Bambino Grand Prix User Manual

Bambino Grand Prix User Manual
 3. Place the safety seat onto the vehicle seat in the forward facing
position. By pulling or pushing the backrest of the safety seat in
forward or rearward direction, adjust the reclining of the backrest
(Ref Pic.10/11)
4. Place your child into the safety seat, make sure the belts are not twisted
or knotted. Position the car's lap belt under both armrests and
pass overthe lap of the child. Thread the shoulder belt under the
armrest and then through the upper shoulder guide on the headrest.
Then fix the metal inserts on the belt into the belt buckle. (Ref Pic.12)
5. If using the safety seat as a booster in Group 2+3 without backrest,
move the backrest downward 90°, then remove booster from backrest
(Ref Pic. 13)
6. Fit the booster firmly against vehicle seat backrest. Make sure the car
beltis not twisted and knotted. Thread the lap belt and shoulder belt
through the belt guide , and click them into the belt buckle. (Ref Pic. 14)
Cleaning 8 Maintenance
The safety seat cover is easily removable and can be cleaned by using
neutral soap and cold water. Do not tumble dry ,iron the cover. Air to dry.
Plastic part can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. Do not use any solvents.
A ©
Dry clean,dissolvable
except trichloroethylene;
Machine wash, donotbleach
cold water
sf =
Do nottumble dry Do notiron
1.This is a "Universal" child restraint. It is approved to
Regulation No. 44, 04 series of amendments,for general use
in vehicles and it will fit most, but not all, car seats.
2. Acorrect fit is likely if the vehicle manufacturer has
declared in the vehicle handbook that the vehicle is capable
of accepting a "Universal" child restraint for this age group.
3.This child restraint has been classified as "Universal" under
more stringent conditions than those which applied to earlier
designs which do not carry this notice.
4 If in doubt, consult either the child restraint manufacturer
or the retailer.
Distributor Information
TEL:031-2058309 FAX:031-2053851
Thank you for choosing the “GRAND PRIX” Car/Booster Seat to protect your
child. This seat has been manufactured to comply with the European
Standard ECE44/04. It is produced under strict quality assurance and
passed by the European safety standards. Please fit and use this safety seat
according to this instruction manual. The safety seat should only be fixed in a
car fitted with a 3-point safety belt system approved to ECE Regulation No.16
or equivalent standards. According to statistics, the safest position for installing
the safety seat is the rear passenger seat in your car.
1. Please read this manual carefully before using this safety seat. Incorrect
installation may result in serious injury. The manufacturer does not accept
any responsibility in this case.
2. Do not modify the safety seat or add any spare parts, as this may affect the
safety or functionality of this product.
3. Ensure the safety seat is secured to the car seat at all times, even when not
in use. Never leave your child unattended in the safety seat.
4. Do not leave any loose objects in the back of the car, this may lead
to serious injury in sudden braking.
5. Please do not use your safety seat if damaged in an accident.
6. Make sure the harness buckle is completely locked. Ensure that your child
can be released quickly in case of emergency.
7. The safety seat can not be used without its original cover. The original
cover is part of the homologation.
8. The manufacturer guarantees the product's quality.
This safety seat is suitable for children from 9-36kgs.
According to the different weights, please note the
Using as Group 1 (9-18kgs)
The safety seat should be used with the backrest. Secure the child into
safety seat with child restraint belt system, and fit the safety seat
with the car's 3 points belt system. (Ref Pic 1).
Using as Group 2+3 (15-36kgs)
The safety seat can be used with the backrest. Please use the car's 3
points belt system to secure both the safety seat and your child
(Ref Pic 2a). If using the safety seat as a booster without backrest,
please ref (Ref Pic.2b)
Using as group 1
1. After threading the safety seat’s two shoulder belts through the
shoulder belt holes on the backrest, please check whether the height
of the shoulder belt is similar to your child’s shoulder height.(Ref Pic 6)
2. Fitthe safety seat in the forward facing position on the vehicle
seat with 3-points belt system. Keep upright and close to the vehicle
seat backrest, then fasten it. (Ref Pic 3/Pic 4)
3. After the car belt system has been positioned across the backrest,
attach the red clip onto the shoulder strap near the car buckle.(Ref Pig 5)
Red clip
belt belt
Pic.5 D
4. Press the adjuster button at the front of booster, pull the
shoulder strap to loosen the child restraint belt strap.
5. Press the red button on the buckle and place the shoulder
straps at the side, place your child into the safety seat, make
sure the belts are not twisted or knotted. Insert the two metal inserts
into the buckle. You will hear a click when correctly inserted
(Ref Pic.6)
belt holes
6. Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling the adjustable strap at the
front of the booster. (Ref Pig 7)
7. If you wish to release your child from the safety seat, press the
adjuster button at the front of the booster, at the same time pull the
shoulder straps.Then press the red button on the buckle, place the
shoulder straps at the side and remove your child from the seat.
Using as Group 2+3
1. Unfasten the shoulder strap from the yoke at the back of
backrest, draw the belt system out from the holes in the backrest
and booster.(Ref Pic.8)
( —
E Headrest
= A adjuster
a q Yoke
2. The height of the headrest must be adjusted according to the
height of your child. The upper shoulder guide hook on the headrest
must be a bit higher than the shoulder of your child. When adjusting the
height, pull the red adjuster at the back of the headrest, at the same time
pull the headrest up or down to the suitable position.(Ref Pic.9)
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