Arat 1348 holder
 ARAT Telephone mount for
Type: Ford Connect
Transit / Tourneo
Part No: 1348
=] Te E pl La = x ea = mr = = - : = x =,
Le dre T° OP ЕЕ, Le a
a : E. - La à va a
: ; © Dashboard edge A em ii
"К A as РАО _ = м En e т i ее отит = " Ч и
Panel securing
Screws (x4)
Radio assembly
LSS] Supplied screws
dq 42x13
Ashtray housing
#Æ —— Pañel securing
Installation instruction
Remove the ashtray from its frame
; Remove the ashtray frame from the
у | ashtray housing
D ere le , 3. Remove the radio assembly from its housing,
I on A FER and remove the panel securing screws (5 in
E CEE Me pote } and remove the front panel
г ——————dé][] 4] 4. Place the ARAT mount to the contours of the
y dashboard, and secure the mount through the metal
plates with the supplied screws into the material of
; the dashboard edge (pre-drill 9 2.5mm)
Replace the panel, radio assembly, ashtray frame and the ashtray
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