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New Media Catalogue
Between acoustic
excellence and new trends…
With 35 years of experience in the design
and manufacture of speaker drivers and
hi-fi loudspeakers, Focal has also been
displaying its expertise in new ways to
listen to music in recent years. This is
the DNA of the New Media Collection:
while its design and miniaturization are
different from the usual form of our traditional loudspeakers, the heart of the product,
the authenticity of the sound, the quest for
excellence, are exactly the same...
Focal has always focused all its attention
on the reproduction of a textured and rich
sound. Our unique know-how, our many
patented technological innovations, the use
of specific materials: all of these components are symbols of the attention we pay
down to the smallest details. Details that
enable us to better manage all of the factors
that influence sound quality. Controlling
the mass, rigidity and damping provides
our cones with strong acceleration and
low distortion. The result is dynamic real
and natural sound that is unique to Focal,
and a major asset in terms of responding
to the demands of audiophiles and other
music lovers.
At the same time, the music world has
undergone many changes in recent years.
Access to music is easier than ever with
files going digital. The trend towards miniaturization has opened the door to new
players, the "plug & play" solutions are
buzzing all around, sources are many and
wireless, and TVs are becoming sources in
their own right. In short, uses evolve and
music is everywhere, at the flick of a switch.
In this context, Focal decided to integrate
these new ways of listening into its range,
including miniaturization of speakers,
but without compromising the quality of
the music, which forms a core part of
our values. This challenge required the
expertise of our enthusiastic engineers
and gave rise to the New Media Collection:
multimedia wireless speakers, mini
Home Cinema systems and satellites,
subwoofers or even headphones all have
the characteristic of a tailor-made design
and with great ease of use and integration.
The New Media Focal are products adapted to new uses, to which we applied the
formulas that have made our classic ranges
a success to bring out real hi-fi products and
to remain true to our values while satisfying
our customers of today and tomorrow.
> F or over 35 years Focal has been developing and manufacturing loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for the car, monitor speakers for recording studios and more recently headphones.
Market leader in high-fidelity, Focal’s worldwide reputation is well known: our brand is recognised everywhere for its sound quality and its numerous technological innovations.
Dimension, The Real TV Sound
Building on 35 years of expertise
when it comes to the expectations of
music and home-cinema fans in terms
of sound, Focal infuses its acoustic
know-how into a new sound object: the
soundbar Dimension.
A key innovation is the five patented
high-bandwidth and ultra-thin speakers,
offering a very low frequency response
and featuring a central inverted dome
which radiates the treble.
It results in a very shallow depth of
We were very quick to notice that most 65mm and a remarkable coherence
soundbars try to seduce consumers across the audio spectrum, regardless
by combining a compact design with of listening position.
adequate sound power, even if it
means forsaking clarity and neutrality
of dialogues. Easy to install and use,
innovative and distinctive by its acoustic
design, Dimension goes further and
provides flat screens with real power,
excellent audio quality and a perfect
> Dimension Soundbar associated with Dimension Sub
Supporting Dolby Digital and DTS
encoding, Dimension provides
perfectly intelligible and natur alsounding dialogues whilst adding
a subtle contrast with the picture. In
terms of power, its 450W max, perfect
for rooms even measuring over 50 m2,
will satisfy lovers of great shows.
> Brush aluminum casing and intuitive touch interface
Featuring an intuitive and discreet touch
interface, Dimension only requires
setting up once, in a few minutes,
and benefits from the CEC command
to control your system with a single
> Dimension and Sub Air wireless subwoofer
(More information on our website
5-channel sound bar
Speaker drivers
5 ultra-flat speaker-drivers made of paper
cones - 315/16" (10cm)
Integrated amplification
6-channel 450 Watts
Frequency response
(+/- 6 dB)
50Hz - 25kHz
2 x HDMI™ (OUT/IN)
Digital Optical Toslink
Analogue 3.5 mm Jack
Subwoofer outputs
Dimension Sub Out: Powered output
dedicated to Dimension Sub
Sub Line Out: Low-Level output compatible
with all amplified subwoofers
Soundbar on furniture
451/4x41/2x41/2" (115.5 x11.5 x11.5cm)
Wall-mounted Soundbar
451/4x29/16x515/16" (115.5 x 6.5 x14.7cm)
12lbs (5,5kg)
Bass-reflex Subwoofer
Speaker drivers
2 elliptical woofers 8" x 3" (20cm x 8cm)
Frequency response
(+/- 6 dB)
30Hz - 110Hz
> K eeping with the times, Dimension can also be connected to a smartphone or a tablet to listen to
your audio files. All you need is Focal’s optional Bluetooth® aptX® Universal Wireless Receiver.
Concerned about the perfect integration of Dimension when not
choosing the on-wall installation,
Focal imagined a support, which is
perfectly adapted to associate simply the screen and the soundbar on
furniture. Dimension and Dimension
Sub, its optional subwoofer, then
become one making a true sound
plate for your TV.
Thanks to its subwoofer with which it
associates easily, Dimension benefits
from the addition of a sixth channel for
a true 5.1 experience.
Dimension Sub is made with solid MDF
and has been reinforced and topped
with an elegant black glass plaque.
It features in fact two extremely flat
speaker drivers working in push-push
configuration to avoid any vibrations,
which may be damaging to the screen.
Those preferring to mount Focal’s
soundbar to a wall can combine
Dimension with a wireless subwoofer
such as Focal Sub Air.
Zero Vibration design
Support for screen of 50" and over
451/4x1213/16x41/2" (115.5 x32.5x11.5cm)
Subwoofer + Soundbar
451/4x161/8x41/2" (115.5 x41x11.5cm)
31lbs (14kg)
wireless high-fidelity sound
Easya is Focal’s “Made in France” new
innovation which straddles the Classic
and New Media Collections. This
new generation of wireless amplified
loudspeakers combines the ease of
use of modern loudspeakers with the
same remarkable sound quality as our
traditional loudspeakers.
This loudspeaker system is composed
of a Hub and two amplified floor-standing loudspeakers. Two-and-a-halfway bass-reflex loudspeakers, built-in
85W RMS amplifier, Polyglass cone
speaker drivers, new TNV2 Aluminium/
Magnesium inverted dome tweeters
with Poron suspension...
Easya embodies all the traits of a
100% Focal, high-fidelity loudspeaker
providing a seamless soundstage with
admirable spatialisation, an essential
quality to ensure your listening pleasure.
The installation and use of Easya
correspond perfectly with the new
uses of music: everything is directly
built into the loudspeaker, so external
amplifiers or cables are no longer
required. The wireless Hub is a digital
transmitter sending sound signals to
the loudspeakers, and thanks to Kleer ®
technology, there’s no loss in quality or
> Black High Gloss or White High Gloss finishes
What distinguishes Easya even more in
Focal’s range of products is the strong
identity of its design, setting it apart
from the previous traditional ranges.
Curved design, aluminium stand, builtin LED: created by the design firm
Pineau & Le Porcher, Easya is a product
with definite high-perceived value.
Powered wireless 2-1/2 way
bass reflex floor-standing
Polyglass woofer 5” (13cm)
Polyglass bass/midrange 5” (13cm)
Al/Mg TNV2 inverted dome tweeter (25mm)
Low frequency - 6 dB
43 Hz
Amplifier power (RMS)
85 W - 4 Ohms @ 1% THD+N
Dimensions (H x W x D)
355/8 x 63/4 x 97/16” (905 x 172 x 240mm)
Net Weight
37.5lbs (17kg)
Transmission type
Range Around
10m without obstacle
< 0,1 % (20Hz – 20kHz)
Sampling Rate
16 bits
Dimensions (H x W x D)
115/16 x 511/16 x 52/3”(49 x 145 x 144 mm)
Net Weight
0.66lbs (300g)
> Dôme Polyglass and Dôme Flax can both be accompanied by the wireless
Sub Air subwoofer for a 5.1 set-up. Providing intense and deep sound, Sub
Air is free from any cables and has a flat, compact design, making it easy to
integrate into any interior.
> Available in Black or White finish.
> Dôme Satellite: Simplicity, power and distinction.
> A vailable in Black or White. finish.
Dôme, the sonic spotlight
worth with the high-fidelity Aria 900
loudspeakers and the Car Audio kits in
the Performance range, and offers a
distinct improvement in definition and
better linearity in frequency response.
Thanks to the spectacular capabilities
of the speaker drivers in both these
models, Dôme is predestined for rooms
Dôme Polyglass, the original satellite up to 430ft2 (40m2).
loudspeaker of the range, ensures
neutrality, excellent dynamics and a As for the style, Dôme has a refined
precise sound image thanks to the design. There are no visible screws, and
Polyglass cone speaker drivers. The the noble materials and luxury finish
more recent addition to the family, provides high perceived value. This
Dôme Flax, benefits from the innovative speaker is multi-directional and can
composite sandwich cone made with be fitted to a wall, the ceiling or a stand
natural flax. It has already proved its with ease.
Dôme is a high-end and high-tech
compact loudspeaker made in France
which is perfectly in line with current
trends! Two models are available, each
featuring a different Focal speaker
driver technology originating from the
brand’s most prestigious loudspeakers.
> Dôme Flax is now available in a 5.1.2 pack composed of:
5 white Dôme + 2x300 IC W4 + Sub Air
> F loor stand for Dôme - sold separately.
Dôme Flax
Dôme Sub
Sub Air
Ultra compact 2-way sealed speaker
Ultra compact 2-way sealed speaker
Active bass-reflex subwoofer
Wireless active bass-reflex subwoofer
4" (10cm) Polyglass Mid-bass
1" (25mm) Al/Mg
inverted dome tweeter
4" (10cm) Flax Mid-bass
1" (25mm) Al/Mg
inverted dome tweeter
8" (21cm) Polyflex woofer
8" (21cm) woofer
cellulose pulp cone
Frequency response (±3 dB)
80Hz - 28kHz
80Hz - 28kHz
42Hz - 200Hz
42Hz - 200Hz
Nominal impedance
8 Ohms
8 Ohms
Amplifier power
25 - 100W
25 - 100W
BASH 100W amplifier
BASH® 150W amplifier
Variable crossover 50Hz to 200Hz,
Autopower, LFE input
Variable crossover 50Hz to 200Hz,
Autopower, Wireless transmitter
(KLEER technology ) with LFE,
RCA input
Dimensions (H x W x D)
63/4x511/16x55/8" (172x144x143mm)
63/4x511/16x55/8" (172x144x143mm)
153/4x107/8x107/8" (400x276x276mm)
169⁄64x1411⁄64x619⁄64" (410x360x160mm)
Net Weight
4.2lbs (1.9kg)
4.2lbs (1.9kg)
18lbs (8.2kg)
17lbs (7.65kg)
Sib & Co, a new way to live and listen
Designed to provide high-quality 5.1
sound, the Cub 3 is a compact product that
incorporates only those functions strictly
necessary for the purpose. This makes it
extremely simple to install and use, and
there is no need to compromise on acoustic
Sib was designed to simplify daily life, for performance.
all types of music or video content. Thanks
to its exceptionally practical design and For optimal output, the Cub 3 has a 21cm bass
the multiple ways it can be mounted – the reflex woofer and modern 150 watt BASH®
speaker can be positioned on the floor, on amplification, allowing it to reproduce every
furniture or on the wall around your screen – nuance of the bass register. Its “Soft Touch”
matt finish means it will perfectly blend into
Sib is simplicity itself to install.
your home.
The Cub 3 is an iconic subwoofer, intended
entirely for use with Home Cinema systems.
The Sib satellite speaker represents a first
foray into the universe of high-fidelity sound
and can now look back on an impressive
longevity as an entry-level compact acoustic
Sib XL
2-way compact bass-reflex speaker
2-way bass-reflex LCR speaker
5" (13cm) Polyflex woofer
3/4" (19mm) mylar tweeter dome
013/16x51/8" (2x13cm) Polyflex midbass
OAL 3/4" (19mm) aluminum tweeter dome
Frequency response (±3 dB)
75Hz - 20kHz
67Hz - 35kHz
Nominal impedance
8 Ohms
8 Ohms
Amplifier power
15 - 75W
15 - 150W
Dimensions (H x W x D)
103/4x59/16x67/16" (247x142x164mm)
197/8x55/8x41/4" (505x142x108mm)
Net Weight
4.6lbs (2.1kg)
8.8lbs (4kg)
> 35” (90cm) optional Hip stand for Sib
> 35” (90cm) optional Hop stand for Sib XL
> 14” (35cm) and 7” (17cm) optional Bop stand for Sib XL
> Sib: jointed and rotating loudspeaker.
Available in Black or White.
Compact bass-reflex active subwoofer,
150W BASH® built-in amplifier
8" (21cm) Polyflex woofer
Frequency response (+/- 3dB)
40Hz - 120Hz
Variable crossover 50Hz to 200Hz,
Autopower, LFE input
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Net Weight
24.2lbs (11kg)
Home Cinema
Choose your configuration on
As part of its constant drive to innovate
and provide the very best in sound quality,
Focal is launching 5.1 packs Home Cinema,
which meet the expectations of even the
most demanding cinema lovers!
expertise in acoustics: each speaker has
been meticulously designed and carefully
tuned by our engineers.The speakers in the
Home Cinema range were developed using
the same principles as our most advanced
products ensuring that they embody the
Visually appealing, compact and capable Focal “Spirit of Sound”.
of being seamlessly installed in any decor,
these customised packs provide a sound The Home Cinema range is based on research
quality in keeping with the high-definition done by Focal, which led to the creation of
images of modern media, giving you an favourites such as Sib and Dôme. All of these
astonishingly powerful and high-quality are genuine high-fidelity speakers. They
sound experience in your own home. The are furthermore designed to be able to
packs are the product of Focal’s unique be installed in any home setup. Whether
wall- or ceiling-mounted or placed on an
item of furniture, they will perfectly blend
into your interior design, thanks to their
sleek design and modern finish. The size
and composition of these packs are all
designed to reproduce the soundtracks
to your favourite movies and are tailored
precisely to your listening space, both in
terms of dimensions and, needless to say,
the desired volume.
In addition to our various satellite speakers,
we also offer three subwoofers from which
to choose, based on personal requirements.
First, the Cub3 is an example of a classic Focal subwoofer. Second, the Sub Air
offers increased freedom and ease of use
thanks to its wireless connection. Finally,
the Dôme subwoofer’s unique design and
premium material and manufacturing add
to its appeal.
The combination of these details means
that Home Cinema packs from Focal
guarantee faithful reproduction of the
"Spirit of Sound" for the enjoyment of
cinema and music at home.
> You no longer have to choose between sound quality and picture quality. According to
your desire, these lightweight and compact systems can be mounted to the wall or
integrated into your furniture. There’s no need to re-design your living space according
to your sound system, the sound system needs to adapt to and discretely blend into
your home, apart from when listening to the soundtrack of your favourite films! The
Home Cinema systems will place you at the heart of the works of the seventh art.
Focal XS 2.1,
THE multimedia system
Focal XS 2.1 is an example of true Focal sound.
It is a 2.1 high end multimedia solution with
integrated USB soundcard and an iPod dock.
Designed as a monitoring system, it has been
developed on one hand for those who are
looking for an experience beyond their existing systems and on the other hand, for the
"ProAms" who want a control tool for music
and video creations.
Its sober and modern design allows a perfect
integration next to computer such as an
Aluminum iMac®.
Focal XS is truly a compact, high-end system.
It is composed of two satellite loudspeakers
and a subwoofer, a high quality USB sound
card with converter (DAC) and a iPod dock for
audio playback and charging.
Connected in USB to a Mac or to a PC, XS
delivers sound which is at the same time
powerful, balanced and defined to accurately
reproduce music and sound from a
computer. Its 3,5 analog jack adapter enables
connection to any other audio sources.
Thanks to its remote control (magnetic to fix
it to the XS stand) you can change volume and
access other iPod functions making XS 2.1 a
really friendly addition.
2-way shielded multimedia speaker
Active bass-reflex subwoofer
3" (8cm) paper cone woofer
3/4" (19mm) mylar dome tweeter
61/2" (16.5cm) paper cone woofer
Frequency response (+/-3dB)
150Hz - 20kHz
39Hz - 150Hz
Max. SPL
104dB SPL / 1m
105dB SPL / 1m
Dimensions (HxWxD)
125/8x39/16x57/8" (320x90x150mm)
101/4x91/16x149/16" (260x230x370mm)
Net Weight
Dedicated to sound and comfort
Very first Focal in-ear headphones, Sphear
breaks with conventions and proves that
high-fidelity in-ear headphones can be
used for hours on end without the slightest
Its innovative concept when it comes to shape,
Sphear has redefined the approach towards
the ear canal: memory foam or silicone
tips on the front adapt naturally to the ear;
an extended housing at the back shifts the
weight of the headphones to the inferior
auricle of the ear. This relieves the ear canal
from excessive volume and weight which
generally resulted in temporary discomfort.
10.8-mm transducers successfully provide
surprising tonal balance never heard before
in this family of headphones. It is faithful to
Focal’s historic acoustic signature, the “Spirit
of Sound”, with a particularly rich mid-range
which is never muffled. Moreover, the bass
level on Sphear has been slightly increased
for mobile use in noisy environments. Finally,
these in-ear headphones offer harmonic
richness from the low end to the high end, for
true listening pleasure.
Sphear are the most accomplished in-ear
headphones to date, the most comfortable
and the most generous for enjoying your
music, wherever you are. In this age of “HighResolution”, through its spherical design and
its preservation of Focal’s acoustic signature,
Sphear provides a unique solution for those
passionate for high-definition sound.
In-ear headphones
16 Ohms
103dB SPL / 1mW
@ 1kHz
<0,3% / 1kHz /
Frequency response
20Hz - 20kHz
Electrodynamic 07/16" (10.8mm)
Net Weight
0.04lbs (15g)
Spirit Classic,
Rendez-vous with your music
Voluntary positioned in the high-end segment,
both in terms of design and sound, offering an
exceptional value for money on this market,
Spirit Classic is harmoniously completing our
headphones range.
Designed for a use at home, in a quiet
background, they meet demanding customers’
expectations for who aestheticism, refinement
and acoustic quality are essential in one
Spirit Classic is a closed headphones with
premium materials and sophisticated finishes
(solid, brushed and polished aluminium).
The large circum-aural ear cups, the use
of memory foam cushions and the large
headband offer more comfort during long
listening sessions.
Ear cushions perfectly fit with the head shape
to ensure an excellent tightness without
pressure. Bass performance is thus improved
and outside disturbance reduced. Finally,
Spirit Classic asserts itself thanks to its "Hot
Chocolate" finish and its seams inspired by
saddlery style.
The combination of Focal's latest developments in headphones micro-acoustics as well
as our legendary know-how in the design of
high-performance transducers makes the
Spirit Classic a true example of our "Spirit
of Sound": our sonic signature for a "live",
dynamic, powerful spirit, and a faithful reproduction of the music.
Supplied with 2 OFC audiophile quality cables
(1m40 et 4m), 2 jack adapters (6,35 and
3,5mm), Spirit Classic can become nomad
without difficulty when the audiophile who
uses it at home wants to move with his/her
Closed back, circum-aural headphones
32 Ohms
102dB SPL / 1mW
@ 1kHz
<0,3% / 1kHz /
100dB SPL
Frequency response
5Hz - 22kHz
Matching 19/16" (40mm)
Net Weight
0.68lb (310g)
Spirit Professional,
purely professional
The Spirit Professional headphones are the
direct result of Focal’s historical expertise in
the design of high-performance transducers.
In line with the Focal Professional monitor
range, this monitoring solution will exceed the
Studios, Broadcast environments as well as
Home Studios’ expectations and needs.
Spirit Professional is an exceptional work
tool, capable of ensuring high-quality control
of monitoring activities. The close attention
paid to the design of the Mylar/Titanium alloy
speaker drivers ensures sound reproduction,
which respects the original dynamics of the
audio signal offering remarkably high definition
and neutrality. Finally, the extremely precise
reproduction of bass frequencies detects the
slightest of imperfections in a mix freed from
the acoustic constraints related to the size of
their workstation.
In a studio environment, comfort is critical for a
professional headphone that will be used for extended
periods of time. The circum-aural closed design of the
Spirit Professional headphones was chosen to optimise
fitment around the ear and memory foam was used for
the ear pieces and the headband to ensure a perfect fit
regardless of user’s morphology.
The Black Textured finish gives the headphones a
simplistic look and providing excellent shock and
scratch-resistant qualities.
Closed back, circum-aural headphones
32 Ohms
102dB SPL / 1mW
@ 1kHz
<0,3% / 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Frequency response
5Hz - 22kHz
Matching 19/16" (40mm)
Net Weight
0.6lb (280g)
Spirit One S,
One Sound, One Style
Spirit One S is the fourth pair of headphones
developed by Focal’s R&D team, and it takes
full advantage of our latest advances in terms
of headphone expertise. And in particular
those achieved with Spirit Professional and
Spirit Classic, both launched in late 2013 and
praised by critics. Definition and rich midtreble are here for the taking.
Designed with portability in mind, Spirit One S
has an improved frequency response in the
bass to provide a perfect equilibrium of tonal
balance in noisy environments. The larger
circum-aural ear cups and soft ear cushions
ensure perfect insulation, and a full, tight
bass without distortion. Its high sensitivity
provides excellent dynamics, even when using
smartphones with a low output level.
On the mechanical side, it was better to
combine various criteria to achieve optimal
comfort, lightness and robustness, key points
for portable headphones to ensure listening
pleasure without limits.
Spirit One S is perfect for all kinds of music,
a real prerequisite for Focal. Definition
and harmonic richness provide marvellous
reproduction of music with refined acoustics.
Great dynamics, vigorous bass and groovy
rhythms are guaranteed with all kinds of
vibrant music.
Spirit One S is destined for all those who are
searching for more than just a stylish product,
but also for real acoustic equipment... And
at a very reasonable cost, as these are the
most affordable headphones ever launched
by Focal.
> H ighly accessorised, Spirit One S is supplied with a detachable OFC
cable compatible with all smartphones, a sturdy carrying case and a soft
carrying bag, a 6.35mm jack and an airline adaptor.
Closed back, circum-aural headphones
32 Ohms
104dB SPL / 1mW
@ 1kHz
<0,3% / 1kHz /
100dB SPL
Frequency response
5Hz - 22kHz
Matching 19/16" (40mm)
Net Weight
0.6lb (280g)
Cable length
4.6ft (1.4m)
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Due to constant technological advances, Focal-JMlab® reserves its right to modify prices and specifications without notice. Non-binding pictures-Photos L’Atelier Sylvain Madelon.
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