TEAC DV516E Retail Kit Specification

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TEAC DV516E Retail Kit Specification | Manualzz

16X DVD-ROM Drive

Internal IDE Drive for Windows

Plays DVD Movies at 16X Speed

Provides 48X CD-ROM Performance

• Delivers Smooth Video Playback

• 85ms Access Time for DVD and CD

• Equipped with 512KB Data Buffer

• Available with White or Black Bezel

• Rugged Design for High Reliability

• Reads DVD-R/RW and DVD+RW

TEAC’s DV-516E 16X Max. DVD-ROM drive combines smooth DVD video playback with impressive CD-ROM performance. It supplies your PC with an even stream of data thanks to its 21.6MB (16X) per second DVD transfer rate. As a CD-ROM player, it delivers 48X max.

performance and an 85ms average access time. And it spins at a

Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) which optimizes the drive’s throughput by rotating the disc at a consistent speed.

The TEAC 16X DVD-ROM is your PC’s perfect multimedia companion. Whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, playing a DVD title or installing new software, the DV-516E fits the bill. It reads all major DVD and CD formats including single and dual layer DVD videos. In addition, the drive supports both standard 12cm and mini 8cm discs and reads DVD-R/RW and DVD+RW media.

This drive is built rock-solid for years of dependable use. It utilizes an

IDE/ATAPI interface, which provides easy integration and for added versatility, it can be installed horizontally or vertically. Like all TEAC drives, the DV-516E is available in a variety of SKUs and comes in a choice of white or black bezel color.

16X DVD-ROM Specifications



Data Transfer Rate:

Average Access Time:

Audio Extraction:

Data Buffer Size:

Disc Formats:

Disc Size:

Bezel Color:

Mounting Orientation:

Disc Loading:

Front Panel:

Power Requirement:

Headphone Jack:







DVD: 8.91MBps (6.6X) to

21.6MBps (16X) CAV

CD: 3.09MBps (20.6X) to

7.2MBps (48X) CAV

DVD: 85msec (1/3 stroke)

CD: 85msec (1/3 stroke)

40X Maximum


DVD Single and Dual Layer; DVD-R;



Mode-2 (Form1, Form2); Super

Video CD; CD-Extra (CD Plus);

UDF; CD-I; Photo CD (Single and

Multisession); CD-R;

CD-RW (MultiRead)

12cm and 8cm

Choice of White (Light Gray) and Black

Horizontal and Vertical

(in Both Directions)

Motorized Loading Tray

Built-in Headphone Jack, Volume

Control Knob, Power Disc

Eject/Load Button and LED Indicator

+12V DC and 5V DC

3.5mm Diameter Stereo Jack


100,000 POH

5.83¨(W) x 1.67¨(H) x 7.80¨(D)

2.31 lbs

Available with black or white (light gray) bezel.

© 2002 TEAC America, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies. TRG85146/10-02/5K

TEAC America, Inc., 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, CA 90640. Phone 323.726.0303, Fax 323.727.7652



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Frequently Answers and Questions

What data transfer rate does the TEAC DV-516E offer for DVDs?
The TEAC DV-516E provides a data transfer rate ranging from 8.91MBps (6.6X) to 21.6MBps (16X) CAV for DVDs.
What is the data transfer rate range for CDs on the TEAC DV-516E?
For CDs, the TEAC DV-516E delivers a data transfer rate range of 3.09MBps (20.6X) to 7.2MBps (48X) CAV.
What is the average access time for both DVDs and CDs on the TEAC DV-516E?
The TEAC DV-516E features an average access time of 85msec for both DVDs and CDs.
What is the maximum audio extraction rate of the TEAC DV-516E?
The TEAC DV-516E offers a maximum audio extraction rate of 40X.
What disc formats does the TEAC DV-516E support?
The TEAC DV-516E supports a wide range of disc formats including DVD Single and Dual Layer, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, Audio CD, CD-ROM Mode-1, CD-ROM XA Mode-2 (Form1, Form2), Super Video CD, CD-Extra (CD Plus), UDF, CD-I, Photo CD (Single and Multisession), CD-R, and CD-RW (MultiRead).
What are the available bezel color options for the TEAC DV-516E?
The TEAC DV-516E comes with a choice of two bezel colors: White (Light Gray) and Black.
What disc sizes are compatible with the TEAC DV-516E?
The TEAC DV-516E supports both standard 12cm and mini 8cm discs.
What type of interface does the TEAC DV-516E utilize?
The TEAC DV-516E utilizes an IDE/ATAPI interface.
What is the mounting orientation for the TEAC DV-516E?
The TEAC DV-516E offers versatile mounting orientations, allowing for both horizontal and vertical installation.