Sony Siren Blood Curse User manual

Sony Siren Blood Curse User manual
On August 3rd 2007, an American television crew reporting from deep within the mountains
of Japan vanished suddenly and without trace.
Their whereabouts remain unknown.
Prior to their disappearance, the crew had been investigating the ruins of a village destroyed in a landslide in 1976.
Their investigation focused on rumours that the village had been the site of ceremonies involving human sacrifice.
The name of the site was Hanuda village. A village lost. A village cursed.
August 3rd 2007: midnight in the mountains. A ghostly siren wails…
A red ocean appears… The lost village returns.
Press the C, V, Z or X directional buttons to highlight an option, then press the J button to confirm. To return to the previous menu screen,
press the H button.
When playing Siren Blood Curse™ in 480i or 480p resolution, press the R button to zoom in to and out of menu screens.
In this manual, C, V, Z or
X etc. are used to denote the direction of the directional buttons only unless stated otherwise.
default controls
left stick
right stick
Q button (hold) + left stick
Turn head/move camera
Strafe/side step
C/V/Z/ X
J button
H button
L button or E button
K button (hold)
Access sub-command menu
Action (open/close doors; pick up weapon)
Brace door
W button
R button (tap)
R button (hold)
N button
Enter/exit sight jack view
Quick first person view
First person zoom view
Toggle first person view on/off
\ button
^ button
Access Pause Menu
Access Story Menu
Switch flashlight on/off
Special action (set trap/light flare)
Give commands to other characters
Q button
Q button (hold) + K button
Q button (hold) + L button or E button
Ready gun
Fire gun
right stick
left stick (when not locked on to an enemy) left stick (when locked on to an enemy)
Aim/lock on to an enemy
Circle around enemy
Press and hold the Q button to enter sniper view. While in sniper view, the following controls apply:
left stick
right stick Aim
C/V Zoom in/out
(when grabbed by a Shibito)
(when holding a gun)
Throw off Shibito
The options on the Main Menu are as follows: New Game, Episodes, Archive, Options, Results, Mini Games* and Online Manual*.
*Access to the “Mini Games” and “Online Manual” requires a broadband Internet connection and a PLAYSTATION®Network account. For further
information on connecting your PLAYSTATION®3 system to the Internet and signing in to PLAYSTATION®Network, please refer to the Quick Reference
manual supplied with your system.
An unseen siren calls and a blood red sea surrounds Hanuda village: welcome to Siren Blood Curse™ . It is up to you to decide how much suffering
you can endure, so choose a difficulty level carefully. Select either normal or easy – and prepare to enter a living hell…
Siren Blood Curse™ is divided into twelve episodes, each of which is divided into several chapters. Previously completed chapters and episodes
can be viewed and replayed from the Episodes Menu.
New episodes of Siren Blood Curse™ can be purchased and downloaded from PLAYSTATION®Network via the Episode Select Screen.
In addition, previously installed episodes can be deleted via the Episode Select Screen. For more information on downloading or deleting
episodes of Siren Blood Curse™ , please refer to the “Downloading Episodes” section outlined later in this manual.
The “Episodes” option will not be displayed on the Main Menu until a new game has been started, when it will replace the New Game option.
View information on objects and items discovered in Siren Blood Curse™ . Often these items give clues and important background information
that will help you to understand the secret of Hanuda’s terrible fate. You can also view information on all weapons discovered so far, including details
of their weight and strength.
The “Archive” option will not be displayed until one or more items or weapons have been discovered and added to the archive.
View and adjust a range of settings and options, including screen settings and camera view controls.
View a range of statistics relating to your performance within Siren Blood Curse™ .
The “Results” option will not be displayed until the full story of Siren Blood Curse™ has unfolded and all episodes have been completed.
Let the terror continue with a selection of bonus mini-games.
The “Mini-Games” option will not be displayed until certain items have been discovered and added to the archive.
Access the online manual for help and advice on how to survive
Siren Blood Curse™.
Choose from the following options:
Chapter Select
Return to the nightmare
Restart from the last checkpoint
Restart the current chapter
Return to the Chapter Select Screen
View the Story Menu for information on the current situation and mission objectives. Press the
to cycle between options on the Story Menu.
Q button or the E button
View current mission objectives as well as a map of the immediate area. Map controls are as follows:
left stick Position the map on-screen
right stick
Rotate map and alter map perspective
Change the altitude level
Z/X Zoom in to and out of the map
L button
Turn landmark names on or off
K button Reset map to default view
View a profile of the current character as well as information on items and weapons currently in their possession.
View information on items discovered during the current chapter and on all weapons discovered so far.
NOTE: to view information on items discovered during other chapters, select the “Archive” option on the Main Menu.
Get helpful advice on how to survive
Siren Blood Curse™. Controls, combat and sight jacking are all covered here.
View the Options Menu. For more information on the Options Menu, please see the “Options” section outlined earlier in this manual.
When the mysterious siren sounds, Hanuda becomes a centre of dark forces – and a huge amount of psychic energy converges on the mountain.
This energy is a side effect of the horrific blood curse, but it offers a blessing of sorts for those trapped on the mountain with the bloodthirsty
Shibito: it allows them to sight jack.
Sight jacking is a psychic technique which allows the sight jacker to “tune in” to the minds of other beings – human or Shibito – in the vicinity,
and to see the action through their eyes. Sight jack nearby enemies to find out if it’s safe to leave a hiding place or turn a blind corner: it’s a skill
that just might save your life.
W button Q button E button
R button
right stick
L button
Enter/exit sight jack view
Auto search for nearest target
Auto search for furthest target
Emergency sight jack
Manual sight jack
Lock on to current sight jack target
NOTE: you can only move while sight jacking if you are locked on to a sight jack target. Press the
W button to release the sight jack lock.
Carry out an emergency sight jack to tune in to a Shibito that is either approaching, on alert or attacking. When multiple Shibito are
present, an emergency sight jack will tune in to an attacking enemy first, followed by an enemy on alert and then by an approaching
enemy. Nearby Shibito take precedence over those that are further away.
If no Shibito are attacking, on alert or approaching, performing an emergency sight jack will have no effect.
When several enemies are close at hand it is sometimes necessary to sight jack more than one of them at the same time. It is possible to sight jack
up to three enemies at once using sight jack shortcuts.
While sight jacking an enemy, press and hold the J button, the H button or the K button to assign a sight jack shortcut to the current enemy.
Once a sight jack shortcut has been assigned, you may continue sight jacking as usual – but pressing the relevant shortcut button will cause your
character to sight jack the enemy currently assigned to that shortcut, as well as any other enemies assigned to a shortcut.
While sight jacking multiple enemies using the shortcut technique, press a shortcut button to highlight the enemy currently assigned to that button.
Press the L button to lock on to the highlighted enemy.
The Shibito are relentless in their desire to hunt down the living, and sometimes avoiding them by stealth is simply not an option. At such moments,
you are advised to find yourself a weapon, and fast…
Press the L button or the E button to lash out with your fists or with any weapon you currently hold. The damage you inflict will depend on your
weapon and the character you are currently controlling. Some weapons are too heavy for some characters to wield.
Several kinds of attack are possible, though the availability of each will depend upon the current character and the weapon they are using.
With all weapons except guns, press and hold the L button or the E button to land a stronger blow on an enemy. Press the L button or the
E button repeatedly to inflict a rapid series of attacks. Press the L button or the E button while running to carry out a dash attack.
NOTE: for further information on using guns within
Siren Blood Curse™, please refer to the “Gun Controls” section outlined earlier in this manual.
Development Team
International Software
Story Concept/Game Designer
Florence Kum
Elodie Hummel
Assistant Producer
Gavin Russell
Localisation Asset Manager
Anna Wojewodzka
Director of International
Sean Kelly
©2008 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
The typefaces included herein are partially
developed by DynaComware.
This product uses the MORISAWA Font. Font
rights are owned by Morisawa & Company Ltd.
Fonts provided by the Japanese Font &
Typesetting Group.
Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks
of Dolby Laboratories.
Havok software is ©Copyright 1999-2008 Inc (or its licensors). All Rights
The MPEG data in this software was made
by TMPGEnc.
COPYRIGHT ©Hiroyuki Hori/Pegasys Inc.,
All Rights Reserved.
“SIXAXIS” are registered trademarks
of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
JAPAN Studio
Sony Computer Entertainment JAPAN Studio
project SIREN
Keiichiro Toyama
Story Concept/
Scenario Writers
Mini Game Planner
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“Ending Theme” ikd-sj
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Sound Producer
Composed and Arranged by
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sakagchi hirokads
“Bermuda Love Triangle”
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SCEA Santa Monica Studios
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& Business Affairs
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Affairs Manager
Director, Product
Development Information
Technology (PDIT)
SCEA Legal
Senior Corporate Counsel
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SCEE Marketing
Senior Vice President
Marketing and Sales
Simon Rutter
European Marketing Director
Mark Hardy
European Software Manager
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Quality Assurance
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Testing Supervisor
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(Internal) Localisation
Testing Supervisor
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Localisation Testing Lead
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Localisation Testers
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Support Services
Support Services Manager
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Support Services
Neil Moran
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Barry Fearns
Online QA
Online QA Lead
Michael Kennedy
Online QA Tester
Nicholas Wilkie
Special Thanks
Glenn Renwick
Yukiko Goto
Elliot Martin
Simon Roberts
We would like to thank each individual
at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
for their contribution, support and dedication
to the success of Siren Blood CurseTM with
special recognition to Florence Kum, Tim Roe,
Jennifer Rees, Isabelle Tomatis, Gavin Russell,
Ian Whittle, Hugo Bustillos
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