Saitek Turtle Beach Ear Force P21

Saitek Turtle Beach Ear Force P21
Configuring the
PS3° Chat Settings
IMPORTANT: In order to hear other
players you must make sure that the
following is configured in the PS3 Settings:
Step 1
After powering on the PS3, go to
“Settings” > “Accessory Settings” >
“Audio Device Settings”.
Step 2
Click on “Input Device” and select
“Turtle Beach USB Headset” from the
Step 3
Click on “Output Device” and select
“Turtle Beach USB Headset” from the
Step 4
Click on “Microphone Level” and
adjust the level of your chat output so
that the bar graph barely reaches the
red area when you speak loudly.
Step 5
Click on "OK".
3 Audio Device Settings
aa Level 2
- Input Device Turtle Beach USB Headset ,
Configuring the
PS3 Audio Settings
IMPORTANT: In order to hear game
audio in the P21 headset, you must
make sure that the following is
configured in the PS3 Settings:
Step 1
After powering on the PS3, go to
“Settings” > “Sound Settings” >
“Audio Output Settings”.
Step 2
Select "Audio Input Connector /
SCART / AV Multi” to send the audio
to the P21.
Step 3
Press “X" to save this setting.
If you are using the HDMI or Digital
(optical) output on your PS3 for
external speakers, you will need to
change this setting to accommodate
these devices. Please note that you
can not use the audio output from the
standard PS3 AV cable simultaneously
with an HDMI or Digital (optical)
audio output.
€«» Audio Output Settings
HDMI — ——""
Digital. [email protected]) и
aan Audio Input Connector / SCART / AV MULTI
y —
Turn on the power of the connected device.
O Cancel
About the P21 Headset
The Ear Force® P21 pushes your PS3
gaming experience to a new level with
superior stereo sound and crystal-clear
communication on the PlayStation®
Network (PSN). By combining PSN
online chat with stereo game audio,
the P21 lets you hear the voices of
online players together with the game
sound, without the need for external
speakers and a communicator headset.
The P21 gives you a competitive
advantage by enabling you to clearly
communicate with others online while
bringing out subtle sound cues in the
game that are difficult to hear with
speakers—such as the footsteps of an
enemy sneaking up on you or the
loading of a weapon at a distance.
With its exceptional audio quality,
convenient online communication and
comfortable ergonomic design, the
P21 can help you become a better
player while making it a lot more fun
to play games on your PS3!
Important Information
1. Be careful when turning on the
master volume control on the
headphones. Before placing the
headphones over your ears, set the
volume control to minimum, then
slowly increase until you reach a
comfortable level.
2. Like any speakers, overdriving
headphones may cause damage to
both the headphones and your ears.
Please listen at moderate levels.
3. WARNING: Long term exposure to
loud music or other sounds in
headphones may cause hearing
damage. It is best to avoid extreme
volume levels when using
headphones, especially for extended
periods. Over time, your ears adapt to
the volume level, so a level that may
not cause initial discomfort might still
damage your hearing.
Package Contents
e Ear Force P21 headset
* USB extender cable
e This User's Guide
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Voice Chat + Game Audio
for the PlayStation® 3
User’s Guide
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Connecting the P21 Using
the Standard PS3® A/V Cables
These instructions show how to set up
the P21 using the standard A/V cables
included with the PS3 so you can listen
to the game sound on either the P21 or
the TV speakers.
Step 1 a
Connect the PS3
audio cables
to the P21
audio cables
USB Extender
10 Video
Step 2
Connect the P21
audio cables Step 3
(red/white) to the Connect the P21
TV audio input USB/power jack
(red/white). to an open USB
port on the PS3.
Use the included
USB extender
cable if
Step 4
Connect the PS3
video output
plug (yellow) to
your TV's video
input (yellow).
Connecting the P21
to a PS3 with HDMI
These instructions show how to set up
the P21 with the PS3 A/V cables and an
HDMI cable for HD video. The
connections are identical to the
standard set up, except the composite
video (yellow RCA jack) is replaced by
the HDMI video connection.
оо `
Step 1
Connect the
PS3 audio
cables USB Extender
(red/white) Cable (included
to the P21 with your P21)
audio cables [*
Video HDMI
É (yellow) E:
Audio not used |
LE ооо | 00
Step 2
Connect the
P21 audio cables
(red/white) to the
TV audio input (red/white).
Step 3
Connect the P21
USB/power jack to
an open USB port
on the PS3. Use
the included USB
extender cable if
You will have to change the
PS3 video output to HDMI in
the Settings menu. (Settings
> Display Settings > Video
Output Settings > HDMI).
Step 4
Connect one end
of the HDMI
cable to the
HDMI output on
the PS3 and the
other to the
input on your TV.
Connecting the P21
to a PC or Laptop
Connecting the P21 to a PC or Laptop
requires an optional RCA to 3.5mm
adapter cable. This lets you insert the
P21 RCA plugs into the PC sound card
jack so the P21 game audio volume will
control the PC game sound in the
Inserting the P21 USB plug into the PC
USB port lets you access the P21 mic and
chat as a USB audio device in Windows®
Operating System. You can then assign
the P21 mic and chat in your game
software as a USB audio device. It
should appear as “Turtle Beach USB
Headset” in the game software audio
configuration screen.
To purchase the optional RCA adapter
cable, please visit the P21 accessories
section on
Optional adapter
cable is available at
Step 1
Connect an
RCA to 3.5mm
adapter (not
included) to the
P21 red/white audio
plugs and insert it
into the sound card
output on your PC
or laptop. Step 2
Connect the P21
USB plug into a
USB socket on
your PC or laptop.
Using the Amplifier
Using the Chat Boost™ Feature
Mic Mute LED
Turns RED when the mic is muted and GREEN
when the mic is on.
Mic Mute Switch
When “ON”, the microphone is muted so you
won't be heard by other players online.
Expander Switch
When “ON”, the expander spreads out the
stereo separation for a fuller game sound.
Bass Boost
Sets the intensity of bass boost level applied
to the game audio.
Chat Boost LED
The intensity of this blue LED indicates the
amount of Chat Boost applied to the chat
signal. The LED intensity increases as Chat
Boost increases the level of teammates'
voices in response to louder game sound.
Chat Volume
Sets the level of other player's voices on the
PlayStation Network. Chat Boost increases
this volume as the game sound increases.
Game Audio Volume
Sets the game sound level.
Mic Monitor (not shown)
When the mic is not muted, you'll hear
yourself speak in the headphones, so you
won't shout as much when talking online.
Stereo Bass Boost
Mic Mute Expander Level
Mic Mute Switch Switch
Indicator / и
LED | —
EE 1)
‚ Game Audio
Incoming Volume
Chat Boost Chat
Indicator LED Volume
Chat Boost is a dynamic talkback
expander built into the P21 headset that
automatically amplifies incoming chat
during loud moments in your game. This
allows you to always hear your
teammates, regardless of the game
Typically, if you turn up the headset
game volume, the chat sound level could
become difficult to hear over the game
sound. However, with Chat Boost, as the
game audio increases, the chat volume
also increases and the chat voices will
keep up with game level so you can hear
what the online players are saying. When
the game volume quiets down again,
Chat Boost automatically returns the chat
level to the lower volume setting.
The blue Chat Boost LED indicator will
become brighter as the game volume
gets louder and the chat level is increased
to compensate. When the LED is dim, the
chat volume is only slightly increased.
When the LED is bright, the chat volume
is significantly increased.
To properly set the Chat Boost function:
1. Turn down the game volume control
on the P21 amplifier so there is no game
2. Adjust the chat volume control on the
P21 amplifier so you can hear the chat
voices at a comfortable level.
3. Gradually turn up the game volume.
You will notice that the chat volume will
increase as the game gets louder—just as
if the talkback volume control is being
automatically turned up along with the
game level.
If the chat volume on the P21 amplifier is set too loud, Chat
Boost might increase the chat level so much that the
incoming voices will distort. If this happens, turn down the
chat volume on the P21 amplifier.
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