Philips goLITE P2 Instructions for use

Philips goLITE P2 Instructions for use
Safety Tips
Observe these safety instructions to avoid potential hazards that could result in personal
injuries or damage to your goLITE®.
• Never use damaged or worn cords or plugs – this could result in electric shock,
burns, and/or fire.
• D on’t place heavy objects on top of the power cord or the goLITE .
• When unplugging the goLITE , grasp the plug directly to avoid damaging the cord.
Circadian Rhythms............................................... 4
Features............................................................... 6
Getting Started................................................... 7
• To avoid damage to the goLITE , avoid spilling liquid into any part of the light.
Using your goLITE®. ............................................ 8
• Your goLITE
Suggested Usage for Your goLITE®. ................. 11
Never expose your goLITE® to water or rain.
Introduction......................................................... 3
Never pull on the power cord to remove a plug from the socket.
Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
Read All Safety Guidelines Before Using Your goLITE
contains an internal rechargeable NiMH battery pack.
Do not incinerate, disassemble or expose to high temperatures (above 60°C/140°F).
Batteries may cause overheating, fire, or bursting. Dispose of the device properly.
Frequently Asked Questions............................. 14
Use the specified AC/DC adapter only. Never use an unapproved adapter.
Service and Repair............................................. 16
For an interactive demo visit
Thank you for purchasing the goLITE
Visit now to:
• Register your goLITE
• View an interactive demonstration
• Learn more about your goLITE and BLUEWAVE
Don’t have Internet access? Be sure to fill out your warranty card located inside the box and mail it to
Apollo Health.
The Comfort of Blue
By using BLUEWAVE® light-emitting diodes (LEDs), the goLITE® delivers safe and effective wavelengths
of light, while eliminating harmful UV and the eyestrain that can be associated with other bright light
Safe and Effective
According to independent ocular safety testing, BLUEWAVE® light is safe when following the recommended usage guidelines. BLUEWAVE® technology in your goLITE® passes ICNRIP/ACGIH threshold
value limits at only 15% (light energy exceeding 100% is considered potentially hazardous). The effectiveness of the type of light in BLUEWAVE® has been researched and advocated by leading medical
universities. For more information, visit
Circadian Rhythms
The human body uses light cues, such as those provided by the sun, to time certain internal functions.
Properly timed rhythms regulate mood, sleep, energy, appetite, and digestion. These daily internal cycles,
called circadian rhythms, sometimes fall out of sync, resulting in an unregulated body clock.
Unfortunately, modern living has dramatically altered nature’s cues. A modern day no longer starts at the
crack of dawn and ends at 8:00 PM. Workdays are getting longer and many people face shift work schedules. Additionally, the advent of electric lighting allows social gatherings and personal activities to extend
well into the night. These factors have diminished the body’s natural ability to regulate the body clock.
Circadian Rhythm Imbalance
When our circadian rhythm becomes imbalanced, the body produces the wrong hormones, chemicals,
and neurotransmitters at the wrong time of the day. The results range from feelings of sadness to sleeplessness to lack of energy. Many people suffer from a loss of energy and mood that can last for a short
period of time to more than a couple of weeks. For many, these feelings come on stronger in the winter
and in darker climates.
An imbalance in circadian rhythms contributes to the following:
• Winter Blues
• Feelings of sadness
• Jet Lag
• Lack of concentration
• Loss of appetite
• Lack of energy (especially in the winter)
• Sleeplessness
• Mood swings
• Irritability
Restored Balance with BLUEWAVE Technology
BLUEWAVE Technology™ helps shift circadian rhythms back to their normal pattern by delivering a
specifically engineered wavelength, color, and intensity of light that stimulates the production of key
substances triggered by the brain. BLUEWAVE™ naturally affects the body by shifting the body clock to
its correct timing, causing the proper signals to be produced at the right time of day.
Circadian Rhythms
Understanding Light, Health, and Circadian Rhythms
Using Your goLITE ®
Interactive demo at
Plugging In Your goLITE®
Your goLITE® comes with a 9V AC/DC adapter with US-style prongs. Your adapter can operate on AC
power ranging from 100–240 volts for usage worldwide. A prong adapter may be required to connect
your adapter in countries that use different prong styles. These are readily available at electronics and
travel goods retailers.
Getting Started
goLITE Features
Use the enclosed adapter only, or a replacement adapter specified by Apollo Health for use with the
goLITE®. For safety and proper operation of your goLITE®, never use an unapproved adapter.
Charging Instructions
IMPORTANT: Charge your goLITE® for at least 8 hours before initial use.
Your goLITE® contains an internal NiMH battery pack. To charge your goLITE®, connect your AC/DC
adapter to a wall outlet and plug the goLITE® into the adapter. The battery display icon will flash, which
indicates that the battery is charging in rapid mode. Once the battery is charged, the battery icon will
switch to a steady display, indicating that the battery is receiving a trickle charge only.
Charge your goLITE® for at least 8 hours before initial use. Subsequent charges should be complete in
three to four hours. A single charge should last for three to five treatment sessions.
Safe - No harmful UV
WARNING: Do not incinerate, disassemble, or expose to high temperatures (above 60°C/140°F). Batteries may cause overheating, fire, or bursting. Dispose of the battery properly. Use the specified AC/DC
adapter only.
Using Your goLITE ®
Because the reaction is through peripheral stimulation, use the goLITE® at a slight
angle to your face (see diagram 1), and do not look directly into the light.
or best results, place the goLITE® approximately 20-30 inches from your eyes.
Allow the light to bathe your face from the side.
• You can read, eat, work at the computer, watch TV, put on makeup, or exercise
while using your goLITE®.
Push POWER to turn the goLITE® display on or off.
Setting the Clock
While holding down BOTH the TIMER and ALARM buttons, push the + or - button
to adjust the clock. Hold down the + or - button to cycle through the clock time quickly.
Quick On
(Diagram 1)
• Use your goLITE® in a well-lit room to minimize eyestrain.
• For best results, place the goLITE® near you at eye level so it shines directly into your eyes.
• The proper response to light therapy occurs through the retina of the eyes, not through the skin.
However, you do not need to stare at the light. If you are in front of the goLITE® and position it
close enough, only an occasional glance is needed achieve the maximum benefits.
Your eyes should be open for optimal results
To turn the light source on or off, push LIGHT.
(Diagram 2)
Timing a Session
To start a timed session, press TIMER. The timer icon and minutes will flash. Select the desired usage
time by pressing the + or - button. After a three-second delay, the light source will automatically turn on
and begin counting down.
Pausing a Session
Press the LIGHT button to pause a timed session. Press LIGHT again to continue the session.
The hormonal response works through the eyes, not the skin. This is not a tanning light. In fact, Apollo’s
BLUEWAVE Technology™ creates specific wavelengths that produce a circadian response while eliminating UV hazards and minimizing eyestrain.
Changing the Session Time
Instructions for Use
Changing the Intensity
To begin using the goLITE®, swing lid open to rest on surface (see diagram 2).
Turning On the goLITE®
Using Your goLITE ®
Positioning Your goLITE®
To change the timer while the goLITE® is on, press TIMER, then push the + or - button to set the new
desired time.
While the light source is on, you can change light intensity by pushing the + or - button. You can choose
intensity settings in increments of 10%.
Using Your goLITE ®
To set the alarm, press ALARM, then push the + or - button to set the desired time. The alarm will automatically set after a 10-second delay. If the goLITE® is connected to a power outlet, then the alarm will
sound and the light array will turn on when the clock reaches the alarm time. If the goLITE® is operating
on battery power then the alarm will sound but the lights will not turn on automatically, to conserve battery power.
Disabling the Alarm
To disable the alarm, press and hold ALARM until the alarm time disappears.
Stopping the Alarm Sound
To turn off the alarm while it is sounding, press any button on the goLITE®. Otherwise, the alarm will
stop sounding after 60 seconds.
When to Use Your goLITE®
Because an imbalance in circadian rhythm affects everybody differently, understanding how it affects
you is critical to feeling better. Knowing what time to use the goLITE® can mean the difference between
responding in just a few days instead of weeks, and perhaps not responding at all. Follow these guidelines
to understand how light affects your body clock and when to use the goLITE® for the best results.
Usage Duration and Intensity
Most people get beneficial results from fifteen to thirty minutes of usage each day. You can star t using
your goLITE® at 50% intensity and increase the level of light if you feel like your body is not responding
within a week of beginning treatment.
Time of Day
If you find it difficult getting up each day without an alarm clock or you are sleeping in, you need morning light. Use the goLITE® within the first hour or two after waking.
If you find it difficult staying awake in the late evening and wake up too early in the morning, you need
evening light. Use the goLITE® before the onset of drowsiness.
If you don’t notice a shifted circadian rhythm, use the goLITE® when you wake up in the morning for
fifteen to thirty minutes and then again in the evening for approximately the same amount of time. Place
the goLITE® further away from you during the evening treatment. This will keep your body clock from
confusing the stronger morning signal with evening time. Don’t use the goLITE® within two hours of
bedtime. The goLITE® suppresses the nighttime hormones for at least two hours, and you may not be
able to fall asleep.
Suggested Usage For Your goLITE
Setting the Alarm
Suggested Usage For Your goLITE ®
Use the following techniques to adjust your circadian rhythm to your work shift.
For more detailed information about using your goLITE® to help adapt to shift work schedules, visit
Beginning a Night-shift Schedule
Jet Lag
Many people benefit from receiving a 30-minute burst of light before work and then 15 minutes of light
every three hours during work. This not only increases alertness and performance, but shifts the body clock
as well. Within three days, your body clock will have changed to a night-shift schedule. Taking time-release
melatonin upon arriving home after work may help accelerate the shifting of your body clock. After the
second day, melatonin should not be necessary, and your body clock will have adapted to the new schedule.
Rapidly traveling across several time zones creates disharmony between your internal body clock and the
new external time. This not only causes problems with sleeping, but influences mood and energy as well.
Because specialized light is effective for shifting circadian rhythms, your goLITE® can quickly adjust your
rhythm to the new time zone. The best strategy for combating jet lag is to shift your body clock a day or
two before leaving.
Note: When coming off of night shift work, it is important to wear sunglasses and avoid any bright light
while going home. You should go to sleep as soon as possible after leaving work.
Traveling East
Returning to a Day-shift Schedule
On the day your night shift ends, continue to wear sunglasses and avoid bright light in the morning
hours. Do not take melatonin in the morning. Use your goLITE® for 30 minutes at about midday. On
the first day, you may take an afternoon nap if you are having trouble staying awake. Go to bed at your
normal evening bedtime.
You may wish to use time-release melatonin in the early evening (about 7:00 PM) to accelerate your body
clock to a normal schedule. You may want to wait a few hours after waking in the afternoon or evening
before taking melatonin as it may cause drowsiness. This routine should only need to be repeated once or
twice before you achieve a normal sleep/wake schedule.
After the first day, you should use the goLITE® each morning as needed for approximately 15–30 minutes.
Use your goLITE® in the morning two to three days before leaving. The number of time zones traveled
corresponds to the hours needed to shift. On the first day, wake up an hour early and use the goLITE® for
30–45 minutes. This will shift your body clock up to three time zones. The next day(s) you need to awaken
a couple of hours earlier and repeat this process. Taking time-released melatonin in the early evening or
late afternoon can also help accelerate this shift. You should adjust your sleep schedule as described each
day. Upon arrival, wear sunglasses to avoid any sunlight before 10:00 AM. When returning, use your
goLITE® in the evening for a few nights and avoid any morning light (see Traveling West).
Traveling West
Use your goLITE® in the evening for 30–40 minutes a few days before leaving, and use the goLITE® a
couple of hours later each successive day. Each day you use the goLITE®, you shift your internal time up
to three hours, and you can increase this shift up to six hours per day by taking melatonin in the morning. When returning, avoid any bright afternoon and evening light and be sure to use your goLITE® in
the morning for a few days (see Traveling East).
Suggested Usage For Your goLITE ®
Shift Work
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to take off my glasses when I use the goLITE®?
pens when the melanopsin photoreceptors in the eye are stimulated. Since these photoreceptors lie in the
periphery of the eye, you will get a much better outcome if you position the goLITE® at a slight angle to
your face.
No. This specialized type of light is designed to work with or without glasses.
Should I use the goLITE every day?
The goLITE® Pro is safe when used according to recommendations. There have been some reports of
temporary headaches or nausea. This is usually resolved by sitting further away from the unit.
You should use the goLITE® daily, especially during the winter months. Many people find that they
don’t need the light during the summer. Others use it year-round because they spend most of their time
indoors and don't typically get the right kind of light signals to regulate circadian rhythms properly.
Can I get sunburn from using the goLITE ?
Can the light cause harm to children or pets?
Are there any major side effects?
No. While typical fluorescent bulbs produce small amounts of UV light, BLUEWAVE Technology™
eliminates all UV light.
No. The lights are safe around children and pets. The lights will actually draw many pets to sit by it.
I’ve heard that light can be dangerous. Can the goLITE damage my eyes?
For most people, it is sufficient to use the goLITE® once a day. Keep in mind that using the goLITE® too
late in the evening may adversely affect your sleep.
The goLITE® emits safe levels of blue light, according to current standards. In fact, your goLITE® emits
less blue light than other traditional forms of bright light therapy like full-spectrum, 10,000 lux white
fluorescent light. However, if you suffer from an eye disease or have a history of eye disease in your family, you should consult your ophthalmologist before using your goLITE®. Also, if you are experiencing
any temporary eye problems, wait until the problems are resolved before using the goLITE®.
When used as directed, all Apollo light products are free from ultraviolet light risk to the eye and produce a safe, diffused field of light. Apollo’s lights have been tested for ocular safety and have been used in
dozens of government and clinical studies.
As with any bright light source, you should not stare directly into the light. The beneficial reaction hap14
Can I use the goLITE more than once a day?
How long do the LEDs last?
Under normal usage, the LEDs are rated for 10,000 hours of use, which at 30 minutes per day all year
round equals over 50 years of life.
What if one or more LEDs stop working prematurely?
In the unlikely event that one or two LEDs fail prematurely, the effectiveness of your goLITE® will not be
diminished. You can continue to use your goLITE® normally. However, if several LEDs stop functioning,
you should probably have your goLITE® repaired to ensure that you are receiving the correct treatment
dosage. For more information, refer to your goLITE® warranty card.
Service and Repair
Service and Repair
We don’t expect you to have any problems with your goLITE®, but occasionally issues may arise.
epair Information and Troubleshooting
For technical questions and troubleshooting, please visit
• Returning Your Light
Before returning your goLITE® for servicing, you must first obtain a return authorization number.
You can obtain this number at, or contact our Service Department by
calling the telephone number located on the back of this manual.
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