ProBook 4440s, 4540s and 4740s Notebook PCs Your business

ProBook 4440s, 4540s and 4740s Notebook PCs Your business
ProBook 4440s, 4540s and 4740s Notebook PCs
Your business partner
Ideal for SMBs, these notebooks offer
multimedia tools, easy-to-use security,
aluminum casing for added protection and
three display sizes. Gain discrete graphics
and battery-saving mode.22
HP recommends Windows.
Protection inside and out.
The aluminum casing offers extended durability to keep up with
mobile use. The smudge-resistant and wear-resistant HP
DuraFinish keeps the metallic gray color looking polished.
The spill-resistant keyboard helps protect sensitive electronics
and key components from minor spills with a thin layer of Mylar
film under the keyboard.
Accidents happen. HP 3D DriveGuard8 helps protect your laptop's
hard drive against impact, bumps and drops so your data has
enhanced protection.
Easy-to-use yet robust security features safeguard your data
from unauthorized users. From requiring a fingerprint swipe to
Face Recognition,23 your notebook is protected.
Accomplish more with the right business tools
Use discrete graphics to create brilliant visuals and your PC
automatically switches to battery-saving mode when every day
applications are used. AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics make it
happen without adding to your To Do list.22
Add edge to your presentations. Play, edit and create video and
audio files with Cyberlink Media Suite (Windows 8) or ArcSoft
TotalMedia Suite (Windows 7).
When size matters, choose the display size that works best for
you. Opt for a 14- or 15.6-inch diagonal HD1 display or a 17.3inch diagonal HD+1 display. Whether you’re looking for a highly
portable notebook, a laptop with a large display or somewhere in
between, these laptop computers answer the call.
Mix business with pleasure
Watch training videos at work and enjoy your favorite flicks at
home—all thanks to the pre-loaded multimedia software. Use
the HDMI port to plug into a large display at home, while running
a movie downloaded to your notebook.2
Face time counts. Gain enhanced communication with on-board
HD Web Cam for HD Video and videoconferencing.1,27 The
Cyberlink Media Suite (Windows 8) or ArcSoft Total Media Suite
(Windows 7) can be used to initiate your webcam and do personal
photo editing and video recording.
After a long day at work, relax to crisp tunes coming directly from
your business notebook and SRS Premium Sound.
ProBook 4440s, 4540s and 4740s Notebook PCs
HP recommends Windows.
Operating system
Windows 8 Pro 6428
Windows 7 Professional (available through downgrade rights from
Windows 8 Pro) 29
Windows 8 6428
Windows 7 Professional 644
Windows 7 Home Premium 644
Windows 7 Home Basic 644
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11
Windows 8 Pro 3228
Windows 8 3228
Windows 8 Enterprise 3228
Windows 8 Enterprise 6428
Windows 7 Professional 324
Windows 7 Home Premium 324
Windows 7 Home Basic 324
Windows XP Pro (discrete graphics not supported)
Microsoft WHQL
SUSE Linux
3rd Generation Intel® Quad-CoreTM Core i7, Dual-CoreTM 21 Core i5 , and i3; 2nd Generation Intel® Dual-CoreTM 21 i5 , and i3; Intel® Celeron®
Mobile Intel® HM76 Express
DDR3 SDRAM, 1333 MHz, two slots supporting dual-channel memory,7 1/2/4 GB SODIMMs, up to 8 GB total5
Internal Storage6
320/500/750 GB 7200 rpm SMART SATA II HDD; 320/500/640/750 GB 5400 rpm SMART SATA II HDD; HP 3D DriveGuard 8
Removable Storage
Fixed 12.7 mm SATA optical drive: DVD+/–RW SuperMulti DL Drive,9 Blu-ray ROM DVD+/-RW SuperMulti DL Drive,9, 10 DVD-ROM (4540s, Japan only) or
weight saver
HP 4440/1s: 14” diagonal LED-backlit HD1 anti-glare or BrightView (1366 x 768)
HP 4540s: 15.6” diagonal LED-backlit HD1 anti-glare (1366 x 768)
HP 4740s: 17.3” diagonal LED-backlit HD+1 anti-glare (1600 x 900)
Integrated: Intel HD1 Graphics 4000 (3nd Generation Intel Quad-Core 17 and Dual-Core i5 and i3); Intel HD1 Graphics (Celeron configurations)
Discrete: AMD RadeonTM HD1 7650M, with 1 or 2 GB dedicated DDR3 video memory
High Definition Audio (SRS Premium Sound), stereo speakers, single integrated digital microphone or dual array microphone on models with optional
HD Webcam1, 9, 17
Wireless Support9,12,13
HP un2430 EV-DO/HSPA Mobile Broadband Module;9,12 HP hs2350 HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Module;9, 12 Ralink 802.11b/g/n9,13 1x1, Atheros
802.11b/g/n9,13 1x1, Atheros 802.11b/g/n9,13 1x1with Bluetooth® v4.0 combo , Broadcom 802.11b/g/n9,13 1x1with Bluetooth® v4.0 combo , Intel
802.11 b/g/n 2x2 with Bluetooth® v4.0, Intel 802.11a/b/g/n 9,13 2x2 with Bluetooth® v4.0, Intel 802.11a/b/g/n9,132x2with Bluetooth® v2.1 (on Linux
operating system)
Realtek 10/100/1000 Ethernet Controller
Ports and Connectors
2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI 1.4a,2 1 stereo microphone input, 1 headphone/line out, 1 RJ-45 (Ethernet), 1 power connector
Expansion Slots
Multi-media Reader Slot supporting SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MMC+, Memory Stick
Input Devices
Full-sized, spill-resistant keyboard, touchpad with scroll zone and gestures support; numeric keypad (4540s and4740s); power button, 2 launch
buttons (Web browser, WLAN)
(Windows OS only)
Cyberlink Media Suite (Windows 8 only), HP Recovery Manager; HP Support Assistant; HP Quicklaunch Buttons Software; HP Web browser; HP Power
Assistant (Windows 7 only);14 HP Peak Power Manager (web only);14, 30 HP Connection Manager(Windows 7 only); HP Wireless Hotspot (Windows 8 and
web only); HP Wireless Assistant (Windows 7 only); ArcSoft Total Media Suite (Windows 7 only); Microsoft® Office Starter (Windows 7 only): reducedfunctionality Word and Excel® only, with advertising. No PowerPoint® or Outlook®. Buy Office 2010 to use the full-featured software15; Buy Microsoft
Office to activate Office Software on this PC. Skype ready27; WinZip Basic (Windows 7 only); Evernote; Adobe® Flash; PDF Complete Corporate Edition;
Intel Wireless Display (WiDi)26
Custom Integration Services provides tailor-made, turnkey solutions for Business Ready PCs.
Standard: HP Client Security (Windows 8 only), HP ProtectTools (Windows 7 only), Microsoft Defender, Drive Encryption (will be web-only ready at
Win8 GA date), Credential Manager,25 HP Security Manager,8 HP SpareKey, Device Access Manager w/ JITA, One Step Logon, File Sanitizer for HP
ProtectTools (Windows 7 only),19 Pre-Boot Security, HP Face Recognition,18 Lock slot
Optional: Intel® AT (requires a Computrace subscription), 3 HP Fingerprint reader
(w x d x h)
HP 4440/1s: 13.35 x 9.27 x 1.10 in / 33.9 x 23.5 x 2.8 cm (at front)
HP 4540s: 14.76 x 10.09 x 1.13 in / 37.5 x 25.6 x 2.8 cm (at front)
HP 4740s: 16.29 x 11.00 x 1.15 in / 41.3 x 27.9 x 2.9 cm (at front)
HP 4440/1s: Starting at 4.84 lb (2.20 kg) with optical drive (weight will vary by configuration)HP 4440/1s: Starting at 4.55 lb (2.07 kg) without optical
drive (weight will vary by configuration)
HP 4540s: Starting at 5.45 lb (2.47 kg) with optical drive (weight will vary by configuration)
HP 4540s: Starting at 5.14 lb (2.33 kg) without optical drive (weight will vary by configuration)
HP 4740s: Starting at 6.72 lb (3.05 kg) with optical drive (weight will vary by configuration)
HP 4740s: Starting at 6.44 lb (2.92 kg) without optical drive (weight will vary by configuration)
HP 4440/1s and 4540s: 9-cell (93 WHr) Lithium-Ion battery, 6-cell (47 WHr) Lithium-Ion battery; 90W HP Smart AC Adapter (discrete graphics) or 65W
HP Smart AC Adapter (integrated graphics); HP Fast Charge16
HP 4740s: 8-cell (73 WHr) Lithium-Ion battery; 90 W HP Smart AC Adapter
Expansion Solutions9
HP USB 2.0 Docking Station, HP Essential USB Port Replicator, HP LAN and USB Travel Hub
Limited 3 year, 1 year and 90 day warranty options available, depending on country, 1 year limited warranty on primary battery. Optional HP Care Pack
Services9,20 are extended service contracts which go beyond your standard warranties.
For more details visit:
ProBook 4440s, 4540s and 4740s Notebook PCs
HP recommends Windows.
Windows 8 Pro 28
HD webcam (optional)1,4
14-inch HD1 display
Full-size keyboard
on HP ProBook 4440s
HP Fingerprint Sensor9
VGA port
with Gestures support
HDMI 1.4a port2
USB 3.0 ports
Aluminum surfaces
Media Card Reader
ProBook 4440s, 4540s and 4740s Notebook
Windows 8 Pro28
HP recommends Windows.
HD webcam (optional)1,4
15.6-inch HD1 or 17.3-inch
HD+1 display
Keyboard with numeric keypad
on HP ProBook 4540s and 4740s
HP Fingerprint
with Gestures
VGA port
HDMI 1.4a
Media Card
USB 3.0 ports
Scratch-resistant Aluminum
ProBook 4440s, 4540s and 4740s Notebook PCs
HP recommends Windows.
HD content required to view HD images.
HDMI cable sold separately.
Intel® AT security requires a separately purchased Absolute Computrace service subscription and must be activated and configured. Check with Absolute for
availability in your country. Intel and HP assume no liability for lost or stolen data and/or systems or any other damages resulting therefrom. See
This system may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware to take full advantage of Windows 7 functionality. Not all features are available in all
editions of Windows 7. See for details.
Maximum memory capacities require Windows 64-bit operating systems or Linux. With Windows 32-bit operating systems, memory above 3 GB may not all be
available due to system resource requirements.
For hard drives, GB = 1 billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 16 GB (for Windows 7) and 36 GB (for Windows 8) of system disk is reserved for the
system recovery software.
Dual Channel is only supported when the system is configured with DDR2 symmetric memory (i.e. 2x256).
Microsoft Windows required.
Sold separately or as an optional feature.
Blu-ray is a new format containing new technologies, certain disc, digital connection, compatibility and/or performance issues may arise, and do not constitute
defects in the product. Flawless playback on all systems is not guaranteed. In order for some Blu-ray titles to play, they may require an HDMI digital connection and
your display may require HDCP support. HD-DVD disks cannot be played on this drive. Note that DVD-RAM cannot read or write to 2.6GB Single Sided/5.2 GB Double
Sided – Version 1.0 media. Actual speeds may vary. Don’t copy copyright-protected materials. Double Layer discs can store more data than single layer discs; discs
burned with this drive may not be compatible with many existing single-layer DVD drives and players.
Weight varies by configuration and components.
Wireless use requires separately purchased service contract. Check with your local vendor for coverage area and availability in your area. Connection and speeds will
vary due to location, environment, network conditions, and other factors.
Wireless access point and Internet service required. Availability of public wireless access points limited.
Power calculations and cost calculations are estimates. Results will vary based on variables, which include information provided by the user, time PC is in different
power states (on, standby, hibernate, off), time PC is on battery or AC, hardware configuration, variable electricity rates and utilities provider. HP advises customers to
use information reported by HP Power Assistant for reference only and to validate impact in their environment. Environmental calculations were based on U.S. EPA
eGrid 2007 data found at Regional results will vary. Microsoft Windows required.
Includes reduced functionality versions of Word and Excel. Purchase of Product Key required to activate full Office 2010 suite available at participating
resellers/retailers and
Fast Charge Technology recharges your battery up to 90% within 90 minutes when the system is off. Fast Charge Technology does not apply to the 9-cell battery.
When the PC is powered on, charge time may increase and will vary based on the workload of the notebook PC.
Internet access required.
Microsoft Windows and webcam required.
For the use cases outlined in the DOD 5220.22-M Supplement.
Service levels and response times for HP Care Packs may vary depending on your geographic location. Service starts on date of hardware purchase. Restrictions and
limitations apply. For details, visit
Multi-Core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this
technology. 64-bit computing on Intel® architecture requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, operating system, device drivers, and applications
enabled for Intel® 64 architecture. Processors will not operate (including 32-bit operation) without an Intel® 64 architecture-enabled BIOS. Performance will vary
depending on your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance.
AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics technology requires either an AMD "A" series APU or an Intel processor, plus an AMD Radeon™ discrete graphics configuration and
is available on Windows® 7 Professional, Home Premium, and/or Home Basic OS. With AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics technology, full enablement of all discrete
graphics video and display features may not be supported on all systems (e.g. OpenGL applications will run on the integrated GPU or the APU as the case may be).
Requires Microsoft Windows and webcam, as well as user’s mobile phone set up.
WWAN is sold separately on the HP ProBook 4440s and 4540s Notebook PCs. Wireless use requires separately purchased service contract. Check with your local
vendor for coverage area and availability in your area. Connection and speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions, and other factors. WWAN is
not available on the HP ProBook 4740s.
In order to deploy and receive updated policies, the client needs to be connected to the network server and requires separately purchased DigitalPersona Pro
software. System access may not prevent users from logging into the system on the first attempt if policy updates haven't yet been received and applied. Requires
Microsoft Windows.
Integrated Intel Wi-Di feature is available on select configurations only and requires separately purchased projector, tv or computer monitor with an integrated or
external Wi-Di receiver. External Wi-Di receivers connect to the projector, tv or computer monitor via a standard HDMI cable, also sold separately.
Skype Ready. Skype is not offered in China.
Not all features are available in all editions of Windows 8. Systems may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware, drivers and/or software to take full advantage of Windows
8 functionality. See for details.
This system is preinstalled with Windows® 7 Pro software and also comes with a license and media for Windows 8 Pro software. You may only use one version of the Windows software at a
time. Switching between versions will require you to uninstall one version and install the other version. You must back up all data (files, photos, etc.) before uninstalling and installing
operating systems to avoid loss of your data.
HP Peak Power Manager replaces HP Power Assistant for both Win7 and Win8. HP Peak Power Manager will be available on the web for download for existing product owners.
© 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products
and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an
additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Bluetooth is a trademark of its proprietor and used by
Hewlett-Packard Company under license. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Intel® and Intel® Core™ are trademarks of Intel Corporation
in the U.S. and other countries. Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
To learn more, visit
September 2012
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