Chordette product sheet NEW

Chordette product sheet NEW
Product information sheet
The Chordette Peach, developed from
the highly successful 2008 Chordette
Gem, integrates with an existing HiFi
system and allows the transfer of music
from a Bluetooth enabled product. The
Peach adds optical and coaxial inputs
vastly expanding the system possibilities.
The USB port allows direct streaming of
audio from a Personal Computer or
Modern phones, personal digital
assistants and personal computers now
have the ability to transmit high quality
audio using the Bluetooth Advanced
Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) or the
even higher performance APT-X standard.
Using a custom designed Bluetooth
receiver we have been able to extract
and decrypt the normally unused digital
audio information and input this directly
into a high quality digital to analogue
converter. Unlike the analogue audio
outputs seen from other Bluetooth devices
this gives us much better performance
and enables CD like transfer of music
from the Bluetooth device. Connection is
a breeze and uses a very simple pairing
procedure and with a range of up to 30
meters it can be used anywhere in the
home. Both A2DP and APT-X dongles are
available for Apple connection (iPods
and iPhones), USB connection or MP3
connection using a 3.5mm jack.
The USB port can be connected to a
personal computer and will seamlessly
appear as an audio device by the
operating system. Any music played on
the computer will be digitally decoded
and then converted to a HiFi quality
signal for playback. The Bluetooth, USB,
Optical and Coax inputs can be selected
using a simple switch on the rear of the
device. Audio outputs connections are
made via two RCA phono sockets.
The Optical and Coax inputs allows the
possibilities of connecting to multi-room
distribution devices such as the Apple
Airport or a SONOS system and vastly
improving the audio quality within these
popular multi-room solutions.
The Peach allows you to unlock the
potential of virtually ANY device either
with solid electrical connection or via
wireless high quality Bluetooth, and use it
as a high quality music source. When
combined with a Chordette Prime you
can use the Chordette control connection
so that all the available inputs can be
switched remotely through the Prime Preamplifier, which further enhances the
functional possibilities of both the GEM
and Prime.
The Peach has a 5 position rotary control
switch at the rear of the unit. Position 1
USB, 2 Bluetooth, 3 Coax, 4 optical
Toslink and position 5 relinquished the
manual control to the Prime via its remote
control. The colour of the lens will
change in according to the input pressed
on the remote, blue for Bluetooth etc.
for the way you listen
Technical specifications
for the way you listen
< -100 dB (1kHz, 24-Bit @ 44.1KHz
Sample Frequency)
100dB @ 1KHz
1 x USB (44/48Khz, USB 2.0 Compliant)
1 x Bluetooth supporting A2DP and
APT-X Stereo Audio
1 x TOSlink Optical (44 – 96KHz)
1 x Coax SPDIF (44 – 96KHz)
2 X RCA Phono
1 x Chordette Control signal
44KHz – 96KHz
(Sample rate determined by connection)
2V rms. unbalanced
75W (short circuit protected)
160 x 70 x 40mm (Width x Height x Depth)
for more information: 01622 721444 • [email protected] •
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