Changing the TV Resolution on MAG250

Changing the TV Resolution on MAG250
Changing the TV Resolution on MAG250
In order for the MAG250 box to give the best picture possible on the television that is being viewed on, it is
important to set the correct TV resolution on the Set-Top-Box. To do this, from the main menu, accessed by
pressing the “Menu” button on the remote control after the box is switched on, navigate, using the left or right
arrow keys until you come to the settings menu as below:-
Fig 1
Press the OK button on the remote, this will then take you to this menu:-
Fig 2
From here scroll down to the “Video” option (the display will highlight the option in white as the Parental
Control option is shown in the picture above), then press the OK button on the remote control. That will take
you to the page shown
Fig 3
Now, with the Video output mode box being displayed with a yellow border, press the right or left arrows to get
to the desired Video output resolution, the options are, PAL, 576-50 (the second number represents the refresh
rate in HZ), 720p-50, 1080i-50, 1080p-50, NTSC, 720p-60, 1080i-60, 1080p-60, when the correct one is
displayed, now, using the down arrow key, scroll down to the next box, “Graphic resolution” and make sure that
this is always set to “Same as video”. Now use the down arrow button to scroll down to the OK button (this should
be outlined in yellow), then press the OK button on the remote control. This will take you back to the display
shown in Fig 2, from there scroll down until you get to the “Reboot device” option as shown below in Fig 4
Fig 4
Press the OK button on the remote control the “Device is going to reboot are you sure?” prompt is displayed,
navigate using the left arrow key on the remote control and select OK (will be outlined in yellow). The device will
now go through a rebooting procedure to enable the new settings.
If the wrong Video resolution has been set, and the television is incapable of displaying this resolution, then you
will effectively get locked out of the remote control. This happens when you select a too high resolution on older
TV’s, but also when you set a too low resolution in the latest TV’s. The only way to get back into the menu screen
that allows you to change the video resolution is by unpluging the mains power to the box by taking out the power
supply lead from the back of the box, plug this back in whilst holding down the “Menu” button on the remote
control until the display changes to the one shown below in Fig 5.
Fig 5
Now, using the right or left arrow keys on the remote control, you can set a more appropriate video resolution,
when this has been changes, scroll down using the down arrow key on the remote control until Exit & Save is
highlighted, then press the OK button on the remote control. The system will reboot, and you should now be taken
back to the display in Fig 1.
Sometimes when a too higher resolution is selected, or the refresh rate in HZ is incorrect, this effects the sound
quality, and you either get no sound at all, or the sound keeps breaking up. In either of these two cases, please
select either a different refresh rate (50 or 60) or select a lower resolution. As a general guide, the old Cathode Ray
tube television should be set to “PAL”, the newer television should be set to 720p-50, these settings will usually
work in all cases, although a slightly better picture can be obtained from the 720p-50 setting by going up to the
1080 settings.
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