Installation Guide

Installation Guide
Model #TWO-CK
Power Extension Cable Management
Power Cable Connector Kit
Kit Includes:
Tools for Installation
Not Included
72” Powerwire Prewired Dual PowerOutlet | 12” Powerwire Prewired PowerInlet
Pre-wired PowerConnectors | 72” PowerConnect Supply Cord | Template
Stud Finder
Drywall Saw
Wall Cut-out Template:
Lay against wall, use a level on edge
of paper to align.
Use a pencil to trace around edge.
Use drywall saw or sharp utility
knife cut on the edge of the line.
Remove drywall section.
Meets all US states and cities
1)NEC Article 334.30
adaptive to the National
Electrical Code (NEC)
Unsupported NM Cable
allowing NM type building cable.
2.1/4” x 3.5/8”
57mm x 93mm
2) NEC 2014 Article 400.7(A)(11)
Specific locations not allowing
Model #TWO
Permitted use of cord / approved kit
NM-type building cable:
using inlet to energize receptacle
~Cook County, IL ~NYC, NY
Caution - Risk of Fire - Do Not Install Power Supply Cord Within the Wall Cavity
WARNING - Risk of Fire and Shock, Do Not Connect this Box to any Other Circuits or Outlets.
This kit is rated to 15AMP 125Volt use only
Do not install this product near water, example, near a sink, tub, shower, swimming pool or laundry area.
Manufacturer is not liable for damages due to improper installation methods not followed herein.
This product does not have built-in electronic circuitry for surge protection or A/C filtering.
It is recommended that this product be connected to a quality surge-protector/power conditioner for equipment protection.
Disclaimer. HD-Products, Inc. the Manufacturer, it's agents, suppliers, and affiliates, shall not be liable for any damages, not limited to; misuse, acts of nature,
verbal and written expression and improper installation. Improper installation is determined such to include, not limited to, non-code compliant installation, product
modifications, alterations, adjustments, and substitutions of components or materials.
Limited 2-year Warranty from Manufactures Defects: Limited Two Year product warranty against manufacturer's defects.
HD-Products, Inc., intent to make this manual accurate and complete. However, HD-Products, Inc., makes no claim that the information contained herein covers all details, conditions, or
variations. Nor does it provide for every possible contingency in connection with the installation or use of this product. The information contained in this document is subject to change
without notice or obligation of any kind. HD-Products, Inc., makes no representation of warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the information contained herein.
HD-Products, Inc/LLC. PowerBridge Solution 3869 Norwood Dr. Littleton, CO 80125 USA
Customer Service: 855-755-9838 [email protected]
Step 1
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So Simple... You can do this!
Location - Wall Cutout
PowerOUT - Determine TV wall mount bracket location.
Align between wall framing studs.
Use stud finder to determine in-wall obstructions
between framing both VERTICALLY and HORIZONTALLY.
Install in any direction, right/left, below, above,
next to TV wall bracket.
PowerIN - Align with upper PowerOUT within same stud-bay
no more than 60” apart.
Install within 60” from an existing power outlet or power-surge device.
Use supplied template sheet to mark area to cut out from drywall.
Use a level to maintain proper alignment.
Carefully use drywall saw or utility knife to cut along outside of line.
PowerBridge can only be installed
within standard construction walls.
Do not exceed more
than 60” apart
(Unless installing
with Extension kit
part# CKRE)
Only attempt installation within
2x4 or 2x6 wood/metal stud
framed wall.
Do not exceed more
than 60” apart from
existing outlet or
surge-protection unit
Need to extend the length?
Part# CKRE Extension Kit available
If insulation exists,
remove or push
completely away
from the openings
to allow proper
flush mounting.
Step 2 Wall Installation
A) Begin at the upper PowerOUT location.
Drop or wall-fish audio video cables FIRST, to the PowerIN
location below.
REPEAT for PowerConnect cable with connector.
Drop or wall-fish audio/video cables within wall
BEFORE PowerConnect cable
Pull all cables out lower cutout.
B) Slide audio video cables through backside of CableBrush.
Allow for enough cable length out to connect to TV.
C) Slide PowerOUT into wall opening.
Use Flat-Blade screw driver to secure panel to wall.
Careful to not over-tighten.
D) At PowerIN location, connect both PowerConnect Cable
connectors together. These are tight by design and require some
pressure and wiggling to secure.
You should hear a click sound locking both connectors together.
for the
To disconnect PowerConnectors, push-in end of Locking Latch on the TOP side of both connectors.
Press with finger tips at the same time pulling apart connectors to disconnect from Locking Tabs.
Locking Tab
Locking Latch
E) Slide audio video cables through backside of CableBrush.
Allow for enough cable length out to connect to AV equipment.
F) Slide PowerIN panel into wall opening.
Use Flat-Blade screw driver to secure panel to wall.
Careful to not over-tighten.
Step 3 Plug it in
Plug supplied 6’ PowerConnect cord into PowerIN.
Plug other end into existing grounded outlet or surge protector.
CAUTION-Risk of Fire-Only Use Cord Set Provided With This Kit
or equivalent.
The PowerBridge In-Wall Extension is now energized.
Plug TV power supply cord in to PowerOUT and connect AV cables to TV.
Follow wall mount manufacture instructions, install TV on wall bracket.
Plug in TV
Surge Protector
Plug in Flat Angle Plug
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