Samsung 40" 1080p 3D LED HDTV User manual

Samsung 40
Welcome to Skype
Getting started with Skype
Make calls and video calls with Skype on your TV.
O Made possible by [email protected] - bringing useful and entertaining features directly from the web to your TV.
Connect your webcam directly to the TV, not through a USB hub.
If Skype is deleted or upgraded, saved information (History and Options) is deleted.
If the webcam isn't working properly, turn the TV off then on again, and relaunch Skype.
Skype is disabled when the TV is turned off.
Voice quality may be affected in a noisy environment.
Using a wireless network can degrade call quality.
Use of the Skype software is subject to the Skype End User License Agreement (,
Skype Terms of Service ( and the Skype Privacy Policy (
For help using Skype, visit
SMS(short message service) and instant messaging are not available.
You need to configure your network before using Skype on your TV. See instructions in this manual.
Screen display
The picture from your webcam is displayed under My video.
✎ If you haven't connected a webcam yet, you will see the message "We can't detect your webcam..." Connect
your TV compatible webcam into a USB port on the back of your TV. Buy compatible webcams from skype.
Welcome to Skype!
7.92 EUR Skype Credit
My video
The best one has not....
A Sign out
B Online status
The picture from your
webcam is displayed here.
Skype_0302.indd 2
C Add contact
D Camera Off
Your Skype Name, online
status, credit balance and
mood message are displayed
here, next to your profile
R Return
Select from the menu items
Contact, History, Call
phones, and Options.
From the menu item press
ENTERE and scroll to the
desired option.
Sign out: Select to Sign out or Quit Skype.
Online status: Select your status.
Add contact: Add a Skype contact or a phone number.
Camera off: Switches to a voice call.
T Options: Displays the Options menu.
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Signing into Skype
When running Skype on your TV for the first time, enter your Skype Name and password or create an account.
If you can't login, check the network connection.
To sign in with an existing account:
✎✎If you have signed in on your TV before, scroll to the right, select ▼ and press the ENTERE button. Select
your Skype Name and press the ENTERE button.
1 Press the ENTERE button with the box next to Skype Name highlighted. Two OSD (on screen display)
windows appear.
✎✎ The application of remote control buttons— A ,
Welcome To Skype
ENTERE button and RETURN—is explained at the
bottom of the main OSD window. � and µ are
explained in the right-hand side.
Skype Name John001
2 Enter your account name and press the ENTERE button.
3 Scroll down to the box next to Password and press the
Password Press [Enter]
Sign in
Create account
ENTERE button.
4 Enter your password and press the ENTERE button.
Sign me in when Skype starts
Auto Start when my TV power on
✎✎ Be sure you have the cursor where you want it when
E Input
entering the password.
e Exit
✎✎ Once you return to the welcome page, you can tell
Skype to sign you in or start up automatically; select the respective box and press the ENTERE
5 Scroll down to Sign in and press the ENTERE button.
✎✎ If you're unable to login, even though the network is operating normally, visit for help.
To create a new account:
1 Scroll down to Create account.
2 Press the ENTERE button.
3 The License Agreement will appear on the screen. Select
Agree or Disagree.
✎✎ For more information on the license agreement, refer to
✎✎ If you select Disagree, you won't be able to create a
Skype account.
4 When the sign up window appears, enter your Skype Name,
Password, Country/Region (optional) and E-mail, and select
the corresponding box if you would like to receive news and
special offers from Skype. Select Sign In.
Skype_0302.indd 3
Sign up
* Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
* Skype Name
Press [Enter]
* Password
Press [Enter]
* Repeat Password
Press [Enter]
* E-mail
Press [Enter]
Yes, send me Skype news and special offers
Sign In
E Input
R Return
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Welcome to Skype
Using Skype
Each contact has an icon next to it:
7.92 EUR Skype Credit
Offline / Invisible
Do not disturb
To call a contact:
1 Scroll to a contact who is online.
The best one has not....
View Profile
Send Voicemail
✎✎ When a contact is selected, their picture and mood
message are displayed.
2 Select Video or Call and press the ENTERE button to call
■■ View Profile: See the selected contact's profile.
■■ Send Voicemail: Send a voicemail message to the selected contact.
■■ Remove : Remove the person from your Contact list.
■■ Block: Block this person from contacting you.
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When in a video call
Both you and the person you are talking with are displayed on the screen. The banner near the top of the screen
displays the call duration and signal quality.
Call Duration 00:00:05
A Sign Out
Mute Mic.
C Full View
D Camera Off
T Options
When in a voice call
The caller ID (identification) and call duration appear in the OSD.
Welcome to Skype!
7.92 EUR Skype Credit
My Audio
Call Duration
Mute Mic.
A Sign out
: Hang up the call.
Volume: Adjusts the volume.
Mute Mic. / Unmute Mic.: Turns off/on microphone.
Hold / Resume: Hold/resume the call.
T Options
A Skype contact will see a notification message when they are put on hold.
Video: Switches to a video call.
✎ Help icon
 A RED (Sign out): Select to Sign out, Quit Skype or Exit.
 C Yellow (Full view / Normal view): Expands the image of the person you're talking with.
 D Blue (Camera off): Switches to a voice call.
 T Options: Displays the Options menu.
Skype_0302.indd 5
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Welcome to Skype
Add a contact
Only available when the menu item Contact is selected.
Add a contact
1 After pressing the
C button, select Add a Skype contact or
Add a phone number.
2 If you selected Add a Skype contact, press the ENTERE
Add a Skype contact
Add a phone number
button with the box under Find people on Skype... highlighted.
Enter the person's Skype Name, full name or email.
E Enter
R Return
3 Select Find. If you selected Add a phone number, enter the
person’s name (optional) and phone number. Select Add.
✎✎Add a contact can be limited by memory capacity.
✎✎If someone has sent you a contact request, Add / Reject will appear instead of Video / Call.
Shows the history of calls you’ve made, listed from most recent to oldest, top to bottom respectively.
Each call has an icon next to it:
Incoming call
Incoming voicemail
Outgoing call
Missed voicemail
Missed call
Incoming conference call
Failed outgoing call
Missed conference call
7.92 EUR Skype Credit
Fri Jan 1 00:05:20 2010
Scroll to a call, select Video or Call, and press the ENTERE button
to start a call.
■■ View Profile: View the selected contact's profile.
■■ Send Voicemail: Send a voicemail message to the selected
View Profile
Send Voicemail
Add to Contacts
Delete This Item
■■ Add to Contacts: Add this person as a contact.
✎✎ This option is available when you don't have this person
saved in your Contact list.
■■ Block : Block this person from contacting you.
■■ Delete This Item: Remove this item from your History.
✎✎History can be limited by memory capacity.
✎✎The time set on the TV is applied to the History. If your TV's time is not set, the time in the History will not be
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Call phones
Call phone and mobile numbers from Skype.
✎✎To use this feature, visit on your computer to buy
7.92 EUR Skype Credit
Skype Credit or a subscription.
Call phones
1 Select the country or region you are dialing.
2 Enter the phone number with area code.
Select the Country/Region you
are dialing
Korea, south
✎✎ If a phone number with 00 followed by the country code
Enter the phone number with
area code
is entered, the entered number will be dialed regardless
of the selected country or region.
3 Select Call.
Receiving a call
When you receive a call, a window will appear in the bottom, righthand corner of your screen. Choose between Video, Voice, and
Reject by selecting the appropriate icon and pressing the ENTERE
Incoming Call
✎✎If a call comes in when another application is running, the call
notification window appears. You must close the application
before you can answer the call.
✎✎If a conference call comes in, the Video option is disabled.
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Welcome to Skype
Setting up Skype
✎✎Be sure to save any changes made for each menu item (User Profile, Change Password etc.). If you do not
do so before scrolling back to the vertical list, your changes will be lost. To save, press the
remote control.
■■ User profile: Add or change personal
information - picture, email address,
country/region and phone number(s)—
here. To change your profile picture:
1 Select Change.
2 Scroll to the desired picture, and press
the ENTERE button, or select Video
snapshot to take a picture with your
✎✎ If you want to add your state/
province, city, gender etc. sign into
Skype on a computer (available for
download at
button on your
User profile
Change password
E-mail Enter your E-mail address
General Settings
Audio Settings
Video Settings
Privacy Settings
Blocked Users
Country/Region Korea, South
Home phone Enter
Phone Number
Office phone Enter
Phone Number
Mobile phone Enter
Phone Number
Call Diverting
About Skype
Birth Date
D Save
R Return
■■ Change password: To change your password, first enter your old password; then enter a new password
■■ General settings: Select whether you want Skype to launch automatically when you turn on the TV.
✎✎ In case the picture from your camera flickers (image brightness varies quickly), you should fix the
power line setting in Anti Flicker and choose the power line frequency used in your country.
■■ Audio settings: Select whether you want Skype to Automatically adjust microphone settings. If you don’t
want the microphone adjusted automatically, select Off and adjust the Microphone volume manually.
■■ Video settings: Adjust the privacy settings for video. Choose who you will receive video from by selecting
Anyone, Only people in my Contact list or No one. Choose who you send video to by selecting People in
my Contact list or No one.
■■ Privacy Settings: Choose who you will receive calls from. Select Allow anyone to contact me or Only allow
people in my Contact list.
■■ Blocked Users: If you don’t want to hear from someone, block them by entering their Skype Name or phone
number. Any blocked persons will be listed in this window.
✎✎ You can also block a person in the Contact and History lists by selecting the contact and pressing the
TOOLST button.
■■ Call forwarding (diverting calls): To forward calls from your Skype account when you’re not on Skype, add
the phone numbers you want calls directed to. Select the country and enter the number with the area code.
Enter the divert time to specify the delay before the call is diverted.
✎✎ You need to buy Skype Credit from to use this feature.
■■ Voicemail: This feature allows people to leave audio messages when you are away. You can listen to the
messages wherever you are signed into Skype. For more information or to get voicemail, go to and
click on Account.
■■ About Skype: View the Skype copyright information.
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