Perfecto2 -

Perfecto2 -
Home Oxygen without Compromise
The stylish Invacare Perfecto2 oxygen concentrator is designed to
exceed the requirements of the patient and provider in the ever
demanding home oxygen market. The latest innovations in power and
sound management result in lower running costs and increased patient
comfort. The discreet package blends into the patient’s environment
whilst fulfilling prescriptions up to 5 liters per minute. With no
component maintenance required for 5 years the Perfecto2 combined
with HomeFill® is the lowest 'Total Life Cost' home oxygen solution.
Whisper quiet performance
Compact and quiet, the stylish
Invacare Perfecto2 can be easily
integrated into the home environment.
Innovative techniques have reduced
the compressor and purge sounds to an
almost undetectable level. Your peaceful
environment will be yours to enjoy with
the knowledge that you are receiving an
uninterrupted supply of home oxygen.
Low power consumption
Intelligent low power management
software adjusts the internal system
pressures according to the output
demands. For the average user this
equates to an additional 20 Watts per
hour saving below the already low
300 Watt average consumption. With
Perfecto 2 low power consumption,
Invacare is pioneering power saving
technology together with high output
Uncompromised reliability
With no compressor rebuild for at least
5 years you have the peace of mind
that you will receive the oxygen you
need when you need it. Thanks to the
latest advances in sieve material and
compressor technology Perfecto2 will
deliver you the lowest ‘Total Life Cost’
home oxygen concentrator.
Features and Options
Power Saving
Looking after the environment
with intelligent low power
management software.
Reliable oxygen supply
No compromise: The full size
compressor has no maintenance
requirements for 5 years.
Easy to maintain
Filter maintenance is performed
through the rear access door.
SensO2 gives patients the peace
of mind that they are receiving
high purity oxygen.
Features and Options
User friendly design
Conveniently located, easy to see humidifier bottle holder. Easy to
access controls and display.
Complete patient solution
XPO2 with Perfecto2 provides complete patient care.
HomeFill compatible
Benefit from the independence and convenience of filling your own
lightweight cylinders
(Model: IOH200AW)
Paediatric Flowmeter (Optional)
Adapt to low flow patients with no permanent modification using
PreciseRX remote delivery device. Adjustable flow from 50cc to
750cc per minute.
(Art. no.: 1514913)
Technical data
305 mm
380 mm
585 mm
20,5 kg
230 V, 50 Hz
Up to 2500m
ISO8359, MDD
280 W @ ≤
3 l/min
max. 300 W
0.5 - 5 l/min
87 - 96%
34.5kPa ± 10%
<37 dB (A)
higher than 85%
- green light Normal
between 73% and 85%
- yellow light Check filter and flow rate
lower than 73%
- red light & audible alarm Call service technician
Service Interval
No provider routine preventative maintenance for 3
years, replace filters as required.
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Alarms & Safety
Battery-free power-loss alarm ■ Resettable circuit
breaker ■ SensO2 oxygen purity monitoring ■
Compressor High Pressure relief valve ■ Compressor
High Temperature shut down ■ High & Low internal
pressure alarms ■ Self-diagnostic codes with
memory for technicians ■ Low flow alarm
All information quoted is believed to
be correct at time of print.
Invacare® reserves the right to alter
product specifications without prior
Perfecto - EU - 09/2010
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