Harris Intraplex STL Systems BSW`s Got Em!

Harris Intraplex STL Systems BSW`s Got Em!
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STL Systems
BSW’s Got Em!
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Industry-Leading Intraplex STL HD:
Program Audio, Data & Telephone Over T1
Harris Intraplex STL HD and STL HD PLUS:
Choose Uncompressed or Compressed Audio Systems
• Send program audio,
data signals and phone
• Point-to-point or pointto-multipoint setups
The Harris Intraplex STL HD is a digital Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) system specifically
designed for IBOC conversion for HD Radio. It is an ideal choice for a single studio-totransmitter link or multi-location wide area audio, telephone and data network. You can
deploy it as a wide area audio and data transport network allowing multiple locations
to share talent and administrative resources, reducing operating costs. These other
applications “ride for free” with the program audio. The STL HD operates over all types
of T1 circuits: private, public leased (telco) circuit, microwave and Spread Spectrum
radio or T1 subcarrier over video microwave.
The basic IX-STLHD package provides linear 16-bit uncompressed audio transfer. The
system includes two T1 multiplexers, one each 48/44.1 kbps linear stereo audio encode
and decode modules with audio connections and a universal AC power supply. Both
analog and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs are provided. The IX-STLHDPLUS
provides 24-bit apt-X compressed audio transfer rather than uncompressed audio.
Intraplex systems are modular/expandable to multiple systems and you may add
additional compressed or uncompressed audio , data, and telephone cards. You may
also add a CrossConnect server for point-to-multipoint systems. Call for details.
MAIN Features:
• 24 chnls 16-bit uncompressed audio (IX-STLHD) or 24-bit compressed (IX-STLHDPLUS)
• 44.1 ksps audio modules take full advantage of IBOC conversion for HD Radio
• Unique features support IBOC including built-in data channel for program associated
data, digital and analog I/O and AES timing clock input
• Across town or across country, digital audio is crystal clear regardless of distance
• STL HD is inherently bi-directional and allows simultaneous transport of TSL backhaul,
plus LAN data, telephone circuit or remote control over the same link
• IntraGuide software provides system control
STL HD Pkg T1 w/ 16-bit Uncompressed Stereo Audio List $7,350.00
IX-STLHDPLUS STL HD Pkg T1 w/ 24-bit Compressed apt-X Audio List $10,800.00
ncompressed audio
or apt-X algorithm
for highest quality
compressed audio
• S oftware or hardware
Harris Intraplex NetXpress STL Over IP
Harris brings the reliability and quality of Intraplex to IP audio transport with the
new Intraplex NetXpress IP multiplexer. As the industry’s first truly integrated,
managed platform, NetXpress offers a complete set of management controls
designed to handle the most complex audio contribution/distribution networks.
With NetXpress, you get Packet Size Control. This allows you to control packet
size for every stream. If low delay is critical to your operation, you can set packet
size to a minimum and the packetization delay can be kept below 3 ms. Jitter
buffer is user-adjustable to accommodate all IP network conditions, and Forward
Error Correction rebuilds lost or dropped packets to restore audio quality before
playout. Call BSW to learn more about STL over affordable and easily accessible IP.
With NetXpress, what was not before possible, is now possible over IP!
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
TFT Digital
STL System
The TFT 460/467 Digital
studio-to-transmitter link
offers six uncompressed
program channels in a
single 500 kHz RF channel
assignment along with a
data channel to meet the requirements of consolidated operations. It provides the
maximum number of high-quality program channels over a single RF channel.
This system consists of a transmitter and receiver pair that accommodates up to three
AES/EBU (stereo) inputs or up to six discrete audio channels. The transmitter has a
2-watt output and delivers them uncompressed in a configurable digital method
to the receiver. Sample rates of 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz are supported. The RF system is
frequency agile and set by software in the transmitter and receiver via front-panel
RS-232 ports. Call for more details and a price quote today.
460-467 Transmitter and ReceiverList $22,500.00
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TFT 5200 Economical Analog STL System
The TFT 5200 Series analog STL features up-to-the-minute technology in a budgetfriendly package. Consisting of a transmitter and receiver pair, the TFT 5200 delivers a
composite or mono signal with maximum flexibility and minimum of adjustment or
configuration. The transmitters have a nominal output of 10 Watts (also available with
20 watt transmitter #5200HP). The receivers have improved sensitivity for optimum
fade margin and reliability, and built-in automatic switchover. The RF entire system is
frequency agile and set by software from the front of the transmitter and receiver. Up/
down pushbuttons let you select the desired frequency. 1.7 GHz-140 MHz (in 20 MHz
sub-bands); 6.25 kHz step. Selectable pre-/de-emphasis; direct FM modulation.
10-watt STL
20-watt STL
List $4,695.00
List $4,995.00
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Rock Solid, Low Latency
STLs for IP and T1
With the highest audio quality, APT’s WorldNet
Oslo and Worldcast Horizon systems (below)
offer an STL solution for all broadcast budgets
and requirements. These units offer linear
audio, high-quality apt-X coding & MPEG
compression; mono, and stereo & multichannel delivery. All APT units incorporate DSP
architecture and provide a wide selection of
professional features such as alarms, contact
closures and support for embedded AUX data.
Contact BSW for a customized STL proposal.
APT WorldNet Oslo STL System
over IP (Up to 14 Stereo Channels)
The ultimate professional system for delivery of multiple channels of audio and data,
the APT WorldNet Oslo is a reliable, modular platform offering a wide variety of plugin cards for transport, audio and aux data. The IP-STL System delivers anywhere from
4 mono / 2 stereo to 28 mono / 14 stereo channels of linear PCM or apt-X encoded
audio over IP lines. Both analog and AES /EBU audio modules are available enabling
paths at 15 kHz for FM and 20 kHz for HD Radio.
Solid dependability comes courtesy of DSP-based architecture, hot-swappable
modules, passive backplane and a wide variety of failsafe options including redundant
PSUs and automatic back-up switching. Supplied as standard with the highly
acclaimed CMS management software, the WorldNet Oslo provides the broadcaster
with extensive monitoring and control over audio and network variables such as
Quality of Service, jitter buffers, packet size and latency.
2 x WorldNet Oslo, 4 Duplex Channels
(2 stereo pairs), Analog I/Os, IP , Enhanced apt-X WNO-IP-4D-X with digital rather than analog I/Os WNO-IP-4A-L 2 x WorldNet Oslo, 4 Duplex Channels
(2 stereo pairs), Analog I/Os, IP, Linear Audio WNO-IP-4D-L with digital rather than analog I/Os
WNO-2A 2 x Additional Analog Duplex Channels (1 Stereo Pair)
WNO-2D 2 x Additional AES/EBU Duplex Channels (1 Stereo Pair)
List $22,600.00
List $21,800.00
List $22,600.00
List $21,800.00
List $3,400.00
List $3,800.00
APT WorldNet Oslo STL System
Over T1 for FM, HD1 & HD2 Applications
The WorldNet Oslo T1-STL system is a powerful, modular solution for transmitting broadcast
grade audio over T1 lines with minimal delay. Highly configurable, the rock-solid platform
enables the transfer of either linear or apt-X encoded audio with digital or analog inputs/
outputs. On the entry level digital system, two AES /EBU Paths can be sent at 15 kHz over a
T1 for FM 1 & 2. An Ethernet input is also available to transport HD 1 & 2 UDP streams to the
Transmitter site in parallel with the audio streams.
Back-up T1 transport modules provide cross-connect functionality and advanced network
features such as drop and insert, drop and copy, and backup schemes, in addition to simple
unprotected point-to-point links. Using APT’s amazingly intuitive new CMS Software,
complex timeslot allocation and configurations can be carried out quickly and easily.
WNO-HD-4A-X 2 x WorldNet Oslo, 4 Duplex Channels
(2 stereo pairs), Analog I/Os, T1, Enhanced apt-X WNO-HD-4D-X with digital rather than analog I/Os WNO-HD-4A-L 2 x WorldNet Oslo, 4 Duplex Channels
(2 stereo pairs), Analog I/Os, T1, Linear Audio
WNO-HD-4D-L with digital rather than analog I/Os
WNO-2A 2 x Additional Analog Duplex Channels (1 Stereo Pair)
WNO-2D 2 x Additional AES/EBU Duplex Channels (1 Stereo Pair)
List $22,600.00
List $21,800.00
List $22,600.00
List $21,800.00
List $3,400.00
List $3,800.00
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APT WorldCast Horizon STL System Over IP
This professional and affordable STL system provides a fully duplex stereo pair over IP with
broadcast-grade audio quality and exceptionally low delay. In addition to audio transmission, the IP interface offers
extensive management and monitoring via APT’s highly acclaimed Codec Management System (CMS) Software.
The CMS enables easy set-up of many flexible network configurations for unicast, multicast and multiple unicast
applications and gives the broadcaster detailed control over parameters such as packet size, QoS levels & jitter buffers.
Ensuring resilience to tandem coding artifacts, the WorldCast Horizon utilizes non-destructive Enhanced apt-X
coding for high quality audio delivery. With a coding delay of under 2ms, Enhanced apt-X technology is preferred
for sending audio over IP networks.
The unit delivers frequency responses of 7.5 kHz (AM), 15 kHz (FM) as well as 20 kHz for HD applications. A
DSP-based architecture ensures rock-solid reliability and the unit also offer 7 Contact Closures, 4 Opto-Inputs
and an RS232 Data Channel. Both analog and digital (AES/EBU with external reference) units are available.
WCH-IP-2D 2 x WorldCast Horizon digital units for IP List $5,800.00
WCH-IP-2A 2 x WorldCast Horizon analog units for IP List $5,800.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
APT WorldCast Horizon STL System over T1
Designed specifically for HD Radio STLs, the WorldCast Horizon T1-STL system delivers a fully duplex stereo pair of
high-quality, low-delay audio between locations. In addition to the T1 interface for audio transmission and control,
the WorldCast Horizon provides an Ethernet input enabling the broadcaster to transport an HD UDP stream in
parallel with the audio stream to the transmitter site. WorldCast Horizon helps broadcasters eliminate issues of
cascading MPEG codecs on HD Radio links. Utilizing non-destructive Enhanced apt-X coding technology, the unit
delivers artifact-free, broadcast-grade audio quality with under 2ms delay. Available with either audio or digital
(AES/EBU) I/Os, the unit offers frequency responses of 7.5kHz (AM), 15kHz (FM) and 20kHz (HD).
WCH-T1-2D 2 x WorldCast Horizon digital units for T1 List $13,980.00
WCH-T1-2A 2 x WorldCast Horizon analog units for T1 List $13,980.00
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the professional broadcaster’s choice
IP & T1 STLs
BSW now offers
APT’s WorldNet Oslo -
WorldNet Oslo
the ultimate broadcast
platform enabling the
delivery of multiple
channels of audio and data
over T1 & IP lines.
Widely deployed in broadcast networks throughout the US and worldwide, the WorldNet
Oslo offers everything you could want from a professional STL including a flexible,
upgradeable platform, high quality audio and 24/7/365 reliability.
Also Available:
Flexible, Upgradeable Platform
With a modular approach and a large selection of audio, data and transport options, the WorldNet Oslo
can be tailored to the exact requirements of your current network and easily upgraded on-site as these
requirements change. Inherent flexibility enables LAN extension, ring networks with drop and insert over
T1 and unicast, multicast and multiple unicast configurations over IP.
Uncompromised Audio Quality
The WorldNet Oslo offers both linear PCM and Enhanced apt-X coding options to ensure that the audio
integrity is maintained throughout the broadcast chain. Enhanced apt-X will deliver the same audio
quality as linear with under 2ms delay and at a fraction of the data rate. Other options include MPEG L2,
J.57 and J.41 companding. With four channels of audio per plug-in module, up to seven audio modules
per unit, and a choice of over 20 different audio modules, each WorldNet Oslo has the capacity of up to
28 mono channels / 14 stereo pairs.
Rock Solid Reliability
Making sure your station stays on air even in the most stressful of circumstances is critical for
professional broadcast networks. On the WorldNet Oslo, solid dependability comes
courtesy of DSP-based architecture, hot-swappable modules, passive backplane,
redundant PSUs, automatic back-up switching and a user-configurable suite of
audio, link, sync and PSU alarms.
WorldCast Horizon
Bidirectional stereo audio codec
offering Enhanced apt-X over
IP. Both analog and digital (AES/
EBU with external reference)
units are available.
WorldCast Meridian
Multi-algorithm audio codec
with both IP & X.21/V.35
interfaces.Offers Auto Backup, Silence Detect, Contact
Closures, Alarm Ports and
DSP architecture for 24/7/365
Throw your terminal screwdriver in the trash can!
No Dip Switch settings here - configuration and control of the WorldCast
Eclipse is straight-forward and simple thanks to APT’s powerful and intuitive
Codec Management System (CMS). Offering extensive real-time management
of multiple codec units, the CMS enables alarm monitoring, logging and
performance monitoring as well as configurable user and audio profiles.
WorldCast Eclipse
A multi-interface, multialgorithm codec, the WorldCast
Eclipse delivers bidirectional
stereo audio over IP, Leased Line
and ISDN links. All WorldCast
codecs are supplied with the
CMS Management Software.
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Moseley All-Digital
4-Channel Aural STL
Moseley StarLink SL9003Q STL Systems
Moseley’s Starlink SL9003Q is an open architecture, all-digital aural STL
without compromise. Using spectrally efficient QAM (Quadrature Amplitude
Modulation) technology, it conveys up to four linear uncompressed audio
channels over a single narrow bandwidth 950 MHz STL channel. This
uncompressed 16-bit linear audio is absolutely uncompromised and can be
configured with up to two pairs of stereo audio (that’s like getting two radio signals for the price of one).
AES/EBU I/O, combined with a sample rate converter, provide seamless connection without delay. Selectable digital audio sampling
rates of 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz. Call BSW for the lowest prices on Moseley STLs today.
1 stereo pair 44.1 kHz audio sampling 16 QAM modulation
List $12,950.00
2 stereo pairs 32 kHz audio sampling 32 QAM modulation List $16,250.00
(on request two 44.1 kHz stereo pairs at 128 QAM can be special ordered)
SL9003Q-2SLAN 1 stereo pair 44.1 kHz, UDP Mux for HD Radio, 32 QAM mod. List $15,450.00
SL9003Q-4SLAN 2 stereo pair 32 kHz., UDP Mux for HD Radio, 64 QAM modulation List $18,750.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Moseley StarLink SL9003T1 Digital STL System Over T1 Lines
Looking for a Moseley T1 solution? The Starlink 9003T1 is a powerful, all-digital modular system for transmitting high-quality audio over T1 lines. It provides great flexibility in
configuring multiple channel STL/TSL. With configuration options limited only by the imagination. This system utilizes a range of personality modules and daughter cards in a
3-rack unit mainframe. The mainframe can house up to eight application-specific modules including 16-bit PCM linear digital audio, ISO/MPEG layer II or apt-X source coding,
drop/insert and variable-rate digital mux, speech/fax/data cards, T1/E1 and more. A building block “any-card, any-slot” approach is used resulting in lower cost, greater flexibility
and enhanced reliability. The use of international standard digital I/Os allows the system to seamlessly connect to the outside world. Linear digital audio can be delivered by use
of a source coder module, a source decoder module, two T1 line drivers, external CSUs and the mainframes. A digital four-port mux allows additional compressed audio channels
to be carried by the system. In addition, data and voice cards for transmitter control and operational communications can be added into the system. Several STL/TSL prepackaged systems are available. For example the SL9003T1-2X0 is a simplex 2-channel T1/E1 STL that provides stereo audio and RS-232 in one direction and two bidirectional
RS-232 data circuits. Includes two SL9003T1 chassis with power supplies, SL9000SET1 Source Encoder and SL9000SDT1 Source Decoder audio modules with AES/EBU and analog
I/Os and 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rates, four SL9000RS232 cards, 6-port Mux and CSU. Call BSW for a solution for your station.
2-channel, simplex (uni-directional) T1 STL system
2-channel, duplex (bi-directional) T1 STL system
2-channel, duplex T1 STL system with LAN duplex Ethernet channel
List $6,250.00
List $8,750.00
List $10,750.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Moseley Lanlink HS 900 LAN/IP Transmitters
The high-speed Lanlink HS 900 and HS 900D are long-range (up to 30 miles) point-tomultipoint IP/Ethernet/IP-based facility controller solutions. They allow broadcasters
to take advantage of existing 950 MHz aural STL antenna infrastructure and bring
LAN connectivity, along with two RS-232 data circuits, between a single studio and
multiple transmitter/studio sites. The LanLink connects remote controls, audio codecs
for back-up STL, and can also provide audio/video connectivity.
LANLINK HS 900: LAN extender/data link. Provides Ethernet Bridge at 1 Mbps/512 kbps
and two RS-232 channels at 1,200 bps to 115.2 kbps. Operates in the license-free 908-928
MHz ISM band. Requires external antenna system. Includes two LanLink HS 900 radios.
LANLINK HS 900D: LAN extender/data link with duplexer. Provides Ethernet bridge
at 1 Mbps/512 kbps and two RS-232 channels at 1,200 bps to 115.2 kbps. Operates in
the license-free 908-928 MHz ISM band. Built-in duplexer allows connection to existing lanlinkHS900 List $3,990.00
950 MHz antenna systems. Includes two LanLink HS 900 radios and duplexers.
lanlinkHS900D List $4,990.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
MARTI STL20 Series STL Transmitters/Receivers
The Marti STL-20C composite transmitter and companion SR-20C receiver form
a high-quality, frequency synthesized, radio link. Depending upon the available
bandwidth, the systems can transmit composite stereo with two subcarriers, or digital
stereo audio when used with external modems. Features: unexcelled composite
stereo separation, low noise and low distortion; 20 watts of power.
For mono operations, choose the STL20M. Separate right and left units can be linked
for stereo operation with greater interference rejection, superior noise specifications
and lower channel crosstalk than most composite systems. Four optional subchannels are available. Features: excellent square wave response; user-selectable
audio processing; low-pass and band-pass filtering for minimum overshoot. The
SR20M is the mono receiver.
Composite transmitter Composite receiver Mono transmitter Mono receiver
List $3,000.00
List $3,000.00
List $1,835.00
List $1,835.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Moseley PCL6020 STL Systems
The popular Moseley PCL6020 employs a synthesized reference oscillator to eliminate
fixed frequency crystals. Monaural or composite operation is available from a single
system. By selecting appropriate jumpers, you can enable wideband composite
stereo or 15 kHz monaural basebands.
The PCL6020 system consists of a transmitter and receiver. The PCL6030 model is
designed for hostile RF environments where adjacent channel rejection is required.
STL system
STL system with RF rejection
List $8,250.00
List $9,250.00
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For Tieline products,
see page 36.
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Build Your Own STL
TEAM with Musicam
Energy-Onix TeleLink III STL System Over T1 or IP
Musicam TeamMate
STL System Over T1
TEAMMATE shown fully
loaded with modules
Musicam’s TeamMate system delivers voice channels, high quality audio and data across
1544 Mbps structured T1 (or E1) circuits using time division multiplexing. Its multiplexer
supports up to four T1 links, with the ability to drop/insert time slots across any of
the connected circuits. Boasting a modular construction on a common backplane
architecture in a 19" rack, it offers the option of cascading up to 4 racks together for
great flexibility in the choice of input and output modules.
The TEAMMATE-T1 Module supports mux/demux signals over a full duplex 2Mbps
circuit and features RJ45 and BNC connectors and 75 or 120 Ohm impedance. The
TEAMMATE-CP Control Module manages the system, works as an additional input/
output synchronous data module and is also a router for a direct LAN connection using
TCP/IP protocol (Telnet). It facilitates switching between PCM buses and E1/T1 links.
The TEAMMATE-ENCODER Audio Encoder Module comes in 1 slot and 2 slot versions,
both supporting analog or digital inputs and offering many audio coding options. The
TEAMMATE-DECODER Audio Decoder Module also comes in 1 slot and 2 slot versions,
and supports analog or digital outputs. Both Encoder and Decoder Modules feature 24-bit
A/D conversion. The TEAMMATE-DATA Synchronous Data Module allows synchronous
transmission of data at Nx64Kbps and provides two WAN V24/V35 interfaces. For
maximum flexibility, there are two Power Supply Modules: an TEAMMATE-AC AC
module and a TEAMMATE-DC DC Redundant Power Supply (48V) Module.
Multiplexer main chassis
T1 module with motherboard
Control module
Audio encoder module
Audio decoder module
Data module
AC power supply
DC power supply
List $5,995.00
List $1,550.00
List $2,125.00
List $1,280.00
List $1,280.00
List $1,390.00
List $1,160.00
List $1,280.00
The Energy-Onix rackmountable Tele-Link III is a Linux-based, Internet STL stereo
analog system that delivers a high-fidelity stereo link over a conventional broadband
Ethernet connection. It consists of two terminals, each with an encoder and decoder,
and, using either MP3 or OGG-VORBIS codec, offers a sampling rate of 44.1 KHz with
a frequency response of 20 Hz to 17.5 KHz, a signal-to-noise ratio better than 95 dB
and a distortion of less than 0.005%. Both encoder audio inputs, as well as decoder
outputs are balanced, 600-ohm XLR terminations.
• Linux operating system
• Variable bit compression 16 to 128Kb
• Frequency response + 0.5db from 20 to 17.5KHz with 128 Kb bandwidth
• Typical program delay of 1-1/2 seconds
• Use with any Ethernet connection, DSL, T1, ISDN or spread spectrum wireless
• Balanced XLR inputs and outputs
• Each encoder capable of driving multiple decoders
• Solid-state hard drive
• LCD display of static IP and operating bandwidth
Internet STL stereo analog, simplex (uni-directional) List $2,495.00
TELELINKIII-DUPLEX Internet STL stereo analog, duplex (bi-directional)
List $2,995.00
TELELINKIII-SSOPTION Spread spectrum radio system option List $2,000.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Not Old RPU.
New Internet RPU!
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Energy-Onix E-Caster STL System Over T1 or IP
STL System
Over T1
(Composite Audio Transmission Link) from QEI is a pure digital STL/TSL for T1 that
provides real-time encoding/decoding with no compression techniques and no
audible delays to fluster on-air talent. It can send composite and high quality discrete
audio channels, and delivers flawless bidirectional transmission. Its output signal is
compatible with T1 (DS-1) facilities, fiber optic transmission media, and T1 (DS-1)
microwave using commercially available T1 subcarrier generators with a bandwidth
as little as 1 MHz.
You can expand the CAT-LINK system with Q-MAX Stereo Input and Output Modules,
featuring 64-times oversampling inputs and outputs, a 16-bit A/D converter on the
input module and an 18-bit D/A converter on the output module. Both modules
boast self-calibrating DC-offset circuitry for maximum sound quality. D-MAX Input and
Output Modules transport AES/EBU 16-bit digital audio from one location to another
with no audio compression or transcoding effects.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
The E-Caster is a Linux-based, digital audio RPU (Remote Pickup System) consisting of
two encoding/decoding terminals (originating and receiving) utilizing a conventional
broadband Ethernet connection. Its program-originating terminal contains one
encoder and one “cue talkback” decoder, and can accept three microphone and one
high-level balanced sources. The terminating terminal has a decoder for the program,
an encoder for “talking back ” and a balanced 17.5 kHz mono audio output. The
system features variable bit compression (16 to 64 Kb), a frequency response of
20 Hz to 17.5 kHz with 64 Kb bandwidth and four encoder inputs (balanced mono
with XLR terminations).
• 4-channel mono mixer can accept (1) high and (3) low level balanced inputs
• Variable bit compression 16 to 64 Kb
• Frequency response + 0.5db from 20 Hz to 17.5 kHz with 64 Kb bandwidth
• Typical program delay of 1-1/2 seconds
• Can be used with any Ethernet connection, DSL, T1, ISDNor Spread Spectrum
• Originating terminal contains one encoder and one “cue talkback” decoder
• The second terminal of the system contains a program decoder and a “cue
talkback” encoder.
• Four encoder inputs – balanced mono with XLR terminations
• “Cue” signal available with 15 kHz response. Its output level connected to left ear
of headphone set which is adjustable. Right earphone monitors program
List $2,495.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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Converting to HD Radio™ ? Look no further than Intraplex STL HD.
The Harris® Intraplex® STL HD provides high-quality audio, LAN, data
and voice circuits over telco or microwave T1 connections.
• Carry 15kHz audio for your
analog signal, and add a
LAN bridge for the output of
the HD Radio™ exporter.
• Carry 44.1ksps audio,
along with PAD data
for encoding at the
transmitter site.
• Utilize audio compression
by adding two LAN
bridges to keep your HD
signal separate from the
actual LAN traffic.
IX-STLHD — Uncompressed stereo
audio at 32 or 44.1ksps
IX-STLHDPLUS — Enhanced aptX
compression at 32, 44.1 or 48ksps
IX-4173 — LAN add-on package to
carry the IBOC IP digital signal
Whatever your HD Radio™ air-chain configuration, Harris can provision an STL
HD solution to meet your needs. Thousands of customers around the world have
come to trust the reliability and quality of Intraplex® multiplexers and their wide
array of plug-in modules for program audio, voice and data transport. Now,
Harris is working with BSW to make Intraplex® products easier to find and easier
to buy. Call BSW for details.
HD Radio and HD Digital Radio are trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corporation.
Harris is the ONE company delivering interoperable workflow solutions across the entire broadcast delivery chain with a single, integrated approach.
Business Operations • Media Management • Newsrooms & Editing • Core Processing • Channel Release • MEDIA TRANSPORT • Transmission
STL Comparison Chart
Data Channel
List Price
Sold as
Single or as
System Pair
Number of
Audio Channels
T1, E1, ISDN
T1, E1, ISDN
T1, E1, IP
T1, E1
T1, E1
STL20C & SR20C
10Base-T, RS232
$3.000.00 ea.
Two Singles
544 Kbps
384 Kbps
T1, E1
T1, E1
SYSTEM1S - base model
T1, E1
2, Expandable
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Marti SRPT-30 RPU
Marti’s SRPT-40A RPU
transmitter is easy to operate thanks
to its frequency-agile design. Now you can dial the exact frequency in from the front
panel from 430 MHz through 480 MHz in 12.5 kHz steps. The SRPT-40A features 40
watts RF output, 4 XLR mic inputs with one channel selectable line level, front-panel
metering, high-temperature protection, and “auto recover” if the power should fail.
Power via AC or DC to 30 volts.
The SR-40A is the companion receiver to the SRPT40A frequency-agile RPU
transmitter. It provides a front-panel frequency select switch, selectable metering
and a headphone jack. For more info see www.bswusa.com.
SRPT30 Transmitter
Transmitter Receiver
List $2,795.00
List $2,500.00
Marti 15-Watt
and 2-Watt RPU
Available in a wide range
of band models for
maximum flexibility, the
15-watt RPT 15 remote
pickup transmitter packs big features into a compact
package. Featuring one microphone input and one highlevel unbalanced input (as well as individual mixing gain
controls), it can operate from any available AC power source
or from an optional external rechargeable battery pack. The
RTP15 includes a built-in broadcast quality compressor/
limiter. Besides the audio connection, other connections
include 9-pin D connector and a SO-239 UHF female RF
connector. Bands: 150 MHz, 215 MHz, 300 MHz, 415 MHz and
450 MHz (specify when ordering).
The little brother to the RPT15, the RPT2 is always ready for
rapid deployment. This portable transmitter is capable of up
to 2.5 watts of RF output. Available in the same five bands
150 MHz, 215 MHz, 300 MHz, 415 MHz and 450 MHz (specify
when ordering) for maximum flexibility, it can operate for
up to 3 hours on its internal battery pack. Call BSW today for
more details and our low price quote.
15-watt transmitter
2.5-watt transmitter
List $1,935.00
List $1,935.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
The Marti SRPT-30 incorporates the proven synthesizer and RF amplifier designs
from the SRPT-40A (at left), but this unit is limited to two frequencies. The selected
frequencies can be changed at the factory. Features: output power is adjustable to
30 watts output; built-in compressor/limiter; four balanced XLR mic inputs with gain
controls (one switchable to line level).
The two-channel, frequency-synthesized SR-30 receiver has superior selectivity that will
help you maneuver through the high interference levels that plague today’s RPU bands.
It is designed as the companion for the SRPT-30 frequency-agile RPU transmitter.
List $1,695.00
List $1,595.00
Kathrein-Scala CA7-460
Yagi Antenna
This seven-element broadband design
covers the 450-470 MHz bands.
Impedance is 50 ohms, gain is 10 dB.
List $252.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Marti YC RPU Yagi Antennas
Marti’s YC-series antennas offer five or six elements
depending on the frequency selected and offer
a gain of 10 dB. Please specify frequency when
ordering (from 152.08 to 455.99 MHz to cover any
RPU application). The YC450 listed operates in the
450.01-455.99 frequency range.
List $225.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Will-Burt Hurry-Up
Telescope Mast
Marti RPU Base Station Antenna
The G6 450 antenna offers rugged construction for UHF applications.
It is over 7 ft tall. Specifications: 6 dBd gain at mid-frequency.
Frequency Range: 450-478 MHz. Bandwidth: 8 MHz. VSWR over
bandwidth: 1.5:1. Power Rating: 250 W. Input impedance: 50 Ohms.
G6450-1 List $253.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
The Will-Burt Hurry-Up mast is designed for
fast deployment of lightweight antennas. It
consists of six graduated aluminum tubes
which nest one inside another (6 ft. nested,
20 lbs.). It can be fully extended to 25 ft.
in one minute. Includes universal vehicle
mounting stand.
HURRYUP List $1,750.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Field Strength Meter
The FM-MC4/DFMA is the perfect
solution for FM signal analysis all
along the transmission chain. This
Mobile FM field-strength Meter and
dynamic base-band Analyzer is the
reference product for regulation
authorities, broadcasters and radio
stations worldwide. It provides very
precise readings, using a professional calibrated receiver as well as a
calibrated antenna. The FM-MC4 includes a GPS receiver for mobile
field-strength survey and quality of reception evaluation. Also
includes Goldenear software.
FMMC4 List $23,920.00
Belar CSA-1 Spectrum Analyzer
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Navigator Series
FM Signal Monitors
List $2,800.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
The rackmountable Navigator
1000 FM frequency-agile receiver
(not shown) offers comprehensive
Off Air Monitoring of several FM
programs. Boasting a RF, modulation,
pilot, RDS and DARC monitor in a single
1U - 19 " rack, its 5 relay outputs provide
alarms for RF level, audio, Stereo, RDS, DARC
depending on configurable thresholds. Its front
panel sports a 6.35mm stereo jack socket and LEDs that display each relay’s status.
The Navigator 100 is a compact and affordable mobile FM receiver with built-in
GPS and delivered with a flashcard. It’s the perfect tool for field tests, coverage, and
modulation analysis. It combines in the same chassis an RF, modulation, pilot, RDS
and DARC monitor. A must-have for all engineers, it comes with a .dll for Microsoft
Mappoint, a calibrated whip antenna, and a power supply.
Both units come complete with FM Explorer control and analysis software, providing
graphic data interpretation with many parameters available in multiple views.
Featuring complete FM multiplex power, deviation analysis, and interpretation of RDS
and DARC signals, it can be connected directly to a Navigator via RS232, or used with
multiple systems over TCP/IP through an Audemat-Aztec IP2 port. antenna or MPX
input / MPX output.
The Belar CSA-1 is a versatile FFT spectrum analyzer which may be used for AM, FM and
TV applications as well as just audio. Equipped with 2 MHz RF/IF, 150 kHz composite, 24
kHz L/R analog and 24 kHz L/R digital audio inputs, the CSA-1 can be used to view the real
time spectrum of a wide variety of input signals. The CSA-1’s 256 x 64 vacuum fluorescent
display provides clear high contrast images with several vertical and horizontal axis
controls, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to the unit’s amplitude and frequency
scales. An on-screen cursor function allows direct reading of any frequency and amplitude
displayed at 0.1 dB resolution. All these features combined make the CSA-1 a compact,
inexpensive and full-featured FFT spectrum analyzer for the broadcast engineer.
Audemat-AztecSilver Meter
– Mobile FM Meter
The Silver Meter is a compact and affordable
field strength meter for FM stations.
It includes a GPS receiver and software interface.
• New mobile FM meter dedicated to small/medium size stations
• Can perform FM RF campaign of a single station
• Enables analysis of FM and RDS subcarriers
• Possibility to export data to MapPoint PC software
• Configuration and readings visualization are done using the front panel LED
• Delivered w/PC software, external GPS receiver & FM antenna
List $2,950.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $3,910.00
List $6,450.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Audemat-Aztec Navigator
HD Signal Monitor
This is a compact, frequency-agile
monitor for easy field surveys as well
as on-site/studio monitoring of a
station’s complete FM and HD signal.
It combines in the same unit an
FM monitor and a HD monitor in a
rugged, field-worthy case. Designed
for carefree operation by nontechnical field personnel, it can be easily
programmed, with measurement campaigns
preset from the front panel or uploaded from a PC.
It features an external GPS receiver to store each measurement’s location
automatically with the signal parameters. You can read measurement levels from
the front panel or automatically store them on your PC. You can also export data
into third-party programs for automatic mapping of signal parameters. It includes
one headphone jack to verify tuning, plus flexible multiplex and auxiliary connectors
for custom applications. A calibrated FM antenna is included with its associated
calibration file and MapPoint DLL for direct exportation and map display.
It also boasts multiplex signal out and RS-232 control for custom applications. You
can set your unit to analyze every function of a multiplex signal for sophisticated subcarrier balancing, or concentrate on specific parameters for proof of performance.
Every data point and system setting can be accessed from a connected computer,
running the included MS-Windows based FM Explorer control and analysis software.
TFT FM and AM Modulation Monitors
With the 844A FM modulation monitor, you get everything you need for complete
proof-of-performance measurements right on the front panels (for distortion, an
external analyzer is needed), plus accuracy no other monitors can match. The 844A
combines a tunable RF preselector, a baseband monitor and a stereo monitor.
A cost-effective alternative, the 884 FM monitor can be used for transmitter proofof-performance measurements or for off-air monitoring. The frequency synthesized
preselector lets you compare your signal with other stations.
The 923A AM modulation monitor offers precise demodulator for accurate AM proofof-performance measurements, 500 kHz - 40 MHz (high level) without tuning.
844A List $5,150.00
List $3,965.00
923A List $1,625.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Modulation Sciences ModMinder
FM Modulation Monitor
List $17,240.00
The ModMinder (#FMMM2) gives you more accurate measurement of modulation.
ModMinder registers only those longer events that the FCC really cares about. This
means you may be able to boost your modulation up to 3 dB depending on the type
of processing you use. Includes an internal demodulator and dialup software.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
FMMM2 List $4,200.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Full-Featured Mod Monitor
Shows FM & HD Parameters
Inovonics 532 FM HD Radio Modulation Monitor
The Inovonics 532 is the next generation off-air modulation monitor for FM and HD
Radio, featuring intuitive menu-driven operation and supporting HD “multicasting.”
Boasting easy-to-read LED and LCD displays that show all analog and digital reception
parameters including injection levels of analog-FM subcarriers, it features a builtin spectrum analyzer to display occupied RF bandwidth and demodulated FM
baseband. It also quickly and easily decodes and displays FM-RDS and HD-PAD data.
• Intuitive menu-driven operation
• Easy-to-read LED and LCD displays
• DSP-based circuitry assures measurement accuracy and stable operation
• Simplifies firmware uploads to accommodate new features as HD Radio
technology advances
• Built-in spectrum analyzer
GoldenEagle FMHD shown
with optional touchscreen.
Audemat-Aztec GoldenEagle HD Radio Monitor
The GoldenEagle HDFM is an HD and analog FM receiver (AM model also available)
designed as a powerful off-air monitoring system with remote control capabilities.
The GoldenEagle HDFM can be installed at the radio station or at the transmitter site.
The system monitors automatically, in real time, the quality and continuity of several
FM and HD programs and notifies the engineer of any problem by sending an alarm.
It offers innovative functions such as audio streaming and recording, automatic
scanning, measurement analysis and storage as well as optional spectrum analyzer
and remote control (both sold separately). Find out more. Call and ask your BSW sales
representative today for the right system for your station.
FM monitor
AM monitor
Touchpad display
Spectrum analyzer board
Remote control
8-relay outputs
Voice and DTMF interface
List $5,345.00
List $5,345.00
List $515.00
List $3,070.00
List $2,400.00
List $460.00
List $725.00
532-00 List $5,990.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Inovonics 520 AM Modulation Monitor
The Inovonics 520 is a tunable, off-air AM modulation monitor with built-in preselector.
Features: independent indication of positive and negative carrier modulation; multiple
peak flashers – two preset at absolute limits, two user-adjustable; remote alarms for
loss of carrier and loss of audio; balanced program output.
List $1,750.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Belar Wizard Modulation Monitors
The Belar Wizard is a microprocessor-controlled, digital modulation monitor/analyzer,
available in FM (#FMMA1) and AM (#AMMA2) models that precisely measure peak
modulation, peaks per minute, average peak modulation, modulation density and
more. The Wizard Software (included) and your PC computer enable real-time
graphing, logging and remote operation. The FMSA1 stereo monitor combines with
the FMMA1 baseband unit to offer DSP-based stereo monitoring.
Inovonics 531 FM Modulation Monitor
and 540 FM SCA Monitor
The Inovonics 531 combines a frequency-agile, wideband FM receiver with very linear
demodulation and metering circuitry for precise measurement of carrier modulation.
Synthesized, push-button tuning with one-touch memory entry permits instant
comparisons between any station and its market companions. Readouts of signal
strength, multipath distortion and synchronous AM noise qualify the incoming signal
and validate the measurements. The 531 presents easy-to-read and accurate
displays of total carrier modulation and demodulated stereo audio.
A tunable monitor/demodulator for FM broadcast subcarriers (including digital),
the Inovonics 540 connects to the composite (MPX) output of any FM modulation
monitor (such as the Inovonics 531). Easily calibrated to the modulation monitor
reference, no additional test equipment is required. The 540 demodulates audio SCAs
and displays actual FM deviation of the SCA subcarrier. Options: comprehensive RDS
decoding via plug-in module and software. Call for details.
FM modulation monitor List $2,700.00
SCA monitor List $1,150.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
FM mod monitor
List $3,550.00
stereo monitor for FMMA1 List $3,950.00
AM mod monitor
List $3,500.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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Burk Watchband Market Monitor
The Watchband AM/FM/RDS desktop receiver and PC software offers web-based market
monitoring tools to engineers, managers and program directors. Delivering detailed playlist
reports with Radio Text, it lets managers and program directors compare their own rotations to
other stations in the market. Engineers can monitor real-time field intensity data for any station,
as well as review strip charts for analysis of the entire band. It logs stereo, phase, and L/R audio
levels, as well as averages and peaks for immediate alarm reporting or historical review, while its
convenient web access lets broadcasters enjoy its benefits no matter where they are.
• Desktop receiver connects to user’s server PC; Windows server software
• Automatic playlist construction
• Audio metrics and field intensity measurements provide valuable analysis tools
• Remote audio playback, logging and skimming for easy monitoring of
group-owned and competitive stations
onsolidated studio facilities can monitor off-air audio for stations
beyond the studio’s reception area
List $1,495.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
BELAR HD Radio Modulation Monitors
Belar Modulation Monitors
The Belar FMM-2 FM modulation monitor is a wideband, FM monitor, designed to
measure the total modulation characteristics of monaural as well as multiplexed
FM transmitters. The FMM-2 is also used as a low distortion and low-noise FM
demodulator to drive the companion stereo and SCA monitors, as well as providing
audio outputs for aural monitoring and proof-of-performance measurements. The
ultra-linear digital discriminator produces an almost distortionless and flat baseband
signal to ensure precise stereo and SCA decoding. Features: digitally selectable peak
indicator, adjustable in 1% increments from 1 to 199%, independent of modulation
polarity; built-in voltmeter for AM and FM noise measurements; carrier alarm with
front-panel indicator; two wide-band outputs; true peak or semi-peak metering.
The FMS2 Stereo Modulation Monitor operates in conjunction with the Belar model
FMM2 baseband modulation monitor. The test and measurement capability of the
FMS2 is enhanced by the integration of two independent auto-ranging voltmeters
allowing automatic measurement of channel separation and crosstalk, along with
sub-carrier suppression and noise. Features: two independent semi-peak modulation
meters for simultaneous monitoring of left and right channels; front-panel switchable
de-emphasis for noise measurements; pilot alarm with front panel indicator; outputs
for audio proof-of-performance measurements; two auto-ranging voltmeters with
LED displays for 0 to -80 dB range measurements; stereo separation measurement
capability of over 70 dB at 15 kHz.
The Belar SCM2 SCA modulation monitor, when added to the Belar FMM2 provides
complete monitoring and test functions for SCA storecasting, data transmission and
remote telemetering applications. Up to four frequency switch positions allow four
channels to be operated and tested. The first switch position is preset to 67 kHz.
The AMM2C modulation monitor is a precision, all solid-state AM demodulator
designed to measure the modulation characteristics of AM broadcast transmitters
over a frequency range of 260 kHz to 50 MHz. The AMM2C utilizes a unique carrierreferencing system for the peak flasher indications.
FM modulation monitor
FM stereo mod monitor FM frequency monitor SCA monitor
FM RF amplifier
FM RF amplifier
AM mod monitor
AM mod monitor
AM freq monitor
AM RF amplifier
SCA modulation analyzer
FM rebroadcast receiver
digital stereo decoder AM distribution amp shielded AM loop antenna shielded antenna w/ preamp List $1,990.00
List $2,150.00
List $1,790.00
List $2,390.00
List $1,390.00
List $1,090.00
List $1,750.00
List $1,975.00
List $1,650.00
List $890.00
List $2,750.00
List $2,090.00
List $2,750.00
List $895.00
List $390.00
List $490.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Equip your station for years to come with this state-of-the-art HD radio monitor.
The FMHD-1 will effortlessly decode HD radio signals and analog FM signals
simultaneously, displaying HD radio status, data, time alignment, and configuration
information, as well as audio metering and RF and audio spectrums.
The FMHD-1 will monitor multiple audio streams, and its 8 user assignable analog
audio outputs and 3 assignable optical AES/EBU outputs provide support for a wide
variety of broadcast scenarios.
• 640x240 color LCD display
• Frequency agile antenna and high-level inputs
• RF spectrum analysis ±600 kHz high level, ±300 kHz antenna
• Audio spectrum analysis and metering analog and HD L/R/L+R/L-R
• Analog / HD time alignment cross correlation analysis
• HD control and status information
• HD SIS and PAD data status
For AM radio, the new AMHD-1 demodulates analog and digital carriers, displays
the RF spectrum and all HD parameters. It features both analog and AES/EBU audio
outputs, and has an Ethernet interface for remote operation.
FMHD1 FM HD Radio mod monitor
AMHD1 AM HD Radio mod monitor
List $7,200.00
List $5,900.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
DaySequerra AM/FM/HD Radio
Precision Modulation Monitor
Check out these new-generation AM, FM and HD Radio modulation monitors!
Both deliver pinpoint sensitivity for FM broadcasts, as well as the highest fidelity
demodulation of HD Radio programs. While the M2.0X comes fully loaded for
reception and analysis, the M2.2R adds an Ethernet port plus Remote Dashboard
software for remote control monitoring, logging and alarms with E-mail notification.
• High level direct [+7Vp-p] and antenna level RF inputs for AM and FM bands
• Bargraph metering of HD and analog programming
• 20 preset stations each for AM and FM bands
• HD Radio digital-to-analog signal, time, level and phase alignment
HD modulation monitor List $3,995.00
HD mod monitor w/ software, Ethernet List $5,995.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
DaySequerra M3 AM, FM &
HD Radio Multicast Monitor
This compact (2RU) unit gives you the ability to
monitor and alarm three separate broadcasts.
Featuring three frequency-agile AM, FM and
HD Radio Multicast tuners, each equipped with
separate analog and digital balanced outputs,
RS232 PAD data outputs, as well as six programmable dry, floating contact alarm
relays, it delivers crystal clear audio with HD Radio stereo separation better than 90 dB.
It won’t be fooled by pink noise or tones, generating alarms only when real program
silence is detected in HD Radio or analog broadcasts. It can also trigger an alarm on
loss of RF Carrier, OFDM Lock, RBDS data stream, PAD data stream, Multicast
Available, and Delay Bit.
It also boasts unsurpassed RF sensitivity and IF rejection. Each tuner has a separate
antenna input and internal jumpers can be strapped to support a common antenna.
Dual power supplies provide total isolation between RF and audio sections.
List $3,295.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
DaySequerra FM or AM Modulation Monitor
with HD Radio Upgrade Path
• Impressive over-sampled A/D conversion
• 3 multi-function vacuum florescent displays (VFD)
• Displays and decodes HD-1 through HD-8 PAD data and analog RBDS data;
streams Pad data via RS232
• “Split Mode” provides easy-to-use HD Radio digital-to-analog signal, time, level
and phase monitoring
• Each tuner has 20 preset stations for AM and FM bands
• Balanced analog audio outputs at +4dBV on XLR connectors
• S/PDIF digital audio output on XLR connectors, 5.1 Surround capable
• Full-time digital outputs, even when tuned to an analog station
• 6 assignable alarm relay contact closures for each tuner
The new M2A-FM analog FM modulation monitor measures your analog signal with digital accuracy, insuring
that readings will remain stable and reliable over time. Selectable measurement integration times let you control
peak reading for maximum modulation. The M2A-FM includes a sensitive yet selective synthesized FM preselector
with 20 presets so you can quickly monitor other stations off the air. A high level input with built-in attenuator lets
you connect directly to a forward power RF port for greatest accuracy. RBDS is decoded and shown on the M2A’s
Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD).
The M2A’s LED meters measure stereo, L+R, L-R and incidental AM noise. The lower meter measures positive and
negative carrier deviation, and also pilot and SCA injection levels. 57kHz RBDS subcarriers can be accurately read to a
minimum level of 2.6 percent. A multiplex output lets you connect external SCA demodulators. The M2A-FM comes
complete with opto-isolated alarm outputs for audio peak, audio program, carrier loss and RBDS, with flexible
settings for level and duration.
In addition to its accuracy and features, the M2A-FM gives you audiophile grade Class-A biased audio outputs, so
you can precisely monitor and adjust your processing. In addition to L and R analog outputs, the M2A-FM has a
full-time digital output, so you can feed your AES monitoring chain, and a front panel headphone jack powered for
uncompromised, full-quality audio. An upgrade path to HD Radio is available.
The M2A-AM is the new analog AM modulation monitor with an upgrade path to HD Radio available. The M2A-AM’s
brilliant LED meters upper meters measure mono, C-QuAM stereo, L+R and L-R. The lower meter measures positive
and negative carrier modulation. The M2A-AM comes complete with opto-isolated alarm outputs for audio peak
audio program and carrier loss; much more. For details, go online to www.bswusa.com.
The optional M2A-Ethernet Remote Control package comes bundled with DaySequerra’s Remote Dashboard
software, a proprietary PC-based application that gives you 100 station scanning, remote control monitoring,
logging and alarms with E-mail alarm notification.
Conversion of either the M2A-AM or the M2A-FM involves sending the unit to the factory at additional cost. It will be
converted to DaySequerra's latest revision M2-Series HD Radio Monitor. At present, this is the M2.2R on page 59.
HD Radio off-air analog FM modulation monitor
HD Radio off-air analog AM modulation monitor
Adds Ethernet port for network access, plus software
A good thing just got better with these next-generation precision HD tuners from DaySequerra! Offering benchmark
sensitivity (< 5.0dBf in FM), they deliver incredibly accurate monitoring of analog and HD Radio AM and FM
broadcast signals. The single-rack space M-4.0X is loaded with features, including low-jitter DAC and Class-A biased
balanced XLR audio outputs for the highest fidelity reception and demodulation of HD Radio programs. The M4C is
a tabletop version with cosmetic handles and rubber bumpers and comes in either the M4CXLR with XLR outputs
or M4CRCA with RCA analog and digital outputs.
List $1,595.00
List $1,595.00
List $1,595.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
This stylish radio delivers HD broadcasts in rich,
accurate, full-range sound. Boasting precision speakers,
unique telescoping FM and external loop AM antennas
along with comprehensive yet intuitive controls, it
consistently gives you near-CD quality FM and FMquality AM whenever you tune in. Other features
include dual alarms, a headphone output, a full
function remote and magnetic shielding so you can
place it anywhere with no interference worries.
only $29999!
Rolls Digital AM/FM Tuner
Replace your old analog tuner with the compact
Rolls HR78. The HR78 is a PLL synthesized digital
AM/FM tuner in a feature-packed half-rack-size chassis.
It comes with FM and AM antennas, and the 1/8" output
has plenty of juice to drive a pair of headphones.
DaySequerra HD Radio Tuners
Rackmount HD Radio tuner Tabletop HD Radio tuner with XLR outputs
Tabletop HD Radio tuner with RCA outputs
Cambridge Soundworks HD Radio
List $3,495.00
List $3,295.00
List $695.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Way Cool
HD Radio
• Retains presets when power is off
• 18 presets, 12 FM and 6 AM
• Large LCD digital display
• Output Level control
• Auto search up and down
• US or International AM frequency centers
• RCA and 1/8" (3.5 mm) outputs
• Rack ears included
HR78 List $200.00
only $159!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Denon TU1500RDP AM/FM/RDS Tuner
The Denon TU-1500RDP is an affordable AM/FM/RDS stereo tuner featuring highly sensitive reception and detailed,
clear sound. Rackmount kit included.
• 4-stage variable capacitors provides accurate tuning of station frequencies
• Low-impedance output circuit (100 ohms)
• Radio Data System (RDS) compatible
• 40 AM/FM station preset memory
List $469.99
Dayton Frequency-Agile
FM/SCA Receiver
The AF200A is a desktop receiver with great sensitivity,
carrier operated relay, balanced outputs, and carrier
and modulation indicators for both the main and SCA
received signals.
AF200A List $319.95
only $279!
only $35999!
Dayton FM/SCA Receiver with
Stereo Demodulator
Tascam TU690 AM/FM Tuner
The TU690 is an affordable AM/FM rack mountable tuner with an extensive feature set.
• Quartz PLL synthesized tuning system
• Manual/auto/preset tuning; 30 FM/30 AM presets; preset memory back-up
• Multi-function florescent display; timer on/off and clock function
• Remote control
TU690 List $299.00
only $249!
Designed for FM monitoring requirements, the Dayton
AF210FM has Stereo, SCA and RDS demodulators.
It is frequency PLL controlled (switch selectable).
Other features: wide and narrow band AGC to
prevent overload; selectable 50, 75 microseconds,
or no de-emphasis; selectable 25, 50 or 100 kHz
(standard) frequency tuning steps; selectable 150, 225
microsecond or no SCA de-emphasis; main or SCA
500mW audio amplifier output; switchable 67 or 92 kHz
SCA de-modulator; LED indicators for signal strength,
power, main carrier, stereo, SCA carrier and RDS
presence; adjustable level carrier detection relay one
rack space chassis; balanced and unbalanced outputs;
composite audio output; SCA audio output.
AF210FM List $539.95
only $489!
Rolls RS80 Quartz Synthesized AM/FM/RDS Tuner
Rolls' latest AM/FM tuner comes in a tight single-rack-space package and adds many exciting new features such
as RDS display, programmable 9-10 kHz AM centers switching so it may be operated in the United States as well as
Europe, 40 AM/FM presets, headphone output, XLR outputs and signal strength meter. Remote control included.
RS80 List $333.00
only $269!
EAS Encoder/
The EAS911R4 encoder/
decoder includes printer, digital recorder
and four audio inputs, and is part
of a modular system that can be configured
to fit many applications. Features: lighted
keys; all programming, tests and entry are
performed on front buttons; practice key
allows off-line training.
The EAS911D decoder permits full EAS
compliance for stations who qualify for
decoder-only operation. The decoder will operate either automatically or manually. It has two selfcontained, frequency-agile receivers for FCC mandated monitoring assignments, with one AM and one FM module
(can also be ordered AM/AM or FM/FM). Features: decodes and forwards EAS emergency messages; RS-232
character generator interface; built-in impact printer; voice recorder.
The new EAS629 is a dual digital insertion unit. It Interrupts two separate AES/EBU streams and inserts an analog
(L,R) or AES/EBU stream. The two sections function independently and seamlessly. A typical application is insertion
of EAS information from a TFT EAS Encoder/Decoder into two separate digital program audio streams.
EAS encoder/decoder with 4 audio inputs List
Multi-module receiver with hot standby List
Program/transmitter interrupt unit
Remote control status module
EAS decoder
Dual digital insertion unit
Dayton provides a cost-effective receiver package for
EAS requirements. The AFC3DAYTON receiver rack holds
three receivers. It’s already outfitted with connectors
and circuit-boards and all you do is add receivers from
AM, FM, NOAA Weather or Public Service to fill the rack
(each receiver sold separately).
AFC3DAYTON Three receiver rack unit $40900
FM receiver
AF310DAYTON AM receiver
SCA receiver 13900
NOAA weather receiver $26900
Public service receiver $27900
from $548!
Gorman EAS1 EAS
Gorman-Redlich provides a cost-effective EAS system.
Features: 6 audio inputs; selectable manual or automatic
modes; programmable automatic interruption of
stereo program lines; five programmable relays to
supply contact closures for automation or other signal
equipment; messages can be scrolled on a PC screen.
EAS1 EAS encoder/decoder system
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $1,750.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
BSW Offers the Finest in Affordable Transmitters
QEI Quantum
FM Transmitters
Marti FM Transmitters
Get your small-market, or low-power FM transmitter at
BSW. The Marti Plug-n-Play 1000 is the perfect solution
for a 1000-watt main transmitter in rural markets and
cost effective enough to be a standby for larger stations.
It features: RF power output: 250 to 1000 W; frequency
range: 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz; output impedance: 50
ohms nominal; output connector type “N” Female,
standard, optional 1-5/8"; VSWR: rated power (1 kw) into
1.5 to 1 VSWR maximum at all phase angles; open and
short circuit protected; frequency stability: +/-300 Hz,
3ppm; -10C to +50C; modulation type: digital FM.
The PNP150 FM transmitter (not shown) gives you all
the performance you’ve come to expect from Marti in a
smaller 150-watt transmitter, designed for low-power FM.
Designed for years of
trouble free service,
these totally solidstate FM transmitters
provide an unsurpassed
broadcast signal.
The Quantum
M-Series of 1.2 to 5.4
kilowatt transmitters
use modular power
amplifiers and are
available in 600 watt
increments. You can buy
precisely the amount of
power you need.
For broadband, the
Quantum MBB-Series
of 2 kilowatt and 5
kilowatt broadband
solid-state transmitters
also feature modular
power amplifiers comprised of two FETs combined
for 500 Watts of broadband output power. They boast
a new Super-Linear FMO for superior performance.
Both the 2-kilowatt Quantum M2BB and the 5-kilowatt
Quantum M5BB operate with high efficiency, giving
you additional savings in power consumption and
reduced heat loads.
For even higher power QEI transmitters, such as QEI’s
30 kW with exciter, call your BSW sales representative.
BSW sells the complete line of QEI.
Call us for discount pricing.
1000-watt FM transmitter List $9,995.00
150-watt FM transmitter List $4,950.00
Inovonics 631 FM Relay Receiver
Marti 40-Watt FM Exciter
The ME40 is a quality 40-watt synthesized FM exciter
at a surprisingly low price. This is an excellent choice
to replace your older exciter or for use as a standby.
Features: 40 watts VSWR protected power, peak-hold
baseband modulation LED display, test multimeter with
forward and reverse power ranges, remote capability.
List $3,495.00
Delta Coaxial 4-Port
Transfer Switches
Delta Electronics offers a
range of high quality RF
related products including
a series of coaxial transfer
switches for 3-1/8" and
1-5/8" transmission line.
These units can switch
transmission line in
less than two seconds
with manual or remote
Inovonics secures its place at the forefront
of 21st century technology with the Model
631—the latest frequency-agile, digitally tuned receiver
for FM translator and other off-air applications. With
menu-driven access of display and function selections,
the 631 gives you a dual IF bandwidth to quickly clear
up adjacent-signal problems. Antenna alignment will
be a breeze with the 631’s crisp readouts of signal
strength and multi-path distortion. You can remotely
control or monitor its selectable options and alarms,
and high-resolution bar graph readouts let you quickly
see all incoming RF and MPX/stereo audio levels,
making the 631 as easy to use as it is to afford.
Crown FM Transmitters
Crown FM transmitter (from 30 to 4000 watts) combine
built-in audio processing and stereo generation in a
rugged, compact unit. They’re complete standalone
systems: audio in, radio signal out. Each model
provides excellent signal quality with a variety of
features including: quick set-up; built-in digital
metering and diagnostics; 87-108 MHz user-selectable
frequency range; 100/120 VAC, 220/240 VAC or DC
operation. With Teflon circuit boards and copper heat
spreaders in the RF chain, the unit functions with less
heat for improved life span. Highly efficient power
amplifiers are added in the 1 kW to 4 kW transmitters.
BSW sells Crown at the lowest prices in the industry.
Call us for your low-power FM transmitter today.
Crown FM translators (marked with R at the end of
each model number) allow you to receive your signal
and change the frequency. Each includes a receiver
and its own powerful transmitter. Just what you need
to get your signal to furthest reaches of your audience.
30-watt FM
150-watt FM
300-watt FM
600-watt FM
1-kw FM
2-kw FM
4-kw FM
30-watt FM translator
150-watt FM translator
300-watt FM translator
600-watt FM translator
List $4,195.00
List $5,795.00
List $6,895.00
List $8,995.00
List $15,795.00
List $20,995.00
List $41,885.00
List $4,195.00
List $5,795.00
List $6,895.00
List $8,995.00
63100 List $1,390.00
MCI Coaxial
3- and 4-Port
Transfer Switches
MCI coaxial transfer switches
are available for TV, AM, FM,
HF and other broadcast
related areas. As four-port
transfer switches, they will
switch two signal sources
between loads. 3-port
models also available.
Call BSW with your requirements.
Call BSW with your requirements.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Crown FM
for Long-Term
QEI E Series Low-Power FM
The Quantum E provides a high level in FM performance
with the advantage of the highest power emergency
back-up available in an exciter style package. QEI took
the field-proved design of their exciter and incorporated
a high-power FET amplifier to deliver uncompromised
performance as a transmitter, exciter or booster. The
Quantum E is an all sold state, broadband, frequency
synthesized, “on carrier” direct FM transmission system.
The Quantum 150E, 300E and 600E are each housed in a
2U rack-space design. These exciters will fit into virtually
all transmitters to act as an exciter/driver upgrade for
older systems. Call BSW for more information and pricing
on the entire “E” line.
150-watt FM transmitter List $4,950.00
300-watt FM transmitter List $5,995.00
600-watt FM transmitter List $7,795.00
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Get the RF Gear You Need from the Folks You Trust at BSW
BSW is Your Connection for Every Project
RF Coaxial Loads
Electro-Impulse is a leading
supplier of specialized
equipment for the
communications and
broadcast industries such
as dry, convection, and
forced air-cooled loads.
Call BSW with your
RF Equipment
manufactures a
number of highquality RF related
products including
dehydrators, switches,
loads, isocouplers,
antennas and more.
Call BSW with your
Kintronic Laboratories
Isocouplers provide
versatility to existing
AM radiating
elements by allowing
for installation of
FM and TV antennas
operating in the
frequency range
of 30-1000 MHz
without disrupting
AM antenna
Call BSW with your requirements.
ERI Lightning
ERI produces a huge
line of RF and structure
products, including
lightning dissipation
system. The Lightning
Spur operates as
a shield to reduce
potential between your
tower and storm cell by
transferring electrical
charge to the adjacent
ionizing air molecules.
Call BSW with your requirements.
SSI Surge Suppressors
These three ever-watchful surge
suppressors are made in the USA.
Each unit carries a whopping
25-year warranty with free
replacements – even if destroyed
by lightning!
PT801S1 120/240v 3w - Split Phase, 160ka per phase
List $795.00
PT803Y1 120/208v 4w - 3 phase Wye, 160ka per phase
List $1,025.00
PT803D1 120/240v 4w - 3 phase Delta, 160ka per phase
List $1,025.00
Transient Voltage
Surge Suppression
PowerClamp Transient
Voltage Surge Suppressors
(TVSS) by Sine Control
International provide
the ultimate protection
against massive high energy surges, spikes,
noise and distortion on the AC powerline. These
PowerClamp TVSS units are designed specifically
for broadcast applications. They are ideal for installation
at transmitter sites where massive power surges and
lightning-induced transients are a major cause of
transmitter unreliability and damage. PowerClamp units
will drastically reduce tripped breakers, transmitter
shutdowns, and prevent or minimize damage to
transmitting equipment caused by such power surges.
100,000 amp rating, 120/240 volt 1ø
List $2,012.50
HP602 100,000 amp rating, 120/240 volt 1ø with
additional neutral to ground mode List $2,225.00
HP801 150,000 amp rating, 120/240 volt 1ø
List $2,695.00
HP802 150,000 amp rating, 120/240 volt 1ø with
additional neutral to ground mode List $2,568.75
HP803 150,000 amp rating, 120/208 volt 3ø WYE
List $2,850.00
Bird Broadcast Power Monitor
Expand your options for measuring,
monitoring and protecting your RF
transmission systems with the new
state-of-the-art BPME.
From remote power/VSWR
monitoring via a user-friendly
web interface to neverbefore available data logging
capabilities, the BPME gives
you an unmatched range
of functions designed to
make your job easier while
protecting the health of your
investment. Put complete
analog and digital broadcast
monitoring at your fingertips
through user-friendly, aroundthe-clock, remote access from any web-enabled device.
Detect problems and deal with them quickly before
they escalate into more costly situations. The BPM-E1 is
for 1-5/8" line. Other models available. Call your BSW rep.
BPME1 List $3,190.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
RF Watt Meter
The Bird 43 Directional Watt
meter accurately measures
forward or reflected power
in coaxial transmission lines
under any load condition.
Each model 43 consists of
a line section, “QC” (Quick
Change) connectors and
an indication meter housed
in a rugged, corrosionresistant aluminum case.
Plug-in elements (required,
purchased separately),
determine the power
rating and the frequency
range. Call for pricing on
the elements for your
List $331.00
Bird 5000EX Digital
RF Watt Meter
The 5000EX digital RF power
meter operates over a
broader frequency
range than any Bird
meter, covering
2 MHz to 3600
MHz (based
upon element
selection, sold
separately). Coupled
with the ability to measure
True Average Power from 1
to 1000 watts, the 5000 handles Cellular, PCS, AMPS,
CDMA, GSM, TDMA, ISM, UMTS, 3G, Wireless, WLL, Paging,
Conventional/Trunked Radio, Aviation, Military, and
Analog or Digital Audio and Television Broadcast. The
LCD display shows forward and reflected power or other
selected parameters, while a 20-segment analog bar
graph tracks forward power readings.
The 5000 requires a power sensor, and there are three to
choose from (sold separately). The 5010B digital power
sensor provides a total RF power measurement solution
for Thruline (in-line) power measurements. The 5011-EF
terminating power sensor provides a measurement
solution for base station power and/or broadcast
transmitter power. The 5012 is a wideband power sensor.
In addition, call for individual elements (not listed, sold
separately) for your application.
List $940.00
List $683.00
List $1,575.00
List $2,200.00
Add the Bird 3129 Broadcast Power Monitor
Display Meter to accurately measure power in
digitally modulated and multi-carrier systems, including the
BPME. It effortlessly calculates VSWR, return loss, and match
efficiency using hardware or PC-based software displays.
List $1,100.00
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Call BSW For ALL Your Antenna Needs
ERI MAXLine Rigid Line
ERI FM Antennas
BSW carries a wide range of
high-quality antenna products
from Electronics Research Inc.
ERI is the largest supplier of
antennas used by FM broadcast
stations in the world. ERI manufactures antennas for a variety of applications from single station ROTOTILLER
Side Mount FM Antennas to multi-station 1080 Series Master FM antennas. ERI has also introduced the new
LYNX Dual Input Side Mount FM Antenna for IBOC applications.
Call BSW With Your Requirements
Jampro FM Antennas
Jampro High-Power
FM Antennas
Jampro manufactures a
complete line of FM antennas
and associated RF products
including the JHPC “PENETRATOR”
series of FM sidemount antennas,
the JBCP “Rototiller” design and the
revolutionary JBBP sidemount with
balanced feed design.
The Jampro JHPC antenna is the high power
version of the PENETRATOR antenna, which has
become an industry standard for quality and performance.
This model has been designed for use as a separate or
interleaved antenna for HD Radio broadcast. Rated at 50 kW
maximum input, each bay consists of a PENETRATOR style
radiating element with a 3-1/8" shunt feed line.
Jampro antennas are available in a wide variety of
power levels and configurations for virtually any
application. Call your BSW sales representative today.
Call BSW With Your Requirements
STL Antennas
TY900 Yagi Antenna
The TY-900 is a yagi antenna
in the 890-960 MHz band. It’s
anodized for maximum reliability
and corrosion resistance. The
internal balun, coax feed and
connector are sealed in a foam
potting system to prevent moisture penetration. Input power
rating is 100 watts, gain is 10 dB and impedance is 50 ohms.
List $158.00
During broadcasting, RF heating of
the inner and outer connectors causes
differential expansion between them.
With original-design rigid transmission
line, this expansion is compensated
for with sliding metal bullets. Eventually this produces wear, hot
spots—and burnout. The solution to eliminating sliding-contact
wear is to eliminate the sliding. All expansion of the patented
ERI MACXLine inner connector is taken up with a flexible, built-in
bellows. Burnout and bullet replacement are eliminated. This
advantage comes with no VSWR penalty or significant cost
premium. Each section comes complete with a bulllet/bellows
assembly, stainless steel flange hardware and pressure sealing
gasket. A full range of sizes is offered.
Call BSW with your requirements.
Jampro JDIY Series
FM Antennas
JMPC Series
FM Antennas
The Jampro JMPC antenna
is a medium power sidemount antenna rated at
10 kW maximum input,
each bay consists of a
radiating element with
a 1-5/8” shunt feed line.
Each JMPC is factory
tuned to any frequency in
the FM Band II (87.5 -108 MHz) range on a tower
structure that bests simulates the customer’s
actual tower. The true circular polarization of
the JMPC antenna offers excellent performance
for HD Radio, stereo and SCA operation. Typical
VSWR is 1.1:1 ± 200 kHz.
JMpc4D Four bay w/de-icer
List $10,965.00
STL Paraflector
and Miniflector
Used for pointto-point STL
links, telemetry,
and UHF-TV, the
Kathrein-Scala PR
Series Paraflector offers rugged
construction for long-term
service universal mounting bracket allows for
easy horizontal or vertical mounting. Specify
frequency when ordering. Type N connector.
PR950 List $767.00
Marti SC48
STL Parabolic Antenna
This low cost, 4' Marti antenna
is broadband for the 940-960 MHz aural STL
band and is category B rated in vertical and
horizontal planes. Features: gain at
950 MHz 21.05 dbi; 1/2 power beam width
16 degrees; maximum input power 100
watts. Type N connector.
List $895.00
The Kathrein-Scala Miniflector (not shown)
is a medium-gain, half-parabolic antenna
designed for fixed-station radio systems.
Frequency range 940–960 MHz (broadband);
gain 14 dBd. Heavy-duty construction of
anodized aluminum pipe, tubing and castings
plus stainless steel hardware for corrosion
resistance. Impedance 50 ohms.
List $546.00
JDIY-1 is an
FM antenna
designed specifically
for omnidirectional, low
power applications. The
simplicity of the antenna
design gives low power
stations the flexibility
needed to meet their
individual requirements. Stainless Steel Construction is
featured for long life. The JDIY is 1,000 watt power rated
for 88 to 108 MHz. The antenna features a VSWR of 1.5:1
or better. The JDIY comes with a professional 7/8” EIA
female Input connection. The inner connector is silver
plated brass. Two versions cover the whole US FM band.
JDIY1H High-band antenna (97-108 MHz)List $963.00
JDIY1L Low-band antenna (88-99 MHz) List $963.00
Mark Antenna
STL Antenna
The Mark Antenna
SSHA72GN is a point-topoint grid antenna designed
to work in any frequency
from 940-960 MHz. It weighs
only 30 lbs. (including feed and mount) and utilizes
universal clamps for quick installation on pipes from
1.9" to 3.5". Type N connector.
SSH9A72GN List $985.00
Mark Full Round
STL Grid Antennas
Mark grid antennas are very
lightweight and durable made
of HeliArc welded aluminum
for superior rigidity. BSW carries
Mark full round grid antennas
from 4 to 10 feet in diameter.
Two example antennas listed
below. Call us with your size
requirements and frequency.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
4 ft. 940-960 MHZ List $1,173.00
6 ft. 940-960 MHZ List $1,513.00
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
BSW Offers Low Bulk Pricing on Andrew Cable
Andrew Cable Products
Andrew Connectors
The Andrew Corporation, world leader in the
design and manufacture of communications
equipment and systems, is well known
in the radio broadcast community for
supplying high-quality transmission cable
and related accessories. BSW is proud to
represent a complete line of products for
all your transmission cabling requirements
including HELIAX foam and air-dielectric cable
connectors and accessories, pressurization and
accessories. HELIAX coaxial cable is designed to
provide optimum electrical performance for a
wide range of RF applications. Call BSW for all
your Andrew needs.
HELIAX connectors are designed exclusively for use with HELIAX coaxial cables
to provide excellent electrical performance for the complete transmission
line system. BSW sells the entire line of Andrew connectors for any broadcast
application. Call us with your needs.
Andrew Dehydrators
The MT300 series automatic membrane dehydrators are equipped with the Andrew
uni-mount system allowing for rack, wall or free-standing mounting without
additional parts. They are designed to supply dry air at a dewpoint of -45°C (-50°F),
or better, under the ambient conditions of 95% RH at 49°C (120°F). Each MT300
dehydrator contains a low pressure alarm with Form C dry contacts for connection
to an alarm system. The MT300 series dehydrators are for medium volume
microwave and broadcast systems.
Call BSW with your requirements.
Popular Connectors
Popular Hanger Kits
L44R (7/8" EIA)
1/2" Foam
L4PNM ("N" male)
Popular Grounding Kit s
BSW Offers LOW PRICING on Andrew!
L4PDM (7-16 DIN male)
Contact us for a quote on your Andrew purchase.
L4PNM ("N" male)
L4PDM (7-16 DIN male)
L44P (UHF male)
L45R (7/8" EIA)
7/8" Foam
L5PDM-RPC (7-16 DIN male)
L44P (UHF male)
L5PNM-RPC ("N" male)
1/2" Foam
(75 ohm)
3-1/8" Air
1-5/8" Air
L4NM7550H ("N" male)
H4MPB014 (7/8" EIA)
L44P75 (UHF)
H8MB302 (3-1/8" EIA male block)
78AS (1-5/8" EIA male block)
87G (1-5/8" EIA block)
87R (1-5/8" EIA pass)
H7NM-T ("N" male)
H7PDM (7-16 DIN)
H5MB014 (7/8" EIA male block)
7/8" Air
H5MPB-110 (1-5/8" EIA)
H5PDM (7-16 DIN)
H4MPB014 (7/8" EIA)
1/2" Air
H4PDM (7-16 DIN)
H4PNM ("N" male)
MYAT Rigid Line &
Broadcasters across the country and around
the world rely on MYAT rigid transmission
line systems and components. Available in
sizes from 7/8" to 9- 3/16" MYAT products
offer advanced design, superior materials
and manufacturing expertise. From a
single replacement part to an entire rigid
transmission line system designed for the
most challenging broadcast environment,
you can depend on MYAT. Their products
deliver the specifications and tolerances
to provide maximum performance within
high-power FM environments.
Call BSW with your requirements.
Common Andrew Cable Attachment Hardware
Standard hanger hardware kit, 3/4" long
Standard hanger hardware kit, 1" long
Compact angle adaptor
Standard angle adaptor
Round member adaptor (kit of 10), 1-2" diameter
Round member adaptor (kit of 10), 2-3" diameter
Round member adaptor (kit of 10), 3-4" diameter
Round member adaptor (kit of 10), 4-5" diameter
Round member adaptor (kit of 10), 5-6" diameter
Round member adaptor (kit of 10), 6-8" diameter
TWR LED Beacons
H5PNM ("N" male)
H4PNM ("N" male)
TWR Tower
The TWR lighting
division of o2wireless
Solutions offers a full
range of ETL-certified
and FAA-approved
obstruction lighting systems for any height or voltage
requirement. Whether you need lamps, parts or systems,
call us with you lighting needs.
BSW stocks two popular incandescent replacement bulbs.
Beacon lamp 620 watt
List $47.95
Obstruction lamp 116 watt List $6.00
ETL certified and FAA approved, LED beacons from
TWR Lighting drastically cut your energy costs,
saving more of your budget. In addition, a much
longer service life means no more forking out
money to have someone climb the tower every
year (or more) just to replace a bulb.
The STLDBEACON is a medium-intensity red/white
LED strobe beacon and the E1DBSL is its controller.
Call BSW for our complete line of TWR Lighting
solutions, including LED upgrade kits for older systems.
STLDBEACON List $4,300.00
List $3,300.00
TWR Flashers
The FS15530T is a flasher for 1 or 2 beacons
(4 lamps max). 120 VAC, 3000 watts, 300 amps.
Not for use with AM hot towers (use FS15530RF
for hot towers).
Solid-state flasher List $118.00
For Hot towers
List $232.77
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Control All Your Transmitters from Just
About Anywhere!! Trust the Burk ARC Plus.
Burk ARC Plus Remote Site Control
The award-winning ARC Plus is the next-generation transmitter remote control system
for full-time, multi-site or dial-up operation, with the ability to connect an unlimited
number of sites, each with up to 256 channels of metering, status and command. You
can access the entire system from the front panel, take control using a Web-browser
or PC software, or dial in to your system over the phone.
Its front-panel interface features a large display with bright, easy-to-read metering
values and gives you rapid site and channel navigation. It offers unrivalled power
and flexibility to unattended station operation. Routines are stored onboard,
so a dedicated computer at the transmitter site is not needed. It can read and
automatically adjust conditions at multiple sites, giving you greater control over
backup and auxiliary operations. It also gives you total control over how alarm
conditions are communicated. Call BSW and find out more about ARC Plus today.
Main unit (note: must purchase two units; one to
have at the studio and one to have at the site) List $2,995.00
Main unit with built-in enhanced speech interface
(note: works as a stand-alone system at the site) List $3,990.00
• TCP/IP-based platform; built-in web Interface
• Scales to more than 1,000 sites
• Advanced front-panel control
• Onboard automatic routines
• Email alerts for alarm conditions; selective alarm notifications
• Backwards compatible with the ARC-16
The AFD-1 interfaces with a remote facility management
system, such as the Burk Technology ARC Plus, ARC-16, GSC3000
or VRC2500, to notify personnel of electrical arcs and flame.
Applications include transmitter enclosures, antenna tuning
units, transfer switches, etc. The unit will reliably detect a pilot
light, flame or arc from fifteen feet.
List $459.00
Broadcast Tools
Silence Monitor
The Burk SL-1 provides an opportunity to
take advantage of the ARC Plus broadcast
facility remote control system at sites
without an Ethernet drop. With the ARC
Plus operating on a serial link with the
SL-1, studio personnel have access to the
built-in web server of the ARC Plus and
can take readings, manage alarms and
issue commands. The efficient design of
the ARC Plus communication protocol
ensures effective performance, even at
modem speeds.
The SL-1 allows deployment of
IP-enabled technologies where
traditional Ethernet connectivity is impractical or unavailable. Unlike a serial-toEthernet converter, which allows RS-232 devices to operate on an existing Ethernet
link, the SL-1 enables new IP connectivity to the remote site.
Operating in pairs over a full-time bidirectional serial link, the SL-1 accommodates a
wide variety of RS-232 links, including radio, leased line and dial-up, with appropriate
modems. To optimize bandwidth efficiency, the SL-1 learns the location of each
network device and transports only those packets destined for the opposite side of
the bridge. Since the SL-1 bridges both networks onto the same subnet, integration
with the existing IT infrastructure is easy. Find out more by calling BSW today.
List $395.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $1,195.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Burk Flame and Spark Detector
The PlusConnect provides a seamless link between the ARC Plus and the Harris
Z transmitter series, bringing more than 400 transmitter parameters aboard the ARC
Plus and allowing broadcasters to manage an entire transmission plant, studio, and
IT infrastructure on a single platform. Its single serial connection to the transmitter
reduces installation time and saves the expense of adding remote control capacity.
Burk SL-1 ARC Plus Serial LAN
Extender Ethernet Connectivity
List List List List Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Burk ARC Plus Link to Harris Transmitters
Integrated input unit
Integrated command relay unit
Enhanced speech interface
AutoPilot software for PC
The Silence Monitor III PLUS is
designed to monitor any stereo
or two independent monaural
sources, generate alarms and transparently switch to back-up source equipment when
silence is detected. Now with LED indicators for left/right audio, audio and external
alarms, power and more.
• Front-panel/remote control and relay monitoring; relays for remote functions
• Removable screw terminals; built-in stereo/monaural program switcher
• Precise time delay from 2 seconds to 93 minutes
List $259.00
only $229!
Broadcast Tools
Voice Alarm Dialer
The Broadcast Tools VAD-2 Plus is a user
programmable two-input multi-number
voice/pager auto dialer with integrated
stereo silence sensor, temperature sensor
and power failure port designed for dial out paging and/or voice
message notification. The VAD-2 Plus is equipped with two wet or
dry optically isolated inputs, temperature sensor port, power failure input and stereo
silence sensor, which when tripped, will sequentially dial a pager and/or up to four
different phone numbers and play back a user recorded message corresponding to
the tripped input. The VAD-2 Plus is also provided with two SPDT one amp relays for
the control of external equipment.
List $239.00
only $195!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Single and Multiple Transmitter Site Controls from Burk
Burk VRC2500 Remote Site Control
Burk ARC-16 Remote Site Control
Now, you have a choice: full-time studio control and monitoring, or optional dial-up
telephone control. Because of its modular design, the Burk ARC-16 offers all the
features you need in a 16-channel remote control system. With the studio controller,
you have a constant link to your transmitter, for instantaneous response. The LCD
display shows out-of-tolerance conditions at a glance, and makes it easy to make
adjustments. The ARC-16 offers control and metering of studio equipment, including
program automation, EAS, security, status control and alarm functions at both the
studio and transmitter site. The two-unit-system has 16 channels of analog metering,
16 status channels and 32 control outputs. Features: built-in subcarrier generators,
alarms and multiple site control. Options: Enhanced Speech Interface (#ESI).
The ARC16SA is a transmitter-site, stand-alone unit. It includes the Enhanced Speech
Interface so you can take control using any phone.
Establish an RS-232 connection between a computer and the Burk ARC16
with the CI. Requires AutoPilot2 software (described below). The CI is not required
where ESI is installed (described below).
RS-232 computer interface for ARC16 (not for ESI)
List $195.00
The IP8 provides momentary relay closures for all raise and lower outputs
plus fail-safe. Wiring to barrier strips.
8-channel interface panel (2 required)
List $495.00
The ESI Enhanced Speech Interface lets you take control of the Burk ARC16 from
anywhere by phone, and receive alarm calls at up to 9 numbers.
Enhanced Speech Interface for telephone control
List $995.00
A selection of 2-wire and universal modems allow communication over
various types of communication lines.
2-wire modem for studio unit
2-wire modem for transmitter unit
Universal modem for studio unit / non-2-wire
Universal modem for transmitter unit / non-2-wire
List $200.00
List $200.00
List $200.00
List $200.00
The SSI/SP-16 provide an external output tally for all sixteen ARC16 status signals.
The status signals are brought to the studio rear panel as high-current open collector
Studio status indicator
Rackmount status panel, includes SSI and cable
List $250.00
List $395.00
Burk AutoPilot3 allows advanced control and automation. Connect a PC to any
number of ARC-16 systems, control from home, and much more.
Transmitter remote control software
List $1,195.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Accessories for All Burk Systems
Remote site control
Web interface
List $3,295.00
List $1,495.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
2-unit remote control system
Enhanced speech interface
List $895.00
Single-unit remote control system with ESI List$3,295.00
Accessories for Burk ARC16 and ARC16SA
The Burk VRC2500 is a remote site control unit ideal for single-site stations. It monitors
your transmitter and alerts you if an alarm condition occurs. It also enables you to
create commands and macros which can be executed automatically or at scheduled
intervals. The dial-up control allows you to use a standard telephone to retrieve data,
execute commands or macros, and receive alarm notifications. The VRC2500 has the
ability to operate unattended. A PC is only required for setup and monitoring, not
for smart operation. It also provides battery-protected RAM and 16 channels each of
metering, status and command. Included with the VRC2500 is operating software.
An optional web interface allows complete access from any browser.
4-input temp monitor w/ one BT-O sensor
Indoor sensor for BTU4
Outdoor sensor for BTU4
Stack sensor for BTU4 Line voltage sensor - linear analog output
Dial line transient suppressor Tower light monitor - 1 to 4 lamps, beacons, etc. Backup power source - 500 watts AC power Silence sensor - issues command/relay closure AC current sensor/measurement Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Burk GSC3000 Transmitter Remote Control
The modular approach of the GSC3000 transmitter remote control by Burk allows you
to remotely monitor and control a single site with minimal requirements or a large
number of sites with extensive requirements. Event-driven and time-based automatic
command capabilities allow you to trust your facilities to the GSC3000 24 hours a
day. Powerful macros enable the GSC3000 to assess situations and take intelligent
corrective action. The I/O 8 (#900085101) offers 8 channels each of metering, status and
command. The I/O 16 unit (#910085100) provides 16 channels. Up to 16 I/O units can be
networked together per site providing you with up to 256 channels each of metering,
status and command. Only one phone line is necessary for complete remote access to
all networked I/O units. The I/O unit is a stand-alone device; no separate PC is required.
Packet protocol is used for secure transactions both locally and remotely. Windowsbased software allows you to custom configure the GSC3000. An optional web interface
allows access and control from any browser.
The G-Link G-Bus Expansion Series makes it easy to monitor a wider range of site
equipment with the GSC3000, turning transmitter remote control into total site
management. By utilizing the modular design of the GSC3000, G-Link products provide
a direct link between the transmitter remote control and the monitored site equipment.
Each of the G-Link products connects to the GSC3000 using the G-Bus and can be
installed up to 1000 feet away. The OneConnect interface (#910085151) provides
a direct link between transmitters and other plant equipment and the GSC3000
transmitter remote control system. OneConnect eliminates the hardware needed for
traditional wiring interfaces, and saves time spent wiring and documenting discrete
remote control channels. Control your OneConnect as you would an I/O using Lynx,
Web Interface, or Voice Interface. The AC-8 and AC-4 Remote Outlet Controllers provide
broadcasters with discrete control of 120V AC circuits. The AC-8 and AC-4 make it easy
to power on and power off equipment at a remote location. Users can control power to
PCs, servers and other IT infrastructure. Call for details on other G-Link products listed.
GSC3000 I/O 8
List $2,935.00
GSC3000 I/O 16
List $3,460.00
Web interface
List $1,495.00
OneConnect for Nautel V10 transmitters
List $3,460.00
AC-8, 8-outlet remote power strip controller
List $895.00
AC-4, 4-outlet remote power strip controller
List $495.00
GT-4, 4-probe remote temperature monitor w/ BTO sensor List $419.00
GX-128 – X10 Interface w/ 1 interface & appliance module List $595.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $99.00
List $69.00
List $89.00
*Price subject to change.
Accessories for Burk VRC2500 and GSC3000
Control your GSC3000/VRC2500 via voice; install command
relays; and more. Call for more information.
Voice interface (GSC3000 only)
Command relay (1 per 8 channels)
Wiring interface unit
External modem - full time connect
External dialup modem
List $1,195.00
List $495.00
List $215.00
List $549.00
List $225.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Audemat-Aztec RC-Silver
Remote Control
The Silver Remote Control lets you remotely monitor and control a single site
via TCP/IP, offering 16 channels for status, and 8 channels each of metering and
commands. A stand-alone unit with Linux as an operating system, it is equipped
with an embedded web server and an Ethernet port for communication over
LAN/WAN/ Internet. The unit can also be connected to a phone line using an
external modem for dial-up connection (it supports the PPP protocol). 4 USB
ports are available for the connection of external devices such as a web cam.
The Silver Remote Control can send emails to notify personnel about out of
tolerance conditions and to give alarms. As on option, a VOICE/DTMF interface is
also available. Call for price.
The RC-Silver also includes the powerful and innovative Scripteasy software
enabling you to graphically configure I/O, time-based automatic actions and
macro so that the unit can take automatic corrective actions. It also comes with a
connection kit that makes wiring it to your equipment a snap. Cool.
List $2,130.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
• Remote control and monitoring of
the Digital Inputs/Analog Inputs/
Relay Outputs/Serial Ports via an
Ethernet-TCP/IP network
• Embedded web server for control
and monitoring
• E-MAIL or SNMP for sending
of alarms
• State visualization screen
• SNMP (PROXY agent) for
management and alert
• Local history log
• ScriptEasy software for configuration
of embedded scripts and
automatic actions
• RS232 port
• 4 slots for I/O connections
• RJ45 port (LAN 10/100M)
• Protocols: TCP/IP , HTTP (+ CGI
scripts), FTP, SMTP, TELNET , SNMP
(MIB integrated), PPP (for TCP/IP
comm. via PSTN modem)
Sine Systems
Remote Site Control
The RFC1B transmitter remote control system is an affordable, full-featured
system and it has a well deserved reputation for being reliable. The minimum system
consists of the RFC1B control unit and one RP8 Relay Panel (ordered separately). The
RFC1B is the “brain” of the system and the RP8 is the interface to outboard equipment.
The RP8 provides eight channels of telemetry input and control output. Multiple RP8’s
can be used to expand the system to 64 channels.
Dial-up capabilities allow for readings and adjustments from any touch-tone
telephone. The RFC1B responds with readings or other status information in a humansounding voice. Each channel has two output relays for raise/lower operations and
can be programmed with a decimal point and a unit word for the telemetry reading.
Automated Operations allow the RFC1B to perform tasks automatically (such as
pattern changes) based on the date and/or the time of day. Up to 80 timed events
can be programmed in the system. The monitoring/alarm system of the RFC1B is fully
programmable. Up to eight telemetry channels can be monitored for out-of-tolerance
conditions. When a channel exceeds the programmed limits, the RFC1B can react by
trying to solve the problem or by simply calling appropriate station personnel to alert
them of the situation.
Dial-up remote site controller
Rack adapter with modem for RFC1B
Remote control package (RFC1B & RAK1)
Relay panel
Surge protector
Temperature sensor
List $750.00
List $450.00
List $150.00
List $35.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Sine Systems Dial-Up Audio Interface/Audio Failsafe
The DAI-2 allows remote broadcasts at unattended stations. The DAI-2 combines
a telephone autocoupler, a DTMF tone operated controller, audio switching, alarm
sensing and output relays. The relay panel includes one DPDT and seven SPDT relays.
The DAI-2 can be used with RFC1B remote control system (above).
The AFS-3 audio failsafe (not shown) is typically used to trigger an alarm on a remote
control system or terminate transmission if program audio fails. It monitors one or two
audio signals and provides a relay contact closure as long as audio is present on at least
one of the two audio inputs. The AFS-3 can be used with RFC1B remote control system.
List $995.00 $77900
LowestPrice from $279!
List $350.00 $27900
Audemat-Aztec IP2Choice Remote Control
This new compact 19" rackmount modular system for remote management and
monitoring offers a large choice of I/O and communication ports for meeting
requirements of a single or a multiple transmitter site and monitoring and controlling
any kind of equipment and sensors. It can be configured to connect to all the
equipment of a remote site through its 3 Serial Ports, 128 Digital Inputs, 40 Analog
Inputs or 64 Relay Outputs. All peripherals linked to it then become accessible with
one telecom line. It can automatically connect peripheral equipment with remote
servers or directly to the Internet.
For ease of use, an embedded web server lets you configure the main parameters
of the unit from virtually anywhere and see the status and readings of all monitored
parameters. You can program complex automatic actions or macros with its
innovative Scripteasy graphical interface, which lets you drag and drop logic
functions and I/O data in order to generate scripts for automatic responses to various
It supports various TCP/IP protocols and can be connected to a LAN/WAN. A GSM,
ISDN, or PSTN modem can also be connected to the unit since the unit supports
“Point to Point” protocol as option. You can send alarms via emails, SNMP traps or with
the Voice/DTMF interface.
• Up to 128 digital inputs; up to 40 analog inputs; up to 64 relay outputs
• Embedded web server for control and monitoring
• E-MAIL or SNMP for sending of alarms
• State visualization screen
• SNMP (PROXY agent) for management and alert
• ScriptEasy software for configuration of embedded scripts and automatic actions
• Speech interface; DTMF interface
IP2CHOICE Rackmount unit and software
List $2,440.00
TF00166-R Optional front touchscreen display (factory installed) List $500.00
Optional voice and DTMF
List $725.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Control Freaks
The WVRC-8 provides a cost-effective, one rack-unit solution for web based and/or recordable voice
response dial-up transmitter site control. The WVRC-8 was designed from a user’s point of view. System
expansion may be accomplished by cascading multiple WVRC-8’s on the same telephone line and/or
Ethernet switch. Future external add-on products may be attached via the BT-Link expansion port.
The ESS-1 provides a cost-effective, small profile solution for standard serial-toEthernet connectivity. Designed with the broadcaster in mind, the ESS-1 is equipped
with extensive RFI protection. It is ideal for applications requiring data support for
both RS- 232 and RS-422 communications. The small profile of the ESS-1 makes
installation hassle-free.
The WVRC-4 provides a cost-effective, half-rack solution for web based and/or recordable
voice response dial-up transmitter site control. The WVRC-4 was designed from a user’s point
of view. System expansion may be accomplished by cascading multiple WVRC-4’s on the
same telephone line and/or Ethernet switch. Supplied with plug-in euroblock screw terminals.
The Broadcast Tools © SRC-16 is a computer interface to the real world offering
connection through an RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial port with baud rates up
to 38400. The SRC-16 can notify your PC software program that any of 16 optically
isolated inputs has been opened or closed and allows your software to control
sixteen SPDT, 1-amp relays.
The tiny TOOLS DTD-16 is a full-featured DTMF
tone/sequence decoder that is user programmable to decode
up to four tone sequences or a single tone and assign it to
any one of four relays, twelve open collectors and/or the RS232 serial port. The DTD-16 may be set on a desktop, mounted
on a wall or up to four units mounted on the RA-1, Rack-Able
mounting shelf.
The tiny TOOLS SRC-2 interfaces two optically isolated
inputs and two SPST relays to an RS-232 or USB port,
while the SRC-2x does this via a 10/100baseT Ethernet
port. Both the SRC-2 and SRC-2x can notify a user’s PC
software program that any of two optically isolated inputs
have been opened or closed and allows your software to
control two SPST, 1-amp relays.The SRC-2 communicates
using RS-232 at baud rates up to 9600 and the SRC-2x
via 10/100baseT Ethernet. The SRC-2(x) is powered by a
surge protected internal power supply. Either unit may be
rack mounted on the optional RA-1 mounting shelf.
VAD-2 Plus
The tiny TOOLS™ VAD-2 Plus is a user programmable
two-input multi-number voice/pager auto dialer with
integrated stereo silence sensor, temperature
sensor and power failure port designed for
dial out paging and/or voice message
Time Sync Plus
The tiny TOOLS Time Sync Plus provides four separate GPS
time referenced outputs. The first is an SPST relay. The
second output is an active high driver with a 100 ms pulse
each second, while the third output is a 4800-baud, RS-232
serial port providing a time zone adjustable hours, minute
and seconds time code. The forth output provides an active
high driver in the ESE TC89 or 90 serial time code format.
Indicator LED's are provided. A Garmin 12 Channel GPS
receiver with embedded antenna is suppled.
The tiny TOOLS DTE-16 is a feature rich DTMF tone/sequence
encoder that is user programmable to encode up to four tone
sequences or a single tone via any one of 16 contact closure
inputs and/or the RS-232 serial port. The DTE-16
may be set on a desktop, wall mounted
or up to four units mounted on
the RA-1, Rack-Able
mounting shelf.
USA Proud
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Broadcast Tools Transmitter Site
Controllers with Dial-Up or Web Access
Trust Broadcast Tools for affordable, reliable solutions…and here’s another first – an
8-channel remote control unit for roughly a grand! The affordable WVRC-8 provides
a one rack-unit solution for web based and/or dial-up transmitter site control. The
WVRC-8 was designed from the user’s point of view, so all of the basic functionality
you need is included to control your site equipment. The WVRC-8 is equipped with
a browser-based event function program scheduler and alarm logger, while the user
may select from four email recipients when an out-of-tolerance alarm is generated.
The WVRC-8 is equipped with eight high-resolution analog (telemetry) channels,
while each of the eight optically isolated status channels may be configured for 5 to
24vdc wet or dry (contact closures) status monitoring. The eight control channels
are equipped with independent SPST one-amp relays for each raise/on and lower/
off function. The WVRC-8 is supplied with spoken words and phrases in English, while
the user is free to record words and phrases in their language. In addition, the WVRC-8
may be programmed for dial-up operation via HyperTerminal, while the Java applet
programming can be performed using your favorite web browser.
The WVRC-4 is a cost-effective, half-rack 4-channel version with just a few less bells
and whistles. For details go to www.bswusa.com.
List $1,059.00
List $629.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Broadcast Tools GPI Series General
Purpose Interfaces with 32 or 24 Inputs
The GPI-32 interfaces 32 optically isolated inputs to a PC's RS-232 or
USB port, with serial data conforming to Broadcast Tools’ standard
switcher PIP format. It features dual RS-232 connectors (one for daisy-chaining multiple units on
the same legacy serial port and a DB-9 to interface to the supplied USB adapter), power and input LEDs, dual plugin Euroblock connectors, two independent DB-37 connectors and twin power connectors. DB-37 cables and serial
cable included. The GPI-24 interfaces 24 optically isolated inputs. You can configure each input to generate ASCII,
HEX or control character strings on each rising and/or falling input transition. You also get three additional preprogrammed selections: the "PIP" GPI format, the AT-1616 format and the short ASCII format. It comes with a Smart
USB-RS-232 adapter cable, DB-9 straight-through cable and AC power adaptor.
GPI-32 32 optically isolated inputs to serial/USB List $339.00
GPI-24 24 optically isolated inputs to serial/USB List $239.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Broadcast Tools
ACT-2 Audio
and/or Composite
List $129.00
only $119!
Broadcast Tools DC8PLUS
Dial-Up DTMF Controller
The DC8PLUS will answer and accept an access code of
up to 8 digits. It will allow the control of 8 form-A relays
and the monitoring of 8 logic level status input. Each
relay may be configured for momentary, latching or
interlocking closures.
DC8PLUS List $459.00
only $379!
Broadcast Tools Smart Relay 4
This interface provides four independent 2PDT relay and
eight optically isolated 5Vdc to 24Vdc wet or dry inputs.
It converts sustained network closures to a pulse. User
programmable logic and pulse stretching may be set
from 50ms to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds.
only $349!
only $175!
Broadcast Tools DSD-2
Dual Subaudible Detector
The DSD-2 is a 25/35 Hz sub-audible detector with
a single channel 50-hertz high pass filter. Its unique
detection algorithm virtually eliminates false triggering
due to level variations. It features SPDT relays, detection
enable/disable optically isolated input, balanced input
and output termination via 1/4" T/R/S jacks and plug-in
euroblock screw terminals, RS-232 tone detection port
and level control.
DSD2 List $339.00
only $299!
Rackmount shelf
The Broadcast Tools
DTD-16 is an affordable DTMF tone/sequence decoder
that is programmable to decode up to four sequences
or a single tone and assign it to any one of four relays,
twelve open collectors and/or the RS-232 port. The
DTE-16 is an encoder.
List $189.00 $17900
List $189.00 $17900
from $179!
Rackmount shelf
Broadcast Tools
Serial Remote
The SRC-2 interfaces two
optically isolated inputs and
two SPST relays to a RS-232 or USB
port, while the SRC-2X does this via a
10/100-base T Ethernet port. Both can notify
a PC software program that any of two inputs have
been opened or closed and allows your software to
control two SPST, 1-amp relays.
SRC2 Interface via RS-232 and USB List $129.00 $11500
SRC2X Interface via Ethernet
List $199.00 $17900
Tools DTMF
The Broadcast Tools SRC-16 is a computer interface to
the real world. Connection through an RS-232, RS-422
or RS-485 serial port with baud rates up to 38400 the
SRC-16 can notify your PC software program that any of
16 optically isolated inputs has been opened or closed
and allows your software to control sixteen SPDT, 1-amp
relays. The user is supplied with three pre-programmed
format selections. The "PIP" GPI format, the AT-1616
format and the short ASCII format, which is used by a
number of radio automation suppliers. The SRC-16 is
supplied with LED indicators to display input and relay
status. Half-rack chassis. Optional RA-1 rack shelf.
SRC16 List $399.00
The ACT-2 creates two
independent DC voltages that
represent average audio levels on balanced, unbalanced,
or composite signals. It allows remote control systems to
monitor audio levels and presence.
Broadcast Tools SRC-16
16-Input Serial Remote
Control Computer Interface
from $115!
Broadcast Tools
ESS-1 Serial-toEthernet Interface
The ESS-1 is ideal for
applications requiring data
support for both RS-232 and RS-422 communications.
The ESS-1 provides Ethernet connectivity to any device
with a serial port, and is ideal for serial tunneling or
applications where a COM port, TCP Socket, UDP
Socket, or UDP Multicast functionality is needed.
ESS-1 List $159
only $149!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Broadcast Tools DSC32/64
Dual Satellite Controller
The DSC-32/64 allows remote control of two
StarGuide II/III, Wegener Unity 4000 or ComStream
receivers. An encoder control with a 16x2 LCD display
provides local control and program descriptions,
while external control may be in the form of serial or
32 contact closures.
DSC32-64 List $449.00
only $379!
FMB10 RDS Encoder
The FMB10 is an affordable dynamic RDS encoder that creates a RDS sub-carrier and permits the
display of song and artist information on radio receivers.
• Permits the insertion of the following parameters: PI, PS, TP, TA, MS, PTY, DI, AF, RT
• Integrates latest Audemat-Aztec developments such as Scrolling PS and labeling command interpreter
available for an easy connection with automation software
• Delivered with amazing PC software to configure the equipment
• Includes all accessories required (even a serial cable RS232-USB to connect the encoder to the PC)
• User-friendly GUI for non technical people with wizard configuration
• Plug and play with easy set-up
Broadcast Tools
to StarGuide II
and III
List $1,425.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Audemat-Aztec FM80B
RDS Encoder
The Connect O'
Pad, (COP), provides
an effective way
to connect and adjust the audio outputs on your
StarGuide II and III receiver. The COP is designed to plug
into the male 9-pin D-Sub connector on any StarGuide
II or III Audio Decoder Module. The COP is equipped
with an eight-position removable screw terminal
for connection to the balanced left, right, monaural
outputs, audio and chassis ground. Left and right
multi-turn trimmers are provided for level adjustments.
The COP has approximately 1-db of insertion loss,
allowing level adjustments from - 1db to off from
program reference. Two 4-40 mounting screws are
provided to secure the COP to the audio decoder
modules DB-9 connector. The Connect O' Adapter 15
(COA-15) provides an effective way to convert the
DB-15 connector to removable screw terminals. The
Connect O' Adapter 37 (COA37) provides an effective
way to convert the DB-37 connector to removable
screw terminals.
List $24.00 $2200
COA-15 List $19.00 $1800
COA-37 List $52.00 $4600
from $18!
The Audemat-Aztec FMB80 RDS/
RBDS encoder is designed to bring
convenience and ease-of-use to RDS datacasting. Besides covering all RDS/RBDS parameters, the system provides
extensive user features to give broadcasters the advantages of remote access, intuitive Web-based setup, and TCP/
IP capability. Since all of the setup fields are accessible from anywhere via TCP/IP, you can modify your configuration,
change RDS text, switch from static to scrolling RDS, or control any other parameter from virtually anywhere. The
text can be customized and configured through a new HTML web page in the FMB80. e.g: “Now playing” title “by”
artist name “with name of the station”. Also, an embedded scheduler has been designed to display messages based
on time and date. This feature is actually very useful when broadcasting talk shows or news – the program director
can access the embedded scheduler via a web browser and enter the name of guests attending the talk-show.
Other features: stand-alone operation – no need for a dedicated PC; communication ports: (2) RS-232 ports (DB9);
(1) RS-232/RS-485 port (DB9); (1) 10-BaseT Ethernet port (RJ-45).
List $2,950.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Inovonics 713
RDS/RBDS Encoder
Inovonics raises the stakes with the new Model 713 RDS/RBDS encoder, which incorporates all the features of its widely
hailed 712 while adding on-the-fly programming access via a local network [or even the internet!] with its built-in TCP/
IP interface. This connectivity permits full integration of RDS/RBDS transmissions with your station’s other networked
functions, including message streams for digital radio and webcasting. Front-panel USB makes programming of all
static RDS/RBDS information almost as easy as turning on the lights. It connects to station automation with RS-232
serial interface or via LAN/Internet and sends dynamic messaging in “block” or safe scrolling” modes.
71300 List $1,690.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
RDS/RBDS Encoders
RDS Silver RDS Encoder
The compact RDS Silver encoder is ready for duty.
Loaded with all the main functions broadcasters need,
but priced to barely dent any budget, it’s easy to install
and even easier to use.
• Permits the insertion of the following parameters:
• Integrates latest Audemat-Aztec developments
such as Scrolling PS and labeling command
• Easy connection with automation software
• Includes all accessories (even a serial cable RS232USB to connect the encoder to the PC)
• User-friendly GUI for non-technical people with
wizard configuration
List $885.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Inovonics offers two ways to
hop aboard the ‘new’
RDS bandwagon. The 702 “Mini
Encoder” gives you a basic RDS presence for a minimum investment. Put your station’s call or street
name on the radio faceplate, send all the important system IDs, and use 64 characters of RadioText
for station and program info. The 702 features a Windows interface and easy USB connectivity.
The 712 is a full-featured encoder. Compatible with third-party software, it connects with station automation to
scroll song and artist info, weather, promos and advertising in either the conventional block format or in our unique
safe-scrolling mode. An independent RadioText register simultaneously sends fixed info, such as station slogans,
contest phone numbers, etc.
List $420.00
List $1,250.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Inovonics 510
RDS/RBDS Decoder
The 510 connects to the composite/
MPX output of any FM receiver or modulation monitor to display all the RDS/RBDS radio-data groups. LCD readout
displays station, format and program IDs, alternative frequencies, text and in-house messages, traffic and emergency
alerts, plus the subcarrier injection level in percent-modulation. A rear-panel RS-232 port allows further analysis, or
archiving of received data.
List $1,700.00
Call BSW
For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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