I1408 C R1 Easy Connect Guide.indd

I1408 C R1 Easy Connect Guide.indd
Easy Connect Guide
Before you begin the installation process, be sure
to save work on your computer and shut down
all open programs, and ensure power is off to all
components until the installation is complete.
Modem installation COMPUTER
Electrical outlet
Connect modem to cable outlet
Cable outlet
Cable outlet
Install modem with a single outlet. Connect a
coax cable into the cable wall outlet. Connect
the other end of the cable into the IN port on
the modem.
Cable outlet
NOTE: Be sure the cable is connected to the
modem before plugging power into it. The
power cord should not be plugged into an
electrical outlet that can be turned on/off with a
light switch.
Install modem with a split outlet. Turn the TV
off and disconnect the existing coax cable
from the wall. If the active outlet or cable line is
already in use (e.g., connected to a TV or cable
box), connect the other end to the splitter that
should be installed within the same room (see
diagram above).
Connect that same coax cable, that was
disconnected from the wall outlet, to one of the
ports labeled OUT on the splitter provided.
Connect a coax cable to the port on the splitter
labeled IN and the other end to the cable outlet
on the wall.
Connect another coax cable to the second
port on the splitter labeled OUT and the other
end to the IN port on the modem.
Connect modem to computer
Connect the modem power adapter
Connect the power adapter to the back of the
modem and to an electrical outlet or power strip.
Modem Lights: Wait 2-5 minutes and check the
lights on the front of the modem. The power and
cable lights should be solid. (Modems without
a cable light should have a solid “online” light.)
If the cable (or online) light remains blinking
longer than 5 minutes, check and secure the
coaxial cable line connections on the back of
the modem and at the wall outlet (and splitter, if
used), or call 643-2100 for further assistance.
Connect to the internet
Turn the computer on and launch your web
browser (i.e. Internet Explorer or Safari) to
connect to the Internet.
Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the
Ethernet port on your computer, and the other
end into the Ethernet port on the back of the
Easy Connect Guide
Internet account setup
Now that your Internet connection has been
established and you’ve activated your modem, you’re
ready to start surfing.
Visit www.twcc.com for access to Web Mail, News,
Stocks, TV Listings, and more.
Email account setup
You will first need the pre-assigned Master email
address and password. Then, find instructions to Create
New Sub User at twcc.com. Click the Support link. Click
Internet >. Click Email Setup. Click TWC Mail Step by
Step. Click Manage TWC Mail. Click Create a new
sub user.
Email access
Go online to mail.twc.com. Sign in with your email
address and password. If you prefer to check your email
through another email client, such as Outlook, refer to
twcc.com. Click the Support link. Click Internet >. Click
Email Setup. Click TWC Mail Step by Step. Click Email
Client Setup.
Modem guide
What Does It Mean?
Steady green - the modem is on.
Cable or Online
Steady green - the modem is connected to the network.
Flashing – this happens during initial synchronization.
No light – this means no cable connection.
(Call 643-2100 and say “Internet Technical Support”
to speak with a representative.)
Test or Error
Normally off.
Flashing – this happens during initial self-test or
software downloading.
Steady light – indicates modem or network failure.
Phone 1
Data or Activity
Some modems have a separate light (RD or RX)
that indicates when modem is receiving data, as
well as a light (TD, TX or SD) that indicates when
modem is transmitting data.
Steady green – the computer connection is working.
No light – the computer is turned off or not connected.
PC or Link
Some modems don’t have this light or an
Flashing or blinking – data is flowing through the modem.
*All lights are on except “Phone 1” and “Phone 2”
There may be something wrong with your service. Call Customer Support.
Phone 2
*If phone service is also part of your TWC services
Your cable modem should operate continuously without
maintenance, and you can leave the modem on even
when you turn off your computer. If you experience
problems, the following are three steps you should go
through before contacting Customer Care.
Check coax cable and Ethernet or USB cable connections
If the connection on any of your cables becomes loose,
you will not be able to send or receive data. Make sure all
connections are secure.
Confirm the cable signal is active
If you have cable TV service, confirm that you are
receiving a signal and that the channels are clear.
Power cycle your modem
Turn off your computer and unplug the power cord
to your modem. Wait 45 seconds, and plug it back in.
When the lights on your modem are solid, reboot your
computer. If the above steps do not resolve your issue,
please call 643-2100 or visit twc.com/support.
In order to conduct a speed test, to verify the upload and
download speeds you are actually receiving, please visit
www.twc.com/speedtest and follow the instructions on the site.
If you cannot access www.oceanic.com and you need help with
your email, Oceanic Time Warner Cable Internet users can call
643-2100 and when prompted state that you are calling for:
email help
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