Integrating Net2 with the JVC NVR

Integrating Net2 with the JVC NVR
Integrating Net2 with the JVC NVR
Net2 allows integration with the JVC VR-N900U
network video recorder. This hybrid NVR
incorporates software to provide digital images to
be associated with an event in Net2. This means
that when security operators want to see what has
caused an alarm, they simply double-click on an
event and take a look. Further information can be
obtained from
Paxton Net2 software
Net2 Access Control
Software configuration
Before configuring Net2, the JVC NVR must be
installed, configured and running. Once the NVR
has been configured the Remote Client must
be installed on any Net2 machine that you need
to view the footage from. To install the remote
client, browse to the NVR through Internet
Explorer, e.g. in the address bar, type http://
jvcnvr (or whatever the NVR is called). This will
connect to the NVR and provide the option to install the remote client. Click on the click Download
and install the Remote Client locally. Run the file and then follow through the steps of the installation
Once this has been successfully installed the Net2 Server will need to be
closed by right clicking on the server icon and selecting Close.
Use the shortcut on the desktop to open the Remote Client program. Enter
the relevant user account details and connect. Once connected there is no
need to configure the browser further and the application can be closed.
Start Net2 and it will automatically recognise that the Remote Client has
been installed and can now be configured.
Once that has been done, go into the Options menu on Net2 and select ‘Camera integration’.
Camera Server selection
Click on the Add button and select the required server from the list.
Add a server name and register the server by clicking OK.
Here we see the parameters screen for the camera server. These settings only need to be configured on
the Net2 server; all Workstations will access this information through the server.
Enter the Host name of the machine that camera software is installed on, (http://Camerasvr or IP address /
port) and then the user name and password.
Click the Detect button and Net2 will automatically add all the active cameras. The cameras can be
renamed if required. Click OK to finish.
Any door that is to be associated with a camera now needs to be configured.
Click on the Door in the tree view and seIect the Camera Integration tab.
Place a tick against the camera to be associated with this door and Apply. Multiple cameras can
be selected from the list.
Doors that have been associated with an IP camera show an additional icon beside the event. Doubleclicking the icon displays the video recording of that event taking place.
Ensure that you have an NTP server running to synchronise the time of events in Net2 with the video
footage from the VR-N900U. To configure the NTP setting on the VR-N900U, please refer to the OS setting
section of the VR-N900U instruction manual.
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