set up BlackBerry® Parental controls

set up BlackBerry® Parental controls
set up BlackBerry
Parental Controls
Parental Controls are designed to help
you have more control over how the features
of the BlackBerry® smartphone are used.
With Parental Controls you can block content,
turn features on or off, and decide what types of
communication are available.
When you turn on Parental Controls, a four-digit PIN is
required to change the allowed services, which prevents
children or other parties from changing the settings.
BlackBerry® CurveTM 9320 smartphone
The BlackBerry® Parental Controls application is now
available for all BlackBerry® 6 and BlackBerry® 7 OS
smartphones and will soon be available on BlackBerry®
5 OS smartphones.
For BlackBerry® smartphones bought before Summer
2012, you may need to download the Parental
Controls application from BlackBerry® App World .
Simply type ‘Parental Controls’ into the search box in
App World then select the application to download. Alternatively, you can scan this QR code
in App World by hitting the Menu key and selecting ‘Scan a Barcode’.
Step 1
Turn on Parental Controls
a. On the home screen or in
a folder, click the ‘Options’ <Wrench> icon.
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b. Click ‘Security’.
c. Click ‘Parental Controls’.
d. Select the ‘Enable’ checkbox
to turn on Parental Controls.
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Step 2
Select Parental Control options
You can select one or more of the following options to allow
or limit the use of the Parental
Controls feature.
For example, to allow the
uploading of files to YouTubeTM,
select the YouTubeTM Uploader
checkbox. This restriction does
not limit access to the YouTubeTM
website – it only limits the ability
to upload videos to the site.
For other features,
the following applies:
kk To allow phone calls, select
the Phone checkbox.
– To limit incoming calls to stored contacts, select the Limit incoming calls
to contacts checkbox
kk To allow text messages, select
the Text Messages checkbox
kk To allow the exchange of files
over a Bluetooth connection,
select the Bluetooth checkbox
kk To allow the addition
of new email accounts,
select the Email account
setup checkbox
kk To allow access to Facebook®,
click the Facebook®
checkbox. The Facebook®
option and the Twitter option
work together. You must
either allow or restrict access
to both applications. If you
select or clear the checkbox
for one option, the setting is
automatically applied to the
other option
kk To allow the use of location
services, like GPS, select the
Location services checkbox
kk To allow access to Twitter,
select the Twitter checkbox
kk To allow internet access,
select the Browser checkbox
kk To allow picture taking, select
the Camera checkbox
kk To allow the installation
of third party applications,
select the Application
installations checkbox
kk To allow access to
BlackBerry® Messenger,
select the BlackBerry®
Messenger checkbox
Step 3
Save your Parental Control settings
Once you have set all the Parent Control features you wish, save your settings and enter a four-digit PIN as follows:
a. Press the Menu key,
then Save.
b. Enter your four-digit password. Click OK.
c. Enter the four-digit password again to confirm. Click OK.
Step 4
Change your Parental Control settings
a. On the home screen or in a folder, click the ‘Options’ <Wrench> icon.
b. Click ‘Security’, then ‘Parental Controls’.
c. Make changes to your options.
d. Press the
key, then ‘Save’.
e. Enter your four-digit PIN.
Click ‘OK’.
BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and related trademarks, names and logos are
the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the US
and countries around the world. Used under licence from Research In Motion Limited.
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