South RDC Device Loan Program Inventory

South RDC Device Loan Program Inventory
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
HEARING – Pages 2 to 4
VISION – Pages 4 to 7
DAILY LIVING - Pages 7 to 15
AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) – Pages
15 to 24
ADAPTED TOYS – Pages 24 to 28
ACCES – Pages 35 to 42
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Conversor Pro Personal FM System
Price: $895.00
The Conversor Pro is a compact, wireless FM transmitter and receiver that focuses on desired sounds to provide the user with clearer,
sharper hearing in virtually any environment. With comfort, ease of use and portability, the Conversor Pro is perfect for anyone with
hearing difficulty. By increasing the available sound level, the Conversor Pro puts less strain on the hearing instrument amplifier. This
allows higher sound levels without the risk of distortion and feedback. The microphone transmitter can be directed by hand or placed
near the sound source up to 150 feet away, and will also accept direct input from a stereo, computer or TV.
Listen Tech-FM Tour Guide System
Price: $1,699.99
The highly portable Listen LS-06-072 tour guide system is perfect for conference rooms and other venues. This 72MHz, 7-person system
has all the advantages of FM wireless and all the convenience of a digital interface. The LS-06-072 includes the LT-700-072 portable
transmitter with an over-the-ear microphone, 7 LR-400-072 display receivers with ear speakers, AA alkaline batteries, and a carrying case
to hold them all. The 72MHz LR-400 receiver uses 57 narrow band channels. A locking mechanism can prevent accidentally switching
channels while using the receiver. The LT-700-072 transmitter has an operating range of up to 150 feet, which allows you to roam wireless
in a large area of about 60,000 square feet. The LT-700-072 works with a microphone or with a line level source, such as a CD or MP3
player. The transmitter's user-friendly, multifunction LED display can be programmed to display only those of the 57 available channels
that are in use.
Sign Language Translator
Price: $229.95
Enter a word using the touch screen keyboard and watch a video clip signed by a live individual. This portable, pocket-sized dictionary
is ideal for those in education, public service, students, friends and family.
Pocket Talker Ultra
Price: $157.95
The Pocketalker Ultra Personal Sound Amplifier amplifies sounds close to the listener while reducing background noise, making it ideal
for use in noisy situations, TV listening, one-on-one communication, small groups or listening in a car. With the dual mini earphone, the
Pocketalker can get up to 120dB SPL high volume output and clarity. Achieve nearly 100 hours of typical usage; the red light on the top
panel flashes when the battery is low.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Turbo Ear Personal Sound Amplifier
Price: $19.99
Sonic Boom Alarm Clock
Price: $ 43.95
Contact: 1-800-981-5119
Sonic Alert Sonic Boom alarm clock- Turbo charged loud - vibrating alarm clock- Shakes you awake with powerful bed shaker and
adjustable extra loud alarm- Built-in pulsating alert lights- Adjustable volume and tone- Snooze diffuser- Large red LCD- Explosive red
display- Battery back-up.
Future Call Loud Ring and Strobe Light Telephone Signaler
Price: $ 22.99
This affordable phone ring amplifier is line powered and has a bright strobe to alert user to the telephone’s ring. Three ring tones; three
ring volume settings (off/low/hi).Wall mountable. No batteries or AC adapter required.
Listener Pro with Inductive Neck loop
Price: $158.00
A powerful lightweight microphone that provides greatly enhanced sound level and quality for individuals with slight hearing difficulty,
but who do not wear a hearing instrument.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Comfort Duet Hearing Amplifier with Headphones & Earbuds
Price: $172.50
A small, rechargeable, personal assistive listening device with superior sound. It is great for people with hearing loss who want superior
sound in a small device that is versatile and easy to use.
Ablenet Audable Personal Amplifier
Price: $62.45
This personal amplifier not only amplifies sounds to your ears but also filters background noise to bring you a clear
and crisp sound in a multitude of situations.
E-bot ADV
Price: $ 3,037.00
Portable read, write and distance video magnifiers with OCR and iPad Connectivity! Display directly on your iPad screen via dedicated
Wi-Fi wireless access point and use a common gesture user-interface. Or, connect with Mac via USB 3.0 or PC via USB 2.0/3.0, or a
monitor with HDMI.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Zoom Text Image Reader with A4/ Letter Camera (available for MAC)
Price: $ $599.00
A software and camera solution that makes printed text accessible to people who are visually impaired, including
books, magazines, business documents and more. Put the printed item underneath the included document camera,
snap a picture, and a few seconds later the text appears in large, high-contrast fonts and is read aloud in naturalsounding voices.
Jordy-Portable Video Magnifier
Price: $3,095.00
The JORDY head-worn electronic video magnifier provides portability to people with low vision. Excellent for distance viewing, you will
use this for meetings, sporting events, or anywhere on the go. This battery operated system can be worn like a pair of glasses or used as
a desk-top video magnifier when placed in its optional docking stand and attached to any monitor. Image is similar to viewing 48” screen
from 4 feet away.
Acrobat Visual Tech
Price: $2,295.00
The Acrobat TV and Acrobat VGA are similar versions of a full color, auto-focus innovative rotating camera on a flexible "long" or a sturdy
"short" camera arm which enables people with low vision to perform daily tasks more effectively. The Acrobat system is a unique, easy-touse video magnifier which is ideal for near, distance and self-viewing. Just connect the Acrobat TV to any television or the Acrobat VGA
to any VGA (PC computer) monitor. By rotating the camera, the user can read, write, groom and magnify images at any distance.
Eye Pal Solo Device
Price: $1,895.00
The Eye-Pal SOLO reads aloud almost anything printed— books, newspapers, mail, labels, bills, instructions on the food packages, even
text on a crumpled piece of paper — quickly and easily. And it’s so simple to use that anyone - from an 80 year old blind grandmother to
her three year old granddaughter - can use it right out of the box. Developed to enable anyone who is blind, lower-vision challenged or
neurologically disabled to easily get the content from any printed text and “read” with their ears.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Trekker Breeze
Price: $895.00
Simple and affordable GPS for people who are visually impaired. As simple as your TV remote, the Trekker Breeze handheld talking GPS
can be controlled by one hand. It verbally announces names of streets, intersections and landmarks as you walk. No need to stop passersby
to know where you are... simply press a button and Breeze tells you your location on the spot. When you are in a vehicle, Breeze announces
all intersections, allowing you to exit when you want.
SmartView Versa
Price: $595.00
With large, simple to use buttons and a large color LCD display, the SmartView Versa is an easy to use electronic handheld magnifier
that can magnify images up to 15X. The autofocus lets you hold the Versa at the optimal distance from the object and your eyes. Rest
the Versa on the page, use the writing stand or flip out the handle for optimal viewing.
MiniMax Electronic Magnifier
Price: $ $375.00
With its compact design and 2.8" TFT screen, the miniMAX is an indispensible little pocket tool. Designed for simplicity and productivity,
miniMAX has three easy top-access buttons which are identified with high contrast icons. Three discrete levels of magnification range
from 2X to 7X, while a full range of color and color select options help create your optimal viewing combination. A freeze frame mode even
allows you to store and manipulate an image. 3 hour battery life, or can operate while plugged in. Closed unit measures 3.5" x 2.4" x 1.2"
and weighs only 5 ounces.
8’ Bar Magnifier & Deluxe Frame Page Magnifier
Price: $99.99 (each)
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Easy Pocket
Price: $ 72.95
If you are looking for a small, illuminated magnifier you can use in restaurants and other dimly lit locations? If so, then the new
easyPOCKET is perfect for you.
Ameriphone RC 200
Price: $398.00
The RC200™ remote control speakerphone, by Clarity®, features a high-fidelity speakerphone, voice activated answering and a wireless
remote. With a variety of optional accessories available, the RC200™ is an ideal communications solution for those with limited mobility.
Telemergency Big Button Speaker Phone w Pendant
Price: $129.95
This affordable large button phone works as a standard phone, with the additional useful feature of remote activation. Press the button
on the remote to answer the telephone when it rings. The speakerphone is now activated which allows you to have a hands free
conversation from up to 20 feet from the base. The remote can also turn on an emergency function that sounds a loud internal alarm to
summon other people in the house. It also activates the speaker phone, dials up to 10 pre-set phone numbers, and delivers your prerecorded emergency message.
Telemergency 750 Emergency Help
Phone System with Pendant
Price: $119.95
Having this telephone emergency caller in a home lets a person living alone summon help by pressing the button on a pendant. Offering
even more security, it has a daily monitor (Alarm-Call) that the user needs to turn off daily to assure the family that he/she is well.
- Sends emergency message (pre-recorded or user recordable) to up to 6 telephone numbers
- Speaker phone function allows you to communicate without moving to the base; range from base is about 100 feet
- Phone can be answered by pressing pendant button and speaking through speaker phone
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Freedom Alert Emergency Response System
Price: $299.95
The FreedomAlert system allows you to contact family and friends at the click of a button. It is the first programmable, 2-way voice
communication pendant that quickly puts you in contact with up to four relatives, neighbors or friends should you need it. All at the
touch of a button. And if your programmed contacts are unreachable, FreedomAlert can be programmed to dial a 911 operator. What’s
especially attractive about this system is that there are no contracts, no activation fees and no monthly fees.
Ameriphone Photo Phone
Price: $36.72
Plantronics P300 Ameriphone Amplified Corded Photo Phone makes calls louder and clearer, amplifying sound up to 18 decibels. It has
9-programmable photo memory buttons to insert personal photos.
Teletalker Enhanced Amplified Telephone System
Price: $200.00
Contact: 1-800-323-5547
The TeleTalker™ is specifically designed to improve speech understanding over the telephone. Each of these amplified phones combines
a powerful amplifier with a sophisticated signal processing circuit to enhance phone signal quality. Additionally, the TeleTalker™ functions
as either an amplified telephone (up to 55dB) for those seeking phones for the hard of hearing or as a normal telephone for users who
don't need amplification.
Braille Large Button Cordless Phone
Price: $64.99
Includes the following features: 40 channel auto scan; 10 number memory; handset page/locator; hearing aid compatible; handset
receiver volume control 15 dB gain; lighted keypad; extra loud ringer; visual ring indicator; handset vibrates on incoming ring; back-lit
LCD display.
Add on Photo Dialer
Price: $ 76.95
Put up to 24 3" x 2" photos in this album and when you or anyone in your family wants to dial someone in the album, all you do is
press the large button next to the photograph. The unit is easily connected to any phone using an analog telephone line. Programming
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
the numbers takes only minutes. You can also program a button for 911, for your doctor, your pharmacy or any other important nonfamily contact. The unit measures 6.5" x 8" x 2" and operates on 2 "AA" batteries.
Portable Telephone Amplifier
Price: $34.95
This small amplifier attaches to any phone to provide an acoustic boost, and adds the unique feature of becoming a portable personal
amplifier.straps to the earpiece of any corded, cordless or payphone telephone handset (not cell phones)
- boosts sound up to 30 dB and uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries
- 3.5mm output jack: connect headphones or other hearing aid or cochlear implant couplings to use as a personal amplifier.
Tap Memo Personal Organizer
Price: $159.95
The TapMemo is a pocket size digital memo recorder that includes a voice recognition user interface, and clear sounding voice prompts
making it one of the easiest personal organizers to operate. There are only two buttons, one to adjust the volume, the other to activate
voice control. All you have to remember is to press the TapMemo button and speak one simple phrase which is "What can I say". The
TapMemo responds to you by speaking the available menu choices.
TapMemo features include:
Memo Recorder - Address book - Phone Dialer - Appointment Calendar - Talking Clock and Date - Alarm Clock
Unit Finder that responds to a whistle - Battery Meter - Memory Meter - Locking feature that protects your personal information
Pen Friend Recorder
Price: $125.00
Contact: 1-800-468-4789
The PenFriend is simple and enables you to record your own label for a wide range of items in and around the home, at school and
Additionally you can use this as a voice recording device to make memos and reminders when needed.
Touch the PenFriend to the sticker, and your message is played back to you in a clear voice. Stickers can be recorded as many times
needed. You can use the PenFriend every day to label anything in your home including food products, file folders, CD's, medicines, or
cleaning supplies. It's a great way to leave audio messages for other people in the house. The PenFriend can also be used as an MP3
player. It's entirely portable, so you can take it to run errands. Hours of recording time available on the 1GB internal memory.
Recordable Talking Alarm Clock - Pill Reminder
Price: $ 39.95
This Recordable Talking Alarm Clock is perfect for many different uses around the home. As an alarm clock it can be programmed for 6
daily alarms which can each be independently set. The time and date are easily seen in large bold font on the LCD display.
Additionally, this clock acts as an electronic pill reminder. Individually recorded messages can be created to play at each of the alarm, for
example "Take aspirin at 11 AM." This is perfect for anyone who takes one or more medications per day. An alarm check button scans
through each alarm, noting its time and on/off status. For added ease of use, buttons are located on the top of the clock and are color
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Loc8tor Lite
Price: $79.95
The Loc8tor Lite is the ultimate locating device to help you keep track of your keys, TV remote, and any other valuable. This credit-cardsize device can be used to find almost anything that has a homing tag attached to it. The Loc8tor's audio (and visual) cues point you in
the right direction and guide you to the exact location of the missing item.
Steel Walker with 26’’ Seat
Price: $85.95
Easy to use, lightweight walker with wheels. Folds easily for storage and travel. Flip-up cushioned seat. Ergonomic handgrips with
adjustable handle height for maximum comfort. Weight capacity 250 lbs.
Telescoping Wheel Ramp
Price: $149.95
Ramps easily extend for use with steps, curbs or vehicles. Completely adjustable with push-button locking mechanism. Rust-resistant
aluminum construction. Features durable, non-skid treads. U-shaped tracks for added safety. Three section design contracts easily for
storage in a convenient carry bag, which hangs over wheelchair handles. Size: 7” wide, adjusts from 3’ up to 5’ long. Unit weight: 6 lbs.
per ramp. Weight capacity: 660 lbs. (330 lbs. per ramp)
Communication Picture Board (Ensglish)
Price: $30.00
Contact: [email protected]
The Communication Picture Board was designed to help bridge the communication gap between emergency first responders and people
who are deaf. The picture board is proven to also effectively enhance the communications needs between first responders and non-English
speaking populations, children, people with developmental disabilities, as well as those impacted by a traumatic event.
These boards are helpful in a variety of settings, in the field, on an ambulance, in a shelter, at an assistance center, etc. The
Communication Boards contain pictures with a word describing the picture underneath in both English and Spanish
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Emergency Readiness Wheels (English & Spanish)
Contact: [email protected]
EAD Emergency Readiness Wheels © are sturdy, easy-to-use, and magnetized. They provide guidance on getting prepared and how to
respond when a disaster occurs. The wheels are two-sided.
Talking Calculator
Price: $20.00
Clear female voice speaks the individual digits or whole integers. Volume control also turns the voice off. It is available with an earphone.
It features a large 8 digit LCD readout with numbers that are .62 inches high. The calculator adds, subtracts, divides, multiplies and
calculates percentages.
Jumbo Universal Remote Control
Price: $14.95
Controls up to 8 different devices with one remote (TV, DVD, VCR, TV/DVD Combo, TV/VCR Combo, VCR.DVD Combo, Cable,
Satellite). Remote is compatible with most major brand of devices. Large soft buttons are easy to see and push.
Code search feature can discover your remote codes automatically. Sleep programmable power off timer.
Super sized jumbo remote is 11"x5". Requires 2 AA batteries.
Big Button Remote Control
Price: $ 24.95
The extra large buttons of the BIG BUTTON™ Remote Control have big, readable characters. The lighted buttons are very large and they
all light up at the touch of any button.
Unisa TV Listener Wireless
Price: $43.00
It works just like your remote control, sending an infrared signal from your TV right to the deluxe cushioned stereo headphones you wear.
TV sound too low or too loud? Simply adjust the volume control right on the headphones. There is no interference from cordless telephones,
garage door openers, microwaves or other electronic devices. Now you can watch TV in absolute comfort and privacy while others sleep,
study, or read in the same room.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Laptop Bed Table
Price: $99.95
Adjustable Folding Table
Price: $89.99
Ideal for wheelchair, graduated table or bedside use. Hardwood desktop with easel adjustment provides easy positioning. Folds flat to
store, with built-in handles for carrying. 14"W x 17"L. Height adjusts 5½"–11"H. Latex free.
Handle Button Hook/Zipper Pull
Price: $13.49
Two aids in one, the Hook answers buttoning needs, and the Zipper pull attaches to hard-to-handle zipper tabs, making it easier to zip.
Adds leverage to small zippers. Latex free.
Hairbrush with Velcro Handle
Price: $19.99
Velcro® strap with big D-ring holds brush for those with minimal hand function. Widely spaced plastic bristles have tiny bulbs on tips
to glide easily through hair with minimal pull. Latex free. Hairbrush with Velcro® Handle. Easy-to-fasten handle for those with limited
grasp. Latex free.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Klick Pencil Holder
Price: $19.99
A clicking sound indicates that the pencil is in place and won’t slide up. Use screwdriver to set and lock items of less than 3/16" diameter
to desired angle. Bend the metal frame with pliers to tilt the pencil back under the palm if needed. Adjusts to nearly every hand, right or
left. Usable with any utensil holder.
Typing Aid
Price: $13.99
Hand clip is attached to a soft plastic key depressor. Useful for keyboards, calculators, telephones, etc. Clip may be re-bent to suit
individual’s hand.
Slip on Typing Aid (Right, Large)
Price: $22.99
Slips on and off hand easily, tightens with a Velcro® strap. Has rubber tip for touching the keys. Molded plastic adjusts with heat gun.
Arthwriter Hand Aid & Dexball Writing Aid
Price: $8.99 & $26.99
Versatile tool helps people with hand or finger disabilities to eat, write, groom and perform other daily activities.
Portable Book Holder & Page Turner
Price: $18.99 & $14.99
Book Holder: Designed to allow pages to be turned easily. Folds flat for easy carrying and storage. Unbreakable clear plastic. Holds any
size book.
Page Turner: Features a hand clip with long, curved aluminum bar tipped with a rubber end. Use to easily flip pages, even heavy coated
paper. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and simple to use.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Roberts Book Holder
Price: $39.99
The Roberts Book Holder holds any book, regardless of its thickness or size, at a
convenient reading angle. It prevents pages from flipping while allowing the reader to turn them effortlessly. And when not being used, it
folds to a flat 7/16", thinner than the slimmest notebook, easy to store or transport (built-in handle).
Universal Holder with Velcro Strip
Price: $19.99
Use to assist in manipulating a variety of everyday objects—just wrap the hook & loop closure around the desired object for a secure grip.
Great for use with a phone, brush, walker, and more. The plastic-covered metal frame can be bent to fit any size hand.
Check & Signature Writing Guides
Price: $2.95
This check writing template fits a business check measuring 8 x 3 inches, and has cutouts for all necessary entries.
Talking Alarm Clock (English & Spanish)
Price: $24.95
Maddagrip Opener
Price: $6.95
The Maddagrip Opener conforms to almost any size cap permitting the user to effortlessly open anything from small vials and bottles to
large jars.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Pillbox with Repeat Timer
Price: $8.95
This 3.25 x 2 inch combination pill holder and timer works in both capacities. The pill section is divided into 2 large compartments that
easily hold a couple of days' pills. Sliding open the cover panel is extremely easy. The timer is both simple to set and will repeat the alarm
at the time interval you set it for, if you take pills on a regular schedule.
Liquid Level Music Alert
Price: $10.95
Contact: 1-800-537-2118
When liquid reaches 1" or 25 millimeters from the top of the cup, a lovely tune is sounded alerting the user to stop pouring. It uses two 357 A batteries that are included.
Nova Chat 10
NOVA chat 10 has the largest display of any Chat communication device. It offers the well known Chat Software on an Android
platform. Like all "Chats", NOVA chat 10 offers a durable yet sleek portable design, with features that include a 10.1" display, switch
scanning, Social Chat, IVONA speech synthesizer, and many other Chat features. A variety of vocabulary configurations provides
options for each individual that uses our "Chat" systems. NOVA chat includes thousands of SymbolStix™ symbols and PCS™ symbols
can be added.
Dynavox T10
The Dynavox T10 with its Compass app is a comprehensive innovative, flexible, and robust speech generating software for anyone with
complex communication needs designed to empower growth, learning, and reaching communication goals.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Vantage Lite
Portable AAC device that offers the Unity Language System.
Big Mac Communicator & I Talk 2 Communicator w Levels
Price: $119.00 & $199.00
Talkable IV w/12 Levels - $199.95
Time Cue (Set of 6)
Price: $16.00 each
TimeCue encourages functionality in the real world by helping students manage everyday tasks and adjust to necessary transitions.
Record a single message up to ten seconds, then set the digital clock to play the message at the set time. Add Picture Communication
Symbol (PCS) cues for visual support. Transport anywhere with the lightweight, portable design that folds flat.
Go Talk 4 & 9
Price: $145.50
This easy to use, lightweight and rugged picture communicator has a 20 message capacity (Go Talk 4) and a 45 message capacity (Go talk
9) which provides great sound and volume control. Features easy sequential recording.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Go Talk 20 & Go Talk Express 32
Price: $192.50 & $579.00
This easy to use, lightweight and rugged picture communicators that provides great sound and volume control. Features easy sequential
recording, an option for whole level erasing and built-in overlay storage.
Ablenet QuickTalker Communication Device
Price: $189.00
Fun and easy solution for beginning communicators. Multiple levels allow the ability to pre-record different sets of messages and easily
change between each set of messages for use at different times of the day or with different activities. Features common sense controls,
built-in symbols storage, a rugged casing and a built-in handle that makes it easy to transport between classes or locations. Operates
with 4 AA batteries.
Easi-Speak USB Recorder
Price: $69.99
Fun and easy wireless recorder that encourages even reluctant students to speak. Just one button to record and then simply play back
and listen (up to 4 hours of audio). Extended use across the curriculum – oral language, fluency, phonics, speech therapy, and more.
Built-in-USB to charge via computer and download (PC, MAC). Upload student-created files (WAV or MP3) to digital portfolios for
authentic assessment or share with others.
Spin a Schedule
Price: $19.95
Comes with 240 printable labels by the letter size sheet. Schedule base measures 8” across, circle circumference is 5 ½” with 10 picture
windows total. Spinning dial on one side and window on the other with dry-erase board. Comes with 240, 1” x 1” repositionable, printable
labels that can be stuck on and removed from schedule as needed. Add your pictures to printable labels using software template (template
download information will be included in packaging).
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Talking Brix Communicator (3 Pack)
Price: $114.50
Talking Brix are thin, light communicators with built-in magnets, perfect for carrying in a pocket, or placing around the room. Use one
Brix for personal reminders, or attach as many as you like, creating simple, scalable communication grids.
Super Talker Progressive Communicator
Price: $348.95
SuperTalker features 16 minutes of recording time and a total of eight levels of messaging capability. Not only is every message location
accessible via external switch, SuperTalker is even equipped with a special "Step Ahead" jack allowing a single switch to activate
SuperTalker's messages in-order.
IPAD & Mini WI-FI 16GB & 64GB
Price: $499.00-$699.00
Contact: 1-800-MY-APPLE
Variety of Special Needs Apps
IPAD Stand
Price: $39.00
Contact: [email protected]
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
IPAD Mount (mini-arm)
Price: $129.00
Contact: [email protected]
iDevice Gooseneck Mounting System
Price: $220.00
IPAD Mounting System
Price: $ 509.95
3 products in one. A protective case, a mounting system that easily attaches to any wheelchair or tabletop, and the iPad Cordless Super
Switch which has a 5 inch diameter target and works with any app that’s been programmed for switch access.
IPAD Sound System Bundle
Price: $ 699.95
Contact: 800-832-8697
The iPad Sound System mounting platform includes a tabletop base, an iPad case for iPad 2 or iPad w/retina display, iPad Cordless
Super Switch and adjustable stylus. It also includes the Light Duty Magic Arm.
iDevice Mounting Systems
Variety of device mounts for tabletop & wheelchairs.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Go Now Cases for iPad
Price: $49.00
Price: $195.00
Contact: 1- 888-353-2634
Big Grip IPAD Case
Price: $34.95
ChesterKeys iPad Case and Bluethooth Keyboard
Price: $99.95
The iPad case is soft synthetic leather that closes with a magnetic clasp and securely holds your iPad. It features a collapsible stand
that can be angled for optimal viewing. The rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard connects seamlessly to your iPad and gives an impressive
120 hours of use on a single charge. The case allows easy access to all controls and ports, as well as the microphone and camera.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Keyboard Communicator with USB mini
Price: $825.00
Contact: 1-877-608-9812
This is a portable Text-To-Speech solution for those people on the go. Its small and light weight; it can also work with your own
specialized keyboard: • Features 2 lines by 16 characters LCD display • Unlimited Vocabulary • Mini Standard PS/2 Keyboard • Built-in
audio amplifier and speaker • Standalone, works without a PC • Compact size: 8.75"x7"x1.25"• Weight:1 lb • Uses 4xAA batteries
The Smart/128 communicator features a transparent top grid that can be easily removed. With the grid, the Smart/128 is a standard
static 128 location AAC device. Without the grid, the Smart/128 can be used as a pictorial communication device. This key feature with
the removable flash memory card and overlay recognition brings an added level of versatility to our new device. Smart Series features:
Smart Overlay System Interchangeable FLASH card Slimmer housing design and Carrying handle
•Smart/Speak - $985.00
The Smart/Speak is a 32 message, multi-level AAC device designed to aid communication through direct selection. Using Real-Voice
technology, the Smart Series provides speech playback at a high audio quality. It has the same Time-Lock Technology along with many
other distinct features such as its light-weight and portability, etc.
•Smart/Talk - $885.00
The Smart/Talk is an 8 message, multi-level AAC device designed to aid communication through direct selection. Using Real-Voice
technology, the Smart Series provides speech playback at a high audio quality. It has the same Time-Lock Technology along with many
other distinct features such as its light-weight and portability, etc.
•Partner Plus 4 - $240.00
The Partner/Plus Four device has been completely redesigned with the user and classroom teachers in mind. The sleek carrying handle
and light weight makes this a perfect device for simple communication on the run.
The four input and output jacks make participation in classroom circle time activities interactive and engaging.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Pixon Project Kit
Price: $285.00
The PixonTM Project Kit is an early language development program built around the use of low-tech manual communication boards. The
program provides materials and strategies needed to support effective early AAC intervention. The curriculum provided in the Pixon Project
Kit focuses on teaching a small set of high frequency, re-useable core vocabulary words. The goal of the curriculum is to provide individuals
with complex communication needs with the same words used by typically developing children. The Pixon Project Kit is a communication
and language curriculum. But it also works as a stand-alone low-tech communication system, a teaching tool to build language concepts
prior to making a transition to a high-tech speech generating device, and a complement and back-up system to a high-tech speech
generating device.
PCS (Picture Communication Symbol) Cards- Set I, II & III
Price: $175.00
Some of the PCS now come on durable (credit card stock) plastic 2" cards. Perfect for use with the Picture Exchange Communication
System, making schedules and job charts, attaching to communication vests and aprons, making sentence strips and many other
uses. Come with a black and white symbol on one side and the same symbol in full color on the other side, and are perfect to attach with
PCS Cards Set I: A beginning set of cards designed for young children. The vocabulary includes many foods, entertainment items,
animals, and grooming items. All parts of speech are included as well as common phrases.
PCS Cards Set II: Additional vocabulary in the same categories as in Set I, as well as vocabulary for the classroom.
PODD – Personalized Communication Books
Price: $300.95
The print-based Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) is a CD that helps minimize common difficulties encountered by
students who use multi-level communication books. PODD lets you design, produce and implement personalized communication books
to suit the varying communication, language, sensory and physical access requirements of different students.
With PODD, you can: Help students find the vocabulary they need and move between levels (pages), access vocabulary that produces
common and unpredictable messages quickly, use each students customized set of PODD boards throughout his/her school career even
as skills change, and set up a student’s PODD for when (s)he is living independently and working in the community.
Tangible Object Cards with Lex Communicator
Price: $964.00
Visual cuing with objects is essential for many individuals. This bundle with a combination of objects and simple-to-use technology
accommodates multiple students with a variety of needs, and offers many possibilities (e.g., visual schedules, choice making, and
object-picture transitioning).
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Price: $149.95
The ChatterVox portable voice amplification system is design to elevate vocal output of people with temporary or permanent voice
impairments. Worn as a fanny pack around waist, with a woven nylon waistband that is adjustabl. The ChatterVox can amplify the user’s
voice 12 to 18 dB. This kit includes the ChatterVox unit, charger, 6 NiHM rechargeable batteries, and the selected microphone unit. This
unit includes the DynaMic Headset Mic which is worn as a conventional headset microphone.
Penfriend Portable
Price: $169.00-$350.00
Contact: 800-982-2248
PenFriend Portable USB Stick adds word prediction, speech and an on-screen keyboard to almost any software. It also reads out almost
any text, such as web pages or word processed documents. PenFriend predicts the words you are typing - one key press then finishes
the word for you. It also learns the words you use frequently and recently. This information is saved for each user, together with
individual settings. PenFriend Portable USB is ideal for those on the move. No software installation needed. Just plug it in, doubleclick the icon and it works. Includes multi-language version (including Spanish).
Choice 4 Communicator
Price - $399.95
A great transitional communicator! This unique communicator allows you to sequentially illuminate objects, photographs or icons with
its super bright lights. The device also allows you to adjust the number of choices based upon the skills of the user. Work with just one
field or add two, three or four fields. Kits include objects, photographs, and icon strips.
Visually Impaired Kit
Price: $2,199.95
•Portable Communicator for the VI - $429.95
Illuminate your icons! Designed for the visually impaired user, this unique state-of-the-art communicator provides intense background
illumination of transparent icons. It is also extremely flexible – four scan modes and your choice of the number of fields to use. Start
working in two fields and increase up to eight fields as the user increases his abilities.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
•Illuminated Picture Frame Communicator - $340.95
Bright Lights! Brightly illuminated communicator was designed for those with visual impairments. Push on any of the 4 pictures to
activate your pre-recorded message, and illuminate the photo.
• Uses 4" x 5" picture card holders
• Holds up to 8 photographs using front and back
• Work in fields of one, two, three, or four
• Direct select, single switch scanning, or auditory cueing
• Adjustable scan speed of 2, 6, 9 seconds
• Three broadcast options: speaker only, headphones only, or speaker and headphones
• 12 levels with 300 seconds of recording time, 6 seconds per message
•Symbol Communicator for the Blind - $338.95
Perfect for the totally blind or dual sensory impaired! This portable symbol communicator can store 6 messages on 6 levels for a total of
36 6-second messages. Touch one of the six removable tactile symbols to activate a message and at the same time you will feel a
vibration, which can be turned off if not desired. Messages can be recorded and re-recorded as often as you wish. Tactile symbols are a
graphic language system using concrete or abstract representations that are both permanent and manipulative and can be tactually
discriminated by an individual who is totally blind or dual sensory impaired. Included is a recommended starting kit of 6 tactile
symbols: Bathroom; Something wrong; Drink; I want; Finished; Eat.
Enabling Devices – Toys for Special Children
Mini Dome
Price: $86.95
Airtivity Ball popper
Price: $84.95
Increases visual attention! Mini Dome’s eye-catching colors and vibrations.
Simply press anywhere on the dome or its plate, and the bright confetti spin, music plays and
the dome vibrates. Provides hours of visual, auditory and tactile stimulation. (No switch is required).
Magically powered by air! It’s poppin’, droppin’ air-powered fun! Activate your switch and watch the colorful
balls pop up and then follow them down the track. Hear silly sound effects and 8 lively songs which play up
to 25 to 40 seconds. Toy runs for 20-30 seconds after switch activation.
Basset Hound Switch Toy
Price: $40.95
Butterfly Switch Toy
Price: $39.95
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Time Tracker
Price: $49.95
Visual timer! A wonderful timer to reinforce time management. Set the amount of time for each colored section. The lighted green, yellow, and red sections flash sequentially as time runs out. The yellow light serves as a warning and the
red light tells you that time is up. For added reinforcement, you can also select a sound effect to play when a colored section changes. The timer has hundreds of uses including setting time limits, enforcing time outs, and easing transitions.
• Easy to program time from seconds to hours • Six sound effects • Volume control • LCD display • Pause feature
Digital Sand Timer
Price: $17.99
Bead Stacker
Price: $22.95
Catch a Color Mit
Price: $34.95
My 1st Driving School
Price: $204.95
Race your cars around the track using two specially adapted remote control steering wheels. Each remote has two gumball switches to
move your car forward or to make it turn. Using the two switches increases bi-lateral hand usage. Remotes also have two external jacks
for your own capability switches.
Wireless Pitching Machine
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Price: $95.95
Everyone can take turns being the pitcher. Just activate the wireless switch and the pitching machine winds up the ball and pitches it
to a batter. Switch works from up to 10 feet away. Machine can be used with or without a capability switch.
Stove Communicator
Price: $135.95
This kitchen top sequencer communicator is great for dramatic play. You can record fun cooking instructions or songs. When the user
stirs the pot with the special spatula, the recording plays. Total record time is 300 seconds. It also comes with pre-recorded sounds
including water boiling and an egg being cracked open and frying. The two burners are brightly lit with blinking multi-colored LEDs,
making cooking a fun and safe experience. Includes 3 wooden pots, one spatula, one spoon and an oven mitt which are stored
underneath. Has a volume control for the sounds. Can be used on a wheelchair tray or tabletop.
•Musical Light Box - $62.95
Enhance your view of the world! This multi-purpose musical light box can be used as a bright backlight for tracing or as a light source
for people with visual impairments. Easily activated by switches.
•Visually Impaired Activity Center - $130.95
Specially-designed for the visually impaired! This activity center features a blue tactile plate which vibrates when pressed, a pull-ball
which activates a fan, and a textured yellow oval plate which turns on an AM/FM radio. Provides loads of fun for the visually impaired.
•Penguin Roller Coaster - $33.95
Fun for all ages! You don’t have to travel to the South Pole to see these adorable little penguins climb to the top of their iceberg and
“swoosh” down the slide to the bottom. Works with switches.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
•Connect Four - $43.95
This classic vertical checkers game has now been adapted for the visually impaired. It has added textured rubber on all the black pieces
for tactual identification and easy recognition.
•Koosh Switch - $68.95
All ages will enjoy our colorful Koosh™ Switch. Touch the compelling ball of rubber strings and you are instantly rewarded with lights,
music and vibration. Great fun! Lights and music are disabled when used as a switch.
Autism Kit
Price: $1,649.95
•7 Level Tactile Visual Schedule
•Ellie Cards – Complete Package - $249.95
A great tool for facilitating communication with children with autism, as well as other language delays and disorders. The Ellie Cards are
small laminated photographs of foods and toys commonly used by children and their caregivers. These cards are used for children who
are at a concrete level of using actual photos for communication. Choose Toys & Colors (72 cards), Food & Snacks (120 cards), both sets
of cards (192 cards) or a Complete Package which includes all 192 laminated cards with Velcro in a binder with colored-coded pages and
a choice board.
•Put-em-Arounds (Set of 5) - $284.95
Make requests! These talking wall communicators give individuals with limited verbal communication skills the ability to initiate
communication throughout their day. Record your message (20 seconds) and have the children actively participate with their peers,
family, and teachers. Put them in different areas of your classroom or house to express simple messages. For example: “I’m hungry, I
want a cookie”; “I have to use the bathroom”. Recording and re-recording requires only the push of a button. Wall mounting hardware is
included. Some classrooms place them on lapboards or tabletops
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
•Time Timer - $54.95
For individuals with perceptual problems this item is a must-have. The Timer creates a visual awareness of elapsed time. The use of
high-color resolution makes it possible to visualize remaining time. Ideal for classrooms, therapy or home use.
Solo Literacy Suite 6
Price: Varies
SOLO is a literacy suite of the most popular assistive technology accommodations, including a text reader, graphic organizer, talking word
processor, and word prediction. SOLO 6 is simple to use, yet powerful for students who struggle to read and write. For these students,
SOLO 6 places all of the right tools at their fingertips. The accommodations in SOLO put students in charge of their own learning.
Solo Writing Coach
Price: Varies
SOLO Writing Coach is a scientifically-proven writing intervention kit used in conjunction with the SOLO Literacy Suite. Scripted lessons
help teachers deliver high-quality writing strategy instruction when accompanied by SOLO technology. A detailed implementation guide
assists administrators with site- and district-wide implementation and data collection. The proven methodology helps students achieve
dramatic writing gains—even in short intervention periods. SOLO Writing Coach paired with SOLO Literacy Suite is perfect for
intervention, special education or summer school/extended day programs.
Incite Learning Series DVD
Price: $149.00/ per set title
A collection of original short films and a thought-provoking instruction model to engage every student in the critical thinking and feeling
process. This research-based program was developed around the science of how students learn best using the theory of "anchored
instruction" and "front-loading" standards-based curriculum. The Incite! Learning Series will reduce lecture time and create a truly
engaging differentiated learning experience for every student in your inclusion or self-contained classroom. This program provides
students with a real-time and engaging film to anchor their knowledge and "live “significant events in history with personal feeling. It is
the perfect program to complement textbooks, full-length videos and expert lectures. Teacher guides and student materials are ready to
use right out of the box helping you provide excitement and apply a new learning technique right in front of your students' eyes!
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Simon S.I.O Stages 1 & 2
Price: $149.00 (1-4 computers/each)
Simon S.I.O. is a software program that delivers individualized phonics instruction and corrective feedback to your beginning readers. It
was developed by Dr. Ted Hasselbring of Vanderbilt University who is known for his work with Read 180. In Simon, students move
systematically and at their own pace as they learn letter sounds and word families. In addition, students practice spelling words,
discriminating between like words and reading newly learned words within controlled texts. Utilizing Simon’s Progress Reports, teachers
can quickly check students’ progress on screen or print the reports out to include in student portfolios.
Who needs Simon S.I.O? Students who fail to attain foundational phonics skills face inevitable academic hardships as they move beyond
the early grades where they shift from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn.
Word Maker
Price: Varies
WordMaker uses a variety of activities to build targeted phonics skills. WordMaker is Systematic Sequential Phonics Instruction, which
is, according to the National Reading Panel, the most effective approach for teaching Phonics. Students build on the words they know how
to read and spell to create new words that are longer and more difficult. The 140 progressive lessons focus students on specific letter
combinations, thus teaching the early reader to look for patterns and apply what they know about them when encountering known and
unknown words. Wordmaker was developed in collaboration with Dr. Patricia Cunningham, creator of the Four-blocks Literacy Model.
Start to Finish Literacy Starter
Price: $139.00 (single set 1-4 computers/each)
Teaching students with multiple disabilities to read can be a challenge. But, with the right materials and teaching practices, you can
break through the low expectations trap and teach your students to read. Giving the opportunity to read appropriately leveled materials
is an essential part of early reading success. But until recently, the available literature options available for the older, beginning reader
were very limited, and were rarely curriculum-tied. Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters changed this. The engaging switch-accessible
computer books were written specifically for adolescent students reading at beginning levels.
Each Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters set includes three different books linked to an age-appropriate topic. Using standards and research
outlined by Don Johnston’s Beginning Literacy Framework, each book is written and edited to meet these guidelines:
assessment and progress monitoring tools, age-appropriate and engaging content geared toward adolescents, fully switch accessible,
literature that fits into the curriculum at an appropriate readability level, materials and adaptation ideas to support AAC users, always
activities to support reading comprehension, readers profile chart, vocabulary card with information on how to use them.
Start to Finish Library Title Set
To check all available options and prices:
How can Start-to-Finish Library help my struggling readers? The Start-to-Finish Library offers struggling readers a wide-selection of ageappropriate narrative chapter books written at two readability levels and delivered in three media formats. Students accomplish several
goals with this unique series: they practice reading fluently and with comprehension using multiple text and electronic supports, while
accessing the curriculum’s required topics, genres and literature.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Start to Finish Core Content Title Set
To check all available options and prices:
How can Core Content help my students with their grade-level textbook content?
Start-to-Finish Core Content offers engaging, standards-based informational texts written at two levels and delivered in three media
formats. Captivating expository texts prompt students to question, make meaning and summarize as they read to learn in content-area
classes and intervention programs. Students hear the language of informational text read by narrators, then practice reading with auditory
and visual support.
Start to Finish Literacy Starter Workshop
Price: $249.00
Word Q / Speak Q
Price: $198.00
Word Q/Speak Q is an integrated word prediction and speech recognition tool available. It has been designed to be more forgiving than
other programs, offering more success for users. It's perfect for those who struggle with writing.
TextHelp Read & Write Gold
Price: check site
Texthelp Systems develops innovative software to help struggling readers and writers, those with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities
such as dyslexia, mild visual impairments, and where English is a second language. The software products improve users reading,
writing and research skills at school, in the workplace, and at home. Texthelp has three core business divisions: Education & the
Workplace Solutions, Publishing, and Speech Services.
Read & Write GOLD, the most popular software product is designed to assist students and individuals of all ages who require extra
assistance when reading or composing text.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
IntelliTools Classroom Suite
Price: $ 345.00
IntelliTools Classroom Suite provides direct instruction at all tiers of intervention to help students who are struggling with challenging
concepts in math, reading and writing. Tools incorporate multimedia modeling, animation and auditory support to assist students with
challenging concepts. IntelliTools Classroom Suite gives students an infinite amount of time and practice to suit each student's varying
needs. Instant feedback is provided so each student has a level of independence and support while they work. Teachers can also track
student progress to see how students' skills are developing.
IntelliTools Classroom includes more than 50 new templates to save you time, ELL support, DIBELS remediation and 6+ Writing Traits.
Modify templates with simple wizards and a video tutorial with demonstrations.
Clicker 5 (single user)
Price: $249.00
Great communication tool for many ability levels. Students use standard access options or switches to access an enormous palette of
words, pictures and speech.
Support students as they progress in developing literacy skills. Create customized reading and writing materials for a variety of ability levels.
Help students move from pictures to words. Writing grids can be created with pictures only, pictures and words, or words only- facilitating transitions for
developing writers.
Increase students' vocabularies. Linked grids of associated words and pictures give students a variety of options in their writing.
Clicker 5 is the versatile tool that lets teachers customize reading and writing materials for students with beginning to advanced literacy
skills. Create on-screen books and talking communication boards for students developing early literacy. Built-in auditory scanning gives
immediate access to switch users. Students use writing grids with Clicker 5's word processor.
Suitcase Series (ICS & Clicker 5)
The Writing Bin- Early Skills 2 CD Collection, Writing Bin I and II Bundle (ICS), Writing Early Skills
(Clicker 5)
Dakota’s Adventure (Clicker 5),
Price: $129.95-$999.95 (depending on number of users)
Inspiration Software
Price: $84.00
For visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations, use Inspiration® 9, the ultimate thinking and learning tool. Brainstorm
ideas, structure your thoughts and visually communicate concepts to strengthen understanding with the Diagram and Map Views. To
take notes, organize information, and structure writing for plans, papers and reports, use the integrated Outline View to focus on main
and supporting ideas and to clarify thinking in written form. With Inspiration's Presentation Manager, transform your diagrams, mind
maps and outlines into polished presentations that communicate ideas clearly and demonstrate understanding and knowledge.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Neo Software
Price: $97.30 (single user)
Neo is the easy-to-use, lightweight, affordable learning device that can be put on the desk of every student and works with classroom
computer resources. Designed for use by multiple students, Neo's larger screen, full-featured word processor, and expandable functions
make it the writing, keyboard training, and quizzing solution for the entire classroom. Ability Level-Grades 3-12 • Interest Level-Grades
Franklin Talking Dictionary & Thesaurus
Price: $189.95
An all-in-one language teacher. Using its new ClariSpeech, it speaks words and definitions (does not speak the letters as they are typed)
plus it has a large keyboard with adjustable type size and screen contrast. Its features include: 130,000 word dictionary; 500,000 word
thesaurus including 11,000 antonyms; grammar guide; 12 educational and fun games; instant spelling correction; crossword puzzle
solver and much more.
Intel Reader & Portable Capture Station
Price: $1,495.00
The Intel® Reader enhances independence for people with visual impairments, blindness, or reading-based learning disabilities by
providing convenient and flexible access to a variety of printed materials. The Intel® Reader's unique design combines a high-resolution
camera with the power of an Intel® AtomTM processor that converts printed text to digital text, and then reads it aloud. With the Intel
Reader, people can: Gain more freedom with the ability to read printed materials anytime, anywhere, enjoy greater flexibility, using the
Intel Reader to access a wide variety of printed materials and to read and manage content in the ways that are most convenient for them,
gain independence, privacy and confidence by handling reading tasks for themselves, without having to wait for assistance, and increase
productivity and achieve more with fast, efficient access to the printed information they need at work or school and in their daily lives.
Edamrk Reading Bundle
Price: $799.00
The Edmark Reading Program, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology, teaches basic reading skills to the most struggling
readers and non-readers. Through short instructional steps, students are taught recognition and comprehension, and their progress is
automatically tracked. Carefully planned introduction of words and evolution of sentence structure promote language development. The
content is appropriate for students of all ages. Single-switch scanning is supported to Increase word recognition and comprehension,
develop vocabulary, build self-confidence, and monitor progress.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Mobile Activity Player
Price: $749.00
Perfect for the ever-changing classroom, the Mobile Activity Player is a lightweight touchscreen computer that is pre-loaded with
Boardmaker Plus Player and standards-based curricular activities designed to save you time. Ready-to-go right out-of-the-box, Mobile
Activity Player lets you share adapted activities with all of your students for go-anywhere learning.
In wired or wireless environments, Mobile Activity Player gives you unlimited access to thousands of time-saving activities on
BoardmakerShare, our free board-sharing site, where educators – just like you – have posted their favorite activities.
Designed for Go-Anywhere Learning
The Mobile Activity Player’s durable design stands up to daily use so students can take it from their classrooms to their homes – and
everywhere in between. Its design supports different access needs with a convertible touchscreen that rotates for use as a laptop or
tablet computer.
Loaded with Lots of Content
Unlike any other portable touchscreen computer, every Mobile Activity Player is pre-loaded with time-saving content. Boardmaker Plus
Player and a bundle of three Curriculum Companion activities are ready-to-use right out of the box.
Want to add even more interactive Curriculum Companions to your Mobile Activity Player? Every Curriculum Companion works on
every Mobile Activity Player, so add another bundle of three, or as many individual Curriculum Companions as you please.
Attainment Netbook
Price: $1,395.00
The NetBook is so easy to use and carry. A built-in touch screen converts from a standard computer layout to a handheld tablet. It
includes 16 of Attainment's best software programs preloaded and ready to go. An ideal life skill instruction tool.
Price: $699.00
What is mimio?
Mimio is a unique collaboration tool that captures everything you write or draw on a whiteboard, in color and real time and then
transmits the information directly into your computer. You can then revise, print, share, export to HTML, or drag-and-drop your
whiteboard notes into any Windows® application.
How does mimio work?
mimio attaches to any standard whiteboard, connects quickly to your computer, and uses sophisticated infrared and ultrasound
technology to track the position of your marker stylus and eraser on the board.
How can mimio help me become more productive?
mimio streamlines the transfer of information so everyone on your team can contribute to a whiteboard session - whether they're in a
different room or a different time zone. mimio is inexpensive, lightweight, and durable. It fits in a briefcase, attaches quickly to different
sized whiteboards, and is easy to set up and use. Think of all the ways you can use mimio: team meetings, distance-learning classes,
networked brainstorming sessions. With mimio, ALL the members of your team can contribute ideas and share knowledge, from
Anywhere in the world.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Geo Safari Smart Talk & School/Communication Card Set
Price: $89.99 & $49.99
The GeoSafari SmartTalk lets students practice listening and speaking skills with vocabulary cards that slide right into the GeoSafari
station. Just slip a card with a realistic photograph and the word is read aloud, allowing students to associate the image with the sound
as they add it to their vocabulary. Words are repeated and used in context before students are asked questions that assess comprehension.
Truly interactive, every GeoSafari SmartTalk features a child-friendly interface, high-quality audio, flashing lights and fun sound effects.
Model Me Kids Videos (Ages 2-17)
Price: $129.95-$135.95
Model Me Kids® videos demonstrate social skills by modeling peer behavior at school, on a playdate, at a birthday party, on the playground,
at a library, at the dentist, restaurant, and more. Real children model and narrate each skill. DVDs for ages 2-17.Designed as a teaching
tool for children, adolescents, and teenagers with Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD or NLD), and
developmental delays, the videos are used by parents, teachers, and therapists. The videos are also helpful for teaching children with
developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome.
Key to Access
Price: $358.90
The Key to Access is not much bigger than a car key – yet still opens the world of computer information to individuals with print-related
disabilities. This is the ultimate in portable accessibility!
The Key to Access enables you to take your literacy software with you on a portable USB MP3 Player. By just inserting the MP3 Player
into any USB Port, the floating tool bar will appear and then you just select any of the eight different tools. The software NEVER needs to
be installed on your computer. All your personal settings are saved on your Key to
Access so that no matter which computer you use, your access will be the same.
Echo Smart Pen 2 GB
Price: $133.50
Contact: 1–877–727–4239
Take the stress out of tests and meetings with an Echo™ smartpen. Record everything you hear, say and write, while linking
your audio recordings to your notes. It's never been easier to take notes and stay organized. Echo connects to your computer
by USB cable to transfer your interactive notes.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Livescribe 3 Smartpen
Price: $156.50
Designed to work and write like a premium ballpoint pen, the Livescribe 3 smartpen uses Bluetooth Smart to send everything you write
to your smartphone or tablet.
Franklin’s Children Dictionary
Price: $59.95
Improve a child's reading and writing skills with this interactive speaking dictionary. Over 40,000 easy-to-understand definitions are
pronounced for effective vocabulary learning. The automatic phonetic spell corrector turns "nolij" into "knowledge" while an animated
handwriting guide demonstrates print and cursive styles. Includes a rhyme finder, five word-building games, and a vocabulary word list
that can be created by the user. Works with headphones for privacy. Ideal for ages 6-10.
Speaking Language Master
Price: $189.95
Contact: 1-800-537-2118
Teachers and Parents agree that the Speaking Language Master™ is the answer for students of all ages who are challenged by blindness,
visual or speech impairments, learning disabilities or dyslexia. It offers full speech controls to read screens or speak individual words at
the speed you choose.
Touch Window
Price: $346.00 - $376.00
ProEd's TouchWindow® is a multipurpose input device that performs as a touch
screen, graphics tablet
or keyboard substitute. With the touch of a finger you can make selections, move objects, pull down menus and draw graphics.
TouchWindow has a Plexiglas screen that attaches easily to the computer monitor with self-adhesive strips. It can also be removed from
the monitor and used as a single switch. Comes in a 15 inch and 17 inch screens.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
My Gaze Tracker Assistive System
Price: $ 1,495.00
The myGaze Eye Tracker will follow your eye movements so that you can move the cursor around the screen, select or 'click' on images
by looking at them a little longer and drag the cursor around the screen.
Adjustable touch Screen Head Stylus
Price: $150.00
Tablet access! An essential aid for people with limited hand use. Our telescoping stylus is mounted on a sturdy headpiece and works
with the slightest touch on your tablet, smartphone or computer. The headpiece has a ratchet adjustment knob that allows you to dial
your head size for a perfect fit. Foam inserts on front and back provide comfort.
Baseball Cap Head Pointer
Price: $50.00
A fully adjustable pointer that fits any size baseball cap with a button on top. Latex free.
Price $ 150.00
Tablet access is an essential aid for people with limited hand use. Our telescoping stylus is mounted on a sturdy headpiece and works
with the slightest touch on your tablet, smartphone or computer. The headpiece has a ratchet adjustment knob that allows you to dial
your head size for a perfect fit. Foam inserts on the front and back provides comfort.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Switch Interface Pro
Price: $79.00
Switch Interface Pro 6.0 has an easy-to-use interface because it requires no software and can be used with both Windows and
Macintosh computers. Five ports allow you to plug in multiple switches and provide the flexibility of emulating everything from a singleclick to a return.
Just push a button to change function sets. Connect up to five standard switches to run your switch-enabled software. All the
information you need to operate the switch interface is printed right on it.
Teachers get programs up and running in seconds. Bright indicator lights tell teachers which functions are active. Connects to USB ports.
Each interface comes with the cables needed for connecting to the computer.
It Control
Price: $ 125.00
A compact controller and receiver, small enough to fasten on to an adapted toy or other battery device, and connected using the cable
supplied. It can then be paired with up to three it-Switches to give wireless operation. Give your battery toys the freedom to roam. This
single channel wireless toy controller and timer supports direct, latched, timed seconds and timed minutes modes. The duration in
timed modes can be selected using LEDs.
Price: $ 105.00
A very fast, two switch USB interface that emulates mouse, joystick and keyboard functions. USB connectivity and no extra drivers
required. Windows and compatible.
Tecla Shield
Price: $ 320.00
The Tecla Shield DOS™ is a wireless device that enables switch access to iOS, Android, Windows, OS X or Linux using your adapted
switches or driving controls on your powered wheelchair.
Pererro IOS Switch Adapter iPad Air
Price: $267.00
Perrero is an advanced interface device which allows access to Apple iOS devices using a switch.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Pal Pad Switch
Price: $40.00
Adaptivation’s Pal Pad switch will activate by applying only 1.2 ounces of force. Pal Pads are flat membrane switches approximately
1/10th of an inch thick yet are very rigid and durable. They are designed to be tolerant of rough usage.
Pull Switch
Price: $18.95
Activates with just one pull!
This durable switch will stimulate your child's ability to grasp objects. A pull on the ball activates this switch.
Jelly Beamer Switch
Price: $197.00
Jelly Beamer with Wireless Switch Latch and Timer (SLAT) has four modes of control including timed seconds, timed minutes, latch,
and direct mode to operate just like a regular wired switch.
Jelly Bean Twist
Price: $58.00
The Jelly Bean twist offers the original Jelly Bean's 2.5-inch activation surface with tactile and auditory feedback, but with a twist. Our
iconic switch tops can be removed and replaced with the color of your choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green. It's all up to your own style,
tastes, or specific vision needs.
Big Track Mouse
Price: $ 74.50
The Big Track has a 3 inch trackball which makes it the largest trackball available. The large ball requires less fine motor control than a
standard trackball and it is ruggedly built. It has a left and a right mouse click button located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted
mouse clicks.
The Big Track allows for 2nd Mouse Connection both the Big Track and a second mouse can be connected allowing simultaneous
The Big Track is easy to install and works on any Windows or Macintosh computer that has a USB or PS/2 port. Just plug and play.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Simply Works (It) Joystick
Price: $ 377.00
Optical Mouse (Zero Tension)
Price: $90.00
This mouse allows you to rest the arm and shoulder on the cradle for the hand. Ideal for individuals with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
Airobic Quill Mouse
Price: $80.00
Contact: 1-800-531-3746
Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical
Price: $25.00
Finger Switch
Price: $150.00
The ASL Microlight Switch, model ASL312, is a chin or finger switch designed for use by individuals with neurological or severe physical
disabilities or spinal cord injury. This mechanical switch can be activated with an extremely light touch by a finger, chin, or other body
part. The switch has a mono port and can be used for computer access or for wheelchair control for all power chair types.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Smoothie It Switch
Price: $ 105.00
A new wireless switch with a unique low slanted profile. Gives good tactile feedback with no protruding base and can be operated with
the slightest movement. Works directly with the it-Receive computer interface and the toy control units. (Also available as a wired switch
- The Smoothie.)
Easy Cat TouchPad
Price: $ 45.00
The Easy Cat touchpad makes it easier and more comfortable than ever to control your computer. To perform basic mouse functions,
simply glide your finger over the smooth surface to point, then tap on the pad or press on the buttons to click or activate vertical scroll
by simply gliding a finger along the right edge of the touchpad. Very little wrist motion and no touch pressure is required. Its compact
size makes it a perfect traveling companion for your laptop.
Smart Nav 4:EG
Price: $399.99
The SmartNav 4:EG package ends wrist strain, by eliminating the need for a mouse. With the built-in switch input it's the best solution
available for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Repetitive Strain Injury, and other wrist strain related problems. SmartNav doesn't
require any hand motion. SmartNav was designed to complement the natural head motion you already perform when looking around.
Moving your head less than a quarter inch easily maneuvers the cursor across your entire screen.
Switch Input
You can plug a click switch or a footswitch directly into the back of the SmartNav. With the Y Breakout Cable (included), you can plug
in separate click switches for left and right clicking.
Intellikeys USB
Price: $510.00
The IntelliKeys keyboard is a versatile enlarged keyboard that plugs into any Macintosh or Windows computer with only the change of a
cable. It enables users with physical, visual, or cognitive disabilities to easily type, enter numbers, navigate on-screen displays, and
execute menu commands. Overlays for numbers, mouse movement, and alphabetical and QWERTY key layouts slide into the IntelliKeys
for instant use. Customized overlays can also be created and printed with the Overlay Maker Program. Many children's software
programs now include ready-to-use custom IntelliKeys overlays.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Clevy Keyboard (optional overlay)
Price: $109.00
Students with a wide array of abilities will benefit from design of the Clevy2 Keyboard. Large keys, coupled with the color-coding of
consonants, vowels and function keys makes these boards a great choice for beginning literacy learners, those just learning keyboarding
skills, or persons with visual impairments. It’s cross-platform and comes with both PS2 and USB connections.
Kinderboard Color Coded Keyboard
Price: $70.00
KinderBoard™ is a large-key USB computer keyboard that can assist children with vision or motor-skill impairment and
is an excellent first keyboard for any child. Keys are color-coded to teach by character set.
VisiKey Keyboard
Price: $ 28.00
Virtually Indestructible Keyboard
Price: $19.99
This totally mildew and water resistant keyboard can withstand practically any spill. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and it's as
good as new again.
KeyOvation Keyboard
Price: $105.00
The Goldtouch KeyOvation keyboard helps computer users reduce the fatigue associated with typing by helping individuals keep their
wrist straight while reducing hand/wrist pronation (your hand posture is in a more "thumbs up" or "handshake" position when using this
keyboard). Reduced pronation has been shown in studies to reduce pressure in the wrist.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop
Price: $49.95
Navigate with better speed, accuracy and reliability—the optical sensor tracks movement on nearly any surface without the hassle of
clogged mouse parts. It provides wireless freedom with a wireless mouse and keyboard with a 6 month battery life. The keyboard is also
design to withstand an accidental spill.
Zoom Text Large-Print Keyboard
Price: $99.00
ZoomText Large Print Keyboard provides large, high-contrast lettering that’s easy to see, even in low light conditions. The ZoomText
Keyboard also includes 16 programmable feature keys, allowing you to access your favorite ZoomText, Internet and multimedia
commands with a touch of a button. Use it with ZoomText Magnifier or ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, your low vision computer
workstation is complete.
Trackbar Emotion Mouse
Price: $99.00
The development of Trackbar Emotion is an evolutionary step in safety-promoting computer products based on years of collective knowhow and the latest scientific advances in ergonomics that was begun in Scandinavia several decades ago. The Centered Pointing Device
method (CPD) is specifically intended to prevent and rehabilitate the symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) resulting from
computer mouse work. It was built on the principle that centering the pointing device between the user and the keyboard would keep
the user’s hands and arms in a naturally centered position while working, thereby reducing strain.
Plate Switch
Price: $99.99
Contact: 800-322-0956
Gooseneck Mount
Price: $185.00
This kit includes the Gooseneck Arm, Super Clamp, and Cradle Plate - Compatible with a variety of commercially available switches,
including Jelly Beamer wireless switch, Quick Talker 1 and String Switch.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Tech Talk Environmental Control w Jack
Price: $965.00
The Tech/Scan 8 Plus ECU is a light weight multi level augmentative and alternative communication device that combines standard direct
select communication device with the benefits of scanning and environmental control. This device has real voice audio reproduction.
Power Link 4 Control Unit
Price: $229.00
The PowerLink 4 control unit allows switch users to control up to two electrical appliances with single switches. Six unique modes of
control allow you to define exactly how, and for how long, appliances will be turned on. PowerLink will accept any single switch, including
the Big Red, Jelly Beamer or Sway wireless switches.
Quick Start Environmental Control Unit
Price: $553.00
The QuickStart Environmental Control Kit has it all! This ingenious kit contains everything you’ll need to introduce switch-activated
electrical and battery systems to students with disabilities.
Kit includes: PowerLink 3 Control Unit, AirLink Cordless Switch, Jelly Bean Switch with a Snap Switch Cap, AA and C/D Battery Device
Adapters, Dual Switch Latch and Timer, a notching file and, helpful curriculum ideas with a convenient carrying case.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Nintendo Wii System, Sky & Fit Bundle
Price: $469.99
Wii Sports & Wii Fit allows players will experience an extensive array of fun, dynamic and surprisingly challenging activities, including
aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and balance oriented games. Family members will have fun getting a "core" workout, and talking about
and comparing their results and progress on a new channel on the Wii Menu. Lean to block soccer balls, swivel hips to power hoop
twirls or balance to hold the perfect yoga pose.
All Turn-It Spinner (with Spin-n-Spell Activity Set)
Price: $114.00
The switch-activated All-Turn-It spinner, with built-in external switch jack, enables random selections for choosing groups or playing
games of chance like bingo. Also a fun alternative to rolling dice. Requires two AA batteries.
Soccer Ball with Bells
Price: $ 14.95
It's the exact size and weight of a pro ball, the ones used by professional soccer players across the country (and around the world). It has
two jingling bells inside, so everyone will know where it is whenever it's in motion. It measures about 8.5" in diameter (regulation size).
Tactile Scrabble Overlays
Price: $ 10.95
Brailed letters on clear tape adhere to your wooden Scrabble tiles and to the standard Scrabble game board. The tape is clear, so sighted
people can play as well.
Super Jumbo Number Playing Cards
Price: $ 2.95
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Dragon Naturally Speaking (Mac & Windows)
Price: $99.99-$599.99
Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the ideal solution for organizations that want to work faster and smarter using virtually any Windows-based
application. Turn voice into text with incredible accuracy. Create time-saving voice commands to automate repetitive tasks that involve
multiple keystrokes or mouse clicks. Dragon Naturally Speaking comes in several editions.
Zoom Text Mac
Price: $439.00
ZoomText Mac is designed for users of all ages and skill levels. With a precise mix of power and simplicity, ZoomText Mac provides total
independence at home, school and in the workplace.
Boardmaker Plus
Price: $ 399.99
Contact: 800-588-4548
Team up with Timo Vocabulary/Stories
Price: $99.00 each
Team Up With Timo: Stories
Develops language and cognitive concepts that children with autism and other language delays need to build comprehension and
narrative skills
Team Up With Timo: Vocabulary
A great way to "pre-teach" school vocabulary for children with special needs. Timo: Vocabulary provides
face-to-face practice for new vocabulary used in K–4th grade classrooms and at home.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Price: $179.00
For some children with Autism, Asperger's, or other developmental deficiencies, they find difficulties in learning to recognize facial
expression of emotions in infancy. Since skill in recognizing facial expression of emotions is important to functioning in a social
environment, there is value in helping children develop this skill.
FACELAND uses an Amusement Park theme to engage and motivate young children. 6 “Schools” introduce concepts as “clues” and 11
game-like activities offer practice that is fun!
FACELAND "Schools" are based on the hypothesis that some children will build skill in facial recognition of emotion by: breaking them
down into smaller pieces (clues), promoting clue acquisition via spaced repetition, checking for understanding of clues using new
examples, combining clues for “part to whole” learning, utilizing instruction that incorporates photos, mirror mimic sessions, and varied
interaction. FACELAND "Games" motivate practice and skill acquisition. The program uses a diverse range of subjects to aid
generalization/transfer of recognition skills to real life situations. Surprise, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, and Happiness were the
emotions selected because they are the most basic of human emotions.
Easy-to-use progress tracking provides data about correct and incorrect responses for each emotion and activity.
User requirements:
Be willing and able to look at faces on a computer screen
Have basic mouse skills (no click and drag required)
Have the intellectual ability to play simple games
Be willing to look at own face in a mirror
Press to Play Series
Price: $59.00 (1-4 computers/each)
The Press-to-Play™ Series gives you an effective, easy-to-use tool for teaching the basic single-switch skills that are the foundation of
computer-based learning. The series also works with a joystick, mouse or touch screen, enabling you to select the device most appropriate
for each student's ability. Students' inputs activate short animated situations that help them understand cause and effect and decisionmaking while introducing them to using a computer. "Teacher Screen" permits quick setup of every session to match the students' needs
and abilities. Available in four titles:
Ability Level-Grades PK-1 • Interest Level-Grades PK-5
See Speedy as he races his wheelchair, goes fishing, plays video games and more. Student input shows cause-and-effect.
Students spend a day at the zoo with Speedy and friends while they visit the animals and buy ice cream. Students learn choice-making
skills and cause-and-effect.
Begin switch training while watching animals do funny things, like a monkey falling out of a tree, in response to student input.
Cheer for Speedy as he competes in tennis, basketball and races. Students develop choice-making and cause-and-effect skills.
Judy Lynn Software (Step Scanning Version 3 Bundle)
Price: $329.00
Switch accessible software for children with special needs.
South Florida Regional Demonstration Center (SFRDC)
Slater Software – Picture It & Pix Writer
Price: $ 295.00 & $199.00
Picture It is an educational software that allows you to create picture assisted reading materials and/or communication boards. Pix
Writer creates picture assisted writing opportunities. Teachers may create writing lessons on the fly with virtually no preparation
necessary. Students with ASD, learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities can learn to read and write with all the benefits from the visual
assistance of Picture It & Pix Writer.
Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle
Price: $499
Something for every student from birth to adulthood! The Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle includes one copy of every program from the
Marblesoft collection, from the Simtech collection, and from our first collaboration with AIMEE Solutions.
From Marblesoft: Early Learning 1, Early Math Skills, Money Skills, The Graphic Speller, Potato Face, Single Switch Games 2, and Safe
at Last!
From Simtech: New Frog & Fly, Spider Maze, Switch Arcade, Switch Kids, Switch Wars, Super Switch Puzzles, Picasso Series, Sight &
Sound Complete, Scan & Match Series, Everybody has Feet, Sharon Won’t Share, I hate Peas
From AIMEE Solutions (produced by Marblesoft): Click to Read: Life Skills, Click to Read: Animal Habits.
Inclusive TLC (Variety of Software)
Price: Varies
Inclusive TLC specializes in special needs software, switches and computer access devices, simple communication aids and assistive
technology for learners with a physical disability, sensory impairment or severe learning disability.
Choose & Tell Series
Let’s Go Series
Maker Series
Switchit! Series
Switch Skills Series
Switch Software
Touch Screen Software
K-6 Learning & Older Students
SoftTouch Software
Price: Varies
Task Builder
Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Old MacDonald’s Deluxe
Teaching AccessAbility
Wheels on the Bus
Soft Touch Classics
Attainment’s Math Time
Attainment’s Dollars & Cents
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