PIN pad 1000 - Retailers Processing Network

PIN pad 1000 - Retailers Processing Network
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Overall improved design with larger graphics and
enhanced ergonomics
Two-in-one functionality for contactless payment
or PIN entry
Easy connectivity via USB or serial to ECRs and
POS devices
Our best-selling PIN pad,
with enhanced functionality
A Secure Feeling
Now VeriFone’s best-selling
NURIT 222 devices, it minimizes
PINpad 1000se is an even more
application rework and transitions
The new PINpad 1000se meets
versatile solution for a variety
merchants to the newest PIN
the latest standards for PIN
of payment environments. With
security standard, PCI PED.
entry. Plus with built-in Triple
a revamped ergonomic design,
A larger display offers graphic
DES encryption and optional
the PINpad 1000se combines
capabilities to support multiple
VeriShield Security Scripts and
two complete peripheral
languages, while the palm-
Message Authentication Code
solutions, built-in contactless
shaped grip makes the unit
(MAC) it provides protection
technology for payments at the
easier to hold. The oversized keys
against fraudulent transfers.
wave of a hand and a reliable
minimize entry errors and speed
PINpad for secure PIN-based
up the payment process. Function
It’s simple. It’s secure. It’s two
transactions, into one powerful
keys can be programmed as
great payment options in one
handheld product.
“hot” keys for special tasks.
product: the PINpad 1000se.
And the unit connects easily to
And it’s the only product in the
With the speed and ease of use
existing ECRs or POS devices
payments industry to combine
you expect from a durable and
via a USB or serial cable.
PIN entry and contactless
attractive PIN pad, the
peripherals into one solution —
PINpad 1000se is a cost-effective
Plus, the PINpad 1000se is now
which means that VeriFone is
and future-proof payments
compatible with the widest range
once again leading the way in
solution — and it’s the ideal
of global contactless payment
the future of market-ready
drop-in replacement for a
and non-payment applications,
payments products.
previous PIN-based device.
including American Express
With backwards compatibility
ExpressPay, Discover Network
to previous PINpad 1000se or
Zip, MasterCard PayPass, Visa
payWave and MiFare.
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PINpad 1000se
Complete backwards compatibility with previous
PED approved versions
Fully Loaded For Success
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PINpad 1000se
Fully Loaded For Success
128 x 32 pixel LCD with 4 lines and
up to 21 characters; superior graphics
capabilities for graphics-based
character sets
-0º to 40º C (32º to 104º F) operating
temperature; 5% to 90% operating
humidity, non-condensing
Serial: 6-16V DC 0.5A max
USB: 5V DC +/-5%
16 large, hard rubber keys, including
3 function keys
Factory optional USB or serial
Optional 2-in-1 device combines
contactless and PIN entry to save valuable
counter space and future-proofs investment
3DES encryption, VeriShield Security
Scripts, Master/Session and DUKPT
key management; PCI PED approved;
VeriShield file authentication
Height: 40 mm (1.57 in.); width: 80 mm
(3.15 in.); depth: 145 mm (5.70 in);
shipping weight 0.215kg (0.474 lb.)
Contactless Physical
Contactless Power
Serial, USB: 8-20VDC 0.5Amp max
Contactless Applications
MasterCard PayPass M/Chip
MasterCard PayPass MagStripe
Visa payWave MSD
Visa payWave qVSDC
Discover Zip
American Express ExpressPay
Pass-through access to ISO 14443-4
and MiFare cards, for direct host
terminal-based application access
Secure SoftSAM protects
contactless keys
Hardware SAM optional
Height: 181.1mm (7.13in);
width: 83.5mm (3.29 in);
depth: 40.0 mm (1.57 in);
shipping weight 0.440 kg (0.97 lb.)
Features & Benefits
Two-in-one functionality
• Replaces two countertop
peripherals with one device:
a PIN pad + contactless
• Only one product to purchase
and support, saving time and money
• Perfect for many different payment
• Contactless version accepts EMV
and mag-stripe contactless
payments, as well as PIN-based
• Future-proof payment solution,
fully updatable and compatible
Ergonomic design
• Handheld or countertop with base
that can be used with existing
cables and hardware
• Function keys can be programmed
as “hot” keys for special tasks
• Font generation tool kit allows
easy language set-up with multiple
size fonts
• VeriFone’s advanced contactless
architecture future-proofs your
investment with a single contactless
interface (SingleCI), SoftSAMs and
side-by-side application architecture
• Improved PIN pad design with large
keypad for fewer errors
• USB and serial port connectivity for
PCs, ECRs and existing POS devices
• Highly readable 128 x 32 pixel
LCD backlit display
• Minimal application changes and
eliminates hardware SAMs
• Contactless logo placement
on lens of device for optimized
user experience
Maximum Compatibility and Simple
• Fully backwards compatible
with previous PINpad 1000se or
NURIT 222 devices
© 2008 VeriFone. All rights reserved. VeriFone, the VeriFone logo, VeriShield, PINpad 1000se and NURIT 222 are either trademarks or registered
trademarks of VeriFone in the United States and/or other countries. All features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
09/08 45374 Rev J 0/FS
Ultimate Security
• PCI PED approved for secure,
reliable PIN entry
• Supports 3DES, VeriShield Security
Scripts, Master/Session and DUKPT
• Optional privacy shield
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