infotec IS 2055 - 4mat Digital Solutions

infotec IS 2055 - 4mat Digital Solutions
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infotec IS 2055
Top performance
that pays: high-speed
printing and copying
Become more productive and measure the difference.
Fast, flexible performance.
Innovative and user-friendly, the infotec IS 2055
copier and print system possesses a wide range
of outstanding features:
Consistently high quality from the first print to
the last, with genuine 600 dpi in copier mode
and 2,400 dpi (enhanced) in print mode.
The integrated hard disk delivers maximum flexibility:
- up to 8 new jobs can be processed
during a copy session.
- storage capacity for up to 976
scanned A4 originals.
- files from different data sources, including
scanned originals, can be combined into
one copy job (file merge).
High level of duplex productivity.
Productive finishing with the 3,000-sheet finisher.
Printing-on-demand: printing and finishing at
the click of a mouse - directly from your PC
Modern office communications have revolutionised
document production:“The classic copier” now deals
with printed materials that used to be produced in an
offset printing works - in-house, cost-effectively and
with customisation options.
Productivity on the network:
Extending the infotec IS 2055 with the
optional printer controller gives you a
high-performance 55 ppm fast laser printer
with excellent resolution of up to 2,400 dpi.
The optional network connection turns the infotec
IS 2055 into a state-of-the-art digital high-speed
network laser printer, outputting at up to 55 prints
Storing, managing, combining
per minute. At the click of a mouse, you can
produce all your documentation as required,
The infotec IS 2055 also has a document server. This
precisely when you need it. The optional
not only allows up to 200 documents or 976 scanned
finisher and optional hole-punch kit mean
A4 originals to be stored on the 20 GB hard disk,
you can even staple and hole-punch it right
away, as required. And all of this with first-rate
but also copier and print jobs to be combined,
with the complete job being output, and finished.
quality of up to 2,400 dpi resolution, in formats
In addition, you can also delete and insert pages
ranging from A6 - A3.
within a document.
Even fine lines, graphics and images with a greyscale
The document server is optimised for copying and
basis are reproduced accurately.
printing in tandem operation: the job is scanned only
once and can then be printed at double speed. The
The controller supports all the major operating
systems such as Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP, NT4.0
and Macintosh, and supports common network
protocols such as TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and AppleTalk
"proof print" or "confidential print" features are also
possible using a PIN code.
Functions - Advantages
Digital technology
Excellent quality:
input & output at genuine 600 dpi,
print mode 2,400 dpi (enhanced),
wide range of editing functions
Scan Once - Print Many
Less wear and tear on originals,
lowers the noise level
Sophisticated finishing
What would your documents be without professional
Ergonomic touchscreen
Full text user interface,
operating panel with touch-
simple and convenient controls
sensitive LCD display
finishing? The finisher/stapler sorts and staples your
documents, fully automatically. In doing so, the
Hard disk capacity 20 GB
processing speed of the finisher is adjusted to the
High storage capacity of
up to 976 A4 originals
print/copy speed. The result: full productivity when
creating high-quality documentation, even when
ARDF rapid feeder
printing on both sides.
Up to 50 originals, including
double-sided, can be scanned
in one step
The sorted sets of documents can be removed at any
time. As a result, the finisher's 3,000-sheet storage
Batch mode
Sets containing more than 50
originals are scanned as a batch
capacity is almost unlimited. This makes it easy to
and collated again in memory
produce a creative design using separator and cover
sheets. Not only that, but you can also punch your
documents with 2 or 4 holes straight after printing,
Document server &
Combining copier and print jobs,
document editor
storing documents,
with the optional hole-punch unit.
tandem processing
8 copy jobs are
Preparing several jobs while
a copy job is running
Paper storage up to
Uninterrupted printing and
7,750 sheets
copying of even substantial
Tandem media cassette
Re-stocking paper while one job
is running, productivity without
idle time
3,000-sheet finisher,
Productivity at the finishing
50-sheet stapler unit (option)
stage. Staple up to 50 pages,
(hole-punch unit is optional)
unlimited hole punching
Printer controller
Network-compatible high-
performance printer with
professional finishing
Performance that pays
The infotec IS 2055 digital copy and print system comes
top of its class in respect of productivity and image
quality. Special digital functions make it easier to
process large copy and print jobs.
With this convenient high-speed network print system,
your data can be printed in excellent quality with a
resolution up to 2,400 dpi - ideal for professional copy
Well equipped
shops or for in-house printing.
A large input means you need proper storage for
First-rate quality, extra fast
Originals are scanned in with the CCD
scanner, just as quickly as the infotec IS 2055
prints them:
at up to 55 pages per minute with a resolution
of genuine 600 dpi and 256 greyscales.
To enable you to keep up with re-filling, the
ARDF has a capacity of 100 sheets, which
output. Even in the basic model, you have 3 frontloading paper banks containing 4,250 sheets. The
additional high-capacity paper bank brings storage up
to 7,550 sheets.
The 2-way laser system allows duplex jobs to be
produced at the full speed of the machine - and almost
without limit.
By using the Tandem Kit (option) to link two systems
you can easily extend using the stack
together, speed and efficiency are doubled to 110
pages per minute.
You can also work on both systems in parallel, of course,
for more flexibility, whether you want to print, copy, or
do both.
What's more, as a high-speed network printer provided
by the printer option, the system also offers impressive
output, with exceptional print quality up to 2,400 dpi
No more complicated copier operations and difficult programming of
high-volume jobs. The extra-large LCD display panels guide the user
quickly and reliably through all copier applications.
(enhanced) resolution. This boosts the reproduction
quality of half-tones and particularly fine lines.
Technical data for the IS 2055
Copier specifications
Printer specifications (option)
Flatbed scanner using 4 channel CCD
Print speed
Up to 55 ppm A4
image sensor, electro-photographic
Print resolution
Genuine 600 dpi
2-way laser with dual component toner
(enhanced 2,400 x 600 dpi)
Copier speed per minute
55 ppm/A4, 28 ppm/A3
Print format
max. A3
Originals size
max. A3
Printer language
PCL6 (standard)
Copy size
A6 – A3
First copy
< 3.5 seconds (using the platen glass)
Data storage
20 GB hard disk, 48 MB RAM
600 dpi
Scanning: 256; Output: 4
Duplex, stapler and hole-punch features.
Multiple copies
Up to 999
Confidential print using PIN code.
25 - 400% in 1% steps
Enlargement and reduction
11 fixed ratios
Program memory
10 user programs
User codes
Network protocols
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk
Paper capacity
max. 7,750 sheets (DIN A5 – A3)
Hard disk
Uses standard copier hard disk
Adobe PostScript 3 (option)
Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0/XP,
Printer driver
Special features
Output to multiple trays.
Standard: parallel IEEE1284
Option: Ethernet 100/10 Base T
Optional printer HDD 6.3 GB
(for downloading additional fonts)
2x 1550-sheet cassette (tandem)
2x 550-sheet cassette
Selection of all paper feeders.
Memory capacity controller
Standard: 32 MB (max. 256 MB)
50-sheet bypass
1x 3,500-sheet high-capacity paper bank
Paper weight
Standard cassette:
Other data
Energy Star
Noise level
71 db during operation
52 - 127.9 g/m2
Bypass: 52 - 157 g/m2
Original feeder (standard)
ARDF, 100 sheet A4 (80 g/m2)
Originals weights
From 52 to 156 g/m2
Special functions
Document server: Storing and processing
50 db in Energy Save mode
Dimensions (WxDxH)
690 x 750 x 1138 mm (excluding finisher)
approx. 188 kg (excluding finisher)
Electrical values
max. 1.75 kW
Power consumption, mains connection 220-240 V, 50, 60 Hz, 8A
up to 200 documents; copying and
printing in tandem; combined output
of copier and print jobs, output using
Other Options
multiple trays, cover sheets, separator
1) High-capacity
Editing features
Directional stretch and compress,
paper bank (RT44)
2) Finisher (SR870)
for paper weights from 64 - 105 g/m2
Sort, stack, staple and hole-punch up to
text/photo mode, image repetition, delete
3000-sheet capacity
50 sheets in 4 positions (top, bottom, top
border/middle, 5 different user stamps,
(hole-punch unit is optional)
diagonal, double stapling)
combination of originals even in duplex
3) Hole-punch kit
Extends the SR 870 finisher
by 2x or 4x hole-punching
mode, imposition of A5/A4 brochures
3,500 sheet, A4 paper
Unlimited in all copy sizes
4) Tandem set
To connect 2x infotec IS 2055
between A5 - A3
5) Printer controller
expands the system into a fast
laser printer for your network
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