What makes SpeakerLink, SpeakerLink?
What is SpeakerLink?
SpeakerLink is an audio & communication interface between Meridian products. 2 channels
of digital audio are sent via S/PDIF using the AES-EBU standard along with the exchange of
Meridian communications and RS232.
Is this a network cable?
It’s a misconception that SpeakerLink works similar to TCP/IP networks, although they share
similar cable structure and plugs; they do NOT carry the same type of data.
TCP/IP networks implements a feature that requests missing data packets lost during
transfer; this introduces time delays and creates a busy environment.
SpeakerLink only sends digital audio to the destination; this ensures there is a clean steady
stream of audio.
Why SpeakerLink cables?
SpeakerLink cables have an additional outer shield around the plug and a braided shield
throughout the cable length; when connected to a Meridian product it helps prevent
interference and preserves the digital audio signal from the surrounding environment.
CAT 5, 6, 7?
CAT rating is a standard for the maximum data throughput achieved over a specific distance.
SpeakerLink cables have been selected for their audio and shielding properties, not their
data transfer properties. This is important to remember, although we use a Category 7 cable
for our installation cable, this is not the sole reason why we use this cable.
Custom installation SpeakerLink
Do I need the Meridian crimp tool?
Yes, the crimp tool terminates the Meridian RJ45 plugs to the shield on the cable.
Can I use my own plugs?
No, The Meridian RJ45 plugs have been selected so that the plug shield crimps correctly to
the cable shield.
Meridian SpeakerLink 19/11/2012
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