Kaspersky Security Center management console

Kaspersky Security Center management console
Kaspersky for Business
Security Center
Manage and protect all your devices –
physical, virtual and mobile –
from a powerful, single, unified console
Kaspersky Security Center takes the complexity out of security administration and IT systems
management. It’s a fully scalable solution that supports growing businesses with changing
security needs, facilitating comprehensive systems and security management and easy
separation of administrator responsibilities, all from a single console.
Centralized. Scalable. Flexible.
Whether you manage ten workstations or thousands
on a centralized, distributed or mixed infrastructure,
Kaspersky Security Center makes it easy to install,
configure and manage our comprehensive security
technologies – all from a single console. Enable multiplatform mobile device management, vulnerability
scanning and more effective patch management,
and control the devices and applications that can
access and execute on your network. Kaspersky
Security Center supports multi-layered security and
management technologies that can be activated
from within the same console. From growing a
smaller business to managing a highly complex IT
environment, Kaspersky Security Center takes the pain
out of scaling and activating new tools and features as
the security needs of your business evolve.
Comprehensive Security. Complete Control.
Centralized security management enhances visibility
and streamlines costs and administration efficiency.
Kaspersky Security Center includes technologies
and tools that, together, deliver an integrated,
best practice security platform:
• Endpoint security deployment, configuration and
management ensure up-to-date security of every
endpoint and device on the network.
• Centralized web, application and device controls
help manage and restrict use of undesirable or
insecure devices, applications or web browsing.
• Centrally managed encryption capabilities provide
an additional layer of security to deal with the
growing threat of data loss through device theft
or malware attack.
• Security and management for mobile devices
enables centralized management of multiple
platforms and devices from the same console,
increasing visibility and control without additional
effort or technology to manage.
• Vulnerability scanning and advanced patch
management enable rapid vulnerability detection,
prioritization and remediation from one central
• Extended client management tools automate
and centralize IT security administration, such as
hardware and software inventories, image creation,
remote software distribution and troubleshooting.
Key Features and Benefits
Particularly useful for smaller companies with limited
IT admin staff who may not have the resources to
handle additional configuration tasks. Follow best
practice out of the box with Kaspersky Lab’s preconfigured policies, or create your own.
• Set up and manage security policies across
Windows, Linux and Mac devices
• Manage the Host-Based Intrusion Prevention
System (HIPS) and firewall
• Configure security for groups of workstations, file
servers or individual devices
• Manage cloud-assisted protection from the cloudbased Kaspersky Security Network (KSN)
• Centrally manage Application Control, Device
Control and Web Control for enhanced protection
• Define your Application Control policies to block
undesirable programs from running
• Manage access privileges for any devices that users
attach to your network
• Monitor and control Web access and privileges
• Configure encryption with highly integrated
security policies to protect data if devices or files
are lost or stolen
• Align encryption policies with application and
device controls
When your business and employee count grows, it’s
easy to separate security management for your new
offices by splitting administrator responsibilities in
Kaspersky Security Center management console.
Just assign different security / systems management
responsibilities to different administrators via our
Role-Based Access Control and customize the
management console so that each administrator
can only access the tools and data relevant to their
Support for up to one million Active Directory
objects, along with Role-Based Access Control and
configuration profiles, takes the complexity out of
managing complex IT environments. Integration with
leading SIEMs and generic syslog connector for SIEM
systems facilitates better reporting and security.
Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone,
servers and virtual desktop infrastructure are all
protected and managed from the same console.
Manage all of the most popular mobile devices –
including Android, iOS and Windows Phone – in the
same way you manage other endpoints.
• Manage how employees access the Web on
their mobile devices using Web Control to block
malicious and inappropriate websites, and protect
users from phishing websites that can steal
information and identity details
• Filter out unwanted calls and texts with anti-spam
• Prevent rooted / jailbroken devices accessing
corporate applications or data
• Lock, wipe and locate lost or stolen mobile devices
with anti-theft features which can be activated by an
administrator or the user via the Self-Service Portal
• Secure corporate applications and data and
separate them from personal files with ‘app
wrapping’ containerization – and remotely operate
Selective Wipe to delete entire corporate containers
• Roll out unified mobile security policies by
enabling access to different platforms’ MDM
functions, via a single interface
• Control our security solutions for virtualized servers
and virtualized desktop environments. Whether
you’re using Kaspersky Security for Virtualization
Agentless or Kaspersky Security for Virtualization
Light Agent to protect your virtual environments,
you can fully manage the security applications via
Kaspersky Security Center.
• Avoid performance-sapping anti-virus ‘storms’ by
recognizing virtual machines and facilitating load
balancing during intensive operations – all from
the same management console.
Kaspersky Security Center supports centralized
management of Kaspersky Security for Exchange
Servers, Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server,
Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateways and Kaspersky
Security for SharePoint.
Wide variety of built-in and customizable reports,
including custom filters for all lists. Optional dynamic
filtering and sorting of reports by any field. Kaspersky
Security Center logs and stores all changes in settings,
policies and tasks of Kaspersky Security Center and
managed applications for version comparison and
roll-back if required. (The default storage period is
three months, but this can be adjusted according
to customer needs.)
Kaspersky Security Center eases the burden of
identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities within
operating systems and applications so patches
can be applied more rapidly.
• Scan your entire corporate network and
automatically detect and prioritize vulnerabilities
Enable secure remote management of endpoints
and mobile devices from the Web console.
• Automatically distribute patches and updates for
Microsoft and non-Microsoft software
Kaspersky Security Center supports B2B subscriptionbased licensing. Unlimited virtual administration
servers and remote management via the web console
enable easy management of multiple client companies.
• Reduce traffic for updates at remote offices by
using a remote workstation as an update agent
• Monitor patch installation status by getting reports
on whether patches were successfully applied
• Remotely resolve update issues
• All hardware and software on your network can be
automatically identified and recorded in inventories,
giving you total visibility of all assets that need to be
managed and secured.
• Minimize the time and resources needed to set up
new workstations or roll out new applications with
automatic software provisioning.
• Deploy software at your command or schedule it for
after office hours and specify additional parameters
to customize the software package that is installed
• Employ remote troubleshooting – including
authorization mechanism, plus remote session logs
• Control the creation, storage and cloning of secured
system images to help optimize OS deployment,
while reducing the time to deploy. UEFI is supported.
The exact feature set of Kaspersky Security Center varies depending on the product. When you upgrade to a higher tier of Kaspersky
Endpoint Security for Business or buy a targeted solution, the relevant additional management features will be enabled within your
Kaspersky Security Center management console.
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