate the
electric power saving
mode, you should
consider that
consequently the device
will consume more
electric power and might
no longer meet the
maximum value for
electric power
consumption of the Blue
Angel. We recommend
not extending the activation times.
HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP
Time after last print or copy (minutes)
The device is so designed as to ensure that it can be switched to the Plug-in Off mode by pressing
the on/off switch up to twice a day without suffering damage. This device does not have a switch
by which it can be completely disconnected from the mains. When after having switched off the
device you pull out the power plug, electric power consumption is completely stopped.
The table below lists the individual power consumption values as well as activation and return
times (factory setting). With these values the device meets the Blue Angel requirements. The
values also apply if the device is connected to a wired data network.
4 May 2016 / V11
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Overview of HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP operating modes
Page throughput for A4 paper size (according to ISO/IEC 24735):
In monochrome print mode:
In colour print mode:
50 pages/minute with a resolution of 1524 dpcm (600 dpi)
50 pages/minute with a resolution of 1524 dpcm (600 dpi)
(dpcm = dots per centimetre [Bildpunkte pro Zentimeter]); (dpi = dots per inch [Bildpunkte pro Zoll])
Maximum power consumption (at switch-on):
Operation mode
operation at
50 pages/minute),
Plug-in Off
Disconnection from
116.0 watts
Power consumption2
Activation time 3
Return time
10 (5…120)
switch activated
e.g. pull out power
After the last print or copy job, the device switches over to electric power saving modes in several steps.
By and by, electric power consumption is reduced in these modes. The device will switch over to the Ready
mode first. Then the device switches over to Sleep mode after the activation time stated above.
Averaged value, measured without accessories.
Activation time is the time that elapses after the end of the printing or copying process until the device
enters the respective mode. The figures in brackets indicate the user-selectable range within which
activation times can be adjusted. The activation time values apply to all primary functions of the device:
printing, copying.
Energy consumption of HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP
Measured according to the settings stated in the table above, the energy consumption of HP
PageWide Pro 577dw MFP is 0.951 kilowatt-hours/week (energy consumption at standard use
cycle according to ENERGY STAR version 1.1 determined by using the test pattern taken from
ISO/IEC 10561:1999).
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4 May 2016 / V11
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