DataVideo TBC-100 video capture board Specification

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DataVideo TBC-100 video capture board Specification | Manualzz

Single Channel Full Frame 4:2:2 Time Base


TBC-100 is specially designed for video processing with a PC. Most video camcorders do not produce stable synchronized signals. This can cause poor video image quality when capturing video to your PC. The TBC-100 corrects this problem by replacing all sync signals from the video source with new signals. By using a digital full frame synchronizer, the TBC-100 insures that your video captures are clear and clean.

• Frame synchronization with full frame memory

• Re-generates all synchronization signals to stabilize the video

• Compatible with all formats (VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, S-

VHS-C, Video 8 & Hi8)

• Auto-detects NTSC or PAL format

• Wide bandwidth- 4.5 MHz in Y/C and 3.5 MHz in composite

• 8-bit video resolution – 4:2:2 sampling rate

• DP less than 1 degree – DG less than 2%

• Low noise – S/N ratio >50dB

Typical Installation

Installation with a Capture Card


1. If you connect both S-video and composite video sources to the TBC-100, the card will automatically default to S-video. For composite video, you can not plug in an

S-video input.

2. DC power input connector J601, use the enclosed “Pigtail” connector to connect the power source from PC power supply to the TBC-100.

Pigtail Extension Connector (included)

3. TBC-100 apply both S-video and Composite video outputs for either S-video or

Composite video input.


1. Turn off PC.

2. Disconnect power cord from PC.

3. Insert the TBC-100 into any PCI slot in your PC.

4. Use a “pigtail” connector to hook up the power connector from your PC power supply to TBC-100 dual power input socket J601 (Label on card diagram). If you do not have an extra power supply, see your dealer or a qualified technician for assistance.

5. Install the video equipment as shown in installation diagram.

6. Since the TBC-100 is a stand alone circuit board, software is not required.

NOTE: The installation of the TBC-100 requires you to make a connection

To your PC’s power supply. If you are not sure how to do this, contact your dealer or a qualified technician for installation.



S (Y/C) Video & Composite



Y/C in: 4—pin 75 ohm DIN connector

Connector, Level: 1.0 Vp-p

S (Y/C) Video & Composite

Composite Video Source


Y/C out: 4—pin 75 ohm DIN connector

Composite Video Out: 75 ohm RCA

Connector, Level: 1.0 Vp-p/ unity


S/N Ratio

+/- 2 %, 1


Range Single



Ambient Temperature 32 - 131 F (0 - 55 C)

Humidity Less

Accessories S-Video Extension

Connector (Pigtail)


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