Works with
Which Interton hearing aids work with
the Interton EasyHearing app?
Which mobile devices work with the Interton
EasyHearing app?
The short answer is all Interton wireless hearing aids:
The Interton EasyHearing app is compatible with the following mobile devices:
Interton Phone Clip 2
Interton wireless hearing aids
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS
7 or later.
Smartphone running Android™ version
2.3.5 or later.
Interton Centro ™
Interton Step ™*
Where can I find the
Interton EasyHearing app?
Interton Crisp ™
Works with
The Interton EasyHearing app is
free to download. On your mobile
device, go to the App StoreSM or
Google Play™ and search for Interton
EasyHearing. Tap Get and then
Install on the App Store and Install
on Google Play to download the app
to your mobile device.
*Note to hearing care professional: to use the Interton EasyHearing app with Interton Step
and Crisp hearing aids, first pair the hearing aids with the Interton Remote Control 2. This will
enable the remote control function on the Phone Clip 2. Make sure the Interton Crisp hearing
aids have been updated with the latest Appraise fitting software.
Interton Centro hearing aids need
to use the Interton Phone Clip 2 to
connect to the Interton EasyHearing
Updated compatibility information is available on the App Store and Google Play.
Pair your hearing aids to your Interton Phone
Clip 2 and your mobile device
Before you can use the Interton EasyHearing app, you have to pair both
your mobile device and your hearing aids with your Interton Phone Clip 2.
How to pair your mobile device
with the Interton Phone Clip 2.
Remove the silver cap of your Phone
Clip 2 and turn it and your mobile
device on.
Find the Bluetooth settings in the
main menu on your mobile device
and turn it on. If you are unsure how
to do this, you can find instructions in
your device’s user manual.
Use the tip of a pen to press the blue
button on the back of your Phone Clip
2 once to put it into pairing mode for
120 seconds.
On your mobile device, choose to
search for Bluetooth devices. It might
do this automatically.
Your Phone Clip 2 will show up on
your mobile device’s Bluetooth list as
Hearing Aid Phone.
If your mobile device asks you for a
passcode, enter 0000 (four zeros)
and your Phone Clip 2 will pair to your
mobile device.
If your mobile device asks which
Bluetooth service you wish to enable,
select Headset.
How to connect your mobile
device to the Interton Phone
Clip 2
How to pair the Interton Phone
Clip 2 with Interton wireless
hearing aids
Once paired, your mobile device may
prompt you to confirm that you want
to connect with the Phone Clip 2.
You also need to pair your Interton
hearing aids with your Interton
Phone Clip 2.
However, if you have to manually
connect, find the list of Paired
Devices on your mobile device’s
Bluetooth menu.
Press the white button beneath the
silver cap on the Phone Clip 2.
First tap Hearing Aid Phone and then
Open the battery door on each
hearing aid and then close it within
20 seconds of pushing the white
Easy control over your Interton hearing aids
Get off to a great start with your
Interton EasyHearing app
Now that your hearing aids and
Interton Phone Clip 2 are paired
with your mobile device, it is time to
explore your Interton EasyHearing
app. You are about to find out how to
turn your mobile device into a remote
control for your Interton wireless
hearing aids.
Tap the launch icon on your
home screen to activate
the app
Choose connect now when the
dialogue box asks if you want to
connect now or run in demo mode.
Tap agree to accept the terms of use.
Interton EasyHearing app overview
We inform you that it is a good idea
to turn off your mobile device’s
touch sounds/keyboard clicks in the
Settings menu of your mobile device
so they won’t interfere with your
Phone Clip 2 or EasyHearing app’s
Finally, you will see a message telling
you that you can find tutorials under
Settings which show you how to
get the most out of your Interton
EasyHearing app.
The app has two main screens: volume control and program selection. You can move from one
screen to the other by tapping the navigation buttons. There is also a link status button so you
can check your devices are still connected.
The Volume Control is the
app’s start screen.
Swiping your finger up or
down will adjust the volume
of both hearing aids together.
The button beneath the
volume bars will mute or
unmute your hearing aids
with a single tap.
If you swipe your finger to
the right you can see only
the volume control for your
left hearing aid, and swiping
your finger to the left will
show you the same for your
right hearing aid.
This makes it easy to control
the volume or mute the
sound of your hearing aids
* If you have hearing instruments with volume synchronization activated, both instruments will respond to individual volume adjustments on the left or right side. Speak to
your hearing care professional if you would like this deactivated.
Interton EasyHearing app overview
When you are streaming
sound from an Interton TV
Streamer 2 or an Interton
Mini Microphone, or your
phone, the volume screen
will display yellow bars
between the two white
The yellow bars adjust the
volume of the sound you
are streaming.
Tap the menu icon button
at the top of the Volume
Control screen to select
a hearing aid program
optimized for a particular
hearing situation.
Tap a Hearing instrument
program or a Streaming
program button to activate
a regular program or
streaming from one of your
Interton wireless accessories.
Tap the link icon button in
the bottom right-hand corner
of the Volume Control screen
to go to the Link Status
Link Status shows you the
status of the connections
between your mobile
device, Interton Phone Clip
2, hearing aids and your
Interton streaming accessory
if you are using one.
If a connection is missing,
the green connection line will
turn red and an exclamation
mark will appear.
Tap the exclamation mark to
bring up the troubleshooting
guide to help you fix your
Tap Close in the top lefthand corner to return to the
Volume Control screen.
Edit program labels lets
you change the names of
your programs and Interton
streaming accessories. Tap Reset
to return to the default program
and streaming names.
Demo mode runs Interton
EasyHearing without connection
to the Phone Clip 2 as a
Tutorial gives you a tutorial of
Interton EasyHearing.
Pairing shows you how to pair
your mobile device with Interton
Phone Clip 2.
About Interton EasyHearing
provides you with additional
information about Interton
EasyHearing along with where
you can find support.
Interton – Essential Hearing
Founded in Germany in 1962, Interton today
is part of one of the world’s largest hearing
instrument organisations, the GN Group.
We use their proven core technology in a
way that falls in line with our own way of
doing things. We believe that most people
need a straightforward, functional and
easy-to-use hearing solution at a fair price.
So that’s what we give them.
Please also refer to interton.com/support
for more information and the user guide
for the Interton EasyHearing app.
Interton A/S |
Tel: +45 4575 1111
Lautrupbjerg 7
DK-2750 Ballerup
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