IVIEW AirStick Instructions

IVIEW AirStick Instructions
Air-Stick Set Up Instruction
Software Installation:
1. Open Google Play Store and search “ATSC” in the searching bar. You will
find ATSC Player (as shown in the pic) and click on it.
Click Install and start downloading. After finish, you will find the ATSC icon
in the tablet.
Install the Device:
1. Install the antenna cable into the stick and extend the antenna:
2. Insert the Air-Stick into the Micro-USB port of your tablet or phone:
Set up Software:
**IMPORTANT: For first time set up, please go to outdoor or nearby the
window where you can get a better reception to scan the most channels.
1. After installing the Air-Stick on your tablet, the following message will
pop out. Please check the box and click OK.
2. Click Next.
Then, select country and click Scan.
3. After scanning the channels, click Done and you will be able to watch
Select the channel and enjoy!
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