Infocus | LENS-017 | manual | Infocus LENS-017 projection lense

Installing optional lens LENS-016 or LENS-017
This projector allows the installation of wide angle and long throw lenses.
Remove the optical engine (see the online or PDF version of the projector service information).
Place the optical engine on the workbench so that the projection lens faces upward.
Use an M2.5 hex wrench to loosen the four captive screws that secure the standard zoom lens to the
front of the optical engine. Then lift the lens off of the engine.
On the optional lens, remove the lens mount from the end of the lens barrel. To do this twist it
counterclockwise while hold the lens barrel stationary.
Place the lens mount on the metal base of the optical engine. If the lens mount includes an orientation
stamp make sure it is located in the proper position. In the illustration below, the UP arrow should point
to the top of the optical engine.
Fasten the lens mount to the metal base with the screws included with the optional lens. The screws are
in a plastic bag taped to the packing material inside the lens box. See the illustration above for screw
Install the lens on the lens mount. To do this, turn the lens clockwise. Make sure you do not cross
thread the lens and mount.
Reassemble the projector, following the procedure in the service information.
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