DataTwist® 600e
New Product
New DataTwist® 600e:
Guaranteed Performance
to 600 MHz
Belden’s new
DataTwist 600e UTP
cable features patented
Bonded-Pair technology
and e-Spline design
that helps push
performance beyond
proposed Category 6
NP 171
elden has long had a
reputation for innovative
product design. Now
Belden has taken the next step in
networking cable design with the
introduction of DataTwist 600e —
a revolutionary UTP cable
engineered specifically to perform
well beyond proposed Category 6
standards. Utilizing patented
Belden® Bonded-Pair technology
first developed for the DataTwist
350 and MediaTwist® products,
DataTwist 600e translates the
experience of the past into the
future with performance once
thought improbable, if not
DataTwist 600e was developed
not only to exceed proposed
Category 6 standards, but also
to provide significant amounts of
guaranteed headroom over these
specifications. While proposed
Category 6 cable is specified to
250 MHz, DataTwist 600e is the
only UTP cable in the industry fully
characterized with guaranteed
performance to 600 MHz.
DataTwist 600e delivers
■ 8 dB of Power Sum NEXT
headroom over proposed Cat 6
■ almost 5 dB of guaranteed
Return Loss improvement
over proposed Category 6
at 100 MHz
■ attenuation margin over
proposed Cat 6
■ positive Power Sum ACR to
460 MHz.
What this means is that DataTwist
600e delivers greater overall
performance margins above
industry standards than any
other UTP cable. Such headroom
performance provides two major
benefits. First, headroom allows
one to compensate for unforeseen
factors that can inhibit the
performance of a cabling system
— substandard patch cords, flawed
NICs, non-compliant installation
practices, or such environmental
noise factors as EMI and RFI. This
results in a stronger transmitted
signal that is easier for the receiver
to pick up and distinguish. Second,
a cable with greater headroom
protects one’s technology
investment for the future and
guards against obsolescence.
Patented Bonded-Pair
The ideal UTP cable should be
structurally stable — even after
installation. Topping the list of
construction features that provide
desired cable consistency and
stability are uniform conductor-toconductor spacing and twisting of
the pairs. When the conductors of
a twisted pair become separated,
impedance mismatches, return
loss and crosstalk issues arise. In
order to prevent this separation
and provide structural stability,
Belden developed its patented
Bonded-Pair technology. This
innovative manufacturing process
affixes the individual insulated
conductors together on their
longitudinal axes, thus ensuring
twisted pairs that will not loosen
during manufacture or installation;
uniform conductor-to-conductor
spacing; uniform tension on
conductors within a pair; and
uniform twisting of insulated
conductors into pairs.
Unlike many unbonded-pair cables,
DataTwist 600e exhibits the same
high degree of performance both
off the reel and after installation
— the type of performance one
should expect from cable in actual
use. It is proof positive that Belden
cables are engineered to meet a
higher performance standard.
Patented e-Spline Design
This patented design feature
complements the Bonded-Pair
technology by providing
consistent spacing of the pairs
in individual “chambers” and
optimally orienting the four lay
length pairs. The pairs in the
cable that traditionally cause the
most NEXT are separated by the
greatest distance along the “major”
axis. This innovative design
results in improved NEXT and
PSNEXT margin over proposed
Category 6 requirements. The
e-Spline also ensures maximum
cable separation thereby reducing
NEXT between cables. The design
also minimizes the conductor
length differences and leads
to improved attenuation. The
equalized conductor lengths
allow the pulling tensions
and installation loads to
be more equally
New Product
NP 171
DataTwist® 600e
23 AWG
Solid Bare Copper
Product Description
4 pair UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable, 23 AWG solid bare copper,
e-Spline center member, ripcord. Jacket is sequentially marked at twofoot intervals. CMP is FEP insulated with overall Flamarrest® jacket.
CMR is polyolefin insulated with flexible PVC jacket. Supports current
and future proposed Category 6 applications such as 100 BASE-T, ATM,
and Gigabit Ethernet (1000 BASE-T).
Physical Characteristics
Temperature Range:
Insulation Material:
Jacket Material:
Max. Pulling Tension:
Min. Conductor OD:
Min. Insulation OD:
Nom. Weight/1000 ft.:
Min. Bend Radius:
Nom. Diameter:
Applicable Specifications:
Flame Rating and Test:
DataTwist 600e cable comes in a
variety of colors in Belden’s crate
reel packaging.
Non-Plenum (7851A)
Plenum (7852A)
-20 to +75°C
45 lbs.
31.3 lbs.
0.265″ Avg. (0.225″ x 0.310″)
TIA/EIA Category 6 Draft 10
UL Type CMR, UL 1666
C(UL) Type CMR
-20 to +75°C
FEP Teflon*
45 lbs.
33.8 lbs.
0.255″ Avg. (0.215″ x 0.290″)
TIA/EIA Category 6 Draft 10
UL Type CMP, UL 910
C(UL) Type CMP
Jacket Colors
Color Codes
Dark Gray
White/Blue Stripe & Blue
White/Orange Stripe & Orange
White/Green Stripe & Green
White/Brown Stripe & Brown
For More Information:
Belden Electronics Division
Technical Support:
1-800-BELDEN-1 or
3-Dimensional View of Patented e-Spline
Cross Section of DataTwist 600e
© Copyright 2001, 2002, Belden Inc.
*DuPont trademark
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