AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems Simply reliable

AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems Simply reliable

AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems

Simply reliable

2 | AMAX Intrusion Alarm System

With Bosch, you’re in good hands:

AMAX intrusion alarm systems ensure customer satisfaction

Bosch is always responsive to the needs of your customers, as evidenced by the new generation of

AMAX intrusion alarm systems. The three new systems – AMAX 2100, AMAX 3000 and AMAX 4000 – have been significantly developed compared with the previous generation. Thanks to advanced technology and new application capabilities, they now offer even greater benefits to your customers. AMAX – the perfect solution for private households to medium-sized businesses.

A one-stop shop

Whether an intrusion alarm control panel, wired detectors or wireless peripherals – with AMAX, Bosch offers you a complete range of products for intrusion alarm systems.

Many tasks, one solution: AMAX

The AMAX 3000 and 4000 hybrid systems can be combined with wired detectors as well as with RADION wireless detectors from Bosch. This enables a more flexible installation as well as future system upgrades without costly construction or alteration work.

Technology that reduces your costs

Installing and commissioning AMAX intrusion alarm systems is simple and requires little time. Many of the functions are already pre-programmed, which means you save a great deal of installation time. The system design is fully integrated: all AMAX variants are identical to operate and program.

Integrated system technology:

All versions of the AMAX family feature the same construction

AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems | 3

Four new functions for even more satisfied customers


Bosch has responded to the needs of your customers by continuously developing AMAX. The latest generation of AMAX features a total of 15 new functions, which open up new opportunities for your customers. Here are just four examples: f

Voice dialer: In the event of an alarm, AMAX can notify your customers via pre-recorded voice messages. The messages are automatically sent to up to 4 different phones and/or to a control center.


Simple setup of macros: Your customers can combine several different program functions in a macro, which can be executed with a single keystroke.


Master keypad: Enables easy and time saving operation of the entire system from a single keypad.


Remote control: Sited away from the main panel, the monitoring station enables you to set or deactivate the alarm system and perform certain tests. The monitoring station can thus perform service and maintenance tasks faster and more easily. At the same time, there is no requirement to disclose codes and safety information to external parties, such as security guards.

4 | AMAX Intrusion Alarm System

Many valuable features, three system

sizes, one need: With AMAX from Bosch, you can design the ideal security solution for every customer.

AMAX makes it easy for you to achieve optimum solutions for your customers. From spoken alarms and uniform system design to timesaving installation, AMAX intrusion alarm systems offer your customers many benefits. Even tailoring the size of the system is simple. The AMAX family offers three different versions, designed for a maximum of eight, 32 or 64 zones. This allows you to design the ideal solution to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

Your advantages with AMAX intrusion alarm systems:


System family with 3 different control panels, for small and medium-sized applications f

New functions such as voice dialer, easy setup macros or a master keypad and remote system control f

Uniform system design with the same operation and programming for all 3 control panels f

Can be combined as a hybrid control panel with both

RADION wireless detectors and wired detectors f

Time-saving installation thanks to 90% pre-installed functions f

Reliable alarm notification to the operator or monitoring station f

Can also be used for fire detectors and IP cameras f

Certified in accordance with EN 50131-3 Grade 2

AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems | 5

AMAX 2100 – Compact system for small applications with up to 8 zones

Various wired peripheral elements, such as motion detectors for indoor and outdoor areas or magnetic contacts for doors and windows, can be connected to the 8 zone inputs.

AMAX 3000 – versatile hybrid control panel for medium-sized applications with up to 32 zones

The flexible hybrid system for wired and RADION wireless detectors is the ideal solution for private applications, such as single family homes, where wiring is either undesirable or not possible.

Application example: Specialized retail trade business with sales and storage area security

AMAX 4000 – All-round hybrid control panel for applications with up to 64 zones

The all-round control panel, which features up to 64 zones, is ideal for medium-sized applications. This means, for example, that they can be used as a shared intrusion alarm system for a medical building with individual practices. Each practice receives its own peripheral elements and keypads for individual control.

The AMAX 4000 can be combined with both wired and

RADION wireless detectors as a hybrid control panel.

Application example: Single-family home

Application example: Medical center with several individual practices in the building

6 | AMAX Intrusion Alarm System

The AMAX family: an overview

AMAX control panels are suitable for small to medium-sized applications. Their flexible technology allows a large number of applications and combinations. This makes it easy to configure your system and fulfill the individual requirements of your customers.

Operation and parameterization

A-Link Keypad

Expansion modules

8-detector-group expansion module f direct via USB f via telephone network f via IP f via GPS

AMAX 2100

AMAX 3000

AMAX 4000

Option bus

Wired peripherals – e.g.

Blue Line series by Bosch

RADION Wireless peripherals for

AMAX 3000 and

AMAX 4000

RFRC-OPT receiver

Motion detector

RFRP repeater

RFPR-12 PIR motion detector


PIR + MW motion detector


PIR curtain motion detector

Magnetic contact

RFGB glass break detector

RFUN universal transmitter

RFDW-SM door/window contact (surface mount)

RFDW-RM door/window contact (recessed mount)


RFKF-TB wireless handheld transmitter

RFKF-FB wireless handheld transmitter

AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems | 7


Expansion modules

Output module

Option bus

IP transmission device

Alarm transmission

(wired) IP/GPS transmission

Monitoring center

(monitoring center-receiver / gateway)

GPRS transmission device

Mobile devices

PSTN transmission device

Audible signal notification appliances for outdoor areas


PIR curtain motion detector

RFSM smoke detector

RFBT bill trap

RFKF-FB wireless handheld transmitter

RFPB-SB panic button

RFPB-SB panic button f

Optional I/O connection to IP cameras by Bosch f

Alarm notification via SMS to customer's cell phone f

Live video transmission to the internet for location- independent monitoring and minimizing false alarms

Live video monitoring

8 | AMAX Intrusion Alarm System

Perfect quality has many benefits

The advanced, reliable technology of the AMAX family gives your customers a clear advantage. This will pay off for you, because the best basis for good business is satisfied customers. Make a quality impression: with AMAX intrusion alarm systems by Bosch.

Reliable alarm transmission

AMAX intrusion alarm systems are suitable for many types of alarm transmission. An integrated dialer allows the AMAX control panel to connect to the PSTN telephone network. Connection via the internet is also possible – via either a wired IP network or wireless


Easy to use, easy to install

For easy operation, the control panel offers clearly structured and intuitive menus. Approx. 90% of the applications are preinstalled. Programming of the remaining functions can easily be performed via USB,

PC or directly on the AMAX keypad.

Quality to meet the highest requirements

The excellent reliability of AMAX intrusion alarm systems is proof of their high quality. They have been tested by independent laboratories and are certified in accordance with EN 50131-3 Grade 2.

Can be used for CCTV and fire detection

Your customers can combine the AMAX system with a video surveillance system by integrating Bosch IP cameras. It is also possible to display video images on smartphones and tablet PCs. This means that your customers can check alarm notifications quickly, reliably and at any time using live images. AMAX intrusion alarm systems can also be used for fire detection using either wired smoke detectors or RADION wireless smoke detectors.

Easy to install Easy to use

RADION wireless peripherals

The RADION range includes 15 different peripherals, which are connected to the AMAX intrusion alarm systems via a receiver.

AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems | 9


Wireless handheld transmitter


Wireless door/window magnetic contact


Wireless receiver

RADION detectors – the wireless alternative

RADION wireless detectors are a convenient alternative to the wired Blue Line detectors. The extensive range covers 15 different products – from motion detectors and magnetic contacts to fire detectors. RADION wireless detectors can be combined with pre-installed

DSRF series wireless detectors by Bosch. The use of repeaters means that they can also operate in remote locations. Up to 8 repeaters can be used within an AMAX burglar alarm system. Thanks to auto-addressing, all

RADION components can be quickly integrated into the intrusion detection system.


Wireless motion detector

10 | AMAX Intrusion Alarm System

Application example law firm: four new functions that will impress your customers


Voice dialer

In the event of an alarm, AMAX can notify your customers via prerecorded voice messages.

Voice dialer

As soon as the AMAX system in the law firm’s offices has registered an alarm, it automatically sends a prepared voice message to up to 4 phone numbers – for example, the firm’s attorneys. The recipient can then quickly decide what should happen next – for example, on-site verification or alerting the police.

Advantage: The spoken messages enable your customers to inform a control center and/or authorized persons about an alarm at any time, for example family members during holiday periods. The voice dialer is also pre-installed onboard, meaning that there is no need to order it as an extra feature or even to install it.


Simple setup of macros

Two assistants of the firm are responsible for arming different areas. Each uses his or her individual code. If one of them is away from the office due to illness or vacation, the other person takes over the task. Using a macro, that individual can arm the entire building without any additional effort.

Advantage: A macro allows you to combine several functions that can be activated with a single keystroke – thus saving the timeconsuming execution of individual functions.



Simple setup of macros

Your customers can combine up to 3 different program functions in a macro, which can be executed with a single keystroke.

AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems | 11

Thanks to their new functions, the AMAX systems make it even easier to meet your customers’ needs.

Our application example shows the additional advantages that can be achieved. The example shown here is typical of many other similar applications that are possible with the latest AMAX innovations.


Remote control

Via a remote control center, your customers can set or deactivate the alarm system and perform certain tests.


Remote control

The law firm is linked to a monitoring station for maintenance and security services. In the event of an alarm, the monitoring station sends a security guard to investigate. As soon as the guard is on site, the monitoring station can remotely deactivate the intrusion detection system.

Advantage: The lawyers can use the services of the monitoring station in absolute privacy – without disclosing codes to external parties, such as the security guard.


Master keypad

Enables easy and time saving operation of the entire system from a single control panel.


Master keypad

If the firm’s lawyers are on the road or in court, the reception staff assume responsibility for the operation of the intrusion alarm system. A master keypad is set up in reception, making the entire system fast and efficient to use.

Advantage: At the master keypad, employees can monitor and control the status of each office (activated/ deactivated). This saves having to manually check each individual workstation or office to individually set the various alarms.

A Tradition of Quality and Innovation

For over 125 years, the Bosch name stands for quality and reliability. Bosch is the global supplier of choice for innovative technology, backed by the highest standards for service and support.

Bosch Security Systems proudly offers a wide range of security, safety, communications and sound solutions that are relied upon every day in applications around the world, from government facilities and public venues to businesses, schools and homes.

Bosch Security Systems

To learn more about our product offering, please visit or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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