Arat 1253 holder

Arat 1253 holder
ARAT Telephone mount
Part No:
Chrysler Cherokee Jeep
Model 1996 - 2001
| EEE Ta =|
| ("V1 Position of E
¡HA Air Control knobs
rol | Aircon unit
| Metal
Installation instruction
1. Remove the front panel, (it is only a press fit on spring clips)
2. Place assembly A into the panel, and slide the metal plate 1 into the air
controls/aircon side between the panel
3. Place assembly 2 of the ARAT mount onto the side of the pa i
nel and clip th
plate behind the panel lip (see above) ' dor
4. With the supplied screws 4 x 35 are screwed through assembly 2 into the side of
assembly 1, place the grommets over the screw heads
5. Replace the front panel
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