Night storage heaters

Night storage heaters
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If left open the stored heat will be
released through out the night, leaving
you with no stored heat the next day.
Remember to shut the output before you
go to bed.
If you have storage heaters in your home, it
is important to understand how to use them
most effectively. This user guide explains
how they work and how you can use them
to provide more cost effective comfort in
your home. As with all heating systems you
will get the greatest benefit if your home is
well insulated. A storage heater takes in
electricity over night – when electricity is
cheapest – and stores it as heat which can
be released during the following day. The
heater case is highly insulated and together
with a special damper/flap at the top of the
heater is designed to release heat evenly
throughout the day.
Most storage heaters have two dials that
make it easy to control heater output and
input. The input controls determine how
much heat is stored and the output control
determines how much heat is released. Both
controls are usually situated on top of the
heater under a flap. Automatic heaters
sense room temperature in order to decide
how much heat to store at night.
Damper closed Damper open
damper flap
damper flap
If you have manual heaters then the input
control should generally be increased as
the weather gets colder. Start at 2-4 in
the autumn and spring and up to
maximum in the depths of winter.
For automatic heaters you will only need
to adjust the controls to suit the comfort
conditions you require. Once you have set
it then you can generally leave the heater
to control the input according to night
time room temperature.
It is important to remember that using
top up heat from a gas or focal point late
into the night, could affect the input to
an automatic storage heater.
core or bricks
Do not be tempted to turn storage heaters
off or down to a lower setting and use a
fire instead as this will cost you more. They
use day rate electricity whilst the night
storage heaters use the cheaper night rate
electricity. The ideal temperatures are 21C in
living rooms and bathrooms and 18C in
kitchens and bedrooms.
However most people find a setting that
suits their lifestyle and only adjust it two
or three times a year. In general, you
should increase the setting as the weather
gets colder and reduce it as the weather
gets warmer.
How to use the output control
For maximum energy efficiency and
comfort the output dial should be turned
up gradually throughout the day only
when heating is required and turned
down to a minimum or shut at night
before you go to bed, to enable charging.
Night storage heaters
How to use the input control
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