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TCx™ 300 Series
A smarter checkout in less space, lower cost
TCx™300 Series
A great fit
• TCx 300 Models 380, E80 include the Intel
Core i5-4570TE vPro™ processor
• Up to 25% more performance improvement to
drive the most demanding applications
• Energy-wise design
• Virtually tool-free access to key components
• Sensor driver allows proactive monitoring
The new Toshiba TCx™ 300 Series brings smarter store solutions to
small and midsized retailers who need a high-performing, energyefficient point-of-sale system with a small footprint—and at the lowest
cost. Now offered with the powerful and rock-solid Toshiba 4690
Operating System2, the TCx 300 delivers top levels of customer service
for any size retailer, including support for the Toshiba TCxGravity™
Link for 4690 solution that drives new and innovative revenue
More frills where it counts
When Toshiba introduces a new point-of-sale system, the POS has
functionality that our clients need most. Today that means enabling a
retailer to offer personalized, interactive services from multiple
channels and devices at checkout. In less than a foot of counter space,
the small TCx 300 packs big features that energize the shopping
experience for customers and employees, and that help grow sales faster
for the retailer.
Next generation technologies include the same chip set as on the
flagship SurePOS 700 Series, an optional solid state drive, and with the
addition of the i5 processor, takes performance to a whole new level
and provides powerful functions to facilitate an engaging and faster
customer experience with a wide choice of devices, including mobile.
Superior graphics ensure multimedia applications respond at their best,
such as videos and third-party promotions on customer-facing
displays. Memory scalable up to 16 GB3 and replaceable SurePorts
mean retailers can use existing assets and introduce new services and
devices as needed. Embedded security features help protect against
viruses and tampering.
Lower cost where it matters
The Toshiba TCx 300 helps retailers save money where it matters—
over the long run. With earth-friendly technology that saves energy
and increases reliability, the TCx 300 can help reduce power bills while
providing a long service life. Deep sleep, for example, allows the POS
system to be in a low power state when checkout lanes are idle, then
put back to use in seconds, saving up to 47 percent energy.4
TCx™300 Series
Sized right for any checkout environment
The TCx 300 packs big features into a small space. The footprint
measures only about 10 inches, which frees up space on a checkout
counter for retailers to display and sell impulse items that can increase
revenue. Smartly designed front vents promote front-to-back airflow
so that the powerful system stays cool without side vents, allowing it to
be placed in a variety of places, even tight spaces.
As for all Toshiba retail solutions, systems and peripherals are tested,
engineered and color coordinated to be compatible. Every detail—even
to the latching connection—is designed and optimized to work
together as a total store solution. So there is no guesswork when adding
services and devices.
Remote Management Agent, which can be enabled to automate deep
sleep, also allows system monitoring from a single console in the store
or remotely. So technicians have quick access to the POS and devices
for software and security updates, and to keep tabs on system health.
Easy, virtually tool-free serviceability and remote monitoring help keep
POS maintenance costs low and checkout lanes moving.
TCx™300 Series
1 Compact footprint and distributed design
2 IIntel® Celeron® G1820TE, Core i3 4330TE or Core
i5-4570TE vPro™ processors provide up to 40
percent performance improvement
9 Sensor driver allows proactive monitoring of the
health of the system
3 80 PLUS Gold power supply
10 Selectable and upgradeable SurePorts enable
retailers to use existing devices and connect
customer or employee devices
4 Up to two video ports can be used, choose from two
display ports, one VGA, or an optional 2nd VGA. Two
ports can be used to support dual independent video.
11 Front vents promote front-to-back airflow keeping the
system cool and help keep systems up and running
12 Retail-hardened design
5 Storage options include 500 GB hard drive and
64 GB or 128 GB. Solid state drive (SSD) options
that can help speed performance, availability and
13 Engineered for retailers with components designed to
work together seamlessly
6 Deep sleep automation and built-in power
management let POS “nap” and lower energy costs
15 Service and parts available up to seven years after
7 Remote Management Agent
8 Virtually tool-free access to key components
14 Open platform and broad operating system support,
including Toshiba 4690 V6.5 Enhanced
16 USB and PS/2 67-key, 67-key with LCD, ANPOS,
and compact ANPOS (all optional)
TCx™300 Series
Toshiba TCx 300 Series at a glance
Models 360, E60, 36A, E6A, 370, E70, 37A, E7A, 380, E80
Intel Celeron G1820TE (360, 36A, E60, E6A)
Intel Core i3 4330TE (370, 37A, E70, E7A)
Intel Core i5-4570TE w/vPro technology (380, E380)
Storage Option
Hard disk drive
500 GB (upgrade option on E60, E6A, E70, E7A)
Solid State drive
One or two 64 GB or 128 GB
(64 GB standard, 128 GB upgrade available on E60, E6A, E70, E7A, 380, E80)
2 GB DDR3 (4 GB on E60, E6A, E70, E7A) (8GB on 380, E80)
Expandable to 16 GB on all models
Toshiba SurePorts
See Toshiba SurePorts chart for a full description of Toshiba SurePorts and
connectivity options.
PC USB ports
2 USB 2.0 (back), 1 USB 3.0 (back), 1 (front)
RS-232 ports
Powered RS-232 ports options
1 (9-pin) (optional)
See Toshiba SurePorts chart for more options
Cash drawer
PS/2 keyboard/mouse
RJ45 Ethernet
2 Display Port, 1 VGA standard, 2nd VGA optional
Audio line-in, microphone, line-out
Dimensions (W×D×H)
9.6” × 10.9” × 3.5” (245 mm × 277 mm × 90 mm)
8.8 lbs (4.0 kg)
Power consumption
80 + Gold Efficient power supply
Optional peripherals
Toshiba TCx™ Display Solution, Toshiba SurePoint™ solution, distributed 11-character
display (AP Only), distributed 40-character displays, distributed character graphics
Toshiba SureMark™ printers, fiscal printers (ask your local representative for details)
USB and PS/2 modular keyboards (ANPOS, CANPOS, 67-key, and 67-key with LCD)
Cash drawers
Compact, value (AP Only), full-size, flip-top
Operating systems supported‡
Toshiba 4690 Version 6.5 Enhanced by year end
Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 (Preload option Exx)
Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 7* (64-bit Preload option Exx)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional* (64-bit Preload option Exx)
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate*
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional *32-bit and 64-bit supported.
Microsoft Windows I0T Enterprise for Retail 2015 LTSB - 64-bit only (380, E80)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 with Service Pack 3 (coming in 2016)
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Desktop with Service Pack 3 (coming in 2016)
Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2015 LTSB for Retail or Thin Clients (Preload option E80)
TCx™300 Series
Toshiba TCx 300 Series at a glance
Drivers supported
UPOS 1.14.0 or higher (includes OPOS and JavaPOS)
Management tools
IBM Director, Toshiba Remote Management Agent
Industry standards
System management
SMBIOS, Wake on LAN, PXE, Wired for Management, Trusted Platform Management
Power management§
Deep sleep automation, ACPI
Limited warranty**
1 year Toshiba on-site (xx0), 1 year Toshiba Depot (xxA)
One and two years are available through TCxCare
Service life
Up to seven years after withdrawal from market
Technical support††
24×7 phone support (during warranty period, response times may vary; may exclude
some holidays) and web-based help. Both depot and onsite service are available.
Toshiba SurePorts
Powered RS-232/USB
mix (default)
All powered USB (option)
24 V USB
12 V USB
Powered RS-232 (9-pin)
Memory supports both system and video. Accessible system memory will be the installed memory size less the amount defined for video.
Not all peripherals are available in all countries. Please contact your local Toshiba representative for details.
Microsoft Embedded preload standard on E60, E6A, E70, E7A, E380. On other models an operating system is not included but can be purchased
Power management functionality is device-dependent.
Terms may vary by country. The Statement of Limited Warranty is available, in multiple languages, at the following TGCS website: http://www.
Technical support response times may vary.
For More Information, Contact Us Today
Contact us or your local Toshiba representative to learn how the TCx 300 can create a better shopping experience for your customers
and a smarter operation for your business.
Or visit:
1 Performance comparison to previous model 350.
2 Available with NVRAM feature on models 360, 36A,
370, 37A
3 MB/GB equals one million/billion bytes when referring to
storage capacity; accessibility may be less.
4 Turning on deep sleep for 12 hours should save an
additional 47%.
Additionally, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions can help credit
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Together Commerce
Together Commerce is Toshiba’s vision for the new future of retail
where retailers adapt their strategies, their stores and their technology
to engage with consumers throughout the buying process in a seamless
and helpful way. This collaborative approach enables retailers and
customers to create mutually rewarding commerce—together.
Trust Toshiba’s retail experience
As the world’s leading provider of integrated in-store solutions
and retail insights, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions delivers
end-to-end solutions for checkout, consumer interactions and retail
operations that unlock amazing new possibilities for our clients and
shoppers everywhere.
TCx 300 Series
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