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Productive All-in-one
Wide Format Solution
Meeting Every Possible
Wide Format Demand
Providing maximum efficiency with minimum effort, the Aficio™MP W2400/MP W3600 build
on the proven success of Ricoh’s wide format solutions. To streamline your specific wide format
workflow, these compact, digital devices integrate advanced print, copy and scan functionalities
and come with a range of production possibilities. The reliable Aficio™MP W2400 stands for walk-up
simplicity and takes care of all your straightforward print jobs using pre-defined settings.
The advanced Aficio™MP W3600 targets environments that often deal with more demanding print
runs and require faster productivity. Both devices offer you the choice between a cost efficient,
entry level embedded GW controller or an advanced, high performance external RATIO controller.
You’re bound to find a solution that perfectly fits your requirements!
• all-in-one multifunctionality: print, copy, scan & store
• extremely compact design: no need for a separate print room
• very easy to use thanks to LCD touch panel & distribution options
• superb productivity: 4.4/6.4 ppm (A1) and 2.4/3.4 ppm (A0)
• variety of print controllers & unique finishing capabilities
Professionalism and
High Performance in One Unit
The Aficio™MP W2400/MP W3600 take
professional care of your mission critical
documents, uniting all proven technology
and capabilities of Ricoh’s multifunctional
products into a single wide format device.
These feature packed machines offer high
speed, 600 dpi printing, copying and scanning,
and a range of distribution possibilities.
Multi Purpose in Every Sense
Customised to your Demands
• save office space and virtually eliminate the need
for costly outsourcing or additional expensive
devices: print, copy, scan and store in one
remarkably compact device
To suit your precise needs, you can choose
between 2 controller possibilities. The cost
efficient embedded GW controller is targeted
at general office environments. To enhance
productivity, it connects the mainframe directly
to the network and bundles the most common
and desired functions. Extremely simple to use,
it offers CAD users the possibility to submit their
print jobs in the same way as printing to regular
office printers.
For more demanding users, the advanced, external
RATIO controller further speeds up the production
process thanks to its superior processing power,
and uses a separate PC to rip the files. It offers
direct printing of CAD files as well as easy
management of your print jobs and queues,
and handles a larger variety of file formats.
And with the current fast moving PC standards,
the system can be upgraded simply by installing
the latest PC.
• process a variety of paper sizes from A4 up to A0:
choose between the one or two roll configuration
or opt for the additional paper cassette
• easily handle less common paper types via
the optional 1-sheet bypass tray
• speed up your workflow and save time by
handling up to three different paper sizes
at the same time
• excellent flexibility: upgradeable with a professional
fan folder and a choice of two specific controllers
Maximise your Productivity
When the pressure is on, you cannot afford to waste
time. The MP W2400/MP W3600 quickly respond
to urgent demands with less than 2 minutes warm
up time and a first output speed of only 21 seconds
(A1). Their high speed engine produces 4.8 linear
metres per minute, equivalent to 4.4 copies (A1)
for the MP W2400 and even 6.4 copies (A1) for the
MP W3600. These wide format production partners
give you the reserves to meet your tightest deadlines.
Using RW-3600 PLOTCLIENT/WIN you
can change the print settings of supported
file formats without the need to launch
the application software with which
the file was made.
The RW-3600 PLOTBASE server software
maximises your efficiency by offering
advanced input and output management
as well as accurate cost control.
Efficient Distribution
The Aficio™MP W2400/MP W3600 turn production
volume image capture, storage and distribution
into a time and cost efficient process. For easy
retrieval, paper documents can quickly be digitised
and stored on the devices’ Hard Disk Drive.
What’s more, your entire office can instantly share
fully editable files thanks to a range of handy
distribution tools:
• easily and securely send scanned documents
to any company e-mail address via LDAP
(Scan to e-mail)
• omit excessive network traffic and send
scanned files directly to URL (Scan to URL)
• transmit digitised documents immediately
to a dedicated network folder (Scan to folder)
The RW-3600 PLOTCLIENT/WEB uses a web
server embedded within the print engine to
provide web based access to print facilities
through a common web browser.
Mastering your Wide Format Workflow
Your productivity is based on an effortless workflow. That’s why you need
a completely integrated solution that offers user friendly operation, fast,
high quality copy output and state-of-the-art printing. Add excellent network
integration to the package, and you have the MP W2400/MP W3600.
Your preferred centre for wide format productivity!
Walk up Convenience
Efficient & Easy to Use
The Aficio™MP W2400/MP W3600 offer outstanding ease of use and straightforward
accessibility thanks to their intuitive LCD touch panel. As the simplified display
shows only your most frequently used functions, even occasional users won’t
waste valuable time finding the right settings. In case of irregularities, animated
user guidance helps you find a quick and effective solution.
Thanks to their small footprint, the MP W2400/MP W3600 can conveniently be placed close
to your work space so you can produce check plots, scans and even complex distribution
sets directly from your desk. While your output can be handled from the front of the device,
large or curled originals can easily be stacked at the back. With the handy originals hanger
option, documents can also be placed at the front of the machine.
Safeguard Access & Information
To optimally handle sensitive information and protect your data
against possible security threats, the Aficio™MP W2400/MP W3600
come equipped with potent security measures. These include various
types of authentication, data encryption and IP filtering.
Versatile Networking
Ready for complete integration into your business workflow, the MP W2400/MP W3600 boast fast
and easy network connectivity for virtually any type of environment. You can print from AutoCAD®,
Windows®, Bentley® and other applications commonly used in technical environments. Also web
printing is possible via Web Client for printing via Intranet or Internet.
Benchmark Image Quality
Project a professional image and reproduce your posters, blueprints,
maps, construction drawings or other large format documents at the highest
possible quality standard. The MP W2400/MP W3600 create consistently
impeccable output with edge to edge accuracy at a sharp, 600 dpi resolution
and with up to 256 greyscales. Solid fills are blacker, lines are finer
and crisper, halftones and shading are optimised.
Professional Finishing
Eliminate time consuming manual work and save on your budget
by using the unique fan folder unit. This finisher vertically folds
the paper into a ‘fan’ and creates impeccably finished output,
ready for distribution.
The image on these pages is not a real photograph
and slight differences in detail might appear.
Advanced Digital Technology
Prevent fragile, old and irreplaceable originals from being damaged using
the ‘scan once, print many’ technology. Scanned only once, your documents
are stored into memory and reproduced from there. To easily handle large
drawings, the MP W2400/MP W3600 let you resize your documents:
an A0 can be scaled to a compact A4 or vice versa in 0.1% steps.
Thinking Green
Ricoh continues to prove its commitment to a healthier and cleaner work environment.
With their small footprint, minimal ozone, noise and heat emission levels, the all-in-one
Aficio™MP W2400/MP W3600 can easily be placed in your drawing office or virtually
any other working area.
Copying process:
Copy speed:
Electro photographic printing
MP W2400: 2.4/4.4 copies per minute (A0/A1)
MP W3600: 3.4/6.4 copies per minute (A0/A1)
600 dpi
Multiple copy:
Up to 999 (ten key input)
Warm up time:
Less than 2 minutes
First output speed:
Less than 21 seconds (A1)
Reduction/enlargement: 4R/4E
25 - 400% (in 0.1% steps)
1,024 MB + 80 GB Hard Disk Drive
Paper input capacity:
1-sheet bypass tray
1 Roll Feeder (option)
2 Roll Feeder (option)
250-sheet paper cassette (option)
Paper output capacity: Top:
50 sheets A1 (plain paper)
40 sheets A0 (plain paper)
Paper size:
210 x 210 mm
914 x 15,000 mm
Paper weight:
21 - 157 g/m2
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,080 x 637 x 580 mm
Less than 107 kg
Power source:
220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:
Less than 1,440 W
PRINTER/SCANNER Type W3600 (option)
Controller type:
Print speed:
MP W2400: 2.4/4.4 prints per minute (A0/A1)
MP W3600: 3.4/6.4 prints per minute (A0/A1)
600 dpi
Printer resolution:
Print size:
210 x 257 mm
914 x 15,000 mm
Network protocol:
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk
Supported file formats: HPGL, HPGL2 (HPRTL), TIFF (CALS),
Adobe® PostScript® 3™, RPCS™
Supported environments: Windows® 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003
Macintosh 8.6 or later (OS X Classic)
Macintosh v10.1 or later (native mode)
Standard: Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX
USB 2.0
Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b)
Gigabit Ethernet
USB Host I/F
Recommended PC:
Please contact your supplier
for the latest recommended list.
Stored destination
Address book:
Scan to folder:
Scan to PDF:
Maximum 150
Via LDAP or locally on Hard Disk Drive
Via SMB, FTP or NCP protocol
Maximum 32 folders per job
PRINTER RW-3600 (option)
Controller type:
External (RATIO controller –
Server PC type soft RIP controller)
Print speed:
MP W2400: 2.4/4.4 prints per minute (A0/A1)
MP W3600: 3.4/6.4 prints per minute (A0/A1)
Print resolution:
600 dpi
Print size:
210 x 210 mm
914 x 15,000 mm
Network protocol:
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, lpr/lpq, HTML,
SMB (as of Windows® 2000)
Supported file formats: Standard:
Calcomp 906/907, WMF, BMP,
CALS (1 & 2), T6X, CIT, PCX, RCL
Adobe® PostScript® 3™,
Supported environments:
Windows® 2000/XP/Server 2003
Windows® Vista™
UNIX Sun® Solaris 2.6/7/8
HP-UX 10.x/11.x
SCO OpenServer 5.x (up to 5.0.6)
Redhat® Linux 6.x/7.1
Macintosh 8.6 or later (OS X Classic)
Macintosh v10.1 or later (native mode)
Recommended PC:
Please contact your supplier
for the latest recommended list.
Printed with
SCANNER RW-3600 (option for Printer RW-3600)
Ecolith Ink
with respect for the environment
Scan speed:
Original size:
Output formats:
Maximum 6 originals per minute (A1)
150 - 1,200 dpi
914 x 15,000 mm
Standard: HP/RTL, TIFF, BMP, CALS (1 & 2),
ISO9001: 2000 certified
ISO14001 certified
Ricoh has designed these products
to meet EC ENERGY STAR guidelines
for energy efficiency.
Ricoh believes in conserving the earth’s
precious natural resources. This brochure
is printed on environmentally friendly
paper: 50% recycled fibres, 50% chlorine
free bleached pulp.
Scan speed:
Original size:
Output formats:
Bundled drivers:
Scan to e-mail:
Destination addresses:
Maximum 80 mm per second
600 dpi (TWAIN: 150 - 1,200 dpi)
Maximum 914 x 15,000 mm
Network TWAIN
Maximum 100 per job
1 Roll Feeder, 2 Roll Feeder, 250-sheet paper cassette (up to A3),
Table, Originals hanger, Roll holder, Rear stacker, Fan folder unit,
File Format Converter, Data Overwrite Security Unit
For availability of models, optional apparatus and software, please consult
your local Ricoh supplier.
For more information, please contact:
All brand and/or product names are
trademarks of their respective owners.
Specifications and external appearance
are subject to change without notice.
The colour of the actual product may vary
from the colour shown in the brochure.
Copyright © 2007
Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) B.V.
All rights reserved. This brochure,
its contents and/or layout may not be
modified and/or adapted, copied in part
or in whole and/or incorporated into other
works without the prior written permission
of Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) B.V.
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The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)20 54 74 111
Fax: +31 (0)20 54 74 222
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