XTZ 99.38 Mk II
High-End floor speaker
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About XTZ
Technical presentation
Practice of sound / Installation and placement tips
Mounting and Connecting tips
Sound settings
Technical specification
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Congratulations of your purchase of the XTZ 99.38
When combined with surround audio/video
electronics, you will experience sound of motion
pictures or music records much deeply and
naturally. Now when you watch your favourite
movie or listen to your reference music CDs, you
will hear and feel the sound surrounding you in the
same way as originally intended by mastering
Read the manual before using the product and use
all possibilities carefully. If you have any problems
with the installation don’t hesitate to contact our
free support.
About XTZ
Our reference and starting point is to create a
natural sound, taking into account that acoustics
always is a matter of taste.
XTZ Goal
Our main goal is to provide the best value
for money.
Our concept:
- Cut down the numbers of middlemen.
- Put more money on product quality
and less on advertising.
- Manufacture cost-effective in large volume.
- Provide perfect technical solutions.
Website: www.xtz.se
E-post: info@xtz.se
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Technical presentation
Cabinet design
The box design with a narrow baffle and curved
side - is not only an aesthetically neat shape, but
also offers advantages in terms of acoustics, since
nonparallel walls muffles internal resonances of the
Internally the cabinet is physically separated in two
parts, one for the midrange and tweeter, and one
for the woofer. This makes it possible to optimize
the cabinet volume for the woofer.
It also lets the midrange driver to accomplish the
best possible sound without being interfered from
the woofer. The internal boxes have non-parallel
The cabinet is made in sturdy MDF board, which
has good sonic qualities.
The cabinet is further strengthened with bars,
which in total yields a very stable construction and
to break up standing waves.
Both boxes are filled with a combination of mineral
wool and synthetic damping material, to effectively
reduce internal resonances in the box.
Tweeter driver
We have chosen a ribbon tweeter which provides
superior transient response and a very flat
frequency response. The ribbon cone is super light
and only 18 microns thin. It is a sandwich
construction of rosin-aluminium-rosin that has
been hardened at 320 degrees Celsius.
The magnet system is a 2 row high-efficient
neodymium magnets in a moulded chassis of
ceramic carbon steel.
Fishbone shaped contactors in aluminium, yields a
low connection resistance and good heat
The driver has high power durability and handles
frequencies up to 40000 Hz which makes it DVDAudio and SACD-ready.
After evaluating a large number of drivers from
different manufacturers we selected one from Seas,
a company that has a solid reputation in the area of
high quality speaker drivers. You find Seas drivers
in many well-known High End speakers.
For woofer/midrange we decided on a 6,5"
magnesium driver from the Seas Excel series that
have extreme performance. We claim that finding a
better 6,5" driver on the market is a very difficult
The surface treated magnesium cone is extremely
light but still extremely stiff and effectively reduces
The rubber surround makes sure that no edge
resonances are present.
The moulded metal basket of "high flow" type that
is acoustically transparent and high precision since
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the basket is shaped exactly due to moulding. This
makes sure that the basket is very stable and
efficiently reduces resonances. The basket is
absolutely none magnetically, which contributes to
a higher efficiency of the driver.
A strong magnet combined with the light cone
yields a high efficiency and a good transient
Heavy copper rings mounted above and below the
T-shaped pole piece reduces nonlinear and
modulation distortion and increases the overload
The copper plating of the top and bottom plates
along with a solid copper phase plug improves the
heat conduction and thus contributes to the high
power durability.
Gold plated terminals reduce contact resistance
and serves as anti-corrosion.
Large windows in the basket both above and below
the spider reduces sound reflection, air flow noise
and cavity resonances.
Woofer driver
Also for the bass register we selected a SEAS driver
of aluminium and have an unbeatable relation
between price/performance.
The moulded metal basket of "high flow" type that
is acoustically transparent and high precision since
the basket is shaped exactly due to moulding. This
makes sure that the basket is very stable and
efficiently reduces resonances. The basket is
absolutely none magnetically, which contributes to
a higher efficiency of the driver.
A strong magnet combined with the light cone
yields a high efficiency and a good transient
response. Gold plated terminal reduces contact
resistance and serves as anti-corrosion.
Large windows in the basket both above and below
the spider reduces sound reflection, air flow noise
and cavity resonances.
Crossover /
Binding post
For the 99.38 MKII, we have developed an
advanced high performance crossover filter that
ensures top level sound. The filter is now placed
inside the speaker cabinet to make it more users
The components being used in the crossover are
exclusively high quality parts to maintain the
highest possible performance.
For the midrange and tweeter we have chosen a -18
dB crossover that has a fast transient response and
a minimum of phase shifting.
The connectors are gold-plated and of bi-wiring
type so that you can connect to the amplifier with
three cables (tri-wiring), or connect to three
amplifiers (tri-amping) for further improving of the
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Carefully unpack the speaker, and pay attention so
you don't break anything. If possible, save the
carton box for future transportations. If there
should be damage on the loudspeaker, please
contact your retailer.
User manual
For each loudspeaker:
Bass reflex plug (2 pcs)
Loops for level adjustment (5 pcs)
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Practice of sound / Installation and placement tips
This chapter contains common information on This is general rules, so there are
exceptions of some rules.
loudspeaker placement and installation.
In which room do you No matter how good the equipment is, in the wrong
achieve the best sound? listening environment it will inevitably sound bad.
There are some basic rules concerning a proper
loudspeaker installation:
Furnishings / Sound
Carpets, curtains and soft furniture absorb midrange and high frequency sound, and this is
preferable. Big empty area, on the contrary, reflects
it and produces hard reflections that may lead to
blurry dialogue. Apart from colouring the sound,
also the perspective of the sound will deteriorate.
More furnishings attenuate unwanted resonances
and act as diffusers, which can improve the sound
Amplification of bass A loudspeaker that is placed near a wall, ceiling or
floor will amplify lower frequencies in a sometimes
not desirable way (since it may lead to an indistinct
sound recreation). This amplification becomes even
more obvious if the loudspeaker is placed near a
corner. Thus, for a sound as clear as possible, the
loudspeaker should be placed at least 30 cm (about
12 inch) away from the wall.
Some constructions are made to be placed close to
a wall.
Room dimension
Quadratic rooms or rooms where the length is
exactly twice as long as the width should be
avoided. Since they may create unwanted
Placement of the
How you place the speakers in relation to the
audience is important to get a good soundstage.
Front speakers
To get the best result, the front speakers should be
placed symmetrical in front of the listener. The
distance between the front speakers should be
around 80% of the distance to the listener. In other
words, the recommended angle between the front
speakers should be 45°.
Angle the loudspeakers
Either you can angle the speakers toward the
listener, or let them stand in a straight-forward
position. Some speakers sound better when they
are angled inward, but it can also be caused by
reflections from side walls. If they are angled
reduces glare and reflections from the walls and
thereby enhances the stereo image.
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Correct height
If the loudspeakers are small they should be placed
on a stand or tilted so the sound will level with the
Try to keep the cables as short as possible. By its
electrical parameters, a long conductor will have a
bigger influence on the sound than a short one. It may
also work as an antenna and thus receive various signals
that may become a constant noise in an active
Make sure that all connections are clean and not
oxidized. All connections should be mechanically
stable, both power, signal and loudspeaker cables.
Signal cables should be separated from other
Please remember that good sound is a matter of
taste, so you have to experiment to obtain your
favourite one.
We wish you best of luck!
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Mounting and Connecting tips
Mounting alternatives
correct phase
Normally the XTZ 99.38 MKII is placed standing by a
wall. The wall behind and besides the loudspeaker have
influence both on the bass level and the bass
characteristics, so please be patient and try different
distances to the rear and side walls.
the Always connect using the correct phase, from the If you by accident connect the other way,
+-pole on the amplifier to the +-pole on the there is no risk of damage. However, the
sound will not be correct, especially in the
loudspeaker and corresponding for minus (-).
lower frequencies.
At high load during extensive time periods, there is All loudspeakers have a limited patience
always the risk of overloading the driver and for high power, so be careful not to play
extremely loud and not to increase treble
or bass settings too much.
By increasing the bass or treble from 0 to
max you will increase the power by about
16 times.
The initial playing time
It takes about 50 to 100 hour of initial playing time, for
the driver to sound optimal. During this time, the
speaker may be used normally.
When the active input is used, there is no passive OBS!
Damage on the speaker caused by
filtering of the woofer.
incorrectly connected filter is NOT
If bi- or tri-amping is used, the metal connection covered by the warranty.
Be therefore careful when you plug in
must be removed between the terminals.
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Sound settings
Room Tuning By using the supplied bass plugs in the bass reflex
Mechanical adjustment gates, you can alter the lower boundary frequency
boundary on the XTZ 99.38 MKII.
The level can be adjusted in 6 different levels in the
bass range.
This setting also depends on the size and
shape of the room, and also on your own taste,
so please has patience when trying out your
preferred setting.
Also the treble level may be adjusted, which allows
you to perfectly alter the sonic to fit the room,
equipment and your own taste.
The speaker is parted in two bass reflex chambers,
one for the midrange / woofer driver and one for
the woofer. The uppermost gate is for the
midrange/woofer while the two lowermost gates
are for the woofer.
The figure below illustrates three basic settings.
Deep bass
With one bass plugs in lower of the two lower gates
you have the deepest possible bass, which may be
suitable for smaller rooms.
This is under the condition that the bass level is set
at mode 2 (+3dB).
"Quick" bass
Without bass reflex plugs in the gates, you have a
"quick" bass which is especially suitable for large
rooms where the lower frequencies often are
amplified by the room.
Neutral bass
With two plugs in two gates you have a flat
frequency response.
This is under the condition that the bass level is set
at mode 1 (0dB).
This schematic picture (which does not shown actual measured curves) elucidates the different sonic characteristics of the bass
Page: 10
Basic setting for
neutral bass
Since the acoustics is determined by a wide range Bass level set at mode 1 (0dB)
of external factors there exists no single neutral Treble level set at mode 1 (0dB)
setting that will work properly for all cases.
External factors that have influence on the sound
include the room, the placing, output levels etc.
One basic neutral setting for an average room of
20m2 is:
Two bass plugs in two of the two lowermost gates
and one plug in the gate for midrange.
Level adjustment in the Level adjustment in the treble range:
treble, middle and bass
Mode 1/ 0dB
In this mode the sound is neutral with a
flat frequency response.
In the treble range the level is adjustable
in four different modes using the supplied
loop connector.
Level of the treble range.
Mode 2/ +3dB
In this mode the treble level is increase by 3dB.
Mode 3/ -2dB
In this mode the treble level is decreased by 2dB.
Mode 4/ -4dB
In this mode the treble level is decreased by 4dB.
Level adjustment in the bass range:
In the bass range the level is adjustable in
two different modes using the supplied
loop connector.
Mode 1/ 0dB
In this mode the sound is neutral with a flat
Level of the bass range.
frequency response.
Mode 2/ +3dB
In this mode the bass level is increase by 3dB
Usage of the active
connection for the
If you want to use the active filter, you have to
disconnect both jumpers. See the picture to the
right for guidance.
This is for connection of active operation of the
woofer. On advantage of active crossovers is that
you can compensate for room influences.
XTZ Sub Amp 1 is for example perfect for this
With usage of the active connection, it has to be an
active filter connected before the input is used due
to the passive filter no longer is used at this input.
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Technical specification
Construction type
3-way with separates boxes for woofer and
Bass reflex cabinet that may be set as a closed box,
and a total of two distinct bass modes (Room
The treble and bass levels are adjustable in
different stages.
220 x 1070 x 400 mm (Width x Height x Deep)
29 kg /pcs
4-8 ohm
Binding post
Gold plated bi-wiring / Banana plug / Pole screw
90 dB
650 W Short term IEC 268-5
(with front cover)
250 W Long term IEC 268-5
Tweeter driver
Sandwich ribbon cone in aluminium, neodymium
magnets, chassis made in ceramic carbon steel.
6,5" SEAS Excel, Magnesium driver, moulded "high flow"
driver basket, powerful magnet. Weight 1900 gram.
10” Aluminium cone, aluminium frame, High flow
basket. Total weight 4kg.
Active input
Direct input to the 10” woofer. Separate amplifier In this connection there is no filter
has to be used.
Connections and
Gold plated bi-wiring.
Bass reflex, can be set to closed box (Room
The bass can be set to eight distinct modes
using the supplied bass plugs.
The treble level is adjustable in 4 different
The bass level is adjustable in 2 different
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Service & support
We apply "do-it-yourself" service on all XTZ To aid service, XTZ products are
constructed and produced using common
products. Exception for electronic devices.
technology, so that basically most people
If you by yourself are able to find out what part of are able to "unscrew" the loudspeaker
using common tools.
the loudspeaker is defective, you are fully allowed
to unmount that part (which would normally be a
driver, a filter or the amplifier) and send it back to
us for exchange.
However, if you are not certain about how to do it,
please contact us before taking the loudspeaker
apart. We can also help you finding the fault.
You can of course always choose to return the
whole loudspeaker; therefore you should save the
original package.
If something is broken.
If you cause additional defects by yourself when
unmounting the defective part, the warranty still
applies if it is obvious that the part had a
manufacturing defect. In other cases however, the
warranty does not apply if you cause other defects
on the loudspeaker.
ALWAYS pack the product / part very
Where to send the For service we refer to your retailer.
product for a warranty
For questions regarding service, contact us by
email: support@xtz.se
transportation are very common. If the
package is weak, the transporting
company does not compensate damages.
Web page: www.xtz.se
Please contact our free of charge support if you
need installation advice, or if any problem occurs
during the installation.
Contact us by e-mail support@xtz.se and include
your phone number if you wish verbal help, and we
will call you back.
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Always enclose a copy of the receipt and a
description of the defect.
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