Using the Central the infotec Printer

Using the Central the infotec Printer
(Do not print this document – just read it!)
Using the Central the infotec Printer
User Guide for Windows 7/8/10
The infotec MP C5503 should have been installed on your PC by the administrator. If not, please tell him.
It is not possible to configure all printer settings for all users of a PC. The User ID is individual and
Conditio sine qua non
Right-click on the Windows (Start-) button and choose Control Panel, then View devices and
printers. Scroll down to Printers.
Right-click on the infotec MP C5503 printer and choose Printing Preferences. You can thus edit the
default printing options
The Job Type should show Hold Print
Click on Details… In the appearing dialogue fill in a short user
ID under Enter User ID. Suggestion: fill in your first name. This
will be the name of the printer queue appearing later on the
display of the printer. If this field is left empty, print jobs will
disappear without an error message.
(Do not print this document – just read it!)
Some Information About Printing Methods
When you go to print a document, click on Preferences (or Properties depending on the application
you’re printing from). You should see a window similar to the following:
Warning: Colour printing is
expensive. Note that access to
colour printing is allowed on an
as needed basis. By default,
accounts should only use black
and white access. If you need
to print a document or project
using colour, you can change
that for the individual print
Under Job Type you can choose from the following options:
Do not print in Normal Print mode but print with Hold Print (see below) – Normal Print prints out
the document immediately. No need to release the job from the printer control panel. Such
documents are often forgotten - let's save a few more trees.
Sample Print – When printing multiple copies of a document, this prints out only the first set in
order to verify if you want to continue or not. You can then choose to either continue printing or
cancel printing the rest of the documents. Detail: You must set a User ID for the file.
Locked Print – When you want to print a document
that you don’t want anyone else to access. You can
associate a password with this document in order to print it.
Choose Locked Print and give a password under Details.
Keep Hold Print as default – The sent print job is
held temporarily on the printer. When you go to
the printer you can release the requested document to print (see below). Please note that any
other user could release these held documents. Jobs that are not released within 24 hours are
(Do not print this document – just read it!)
Type in a user name e.g. your campus account under Details. As mentioned before: Print jobs
without a User ID get lost without further notice. Adding a file name is optional.
Store Print – The document is stored on the printer, and you can release it for printing as many
times as you want. The stored document must be deleted by the user on the printer’s control panel
to remove it from the memory. Details: You have to set a User ID. File name and password are
Store and Print – The document is stored on the printer and printed at the same time. The stored
document retains the same properties as a Store Print job. Details: You have to set a User ID. File
name and password are optional.
Document Server – not configured.
You can choose paper size (A4 or
A3) and paper trays. Hint: A3
must be chose together with Tray
After choosing Hold Print as job
type, you can click on Details to
provide a User ID and optionally a
File Name. Then OK.
(Do not print this document – just read it!)
1. Release a print job at the copier
a. When you stand in front of the copier, choose the printer symbol left of the display
b. You now see the following panel on which you choose Print Jobs
c. You now see a list of waiting jobs.
d. Choose your job according to the User ID and the File Name, and then Print…
e. … and press Yes.
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