Brochure for Ultimaker 2+ Printers – Academic

Brochure for Ultimaker 2+ Printers – Academic
Ultimate 3D Printer Essentials Kit
for Ultimaker 2+ Printers FREE for
Over $399
Includes proven tools and parts to keep your classroom in full operation!
Kit Contents*:
Available Exclusively from TEC
1. This Kit includes an Extra Ultimaker “Glass Bed”
to keep the printing process on going. No time
wasted waiting for “Cool-down Cycle”. Start the
next print job right away.
7. Extra “Bowden Tube Kit” needed to replace
damaged or bent Bowden tube. Kit includes two
tube coupling collets and two clamp clips to keep
the print jobs going.
2. “Printed Part Removal Tool” (2) to easily assist part
removal from bed while preventing damage to printed
part and print bed.
8. Extra 0.4mm original Ultimaker “Replacement
Nozzle”. This is not a knock off. Designed and
manufactured by Ultimaker to replace a damaged or
worn nozzle.
3. Nozzle cleaning “Brass Brush” (2) used to clean
exterior of nozzle before setting “Z” height and
between print jobs.
4. TEC “Store ‘n Save” heavy-duty waterproof Mylar
Zip-lock material storage bags (3). Comes with
moisture absorbent desiccant pack for moisture free
storage for PLA, Nylon and any other material that
can be affected by humidity.
5. Colored “Bed Adhesive Sticks” (3) are used when extra
strength is needed to adhere printed part to bed. Color
shows where the adhesive has been applied. Use adhesive
per the manual to prevent curling and edge lifting of high
temperature materials like ABS.
6. Part finishing waterproof dual grit “Sanding Sticks”
(5). Abrasive sticks a necessary tool to smooth
parts that are left rough from raft removal or after
removing support material.
9. Filament clips keep your filament spool from
unraveling, saving time and down print time due to
tangled filament.
10.Needle nose pliers to clean up parts.
11. Full version commercial 3D Direct Modeling CAD
software “KeyCreator.” Used by engineers, academic
institutions and corporations like Boeing. Use for
creating create your own 3D models and .STL files
for the Ultimaker.
12. Memory Card to USB Adapter for easy transfer of
files from your computer to the Ultimaker 2+/Ext
*Kit contents to may change or be substituted at TEC’s discretion based
on item availabillity. Printer not included. **Free for schools with the
purchase of a printer. Retail cost is $150.00. Shipping additional.
1-800-338-2238 | | [email protected]
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